****Opening Title*****************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Michael’s POV**********************************************

The New Year was certainly off to a good start. New Year’s Day was better than New Year’s Eve in my opinion. I woke up in my bed, with a ring on my finger, next to my new fiancé. Eric and I had talked about a life together many times, but now that we were actually engaged that day seemed so much closer.

If someone would have told me a year ago today that I would be engaged with a baby on the way I would have laughed in their face. But now everything that I thought was so far away, years in the future was now happening at rapid speed. A few days after New Year’s Day Eric and I and the rest of the gang met at Lila’s the local coffee shop near the harbor that was favorite hangout among the town’s youth.

To say that Kayla was upset with Eric and I when we snuck away from the New Year’s Eve Festivities would be a gross understatement. She punched us both in the arm when we got to Lila’s, but once she saw the ring on my finger she realized something was up. So the feel of her punches to our side were soon replaced with warm embraces as she congratulated us on our engagement

“I can’t believe it!” Kayla exclaimed “You two snuck off to go get engaged?”

“So when’s the wedding?” Kevin interjected

“Yes! When IS the wedding?” Kayla repeated “I’m going to be the greatest Best Woman there ever was. I can’t wait for this wedding. Oh my god….I’m going…” Kayla said her mouth going a mile a minutes

“Kayla slow down” Eric said throwing his hands up “Michael and I are not rushing into marriage right now. We are going to wait until after graduation and after Charlotte has this baby before we tie the knot.”

“Speaking of Charlotte” I said “She called me today, to tell me that she just came back from a checkup at Harmony Hospital. She said the baby was doing fine.”

“Yeah right” Kayla blurted “What is she going to say nine months later when there’s no baby coming out her?”

“Kayla she says she’s pregnant she wouldn’t lie about something like that”

“Michael don’t be naïve” she replied “Lord knows that girl has lied about far worse than that. If only there was some way we could know for sure if that homewrecker was pregnant.”

“There might be.” Jake interjected

“How?” we asked

“Well my aunt Madeline Brady is not only the Chief of Staff at Harmony Hospital she’s also a renowned Ob-gyn too. She also keeps a record of all the women that pass through her office in special file cabinet.”

“Oh Jake!” Kayla cried “You’re a freaking genius we have to go to the Hospital at once and find out once and for all if Charlotte is lying or telling the truth.”

“Ok…..So here’s what we will do….” Kayla whispered.

“You guys can’t be serious.” I began “Are you guys being serious right now. Accessing someone else’s medical records is completely wrong not to mention I’m pretty sure it’s illegal.”

“Babe I don’t want to spend the first week of the New Year in Jail either, but you have to admit this is a great way for us to find out once and for all if Charlotte really is pregnant.”

“You guys are a bad influence”

“Michael you know you love us” Kayla winked

“Yeah most times” I laughed to myself.

****Scene 2: Michael’s POV******************************************

We had walked to Lila’s from our respective houses so it took several more minutes to get to Harmony Hospital then if we were riding in a car. Lila’s our favorite coffee shop was near the town square, while Harmony Hospital was located in downtown Harmony closer to the docks.

After a few blocks we reached the Hospital. After Chandler Industries, DeVille Enterprises, Harmony University, Harmony Hospital was the fourth largest employer in town with 2,355 employees. Harmony Hospital was established in 1866 and for the last 150, years has not only been a fixture in Harmony employment but also a major medical centre in the upstate New York area that Harmony is an integral part. Located on 10 acres, Harmony Hospital not only has a Level I trauma center that provides the highest level of care to trauma patients, it also boasts 335 beds, as well as 470 physicians.

The Hospital was kept in the black mainly because of generous donations from Harmony’s wealthiest benefactors, especially the Chandler family, my own family; many of whom sat on the Hospital’s board of Directors.

Harmony Hospital stood out in Downtown Harmony. Despite being a whole lot smaller than the more modern skyscrapers that rose into the Harmony skyline, the hospital was still an imposing structure. Because his aunt was the Chief of Staff at the Hospital, Jake led the way to her office. It was on the tenth floor.

As we walked into the hospital by way of its main entrance, through the hospital’s first floor lobby we looked guilty as sin. We kept our heads down as we quickly made our way across the lobby to the elevator on the other end. The elevator was wide enough to hold all five of us.

When the elevator opened again we were on the tenth floor.

“Ok Jake were here” I blurted when the elevator doors opened up “Come show us which way. We’ve never been all the way up here before.”

“Ok Mike” Jake replied “My aunt’s office is right down that hall down there” he said pointing down the hall.

“Her office should have her name on it” Jake added

We walked down the hall. The 10th floor must have been reserved for the offices of important doctors, because the hall was lined with doors with nameplates reading Dr. Collins, Dr. Martin, and Dr. Ross and so on and so on. Finally we came to the end of the hall, with not a Dr. Madeline Brady nameplate on a door in sight.

