****Opening Title*****************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Eric’s POV**********************************************

After Michael had finished dropping that bombshell on his parents he walked me to the door. He closed the door behind him and we kissed for a few sweet and tender moments on his parent’s doorsteps. I was so proud of him, because of how he had stood up to his mother. At long last he had defended me, and are relationship in front of her.

“Michael you were amazing” I said as we came up from air from our kiss. As we parted lips some of our saliva lingered on our parted lips. “Babe you certainly showed her.”

“Eric I know right” Michael said surprised at what he had said to his mother. “Hopefully she will finally come to understand that I can’t change who I love.”

“Eric I love you so much” he said looking deep into my eyes.

“I love you too babe.” I said “I’m sorry babe but I have to go tell my parents the wonderful news about our engagement.”

“I wonder how your parents will take that”

“I’m pretty sure my mom will be alright, and as for my father he will take this news the same way he handles everything Chandler related.” I said

“With rage and by stomping his feet” I laughed

“Babe I really don’t want to leave you. But I do have to tell my parents this news.”

“Eric its fine. Please go tell your parents I’ll wish you luck.” Michael said grasping my hand in his. “Don’t worry about me, I can hold down the fort. My mother definitely got the hint by now.”

Kissing Michael once more on the forehead I walked over to my car. The car that was almost always in his parent’s driveway. I hopped inside and he waved me farewell until I was no longer in view. I drove off down the road. Mike’s parent’s house wasn’t too far from my own parent’s house so the drive was not too long.

I opened the door with my key. Walking in a found my parents in the living room watching that one salacious television show, Our Private Lives. It was a favorite show in the Harmony area. They were laughing and both of my parents seemed to be in a good mood.

“Mom…Dad” I called

“Eric what a wonderful surprise” my mother said turning around in her chair. “Joe look it’s your son” she said grinning from ear to ear.

“Hey son” my dad said hesitantly

“Hey Dad” I said weakly. “I have something very important to tell you guys. I hope you guys can accept what I have to tell you.” I said as I sat down on the empty side of the coach.

“Dad I know you don’t like the Chandlers. And I know that you think that that family is nothing but bad news but you are going to have to get used to them. The Chandlers are going to be your in-laws after all.”

“Oh my goodness” my mother exclaimed “Are you trying to say that you and Michael are getting married?”

“Yes mom”

“That’s wonderful honey” my mother exclaimed as she leaped across the table to hug me in an embrace. “When’s the wedding sweetie?! I can’t wait!”

“Wait?! WHAT?!” my father yelled “Your marrying a Chandler! Carol our son is getting ready to marry a DAMN CHANDLER and all you can do is celebrate.”

“Joe I would celebrate and be happy no matter who our son married.” My mother replied. “But sweetie are you sure you two are ready for marriage?”

“Mom I’m sure I couldn’t imagine a life without Mike.” I said. “But I didn’t just come here to tell you guys that I’m getting married. I came to tell you that Michael’s grandparents are having an engagement party this week to celebrate our engagement.”

“It’s going to be at the Chandler Mansion and I want to make sure that you two come, because it would mean a lot to have you both there.” I continued

“We would love to come honey. Sweetie thank you so much, now I have an excuse to go to Wyndemere’s and pick out that new dress I saw the other day.” My mother said with joy.

“What the Hell! You think that I’m going to step foot in that accursed Chandler Mansion!” my father yelled. “I’d rather die than step foot inside of Victor Chandler’s mansion!”

“Dammit Joe! Stop being so damn dramatic.” My mother yelled. “Our son is getting married. This is our son’s engagement and we are going to be there, whether you like it or not.”

“Sweetie don’t worry I’ll make sure your father shows up to the party”

“Thanks mom”

****Scene 2: Haley Macy’s POV*****************************************

The Following day news was quickly circulating around about the upcoming engagement party in honour of Michael Chandler and Eric Smith. The news was printed on all the newspapers, news coverage of the announcement+ ran on all the local news stations, and so on. I’m sure the Chandlers were excited about the engagement, and I’m sure many people all over Harmony were happy too. It was a real life fairy tale with a twist. Instead of Prince and a girl from the other side of town. Two men were getting married two men from two separate worlds. Eric was the handsome ruggedly good looking middle class man from the other side of town, who fell in love with Michael the handsome prince in all but name from the other side of town. The scion from one of the wealthiest families in town. It would have brought me joy if I wasn’t jealous and fueled with rage. Months ago Eric had dumped me for not another girl, instead he had left me for Michael a guy.

