****Opening Title*****************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

*****Scene 1***********************************************************

When I arrived at my house my mother informed me that she had let Charlotte in, and that she was waiting in the living room. It was evident that Charlotte had a crush on me, this was displayed the night of the gala in honour of her father, Senator Livingston and on numerous other occasions.

There was just one problem, I was madly in love with my boyfriend, Eric. She just didn’t seem to understand that fact, vowing that she would win me by any means necessary regardless of the fact that I was already heavily involved with Eric.

We had been partnered up on this mid-term project and I feared that it would cause her to think that she could have a chance with me. I would have to let her down easy, somehow some way.

When I entered my parent’s living room, Charlotte turned around, her face lighting up when she saw me. I had no idea why I had this effect on people, in the back of my mind I hoped it wasn’t because of my last name, “Chandler”. A name synonymous with wealth and power in not only my hometown, Harmony but much of the North East. Harmony’s very own first family.

When Eric appeared behind me, Charlotte’s face darkened. I thought for sure that I had seen a frown on her face but it was quickly replaced with a new smile.

“I thought we would be alone”

“Yeah I’m sorry about not telling you, Eric spends most nights here”

“I hope that’s fine”

“You won’t even know he’s here”

“Yeah, YOU won’t even know I’m here” Eric chimed in, giving me a quick peck on the cheek. This show of affection made Charlotte visibly uneasy, but she ignored it.

So after the formalities and awkward first encounters were past us, Charlotte and I sat down on the couches to work on our mid-term project. Eric sat beside me of course.

“Hey, did you bring your computer?” I asked turning, to Charlotte to verify if she had brought her computer or not.

After searching inside the pockets of her backpack, Charlotte pulled out a tiny portable computer, confirming that she had in fact, brought her laptop. The laptop was small and the back had her name engraved in what looked like gold.

“Ok so I was thinking that since we decided to do a PowerPoint on how to stay debt free, we could use Prezi instead of PowerPoint” I said looking at her and waiting her response

“Yeah, why don’t we just use PowerPoint?” she asked confused

“Well for starters PowerPoint is really slow, and Prezi is so much cooler”

“Plus we can put videos directly into the slides on Prezi” I added

“Ok if you insist” she said, relenting

That whole time we were in the early stages of developing project Eric had sat quietly by my side, watching some hilarious video (probably a farting puppy or something of that nature) on his phone, evident by the fact that he kept snickering to himself, his face becoming bright red.

But the video must not have been enough to keep him entertained because soon after he began to get really touchy feely with me. First he put his arm around my shoulder, letting it hang there as he used his other arm to massage my leg. From my leg he worked his way up to my left thigh until he had reached my ass.

He massaged my ass through the fabric moving his hand along my thigh and butt. Eventually he started to squeeze it tightly all while I was trying to concentrate on getting the project done. Soon I was actually moaning a little. I tried desperately to catch myself, holding back as best I could, but this was to no avail, Eric’s big muscular hands feeling their way around my backside was too much for me.

“Ok what do you want to call our Prezi?” Charlotte asked


“OHHHH SHIT, OHHHH DAMN” I moaned as Eric squeezed my ass cheeks with his big muscular hands, making me extremely hard

“What?” Charlotte asked looking super shocked

“Oh nothing, I’m really sorry about the outburst” I said trying to brush off what had just happened.

“I’m not” Eric said with a shit eating grin on his face

“How about we call it The Do’s and Don’ts of staying Debt Free” I said

“Mmmmm….mmmm….mmmmrf” I moaned once more as Eric continued to grope my ass.

“Ohhhh Eric” I laughed a little trying to drown out the moaning noises Eric was causing me to make. It’s a good thing my mother had went upstairs to her room to watch her stories or she would have come running when I started screaming with delight.

I didn’t mind Eric rubbing his hands on my body, he could do that anytime. I did however mind being felt up while I was in the middle of having a serious conversation with a peer on a project that was a huge chunk of my grade.

“Eric you have to stop!”