Thankfully the final door was indeed the entrance to Chief of Staff’s office, with Dr. Madeline Brady’s nameplate on the door.

“Finally” Kayla gasped when she saw the name on the office door.

“Kayla we don’t have to do this” I replied “We can turn right back around, walk down this hall and get in that elevator and just leave this all alone.”

“Mike you know we can’t do that. We have to know the truth.” Kayla replied

“Yeah Mike she’s right.” Eric added

“Besides Mike I’m not going to allow that girl to ruin your life. She might not even be pregnant. It could all just be a ruse to trap you in a marriage.”

“No need for that now” Eric blurted “I already put a ring on it” he said holding my hand up for Kayla to see.

“Yeah that’s right” Kevin added

“Hey guys” Jake interjected “Are we going to stand out here in the hall all day arguing back and forth or are we going to find out the truth once and for all?”

“Jake we don’t even know if that door is unlocked or locked” I scoffed

“Well there’s one way to find out” Kayla interjected “Somebody turn that door handle”

“Damn!” Jake replied “It’s locked!”

“Oh darn” I said sarcastically “Guess we are going to have to turn back around.”

“Hold your horses Mike” Kayla cried “Who said anything about turning back? That door may be locked but it won’t be for long.” Kayla said as she pulled out a hair pin from her purse. She stuck it into the door lock wiggling it around for a few seconds. The door handle jingled and finally it loosened and opened.

“Wow Kayla” Eric cried “For someone who wants to be in law enforcement you would make a great addition for the other side.” Eric laughed.

“Shut up Eric” Kayla spat back “I’m doing this for YOU and Mike”

“Ok Jake I’m in.” Kayla exclaimed when the door opened “Where would the files on Charlotte’s medical records be at?”

“Probably over in that black file cabinet over there by her desk” Jake replied

Kayla leaped across Dr. Madeline Brady’s office to the black filing cabinet at the other end of the room. She opened it and began searching through the alphabetically categorized files frantically searching for Charlotte’s files.

“A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L” she said. “Ah finally” Kayla exclaimed “Charlotte’s Livingston’s medical files.” She said holding up the manila colored folder.

“Hurry Kayla” Jake added “Look and see what’s inside before my aunt comes. I don’t know if or when she’s coming back. But we have to get out of here before she finds us in her office.”

“Yeah I think Dr. Brady might have a problem with us being inside of her office, when it’s supposed to be locked.” I quipped.

“Damn! SHIT!” Kayla exclaimed holding up the test records “She is pregnant”. Kayla frowned her face with such disappointment as if she was the one having a child out of wedlock.

Kayla, Kevin, Jake, Eric and I exited Dr. Brady’s office as quickly as we could. We walked out into the hall as we locked the office behind us. We were more than shocked when while we were walking towards the elevator it opened. It was Jake’s aunt’s Dr. Madeline Brady.

“Jake?” she said “Is that you?”

“Hey Aunt Madeline”

“That is you. I never thought I would see you here in the hospital.” She said “Is everything alright? You look very thin.” I didn’t know where she had gotten the idea that Jake was thin. Jake McCarthy was literally covered in muscles that bulged and gripped his tight shirt.

“I see you brought your friends” Dr. Brady said looking us up and down.

“I’m fine Aunt Madeline” Jake replied. “I was just showing my friends around the hospital. I was giving them a tour of the hospital.” Jake lied.

“Really? Would they like to see my office? She asked. “It’s right down the hall over there. It has a great view of the city.

“ummmm” Jake murmured

“Dr. Brady we would love to see your office” Kayla said winking at me

“Ok guys follow me” Dr. Brady said. “I had to start locking my office. Because a few weeks ago I caught someone trying to break into it.”

“That’s awful” Kayla exclaimed in a super fake way, pretending like we all had not done the very same thing.

****Scene 3: Michael’s POV******************************************

Now that there was evidence backed up with concrete proof that Charlotte was indeed pregnant I knew what I had to do. I had to tell my family about two earth shattering things. First fact that Charlotte had raped me and was now pregnant, and secondly the fact that Eric and I were engaged to be married.

I figured that it would be far better to tell my grandparents first. I don’t know why I thought that would be a good idea, because my grandfather was as vengeful as he was loving to his family members. Charlotte would be in deep trouble when my grandfather learned what she had done to his favorite grandson.

Eric and I arrived at the Chandler Mansion around lunchtime. My grandparent’s faithful butler Ramsley answered the door.

“Good afternoon Master Chandler, Master Smith” Henderson said as he closed the door.