While most of the town was probably celebrating what seemed like a fairy tale to them I was seething with jealously. I hated Eric for leaving me for a man, and I hated Michael even more for being the guy that had taken the best guy from me. Sure Michael didn’t do it intentionally, he was much too sweet for that. But I didn’t give a damn.

When people looked at Haley, all they saw was the popular pretty girl. When people at Harmony High saw this girl that was has beautiful has she was devious, they only saw the façade on the surface. Haley Macy was the gorgeous conniving brunette vixen sporting blond highlights that could have any guy she wanted, except for Eric Smith (who unfortunately for her was gay and in love). People who saw that façade of Haley’s, rarely ever got a glimpse of the other façade of Haley Macy. The façade Haley tried to hide from the public eye and her so-called friends, the abandoned daddy’s girl who was devoted to her father despite his constant abandonment, all while dreaming about fame, fortune and love.

“Haley look what just came in the mail!” my mother called. I looked up to see my mother holding up an elegant invitation on fine stationery. “Honey it’s an invitation to the Chandler-Smith engagement party. I can’t believe we got an invite.”

“Mom I don’t give a damn about that stupid engagement or their freaking wedding!” I spat back at my mother.

“Haley sweetie what’s wrong with you. It’s a good thing, weddings are always good. Why are you so upset?”

“Mother I’m upset, because Eric used to date me and now he’s marrying a GUY” I yelled

“Honey I’m so sorry.” My mother said in that condescending tone of hers. “Honey it’s not your fault you turned the poor boy gay. I’ve seen it happen many times” she said as she patted me on the back

“Mother!” I said pulling back in shock “Mother I didn’t turn him or anyone gay. You can’t turn someone gay. It doesn’t work like that.”

“Mother this is all your fault! You cursed me.” I screamed at her. “First you drove father away and now you have given me those bad genes that have caused me to drive men away as well.”

“Haley I didn’t drive your father away.” My mother said as she burst into tears. “Your father abandoned this family to go find himself. Honey he left us here in Harmony to go pursue a career in Hollywood!”

“Haley he never came back for us.” My mother said “Haley you keep idealizing that man. But where has he been the last few years? Not here.”

“Why? You ask. Well it’s because he’s a self-centered son of a bitch.”

“Mother he came back a few times” I said holding back tears. “He does care about us.”

“Haley he doesn’t care about us. He came back those few times, because he needed a place to hide, not because he cared about us.”

I began to cry bitterly. “Don’t cry baby. Please don’t cry my poor baby” my mother said as she hugged me tightly “I knew I never should have let that man back in our lives after he deserted us that first time.”

“Now that deadbeat father of yours as deserted us once more, I’ve lost track of how many times he’s done that very same thing.”

“Mom he’ll come back. I know he will come back. I believe in him.” Continuing to cry into my mother’s shoulder.

“Sweetie don’t cry your father doesn’t care about us.” My mother said “You have to move on and forget about him.”

“Mother my father loves me. I know he loves me, because he told me so. So nobody, not you, not anyone in this damn town is going to tell me any differently!” I said wiping my eyes.

“Sweetie I think the engagement party might cheer you up.” My mother said trying to lighten the mood.

“You know what mother.” I stated “I think you are right. I would love to go see how Michael and Eric are doing.”

“I can’t wait to see the look on all of their faces when I show up to that little engagement of theirs.”

****Scene 3: Eric’s POV***************************************

With our engagement party drawing closer and closer. I wanted to spend as much time with Michael as I could before we would be run rugged with wedding plans. Our life would completely change in the next few months, but I didn’t care how much it changed as long as Michael was by my side. I could not wait for the day when I could call him my husband in front of the whole world.

Every day I was without him, I craved him more and more. Not just the sex, I craved his voice, his touch, and most importantly his companionship. Michael and I went to his grandparents’ house. Despite the many servants scurrying about the Chandler estate’s grounds preparing for the engagement party, Michael and I managed to sneak inside.

Once inside the Chandler Mansion, Michael led me up the long elegant grand staircase up to the upper levels of the old house. I followed him to the familiar hall that led into the long closed off east wing of the Chandler Mansion. He was taking me to the room we had made love in on Christmas day.

“Babe” I began

“Eric you don’t have to worry. Nobody is going to catch us way up here.” Michael said trying to assure me. “Nobody ever comes up here. The servants don’t even go in the east wing.”

