Chapter 24

****Opening Title*****************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Mike’s POV*****************************

Eric and I had recently become engaged a few weeks ago on New Years’ Eve no less. The night Eric proposed to me was a magical night. For both of us, everything could only go up. Unfortunately for us the New Year brought more struggles, when on the night of our engagement party at the Chandler Mansion my grandfather was shot by someone.

The police had first had no idea who could have been the culprit of the shooting, because my grandfather had made it a point to make enemies with nearly everyone in Harmony. Because of this there were no shortage of suspects, they even questioned me; but that was merely a formality.

My grandfather’s shooting had nearly torn my relationship with Eric apart when in a last ditch effort to repair Eric’s strenuous relationship with his estranged father I distanced myself from Eric. All of my plans to help Eric’s relationship with his father were all for nothing because Eric saw right through me, and with the help of Kayla he broke down my defenses and before that day was over we were in my bed with his cock buried in my ass.

Now nearly three weeks having passed since the night of our engagement party my grandfather lay in the Hospital in a comatose state. He remained unchanged with no sign of improvement and no sign of digression. Since that time the police had made some advances in catching the would be killer. They identified Haley Macy (the girl Eric had dumped to be with me) as the prime suspect and soon they arrested her (in the school of all places). I thought it very strange that the police had fingered Haley Macy for the crime, when in fact she had never even spoken to my grandfather at least that’s what I thought.

Because of this and many other reasons I had my doubts that Haley was the person responsible for shooting my grandfather into a coma. It was for that reason and others that I decided to go speak to Haley at the Police station. I thought it would be a great way to get to the truth, my friends did not agree with me.

“YOU DID WHAT!” Eric yelled out as he shut my bedroom door behind him hard. “Babe why the hell would you do that?”


“Eric, I just wanted to hear from her own lips if she shot my grandfather.” I said trying to calm him down. I had never seen his face so red. Damn even when he was mad he looked sexy as hell. “Babe please just calm down, come sit down on the bed with me so that we can talk.”

Eric anger softened long enough for him to follow my lead and he sat down on the bed beside me. “Babe why would you do that?” he repeated, this time his speaking was more calm. He spoke has if he were a little kid and I had stolen his favorite toy. “Babe I thought you said you didn’t want to go back to my house because you had some work to do at Chandler.”

“Eric, you and I both know Chandler can run itself, but I might not have gotten another chance to talk to Haley one on one. If she did shoot my grandfather I wanted to look her in the face so that I could see for myself.”

“”But babe, if you wanted to go see Haley all you had to do was tell me. I would have come with you, and we could have brought the others along too.”

“Really? Kayla and Haley in the same room?” I laughed out loud. “Eric we both know that would only end in a fight, plus Kayla would probably wind up in jail too. Eric those two in enclosed spaces don’t mix.”

“I know babe.” Eric began “But I don’t trust her, she may not be a Charlotte but she’s far from a sainthood.”

“Eric I know you wanted to come with me to speak to Haley at the station, but you have to know that if you would have went Haley wouldn’t have said anything to me.”

“Eric she hates me, because you left her for me. And she hates you, even more for embarrassing her by dumping her and leaving her for a man.” I continued.

“Eric I had to speak to her….and I had to do it alone.”

“Babe I just don’t want her to come between us. I love you too much. You know she did try to use Jake to break us up.” He said.

“Eric key work is tried. But babe.” I said kissing him on the cheek. “She failed…and besides I thought you had forgave Jake. He said he’s moved on.”

“Babe I don’t want to talk about Jake.” He said as his hands rubbed the side of my face, stopping at my lip, barely grazing it. “Tell me about Haley. What did she tell you about that night?”

“She told me a lot of things. But to make a long story short…….I don’t think she shot my grandfather.”

“Well then who did?” Eric asked.

“I don’t know. But we have to get to the bottom of this before an innocent woman goes to jail for a crime she didn’t commit.

“Even if it’s……” I started to say, unable to finish my words.

“Haley Macy.” Eric said, effectively finishing my sentence for me. He was good at finishing my sentences and reading my mind…as if we were on the same wave length or something.