We stepped into the foyer “Good afternoon Henderson” I replied “I have come to speak to my grandparents.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Chandler are having tea in the conservatory. Your grandfather only just returned from Chandler Industries a few moments ago”

“Shall I escort you to them” Henderson continued

“No that won’t be necessary Henderson.” I replied “I can find my own way around.” Despite my refusal of his help, Henderson walked ahead of us towards the conservatory.

Once we reached the Conservatory Henderson opened the door announcing us, much to my annoyance. “Sir, Madame” Henderson said as he cleared his throat “Your grandson, Master Chandler is here, with a Mister Eric Smith.”

“What a wonderful surprise” my grandmother exclaimed when she saw me. “Come give your grandmother a kiss, my darling.” My grandmother exclaimed once more sitting down her cup of tea on the elegant looking table covered by a fine white linen cloth.

“Hello grandmother, hello grandfather” I replied as she squeezed the life out of me with her warm embrace.

“Oh and you brought your friend.” She said spotting Eric. “Come here Eric” my grandmother said in that sweet cooing like voice of hers.

Eric who was standing in the conservatory’s threshold followed my grandmother’s commands and walked over to where my grandparents were sitting. My grandmother threw her arms around Eric, hugging him just as tightly as she had hugged me only a few seconds earlier.

Eric was probably was feeling the same tight grip that I had felt earlier. My grandmother had certainly taken a liking to my fiancé.

“Nice to see you again, darling” my Grandmother said

“You…too…Mrs. Chandler” Eric said while his lungs all but collapsed under my grandmother’s tight embrace. It was a mystery how a woman so thin could have a grip so strong and powerful.

“Eric” my grandfather said holding out his hand “It’s good to see you, my man. I hope you are treating my grandson right”

“You too, and yes Sir I’m Sir”

“So what’s this about?” my grandfather continued

“Victor dear, your grandson is here and all you can think about is why. Let the poor children sit down first before you interrogate them” my grandmother said sweetly. “Mary bring some tea for my grandson and his friend” my grandmother said after she rang a little porcelain bell that sat on the table next to the teapot.

Eric and I sat down in the available seats while Mary one of the numerous maids that scattered about the Chandler mansion throughout the day performing domestic tasks, came over to pour steaming hot tea into the porcelain teacups before us.

“Katherine it’s a valid question, a very valid question” my grandfather said trying to defend himself.

“Well……..so you see” I began “A few days ago on Christmas Eve….”

“Speaking of Christmas Eve, there was office party at Chandler on that day” my grandfather interjected “You and Eric should have come. You two would have made an excellent show.”

“Sorry grandfather I had other plans.” I replied “Well on Christmas Eve this wonderful thing happened. Eric and I got engaged and we are going to get married.”

“Darling that’s wonderful!” my grandmother exclaimed as she hugged both Eric and myself. “Sweetie’s it’s been so long since a proper Chandler wedding and with you two getting married we wouldn’t have to spend money on a dress.”

“My grandson’s getting married this call’s for celebration. I think it’s high time you claimed your rightful place at Chandler.” my grandfather was filled with excitement. I had never seen him so happy. “I think I’ll start you off with something easy like Senior Vice President of HR or maybe my personal assistant.”

“Victor don’t rush to give him a seat on the board just yet. He’s still in high school dear.” My grandmother added

“Why the hell not?” my grandfather shot back. “It’s his birthright. I think we might have two executive positions opening up real soon at Chandler.” He smirked

“Darling you can’t use your grandson’s engagement as a way to get rid of bad executives.” My grandmother giggled.

“Why the hell not?” my grandfather bellowed “It’s my damn company and I’ll fire whoever the hell I want.”

“Sweetie remember what the doctor said.” My grandmother replied placing her delicate hand on my grandfather’s shoulder “No over exertions”

“Yes dear” my grandfather replied

“Grandfather, grandmother the wedding isn’t until the summer. Also that isn’t the only news that I have to share.”

“What else could you have to share?”

“I’m going to be a father.” I said trying to put on a brave face.

“Wait! What!? My grandfather gasped “Now I knew you and Eric were probably having sex….but I never thought that you two could have children.”

“Darling don’t be silly, Science hasn’t come that far. He has to be talking about adoption.”

“Not exactly” Eric interjected

“What does he mean not exactly?” my grandfather asked

“The child I’m speaking of is not one by adoption, he or she would be mine biologically. Not that I wouldn’t love a adopted child or child not related to me any less”

“Darling I don’t understand. You and Eric can’t make a biological child, science is great but it’s not that great.”

“This girl Charlotte Livingston is having my baby” I replied

“Wait! What? Don’t tell me you were unfaithful to this handsome lad? My grandfather asked. “Dear everybody makes mistakes.” My grandmother replied.