“How am I going to get any work done if you keep feeling me up?”

“Babe what do you expect, you can’t have that sexy ass in my view and not expect me to want to feel it”

“Eric we have all night for you to rub your hands all over my body, but I want to get this project over with so that I can enjoy my break, with my family and of course you” I said, Eric smiling when I said the last part.

****Scene 2********************************************************

“Ok babe I’ll go wait in your bedroom until you’re done” Eric said, letting the word bed linger a little in the air before he added room to it.

Before he left Eric through his arms around me hugging me, the hug was followed by a kiss on the lips, when I felt his warm lips press against mine. He obviously did not want to remove his lips from my own, and I didn’t want to either. Because there was literally no other place I’d rather be then kissing him. But I had a project to complete, and the sooner I completed the project the less of Charlotte I would see, so I forced my lips away from his.

He looked a little sad at this end to what felt like a century of kissing, but he did manage to find his way upstairs to my room.

Once he was safely out of sight, Charlotte and myself returned to the work at hand.

Turning back to look at Charlotte “Ok where were we?” I asked

“Oh we were talking about what not to do when we have money”

“Ok so like not buying bunch of stuff we don’t need”

“Yeah I guess” Charlotte said

“Or like doing something we would regret later on” she said

“Like what?”

“Like this” Charlotte said as she pressed her lips against my own. Her kisses felt different then Eric’s kisses, his were strong, while hers were tenderer.

Before I fully knew what was happening she had placed her hands on my face, holding my face close to hers. Soon I heard footsteps and I pulled away quickly away from Charlotte’s lips. Out of sheer luck it was my mother who had come downstairs and not my boyfriend Eric.

I hoped that she had not seen what had just transpired, but judging by the wide eyed grin on her face that was not the case.

“Oh I’m sorry for disturbing you guys, just wanted to get a glass of water”

“Just passing through, not trying to interrupt anything” she said, trying to fake like she had not just seen Charlotte kissing me.

“Oh you’re not interrupting anything” I said quickly

“Ok if you say so” She said walking back upstairs. I would swear on my life that she winked at me before she left.

Once my mother was out of sight I turned to Charlotte. “I think you need to leave now”

“We can work on the project from google docs, share it with each other”

But I think it would be best if we stayed apart”

“Why?” she protested

“Why?” I asked “Well for one thing I’m gay, not to mention involved with a wonderful guy”

“Charlotte you need to understand I’m in love with Eric, and nothing you do will ever change that fact, so please for your sake stop trying to seduce me, it’s just not going to work”

Charlotte picked up her backpack in anger, gathering her stuff, scattered around the coffee table in a rough manner.

Opening the front door I escorted her out

“Please drive safe, and goodnight” I said as I shut the door behind her

She didn’t say a single word after I said what I had to say. Hopefully what I had said had gotten through to her. For not only her sake but also for my own peace of mind.

****Scene 3*******************

My mom must have heard Charlotte drive off because she was soon at my side. Watching me as I packed up my notebooks, pencils and so on, putting them back into my backpack.

“Where did Charlotte go sweetie?” My mom asked

“Oh she had something else to do” I lied

“Oh that’s a shame, did you enjoy it?”

“Enjoy what?”

“Her kissing you” she blurted out

“What are you talking about?” I said trying to fake like I didn’t know what on God’s green earth she was talking about.

“I came downstairs just as you two were pulling apart from a kiss” she responded “I knew it, I just knew my eldest son couldn’t be gay.”

“Mom slow your horses, I’m without a doubt gay”

“What you saw was her kissing me, not me kissing her, I was not expecting it at all”

“Michael how do you even know that you are gay? Have you even been with a girl?” she asked bluntly

I was surprised that the conversation had taken such a turn, but I answered her nonetheless.

“Almost, but that doesn’t even matter because when I look at girls, or Charlotte I don’t feel anything, but when I look at Eric I feel something”

“Maybe it’s just the love a friend has for another friend” my mom said, trying to convince me that my homosexual tendencies were simply phases.