“That’s not what I was going to say” I said placing my finger on his pink parted lips. “I just wanted to say that, I want you inside of me right now.”

“Ohhh babe” he said.

We opened the door and fell into the room while making out and sucking on each other’s faces. We locked the door behind us, and soon we collapsed on the waiting bed.

“Babe at first I was a little nervous about bottoming.” I said as he kissed him hard “But now I can’t get enough of your dick. When I fuck you, my ass twitches because now I know the great feelings that you feel when my dick slides into your ass.” I winked

“Eric, I love bottoming more than anything else that we do.” Michael said kissing me just as hard as I kissed him. “But I have to admit drilling you ass, and watching my thick cock slide in and out of that tight little hole of yours sends sparks through my body.”

“I know dude, it’s a nice ass isn’t?” I asked. “Not as nice as yours, but it’s still a contender.” I laughed as a grasped one Michael’s ass cheeks, while I proceeded to slap the other cheek roughly with my free hand.

After a few more minutes of passionate kissing, me on the bed with Michael on top of me straddling me I pulled away from his warm wet lips. “Babe let’s get this cumbersome off of you.”

“Babe I thought you would never ask.” Michael said chuckling as he raised his torso up, throwing his muscled arms up as he pulled his tight shirt over his head. Once it was off he threw it on the floor near the bed.

“For a second I thought you were just going to kiss me all night.” He chuckled. Every time Michael laughed the dimples in his face could be seen, and his smile was in my opinion a killer, while his abs tensed from the laughter. I loved when he laughed.

“What’s wrong with that? I love kissing you babe” I said grabbing his face with both hands as I pulled him down to me and the bed kissing him with all of my strength.

Pulling my lips away from his was a painful, but I had to. It was physically impossible to speak when his tongue was down my throat. “I could kiss you for hours” I said, panting and gasping as his lips dove back down onto my face.

With Michael sitting up on my lap, I raised up so that I was sitting up in the bed. Starting at his thick ass, that nice bubble butt oh his, I rubbed my hands all over his body, his muscular back, his tight abs, and his chiseled pecs.

When I got to those big mounds of flesh known as his pecs, I placed my hands on them my mouth was watering. “Damn babe, I love this sexy body.”

“I honestly cannot wait for the day when I can tell all the world that your mine, and mine alone.”

“Eric baby” Michael said. “You know we don’t need a ring to prove to the world that we belong to one another.” He kissed me hard, pressing his lips closely to my own parted lips.

“Babe I know that.” I sighed. “But I can’t think of anything that I would like more then to be able to call you my husband every single day.” I said pulling him in once more kissing him hard and passionately.

“Damn Mike!!” I said reaching my hands into his shorts. “We only just began and your dick is hard as rock!”

“Eric, what can I say? You have that effect on my dick.” Michael chuckled

“It’s a true talent” I replied chuckling to myself.

“Damn dude this thing is fucking throbbing.” I said as I griped the base of Michael’s nine inch cock. I think I’m going to need to relieve it” I chuckled.

“Yes I think that would be best.” He said. No sooner had he said those words, I had pulled his shorts and underwear down to his ankles with such ferocity that It looked like magic had removed them.

“God I can’t wait to suck this cock!” I said as I licked my lips.

“Suck my dick!” Michael said in a high pitched grunt. It was a demand, but he actually begged me to suck his dick, and I was more than happy to suck that juicy meat stick of his.

Michael hopped off of my lap and the next thing I knew he was dangling that third leg of his right in my face. The head winked at me. How could I say know to such a cute little guy?

I parted my lips and Michael thrusted that one-eyed monster of his into my mouth. I could feel the head of his nine inch cock on my throat. I gagged a little, he had never been so forceful when he fucked my mouth.

“Babe slow down my mouth isn’t going anywhere.” I said after I had pulled his wet cock from my mouth. “Babe don’t worry there’s going to be plenty of times for me to get your dick wet

Michael’s cock was wet and leaking precum when I took it back in my mouth. As I bobbed my head up and down his gorgeous cock I tried to maintain eye contact with him as often as I could. I loved looking into his eyes when he sucked my cock and I know he liked it like that too.

Looking into his eyes, he didn’t have to say a word, because I knew exactly what he was feeling as I bobbed up and down his thick cock. In fact my boyfriend said very few words while I sucked his dick, besides the whispered fucks and shits. Michael mainly made grunts and moans.