“Even Chandlers” she added

“I didn’t cheat on Eric. I could never do that.” I replied “Charlotte raped me, and that’s why she’s pregnant and having my baby.”

“How dreadful.” My grandmother shrieked “The poor thing must suffer from some mental imbalance”

“What?!” my grandfather yelled out. “I never liked those damned Livingstons, and now I have a perfect excuse to stop funding that moronic father of hers.”

“I’ll ruin those damned Livingstons for what that cow did to you.” My grandfather bellowed as he slammed his fist on the table.

“Darling that won’t be necessary” my grandmother said trying to calm my enraged grandfather. “The girl may have done an absolutely dreadful thing but she is carrying our great grandchild.”

“I never thought about it like that.” My grandfather “That girl is carrying the next Chandler heir. We must make sure that that child receives a proper upbringing worthy of the next generation of Chandlers.”

My grandparents started whispering to one another. After a few seconds they turned back to us and my grandmother spoke. “Sweetie your grandfather and I have come up with a wonderful idea. We think it would be so wonderful if we hosted an engagement party for you and Eric here at the mansion.”

“Yeah, that’s fine.” I said “As long as Eric is ok with that”

“We would love that” Eric interjected

“One more thing Michael.” My grandfather added “We are inviting the Livingstons to the engagement party and your grandmother would love it, if Eric’s family would come as well.”

“I’ll see what I can do” Eric replied.

“But why are we inviting the Livingstons?” I asked

“Darling your grandfather wants to keep a close eye on that girl, now that he knows she’s carrying the Chandler Heir.”

****Scene 4: Eric’s POV***************************************

After we had a spent a great deal of time Michael’s grandparents’ house we were finally ready to leave. We left Michael’s grandparents’ house sometime in the evening. We went to Mike’s parents’ house because they too had to know about not only the engagement but also the baby. Michael had asked for me to come along. I was more than glad to help break the news to his parents. I dreaded going home, and telling my father that I was going to be marrying a Chandler. I would rather be at Mike’s house then at my parent’s house telling them my news.

Luckily when we came back to Mike’s house both of his parents were home. This was surprising first. They were in the living room. Ever since Michael had told his mother and father that he was gay and involved with me she had seemed different. She continued to greet me like always, but something seemed different. She must have had some repressed anger inside her in regards to me. I was after all the guy who in her mind had turned her son gay. In reality he had always been that way, she just never seemed to notice.

“Mom, Dad can we talk” Michael said once we entered the living room.

“Sure son what about?” Michael’s father Mr. Chandler said looking up from the newspaper he was reading.

“Hello Eric” they both said in unison. “Michael if this is about Eric spending the night than the answer is yes” Michael’s father said.

“Yes, what your father said” Michael’s mother added

“Mom, Dad” Michael began “This is not about Eric spending the night. This is about something much more serious.”

“What could be so serious that we would have to interrupt our evening?” Michael’s mother asked

“Well, you know how Eric and I are gay” he said “Well…..”

“Michael sweetie!” his mother gasped “I wish you would stop saying such things. It’s probably just a phase or something.” She said completely oblivious to my presence

“Mom it’s not a phase. I have told you that several times.”

“Honey you don’t know that. It could just be a phase. Many young men experiment at college and boarding school and so on.”

“Elizabeth leave the kid alone. Let him be happy” Michael’s father interjected

“Mom I didn’t go to boarding school, and I’m not even in College!” Mike cried

“Sweetie, there are plenty of pretty young suitable ladies in the area. You should come to the country club more often, some of them always ask about you.”

“Michael and I are getting married!” I blurted out

“What? Son is this true?” Michael’s father asked

“Yes Eric’s right we are getting married.” Mike replied “Don’t worry were not rushing into it. We are waiting a few months before we tie the knot. The engagement party is this week and it’s going to be at grandfather and grandmothers.”

“What you guys can’t get married?!” Michael’s mother cried in a gasp “It’s not right, sweetie there are plenty of beautiful young girls that you could marry.”

“Elizabeth it’s perfectly legal now.” Michael father added

“I don’t care about all of that. He’s our son and you don’t care that he’s ruining his life by marrying a man!?”

“MOTHER!!!” Michael yelled “I’m hella gay so just accept it. Eric and I are getting married so just live with it!”

“Oh and one more thing I’m going to be a father” Michael added. His parent’s mouths dropped open, they were completely shocked.

“WHAT? HOW? BUT WHAT about you and Eric?”

“You know that girl you liked so much mom?”

“Charlotte Livingston, that nice senator’s daughter?” Michael’s mother asked looking confused

“Well it seems like she’s not that seems innocent girl that you thought she was. Because she raped me and now she’s pregnant with my kid……”

STAY TUNED………………………………………….



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