“Yes even her.” I replied.

****Scene 2: Eric’s POV***********************************************

“Babe are you still mad at me for lying?” Mike asked as he reached his hands towards my chest trying to rub my side. “I just had to go see Haley alone. You can’t still be mad”

“Yeah I’m still fucking mad.” I said pushing his hands off me. “What if something had happen to you? What if…..”

“I want to punch something!” I yelled. “I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if something else happened to you…” I said touching his face with my hand.

“Babe just take it out on me.” He grinned pressing his body close to mine. “Eric I know you’re mad at me, just let me know how angry you are.”

“Oh I’m going to take it out on you.”

“What do you want to do to me?”

“I want to fuck you……HARD!” I said, as I grabbed hold of him pressing my lips against his in a hard kiss. We kissed hard, I used one of my hands to hold onto the back of his neck, while I used the other to massage his neck. I was still mad at him for not telling me the truth but damn how could I not fuck him right then and there when his parents weren’t even home.



“Ohhhhhhh yeah” We both said as we grunted and moaned into each other’s mouths.

“I’m really going to fucking take it out on you.” I said, coming up from air, while still holding his face in my hands. “On that tight hole of yours.”

“Oh yeah” he said, his lips dripping with my saliva.

“Yeah” was my only response before I pressed my warm lips once more against his own. I forced my tongue inside of his hot mouth so that It could do battle with his own tongue. Our tongues continued to fight within our mouths as we made out on his bed.

We moaned into each other’s mouths again and again. As we made out on his bed I allowed my hand to leave his face (that until now had been holding his face as we made out) just long enough so that I could pull my jeans and boxers down. He pulled his pants down as well.

“Get down there and suck my dick!”

“Yes babe” he smiled. Hopping down off my lap, he crawled off the bed. Within seconds he was between my legs with my cock in his mouth. I held my cock in my hand to steady it, as he devoured it with his mouth. He bobbed up and down on my cock, slurping up the precum that was leaking down from his cockhead with his hungry mouth. As he bobbed his head up and down my cock, Michael made this little humming noise that was sexy as hell.

“Ahhhhh” he groaned coming for air, just as he was about to gag on my cock.

“Suck that cock” I moaned. His only response was to dive right back mouth first onto my aching dick. I let him have it then, thrusting my cock deep into his mouth.

His mouth felt so warm wrapped around my cock, and very soon his lips and tongue were doing wonders with my cock. He even deep throated the entire thing a few times. The few times he almost gagged on my cock was fucking hot.

“Look up at me” I said “I want to gaze into those beautiful eyes of yours, while you suck my cock!”

“Eric your cock tastes amazing” he said between mouth fuckings. “Keep sucking dude!” was my only response as I pushed his head back down onto my cock.

I fucked his mouth for the next few minutes, letting my cock slide in and out of his mouth as fast and as hard as it could go. I had never fucked his mouth the way I fucked it that night. I’m pretty sure I felt the back of his throat with my cock more than a few times. That was fucking hot.

“God your mouth feels so fucking good!” I moaned as I rubbed my hands through Mike’s hair.

After a few minutes I pulled my leaking cock right out of his mouth. His mouth was hanging open like he wanted me to put my cock back inside it. I didn’t do that however. What I did was pull him up to his feet.

I pressed my lips against his, kissing him hard. I could still smell my cock on his mouth, I could still even taste it (what guy hasn’t tasted their own cum). Knowing that those hot lips were only seconds ago wrapped around my cock made me horny as hell.

“I’m going to suck you off before I fuck the hell out you.” I said trying to sound angry when at this point I was just making love with the love of my life. He didn’t respond all he did was blush.

I knelt down, getting on my hands and knees. I took his cock in my hands, holding onto it tightly. I kissed his cockhead with my mouth before parting my lips and letting that monster all the way into my mouth.

I spit on it a few times to get it nice and wet. It didn’t take much to get that thing wet, his cock was oozing out precum. I could taste his precum all over my tongue as I licked up and down his cock.