“Yes!!!!” he cried as he placed both of his hands on my head. “Get that sexy mouth of yours all over my thick cock!” he grunted

Michael started to moan even more, when I started to play with his cock. When I took his cock back in my mouth, I only took the head in my mouth. I sucked on the head for a few seconds, getting it nice and wet and covering it with my saliva.

“Damn dude!” he moaned low “Your mouth feels so warm on my dick! And I fucking love having your lips wrapped around it” he grunted. His grunts were music to my ears. His musical grunts and moans told me that I was doing exactly what I need to do.

Taking his cock out of my mouth I grabbed it with both hands. I started running my hands up and down the shaft, stroking it with both hands. As I stroked his cock I licked the head.

His whole body shook when my tongue flicked across his cockhead. I rubbed my wet lips all over his cock, kissing every inch of his cock with my mouth.

I loved everything about his cock. I loved the smell, the taste, the feel, everything. I loved the veins that ran up and down the shaft. I traced every vein on that cock with my tongue as I bobbed up and down his shaft.

I didn’t just suck on his cock, I ate that thing like it was on death row and it was my last meal. As I sucked on Mike’s cock, precum poured from his throbbing cock. I made sure to swallow every drop of his sweet nectar.

“Dude that’s enough sucking for one day” Mike said as he pulled his wet cock from my mouth. Mike may have been a sweetheart on the surface, but in the bedroom he was a dirty animal. I loved that about him.

“But now I want to eat that ass of yours” he said, while he slapped my face with his cock. Mike pulled me down onto the bed, and flipped me over so that my ass was facing him.

****Scene 4: Eric’s POV**************************************

Once my ass was out in the open and ready for an invasion, Michael pounced head (i.e. his mouth) first into my ass. Grasping my as cheeks with both hands he spread them apart as he buried his face in my ass.

I could feel his warm hot breath on my ass hole, and pretty soon I felt his tongue dart down into my ass. He licked every inch of my ass with his tongue as he motorboated my ass with his face. He spit a few times into my ass, as he rubbed his hands all over my ass,

“Dude your ass is perfect!” he exclaimed as he gave my ass a rough slap with his hand.

“Thanks babe”. The next thing I knew he stuck one of his fingers deep into my ass. It was slick and went in easy, because it was dripping wet, covered with his saliva. When he stuck two more fingers up my ass, I threw my head back and I moaned so loudly that I was sure the whole house could hear me. The fact that the Chandler mansion was so damn big was the only thing that assured me that no one had heard us.

“God I want to fuck this ass!” Michael grunted, as he came up from between my two white ass mountains.

“Give me that dick!” I said winking at him. I wiggled my ass in front of his face. I knew he would not be able to resist it. Soon I felt his thick cock press firmly against my ass. He grabbed both of my butt cheeks and humped my ass sliding his cock between my ass cheeks as he humped me.

Even though he had yet to fuck me it felt good, felling his dick so close to my ass. Michael pulled away from my ass and within seconds he had thrusted his thick cock into my ass. I screamed loudly as he slammed his throbbing dick deep into my ass. I felt not just the head, but his balls too as they slapped lewdly against my ass.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAHH!” I moaned and grunted desperately trying to catch my breath.

“Ohhhhhh Yeah!”


 “FUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCK!!!!” I cried as Mike continued to drill my ass bare. He fucked me raw, only because we were exclusive. Michael grabbed hold of my ass cheeks, gripping them tightly as his cock filled my ass with each powerful thrust.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhh” I grunted. Moans and grunts were the only sounds that escaped my mouth as I gasped for air, panting as my boyfriend pounded away at my prostate with his cock.

Six months ago I had only ever dreamed about fucking guys. I had to keep that desire a secret. I even used this poor girl, Haley something as a decoy to throw people off into thinking that I was straight. But when I learned Michael had feelings for me I just couldn’t keep lying to her or myself. So I told her the truth and I have been happy ever since, and so has my dick.

As Mike fucked me doggystyle he held on tightly to my body so that he was hunched over on top of me, humping while his cock spewed precum into my ass. Our sweating bodies writhed as we fucked in heat.

“Oooh FUUUUUCK!” he cried “Eric your ass is so fucking tight. And it’s warm as hell too!”

After fucking doggystyle for a few passionate minutes, Mike grabbed me by the legs and flipped me over. His cock did not leave my ass once. Michael continued to hold onto my legs that were now in the air, as he fucked me facing him. We gazed into each other’s eyes. I didn’t see lust in his eyes, I saw love.