“Its way past the love of a friend, trust me” I said, laughing to myself. Thinking to myself if she only knew the levels of intimacy that Eric and I had discovered together.’

“So maybe you’re not gay, maybe you just like Eric and then after that you can meet a nice girl”

“Mom it’s not a phase and it’s not something I’m going to GROW out of!” I cried

“I don’t want to meet a nice girl, I’ve already met a nice boy…. And he treats me really good”

“That boy is going to ruin your life, you need to turn him lose” my mom said. I was surprised that she was saying such things, she had always been really friendly with Eric, I guess she didn’t like the fact that he was now fucking my brains out.

“Mom….” I began, but before I could make the words come out there was Eric standing there at the end of the staircase his beautiful face visibly upset. He looked like he was on the verge crying, yes the big 6’1 and 170 pound muscular slab of muscle that was madly in love with me.

He looked like someone had cut out his tongue, but he managed to make out a few words “Michael I think I better go”

“Eric wait!” I called after him as he opened the front door and headed to his car. But before I could go out to bring him back inside, I felt a tug on my arm, something was holding me back. Turning to see what it was I found that it was my mother.

“Let him, go, we still need to talk” she said

“Talk about what? I woke up gay, I’m going to go to sleep gay and nothing is going to change that fact mom”

“I think I’m going to go make sure he’s alright, I think you hurt his feelings”

“Really? Are you sure?”

“Yeah he may look super tough, but he’s really just a big lug”

****Scene 4***********************************************************

After what felt like forever in my car I finally reached Eric’s house. His car was the only one in the driveway so I assumed his parents were out of town, they were usually almost always there on a school night.

When I walked down the driveway to his porch and waiting front door I felt like I was going to ask someone out on a date. That short moment was for me very nerve-wracking

After I rang the doorbell, I waited there on Eric’s front porch. While I waited for Eric to answer the doorbell I prayed that my mom had not ruined what I had with Eric.

Finally after what felt like forever he finally came to his door. He was just wearing sweatpants, gray ones that outlined his thick cock. His upper body was on full view, his beautiful god crafted body. His pecs danced as he breathed in and out, and his muscles flexed without him even meaning to make them do that, or maybe they did that because I was standing there.

“What do you want?” he asked coldly

“I want to come speak to you” I replied

“Do you agree?”

“Agree with what?”

“With what your mother said, about me ruining your life”

“Eric don’t be silly, of course I don’t agree with her, do you think I would be over here if I did?”

“No I don’t think so” he said weakly

“Eric I’ve felt more alive with you than I have ever felt in my nineteen years of life.”

“Eric don’t you know by now that I love you?” I said reaching in my pocket, searching for my phone. Once I found my phone I pulled it out. I scrolled through the apps until I got to my music, I pressed play.

As the music loaded, Eric starred at me “Michael what are you doing?”

“Just wait for the music to start” I replied

The music began, and I sang along with it

“This city's gonna break your heart
 It's gonna leave you colder
 Bright light's tearing us apart
 It's gonna hurt all over”

“Do you remember this song Eric?”

“Of course I remember this song it’s Out Alive by Kris Allen“

“Yes but what is it to us?”

“The song that was playing when we kissed for the first time” he admitted

“And the song that was playing when we told each other of our true feelings.”

 “Honestly I'm better off lonely
 Promises are just pretend
 God help this face I'm wearin'
 God help this skin” I continued singing, just standing there in Eric’s front door holding my phone in my hands singing along with Kris Allen.

“Come on Eric I need my partner in crime to sing with me” I exclaimed

“We can run
 We can hide
 We can show off our guns and put on a fight
 If it's love
 Hold on tight, hold on tight
 Maybe we'll make it out alive
 Maybe we'll make it” I continued to sing.

“Come on Eric your favorite part is coming up, help sing it with me”

The background music played for a little bit, and soon the lyrics returned. However this time Eric joined in. Pulling me close, wrapping his arms around my body he sang to me. His voice was beautiful, yet every bit a man.