“Mmmmmmmmm… mmmmmmmmm…..mmmmmrf”

“Mmmmmmmmm” I moaned “Dude your cock tastes even better than last night!”

As I began to force that thing deeper into my mouth bobbing my head up and down that engorged cock I could hear him moaning and cursing sweet fucks and so on. All I could think was wait tell I get to that ass.

With each flick of my tongue I slurped up every inch of that gorgeous cock of his. As my tongue covered his dick with saliva, my mouth, more importantly my lips massaged the shaft.

“Ohhhhh…” he grunted

“Ohhhhhh GOD DAMN….SUCK IT” he grunted as he placed his hands on my head. That’s exactly what I did, I sucked that cock like it was the last time I would ever suck that cock again. I spared no expense on sucking that cock, I made sure that every single inch was serviced.

And when I wasn’t sucking that cock, I was cleaning those huge balls of his with my tongue. I coated those balls with saliva, using my tongue as the paint brush.

“Ohhhhhhhh” he moaned. His balls were his weak spot. I knew just what to do to drive him wild.

I was having way to much fun sucking his cock. I was supposed to be angry fucking him, the angry part must have gotten lost in translation.

But that’s when he said it. “Are you still mad at me Eric?” Hearing those words made me realize that I was indeed still mad at him for lying to me and not telling me that he was going to see Haley, even with his cock in my mouth.

“Yeah I’m still mad at you…” I said pulling his cock from my mouth. I stood up so that we were face to face. “Yeah I’m still fucking mad…..just because I’m down here sucking your cock…doesn’t mean I’m not mad!”

“I’m still fucking mad at you.”

“Why?” he replied.

“Because you lied to me. You said you were going to Chandler but instead you went to see Haley.” I began to speak. I continued to speak but I could only make out a few words, I was furious, mainly because I was worried about everything that could have happened when I wasn’t there for him. “What if………..what if Charlotte had done…”

“Babe I want you to always be able to tell me things.” I said “Please Don’t keep things from me. You’re always looking out for others, let me be the one to look out for you.”

“I’m supposed to protect you. I failed and that’s why Charlotte did what she did. I don’t want to fail again.”

“I’ll tell you what I’m going to show you how mad I’m” I said pushing him down onto the bed. “I’m going to take it out on that ass of yours.”

“But first I’m going to fuck that sexy ass of yours” I said as I slapped his ass a few times. Grabbing both of his muscled ass cheeks with my hands I spit a few times into that sweet puckering hole of his.

Sticking out my tongue I licked the outside of his asshole before sticking my tongue inside to explore that warm hole. I spread those bubble ass cheeks of his so that I could get at his ass better.

Michael moaned and grunted as I ate his ass out. I had buried my face between those two round mounds of flesh known as his ass. It was truly a great place to be.

“Ok. I’m ready to fuck that ass.” I said as I rubbed some lube up and down first my dick and then inside his hole. Your damn right I was mad at him, but I wasn’t trying to kill him by fucking him completely dry.

“Bend over.” I commanded. He raised his ass up to the sky getting on all fours so that I could have easy access of that sweet tight little asshole of his.

My tongue and my fingers had loosened him up quite a bit, because I slid into that tight hole of his almost immediately. As soon as my cock was nestled warmly inside of his tight hole, as his ass muscles began to work wonders on my cock, squeezing and massaging my cock as I thrusted deep into my fiancé’s ass. God I loved calling him that.


“Ohhhhhhhh YEAH…………….OH F-FUCK YEAH” he grunted as my cock plunged inside of him.

I slammed my cock into his ass again and again with rapid speed. I think I sped up as time went on. I was going so fast that I had to use him as I support system, grabbing hold of his back so that I could slam into his ass with more speed.

Not once did my cock leave his ass, except to change positions or to slap that ass with my cock of course. Not only could I hear my balls slapping lewdly against his ass I could feel them too. It was the hottest fuck we had had in a long time.