Now that Michael was facing me I could watch him as he fucked me. I watched as his cock disappeared into my ass when he thrusted into it, only to reappear when he pulled out. He repeated this many times, so many times I lost count.

Watching Michael drill my ass, watching his cock disappear and knowing all along that it was buried deep inside my ass turned me on and made me hard. Pretty soon my cock was at full attention, standing upright and saluting. My cock was rock hard, throbbing, and leaking precum down the shaft.

“Damn Eric” Michael said in a low grunt. “Look at the mess your making” he said in a playful tone just as he had let go of one of my legs.

He used his one free hand to grab my cock, he stroked it and my precum soon covered his hand. While he slammed his dick into my ass, I thrusted my dick into his hand covering it with my manly juices.

He stuck his hand in his mouth and smiled down at me, and returned to fucking the shit out of me.

“Uuugh…..Your DICK feels so……so FUCKING GOOD!” I screamed.

My leaking cock bounced up and down spewing precum all over my abs as Mike plowed my ass with rapid speed. Michael was standing on the floor and I was laid sprawled out on the bed, my ass being plowed. He grabbed hold of my legs once more and he slammed his dick into my ass so hard that the whole bed shook.

He slammed into my ass again and again. He squeezed my thick thighs as he thrusted his gorgeous dick into my sweet ass, over and over again. After we fucked like that for a while, he climbed up on the bed on top of me. He rolled under me so that I was on top of him straddling him. When he rolled over, his cock slipped out of my ass. When his cock slipped out I felt an emptiness, a great void that needed to be filled.

He hopped onto his lap grabbing at his cock greedily. When I had found that gorgeous tool, that was the source of all my pleasure, I aimed that thing at my puckering hole. I lowered my ass as I sat down on his dick.



“AAAAHHHHH……..YESSSSSSSSSS…………F-FUUUUUUUUCK….” I groaned as I was impaled on his cock. It was the best seat in the house. I grinded my ass on that dick as I bounced up and down on his shaft.

“Fuck ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” I screamed over and over again.

“YEEEEAAAAH, FUUUUUUCK YEAH! He screamed grabbing hold of my waist as I bounced on his dick.

GOD I love when you fucking beg for my COCK!” he cried “I can feel your hungry ass working my fucking dick over! Your ass is squeezing and massaging my cock just right!” he grunted. As he continued to thrust upward into my ass, my cock slapped and smacked hard into his abs

“I think you’re about to explode.” He laughed “You’re getting dangerously close.”

Before I could grab his dick he pulled his cock out of my ass, so that I was just sitting there on his lap my ass gaping and leaking precum all over our bodies.

“Give me that cock! Feed me that cum!” he cried.

Climbing up closer to his face I obliged him. I stuck my cock in his face, and he took my cock into his mouth. The moment his wet lips wrapped around my lips I exploded into his mouth. He pulled my cock out of his mouth and it continued to spurt cum everywhere. My cum coated Mike’s face, it dripped down from his nose and lips unto his chest.

“God I love you” he whispered

“I love you too Babe!”

I bent down and kissed him hard. I could taste my cum all over his lips. Soon we were making out, cum dripping from both our mouths.

“God that was fucking hot! He moaned

“I know babe. Why would guys have prostates in their asses if they weren’t supposed to use them” I said “Babe next time, it’s going to be me that does the fucking” I winked as I bent down and kissed him hard again.

“Oh Shit! He screamed “We were supposed to meet Kayla and the guys at Lila’s twenty minutes ago!!!”

“Fuck!!!” I groaned “Let her wait a little while, I want to spend some more time with you”

Laying there on the bed, completely butt naked we talked about the recent turn of events.

“Babe. How did your parents take the news?” I asked “I left before they said anything.

“Well they didn’t really say much.” He said “They would have been thrilled if I had simply told them I was going to have a child, another Chandler heir.” He sighed. “But since I told her that that child, that precious grandchild that they have always dreamed about was the product of a rape, they were more shocked then anything.”

“Babe….” I began

“Eric, my mother had the nerve to ask if what Charlotte did to me was rape.” He cried “Can you believe that Eric? Can you even believe that?”

“Babe I can understand where’s she’s coming from.” I said as I wrapped my hand around his shoulder. “I can’t believe my own self that such a horrible thing happened to you. And I wasn’t there to save you.”