“I'm searching for the sound of your heartbeat
 I'm looking for a sign of life
 And I can hear it fading out
 Lost my strength
 When you lost your fight

 Honestly you're better off lonely
 Promises are just pretend
 God help this faith I'm wearin'
 God help this place” Eric sang, his voice drifting into the night

“Eric that’s right, keep singing your voice his beautiful”. Before I could sing along with him, I felt Eric’s warm lips pressed firmly against my own. My lips parted and we kissed passionately with our song playing in the background.

“We can run
 We can hide
 We can show off our guns and put on a fight
 If it's love
 Hold on tight, hold on tight
 Maybe we'll make it out alive
 Maybe we'll make it”

Pulling away from the kiss, I gazed up at Eric’s beautiful face and continued to sing to him sweetly.

“There'll never be an easy way so I'll just say it
 Cause I know that it is not over
 No matter how hard we try
 Now I'm begging for the chance to make it right
 Cause you've got the best of me
 And you'll be the death of me” I sang taking hold of his hands and massaging them across my face

“Eric no matter what we go through just know that my love for you is forever”

“I know that” he said hugging me tightly and effectively lifting me off the ground. He kissed me once more only this time I didn’t pull away I kissed him back just as strong as passionate as he kissed me. Our tongues exploring each other’s warm mouths.

“We can run
 We can hide
 We can show off our guns and put on a fight
 If it's love
 Hold on tight, hold on tight
 Maybe we'll make it out alive
 Maybe we'll make it out alive”

 (We can run, we can hide oh baby we'll make it out alive)” Out alive by Kris Allen continued to play in the background as Eric took me by the hand leading me into his house, up the stairs to his waiting bedroom.

****Scene 5******************************************************************

“Michael my parents aren’t home, they won’t be back until tomorrow evening”

“I want to make love to you”

“Then make love to me” I protested

“But before I make love to you, I want to eat that ass of yours”

“Ok if you insist”

Eric began stripping down to his boxers. Soon however they two were pulled down exposing his big meaty muscular legs. He tossed his boxers on to the other side of the room and laid down on his bed, completely naked, stroking his ten inch cock a few times.

While he had done this I stood there in complete silence. He must have noticed this because soon I was asking me why I wasn’t coming over there to him. “Michael come over here and join me”

“I would love to” I said

“Then do it, take off those cumbersome clothes and come sit that beautiful bubble butt of yours on my face.” He said with a smile. Eric didn’t have to ask again, because soon I was butt naked, my ass exposed for all of Eric’s room to see.

I walked over to Eric’s bed, climbed on top of him, pressing my hands against his meaty pecs and hard muscles, using them for support as I aimed my ass toward his face.

“Come on babe let me get at it all ready” he said

“Squatting down I presented my big bubble butt to Eric’s greedy mouth. Eric’s eyes grew wide with excitement as my ass descended upon his face.

Eric stuck out his thick tongue, carefully licking my tight hole. The feel of Eric’s tongue probing in my hole made me shudder. His tongue was just as strong as his cock. He continued to tongue fuck me.

I moaned as he explored my hole with his tongue, I wriggled and gyrated my hips rubbing my backside all over his face. Something that he seemed to love as he sucked greedily on my ass.

Soon Eric stopped “Babe I need to get at it better, get on your hands and knees and put that ass up”

Eric didn’t have to tell me twice, soon I was on my knees with my ass in the air waiting for Eric’s tongue. Soon Eric was behind me, also on his knees. Eric grabbed hold of my meaty muscular buns firmly. Spreading my ass cheeks apart to reveal the tight little hole nested between them.

Grabbing hold of my muscular legs, he pulled me close to him as he buried his face in my ass. I gasped and moaned as I once more felt Eric’s thick tongue probing at my hole.

Eric moaned in pleasure as his tongue lapped steadily at my sweat drenched backside. Eric groaned a little coming up from air. He slapped my ass giving my butt cheeks two hard smacks with his right hand.