“HOLY SHIT!!!” he groaned. “Fuck my ass”

“Damn” he panted trying to catch his breath as I slammed my cock into his ass repeatedly. “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK……..your cock is stretching my insides” he screamed

“Your ass feels amazing!”

“It does?” he replied

“FUCK YEAH” I grunted, as I continued to fuck the shit out of his ass. As I fucked him, it was as if there was drummer hitting his drum over and over again with no end.




“GOD DAMN!!!!” I grunted. “Your ass is still fucking tight!” I looked down so that I could watch my cock slide in and out of his ass. It was a fantastic sight and the added bonus of watching that sexy ass of his jiggle as I slammed my cock into it was only I an added bonus.


 “YOUR cock feels so GODD!”’

“Yeah that’s right take that dick!” I grunted as I slapped his as a few times before placing my hands back on his back so that I could slam my cock up his ass faster and harder again.

After a few more minutes I knew I was seconds away from cumming so I slammed into his ass as hard as I could and soon I shot round after round of silky cum deep into Mike’s ass.

After that I pulled my cock from his ass. He still hadn’t cum yet so I told him to cum in my mouth and he did and I swallowed every single drop.

We collapsed in a heap of sweat and cum on his bed.

****Scene 3: Kayla’s POV***********************************************

Everything seemed to be going great for Kevin and I. Our relationship was young, it was fresh and it felt so right. Even while I was in the process of finding love with a great guy; my best friend Michael’s relationship was approaching troubled times. His grandfather had been shot, and hadn’t been for my shrewd matchmaking he would have pushed Eric away, all for the sake of trying to strengthen a father-son relationship that had been weak long before Michael waltzed into the picture.

I had no choice but to provide a neat little trick to put them back together again. It went very well, if I do say so myself. Which I will gladly take credit for. That being said Michael’s grandfather continued to languish in a comatose state at the hospital.

There was virtually nothing I could do about the condition of Michael’s grandfather. Only time or fate would tell if he survived or not. Everyone in Harmony had many questions, like who really shot Victor Chandler or why did that person shoot him and so on. There was however one question that was certain, if Victor Chandler did indeed wake up from his coma he would most definitely identify his assailant and have them prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. That was something, Victor’s previous enemies had learned the hard way.

That was not the only problem afflicting my friends, there was still more. For starters Charlotte a girl who had drugged and raped Michael was now pregnant presumably with his child. The fact that we had no proof was the only reason that girl remained out of a jail cell, if we had any proof, any shred of evidence of her despicable deeds I would be the first to hurl a rock at her.

That was not the only thing, which was put in the way of my two friends, Michael and Eric being happy together. It was something they had not foreseen but I had expected as much. It was a bit of information that I became privy to on the night of Michael and Eric’s engagement.

Jake had come to me, telling me how he was in-love with Michael and how he had always been in-love with him but could not express those feelings because Eric had already obtained Mike. Jake told me that he had lied to Michael and Eric when he had said that he was over Michael, when in reality he really wasn’t over him. I felt bad for him, not only did Jake feel like he was losing his best friend (a guy whom he’s known since kindergarten) he also loved someone who he could not have.

I felt horrible for all of my friends, I could not end Eric and Mike’s troubles, nor even heal Jake’s broken heart. With no other option I decided that the only thing for me to do was to get my mind off all the troubles in my friend’s lives by doing something positive.

That positive thing for me was of course shopping. I had maxed out my credit card last December, but it was a new year so a whole new spending plan. Maybe I would be able to find some nice and inexpensive dresses to wear to Michael and Eric’s wedding. I couldn’t even believe it myself, but they were getting married. That was months to a year away, but a girl can dream.

Immediately after school I walked to downtown Harmony to Wyndemere’s, the largest and most luxurious department store in the entire town. It was also my favorite place to shop, my credit card having been maxed out there many times.

I hadn’t been in the store for very long when I saw her walk in. This her was none other than Ava DeVille. She was a few years older than the rest of us; she actually graduated a year or two before we did.

Ava was stunning, she was absolutely gorgeous with that blond hair of hers. I’m not interested in girls I’m strictly dickly. Just because I don’t like girls doesn’t mean I can’t tell when I girl could be a model. Ava could be a model if she wanted to. Her family certainly had enough money to lunch a career if she really wanted it.