“Eric please don’t blame yourself for what happened to me.” He said “You’re not the reason this happened to me.”

“Babe I know……I just…..If I had.”

“Eric stop” he said, stopping me by pressing his lips firmly against my own.

“Babe I told my parents that we were getting married.” I exclaimed. “I didn’t tell them about the baby, I didn’t want to overwhelm them. Also my mother promised me that she would make sure my father came to the engagement party.”

“Eric that’s wonderful, but I don’t know if that will go on well.”

“Babe, my father better be on his best behavior or else. I don’t want to talk about him. I want to talk about our baby.”

“Wait what baby?” Michael asked in shock “Eric what are you saying?”

“Michael I don’t care if Charlotte is carrying this baby. I promise you that I want to help be there for him or her.” I began “Mike I want to be this baby’s father, babe I want to raise this child with you.”

“Eric are you sure?” he asked. “What about your father? You know he would never accept a child with Chandler blood as his grandchild.”

“Of course I’m babe. How could I not be sure? I would love nothing more than to raise a family with you. And as for my father I don’t care what he thinks, your children are my children” We kissed even more passionately after that.

****Scene 5: Kayla’s POV************************************

Since Eric and Michael’s engagement was only in a few days, I decided that a wonderful snow day was the perfect time to go shopping. A shopping spree would do me good. God help Charlotte if I saw her at Harmony Place, the local shopping plaza in Harmony.

The Harmony Plaza had many little amenities. But I didn’t want to run into my parents, and besides you could only really get the really nice and fancy stuff at Wyndemere’s. So when my search for the best looking dress failed I left the Harmony Place shopping plaza.

Wyndemere’s was the luxurious department store in all of Harmony. Besides selling very fine tailored clothes it provided many kinds of accessories, elegant gowns, footwear, perfumes, jewelry, and cosmetics.

When I walked into Wyndemere’s there where about three salespersons scattered about the upscale department store. They were adjusting the nearby apparel and helping other customers.

I just glided over to the back of the room, where they had jewelry display cases. I looked down at the sparkling jewels in their cases. Diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend.

When I walked over to the jewelry display case another girl was standing there with her back turned to me. She was holding a mirror and admiring a Cartier pearl necklace. She had brown hair that hung gracefully down her neck. Something about the girl was familiar to me. I could not place my finger on it.

“Kayla is that you!?” the girl cried out. I recognized the voice, it was Haley…..Haley Macy. The very same Haley that Eric had previously dated before he dumped her for Mike.

“Ah that is you” she said as she placed the mirror down on the counter she turned around. The pearls that hung down her neck sparkled in the light.

“Hello Haley!” I replied. I didn’t have a clue why she was greeting me in such a friendly tone. Haley and I had never been friends, we had rarely spoken kind words to one another. We had been rivals since kindergarten.

“Fancy seeing you here in Wyndemere’s” she said looking me up and down

“Well it is a snow day, so I decided why not get a little shopping done.” I spat back

“Well that’s a fancy dress you got there.” Haley replied slyly as she pointed to the clothes rack in my hand. I had almost forget that before I had walked over to the jewelry display cases I had taken a dress from the rack to try on

“Yeah it’s for a party….” I caught myself I didn’t want to let her know that I was going to Michael and Eric’s engagement, she might try to invite herself. Michael and Eric could not have that, one bitch (Charlotte) would already most likely be there, we didn’t need another, one was plenty.

“Oh how neat” she purred through that feigned smile of hers. “I’m going to a party this week also. A grand party.” She said flashing her teeth.

“Have fun” I replied

“Oh don’t worry Kayla I most certainly will have lots of fun” she smiled

“I bet you will” I sneered

“Kayla you know I thought this pearl necklace would go great with my outfit.” She frowned. “But now I’m not really sure about them. They look so shabby and old fashioned.”

“You know they might look good on you. Then again, where would a cop’s daughter wear such jewels?” she smirked at me.

“My mother is the police Commissioner!” I began. I calmed myself I was not about to let this girl’s attempts at throwing shade at me ruin my week. She was simply jealous, I had a man, while the man she had, was now in the arms of another man.

By some kind of divine intervention, the clasp of the pearl necklace broke and the pearls spilled out onto the floor.

“Haley you know the saying.” I smiled “You broke it, and now you got to buy it too!” Turning on my heels I left her standing there to clean up the mess she had made. I bought the dress and I left the store, not looking back.

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