****Scene 6***********************************************************************

“Michael your ass tastes great, but now I want to make love to you in my bed”

“I’m ready” I said

“OHHHHHHH” I moaned as Eric’s cock slid into my quivering hole.

“Damn Mike, every time I fuck you, you feel tighter” Eric grunted, laughing a little as he pushed more and more of his throbbing cock into my ass. Eric’s long thick pink meat stick was squeezed and sucked by my inner ass muscles.

Pushing himself in with one large grunt, Eric grabbed hold of my hips and began to work my ass over. Giving me one hard slap on the ass he began to fuck me.

"Uhhhhh!" I cried out as Eric's cock drilled in and out of my puckering hole with haste. I bit my lip desperately trying not to cry out in ecstasy as he fucked me. This was short-lived because soon I was crying out in a mixture of pain and pleasure as he fucked me. My own fully erect cock swayed back and forth with the rocking of my hips. From my hard cock came a steady stream of precum that dripped down from the tip onto Eric’s bed.

Eric grabbed hold of my light brown hips, thrusting himself into my ass with rapid speed. Eric’s heavy, cum-filled balls slapped against my own as we fucked. Eric must have either lost his balance or he may have just simply wanted to be closer to me, because I soon felt his muscular frame pressed against mine as he laid his body on top my mine, breathing heavy on my neck as he continued to fuck me. He wrapped his arms around my own, reaching for my hands he grabbed them so that we were fucking while we held hands.

As Eric fucked me I could feel his sweaty muscular frame pressed firmly against my back. Eric’s sweat poured down onto my backside, covering me with the sweet scent of Eric Smith.

“Michael you don’t have to be quite, my parents are not home, were all alone, you can be as loud as you want. I love to hear you moan” he whispered in my ears

“mmmmm….mmmmmm….mmmmmrf, ohhhhh yeah” I cried out as Eric pounded away at my prostate. Letting his cock come nearly all the way out of my ass, Eric asked me “Do you want some more of this dick?”

“Yes, fuck me” I said, as I pushed back onto his cock meeting Eric’s powerful thrusts into my ass. The muscles in my ass squeezed even tighter around Eric’s dick as he continued to fuck me.

Flipping me over on my side so that he could look at the contorting my face made while he plunged his dick in and out of my greedy hole.

Eric pulled my legs up so that they rested on the massive mounds that were known as his pecs. Meanwhile I lay on my backside exhausted with my body covered in both my own sweat as well as Eric’s. Eric began, thrusting himself rapidly in and out of my twitching hole as he neared climax.

 The grunts of passion that escaped my mouth came more frequently as Eric’s beefy hips slapped lewdly against my muscular ass, sending electric shockwaves rippling across my body.

I gazed up into Eric’s face, watching him with my eyes as he struggled to continue fucking without collapsing on top of me. With one final long drawn out gasp of pleasure I cried out in pleasure, thrusting my hips upwards as my throbbing cock erupted its load high into the air, before it came back down landing on my chest and abs.

Eric continued to fuck me, having not yet reached orgasm. He grabbed hold of my cock stroking it roughly as he continued to dill my ass. As he continued to fuck me I writhed and moaned out in pleasure

Thrusting against my ass a few more time “Arrghhhhh” Eric cried out as he unloaded his cum deep inside my body. Eric’s thighs slapped loudly against my butt, as he continued to thrust into me as he emptied his balls inside of me

I just lay there completely blown away by the powerful orgasm I had. In the heat of the moment we didn’t even notice that Eric’s mom had come home early in was standing in the hall.

She opened the door between mid-thrusts, gasping at the sight.

I opened my eyes to see what had happened, when I saw Eric’s mom standing in the doorway I wanted to become invisible. Eric turned around and when he saw his mother his face gave the impression that he had reverted back to a kid who had gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar or in this case his dick.

Eric’s mom shut the door quickly leaving us to ourselves.

Pulling his cock out of my ass, Eric kissed saying to me “I better go talk to her, she’s probably rinsing her eyes out with soap” he laughed.




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