She looked at me and walked over to where I was standing. I was completely shocked.

“Hey your Kayla Spencer right?!” she called out. “You and my brother dated a few months ago right?”

“Yeah but we had to end things” I responded. “You’re Ava DeVille!” I said completely shocked that she had spoken to me. She had barely spoken more than a few sentences to me when we were both in school. What did she want with me?

“Yeah I think I know my name.” she smiled. “I don’t think we have spoken as much as I wanted to. I really do think we should hang out sometime so that we can get to know each other better.” She smiled

“I would love that”

“Ok that’s excellent.” I said “How about we meet at that nice restaurant down by docks sometime this week.”

“Yes” I replied. “I would love that.”

“I would love that too.” She said with a smile. “You don’t even know how much.”

****Scene 4: Narrator/Anonymous POV************************************

It was raining and it was very, very dark. A couple of nurses went outside to the back of the hospital to have a quick smoke break. While they were out having there little break they left the door open. It was only for a second, but it was just long enough for a person to sneak into the hospital un-announced. This person was dressed in all black. Black shoes, back shirt, black hat, Black everything. Even the dark ski mask the person had on their face was black as the darkest night.

This person crept quietly up the back steps of the hospital. They knew exactly where they were going. They only had seven flights of steps to go before they reached their destination. That destination was room 705. The room where comatose Victor Chandler lay sleeping. This person had a mission, they even had a plan.

This plan was not going to serve Victor Chandler very well, actually the plan this person had for Victor would be very, very deadly to him. Finally after glancing at all the room numbers and managing to avoid the very few nurses all the way up on the seventh floor of the hospital that person managed to reach the room they had been looking for.

They looked into the room, through the little glass window on the door. The room was dark.

“Perfect” the masked stranger whispered, as he turned the door handle to the patient’s room.

The masked stranger closed the door behind him once he was inside the room. They knew what they had to do. There was no other option, Victor knew too much, and for the sake of the secret he knew, Victor had to die.

“You just couldn’t keep what you knew to yourself.” The stranger began. “You just had to threaten me. My life will be ruined if you live.”

“I have to do this.” The stranger continued to speak. “You have to be stopped. There is no other option….you have to DIE.”

“This is what I have to do. Because I cannot allow you to wake up.” The stranger said as they picked up one of the hospital pillows. The masked figure gently laid it on Victor’s face. “If you live, you will tell my family about me. And I cannot allow that to happen.”

“If gives me no great pleasure to tell you this.” The masked stranger said. “Actually who am I kidding……..I have dreamed about doing this for weeks now.”

“You have to die” the masked stranger said, pressing down hard on the pillow covering Victor’s face. Before the masked figure did this the electrocardiogram, which was measuring Victor’s heartbeat was at a steady and normal pace. With very little change. But once the masked stranger began pressing the pillow hard on Victor’s face, the electrocardiogram began to speed up very rapidly.

No matter how hard the masked stranger pressed down on Victor’s unconscious face, the man continued to live. Victor, even while in a comatose state clung to live. The masked stranger pressed harder and harder, but Victor would not die, but his heart did continued to beat faster and faster.

“Why won’t you die?!”

“Die, just die” the masked stranger repeated.

“Just die already!!! that my secret can die with you.

“What?!” the masked stranger cried as one of Victor’s hands reached out and grabbed hold of their wrist.

“What? You can’t be conscious you have to be DEAD!” the stranger said pressing the pillow harder and harder onto Victor’s face. But before the masked stranger could finish their deadly work, a nurse entered the room.


 “GET AWAY FROM HIM” the nurse screamed from the doorway.

The masked stranger knew that the nurse had caught them, so they did the only thing they could think of. They pushed the nurse over and ran out of the room. They had turned the corner before the nurse had time to catch her breath or get back up from off the floor.

She walked over to Victor’s bed and gasped “OH MY GOD!”

****Scene 5: Mike’s POV*******************************************

After Eric fucked me once he fucked me again. This was of course after we had caught our breaths. That night he fucked me in every position he could think to fuck me in. He fucked me from the back, he fucked me on the bed, off the bed, on the chair, against the wall, all over my room to be exact.

He even fucked me facing me. Gazing down into my eyes he smiled so that I knew that he was no longer angry at me. Damn it was right about what they said about angry sex. Angry sex was hot as hell. The angry sex was hot as hell, but I loved nothing more than to look into Eric’s eyes as he made love to me.

He kissed me and grunted and with one well aimed thrust he thrusted his cock deep into my puckering hole.

“Uhhhhh” I screamed as I felt his thick cock explore the insides of my ass. Damn his cock felt even better the second time he fucked me. And he had fucked me all over the place a few hours ago.

“Shit” he moaned into my mouth. “Fuck I love you dude”

“I love you too.” I said raising my head upwards so that I could give him a kiss. He returned my peck with a hard kiss, forcing his tongue deep into my mouth just as his ten inch cock was forcing his way deep into my ass.

“Oh shit…”

“OHhhhhhhhhh….F-Fuck” I moaned loudly. “FUCK ME!”

“Fill my ass with you seed!” I cried. “I love feeling you inside of me.”

“I love being inside of you” he groaned as he continued to thrust into my ass. As he fucked me he thrusted wildly into my ass, slamming his cock again and again into my waiting ass. His cock was huge, but to be perfectly honest that didn’t even mean that much to me. I was just glad to be making love with the man that I wanted to spend my life with.




“SHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIITTT….SHIT!” I groaned as I felt Eric’s cock plunge balls deep into my ass. The feeling of Eric’s balls slapping against my ass drove me wild. Those balls were heavy and sweaty and I knew they were filled with cum, cum that would soon be filling the insides of my ass.

While he was fucking me Eric was hovering on top of me, thrusting hard into my ass. I was on the bed and he was on top of me. Every now and then he would look down at me, kiss me, or simply smile down at me before continuing to fuck my ass hard. He was concentrated on two things, getting off, and making sure I got off too.

He stopped fucking me and slowed down his pace. He looked down at me and smiled at me.

“Give me your hands” he said. “I want to hold your hands when I cum inside of you.”

My hands were under his stomach stroking my cock. They were covered in precum when I pulled them out and he took them anyway.

He had been hovering on top of me, but once he took my hands in his own he collapsed on top of me. My cock was trapped between our abs as he continued to fuck me. He wasn’t thrusting fast he was fucking me nice and slow.

Letting his cock slide in and out of my ass, nice and slow like. Eric could fuck me hard as hell, and he could fuck me nice and easy too.

“Oh FUCK!” he grunted. Kissing my neck he whispered into my ear “Babe I’m fucking coming”

Soon I felt his cock surge as his warm sticky cum exploded into my ass. It shot deep into my ass, filling up my insides. He slammed hard into my ass one final time just as another round of cum exploded into my ass.

This caused me to climax as well and soon I was spurting my own cum all over my abs and all over his as well. After we both came we were panting hard and trying desperately to catch our breath. I was completely out of breath, and Eric had groaned loudly before he collapsed on top of me.

That’s when I heard a knock on the door.

“Michael!” the voice called. It was my mom

“Yes mom” I replied. “Can you come to the door?” she yelled through the door.

“Why MOM?” I yelled. “I’m kind of busy right now.” I yelled back. Eric still had his cock buried inside of my ass, and was grinning from ear to ear. He had one of those shit eating grin.

“Don’t say a word.” I mouthed.

“IS ERIC in there?” she asked. I froze. I had no choice but to tell her the truth.

“Yeah I said were just working out.”

“Yeah were working out alright” Eric mumbled under his breath.

“Michael we have to go to the hospital immediately!”

“Why Mom” I called back.

“It’s your grandfather….” She paused. “His heart stopped….” She said letting her words sat before she spoke again.

“What?!” I groaned, Eric’s cock still buried in my ass.

STAY TUNED………………………………………

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