****Opening Title*****************************************************

*hot guy fades into light, 

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so Our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: The Morning wood**********************************************

This Thanksgiving my parents' house was busy being fumigated so we had recently moved into my grandfather's house, the Chandler Estate. I'm going to just call it a house but it can't even be called that, it is more like a manor or a mansion. Chandler mansion sits atop Raven hill, overlooking the harbor of Harmony. Out of modesty my grandfather likes for people to call it a mansion or simply a house. But when most people see it for the first time they assume that it is a castle, because of the turrets and the towers.

The Chandler mansion is about three hundred years ago by a distant ancestor Cornelius Chandler who arrived in the America's in the 1690 and built a fortune in the shipping and fishing industries in New England. To make a long story short his grandson George Washington Chandler (his father having had a great admiration for the first American President who was also his godfather) had not a single legitimate child but he did however have one single child named John Cornelius by a house slave named Maria. Rather then see the family fortune that his father and grandfather had built,  be destroyed, split up and divided George W. Chandler instead decided to leave everything to his only child and with a stoke of a pen the Chandler family went from white to black. Distant relatives contested the will for decades but they all failed.

 Ever since the 1690s every member of the Chandler family has lived at Chandler Mansion. The mansion is said to have close to 150 rooms, that includes a ballroom, Drawing room, Dining room, Library, Sitting room (or Living room as most people call it), conservatory, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms galore. The house has elevators that were installed in the early twentieth century, a indoor swimming pool, and more. Also I have heard talk that the house has numerous secret tunnels, hidden rooms, secret rooms and passageways.

I don't even know for sure, because I have not been able to check out every room. But God willing one day the manor, Chandler Industries, and the fortune would all be my responsibility. To most  people it would of felt like a blessing but it was a burden. It was a daunting task but I was prepared to carry on the legacy of my family. 

Waking up in my bedroom upstairs in my grandfather' house I realized that it was Thanksgiving day and I was thrilled. I had so much to be thankful for. I had a loving boyfriend, wonderful friends who not only supported me but they also accepted me when I came out weeks ago. I even despite my dysfunctional family was a great one. I had just one problem I had a boyfriend and my family was still living under the assumption that I was straight. I had no idea how to tell them and I desperately wanted to be open about the relationship I had with Eric, because I truly loved him and wished to spend the rest of my life with him.

Waking up in my warm bed I felt ready to start the day. I was ready to take on the world, and if not the world at least my dysfunctional family, the Chandler family could and would be handful even on holidays like this. I lay there stretched out in the bed in the room I had not slept in since I was little and spent the night at Grandpa and Grandma's house. When I was little the house had terrified me, but now that I was grown I felt no such fear.

Waking up nine times out of ten, I had a raging boner. Today, even on Thanksgiving Day was no exception. Well I was completely alone in the big empty bed, and unfortunately for my dick, Eric was nowhere in sight so I was forced to take care of my urges with my hand before they caused me to get into trouble.

So I just sat there stroking my dick under the sheets. In my mind I was thinking that Eric was in bed beside me. I could not get the hot sex that we had had out of my mind. The way his ass had felt wrapped around my dick sent shot waves through my brain and through my dick. 

First I stroked it through the fabric of my underwear, but that didn’t let me devote my full attention to it. So within seconds I was sliding my underwear off around my thick thighs and tossing them to the side of the bed. 

Thank God my room had a lock on it, because if anyone had walked in they would have seen me eyes closed, stroking my dick roughly. 

After I spit on my hands a few times I began the process of rubbing my hand back and forth, back and forth along the length of my dick I stroked my nine inch cock hard, all while thinking about how great it felt to fuck Eric. It was literally amazing, his ass squeezed my dick in all the right places. While I stroked my dick, moving my hand up and down, up and down, bringing myself close to climax I squeezed my balls a little.

There was just something about having my balls touched that sent me over the edge, because within a few short minutes of rubbing my hands all over my dick followed by a nice massage of my balls with my hand covered in spit and saliva I was cumming. 

Within seconds my meat cannon had fired off its first round hitting my abs, the second round hitting my pecs and the final round barely missing my face, hitting me in the chin. That was an amazing start to a Thanksgiving.

After that was done I quickly showered and headed downstairs to look for some breakfast.


****Scene 2: Preparations***************************************

Once I walked downstairs and entered the kitchen I found that the place was literally swarming with culinary people busily preparing the best Thanksgiving dinner on the eastern seaboard.

When I walked into the kitchen not only was cook there, but the kitchen looked like a circus or a hurricane had blew through. Literally people were everywhere and directing it all was my grandmother Katherine Chandler standing in the centre of the room directing people, giving orders, finalizing plans, tasting foods, and so on.

I quickly walked across the room, still in my pajamas that I had put on after my shower. 

“Grandma, Happy Thanksgiving!” I said calling her as I approached 

My grandmother turned around from what she was doing and looked at me

“Good Heavens Child why are you still in sleeping clothes?” 

“Grandma the guests won’t be arriving tell later in the day, the day’s just began” I assured her

Once I had convinced my grandmother that we did indeed have time, she hugged me

“Oh sweetie I love you, and I just want everything to be perfect”

“It’s been so long since the whole family has been all together for the holidays” she said

“I know grandma, I know” I said as I squeezed her tightly

After I released her my grandmother regained her composure “Well I better get back to work and darling you better go pick something nice to wear.”

As I turned to leave my grandmother had more to say to me “Oh and you should invite that nice friend of yours, what’s his name?”

“Eric?” I replied weakly, knowing full well that she was talking about Eric

“Yes Eric, you always seem so carefree and positive when he’s around and I want this whole family to be happy this Thanksgiving” she said before she dove back into her work

I walked back upstairs thinking to myself my grandmother could not have known about Eric and me, surely she only thought we were just friends. Because she had no way of knowing we were gay and in love with one another. Hell if Eric had not kissed me all those weeks ago I would not have known either.

Once I got to my room I texted Eric. First a simple “Good Morning Happy Thanksgiving XOXOXOX”, next I texted “Hey my family would love it if you joined us for Thanksgiving” 

A few minutes later he texted back “Good Morning babe, can I bring my family”

I responded with the only answer I knew to give to the man that I loved and that was “Of course”

Once I told my Grandmother to set the table for four more people she leapt for joy. My grandmother relished the chance to demonstrate her superb expertise on cooking and preparing reception, even if it was only Thanksgiving.

I looked through my closet for what felt like days, trying to find the perfect thing to wear to a Chandler family Thanksgiving dinner. Finally I settled upon a new brown sweater that I had gotten a few weeks ago.

While I was in the bathroom I heard my phone ring from a notification. As I went to pick it up I saw that it was a message from Eric.  For a brief second that that was him telling me know that he was not going to be able to come share Thanksgiving with me.

 But to say that I was surprised would be an understatement when I unlocked my phone, opened my messages and a pic of Eric’s very gorgeous dick popped up on the screen with the caption “Can’t wait for you to sit on my dick after dinner”

Seeing Eric’s dick made me hard but I could not let pleasure take a hold over me so I simply texted back “Me too”.  After that I had to call Kayla and make sure she didn’t hit any more girls for me.

I dialed her up and within seconds she had answered me

“Oh Hey Michael, Happy Thanksgiving” she said on the other line

“Hey Kayla, Happy Thanksgiving to you too” I said

“What are you doing for Thanksgiving?”

 “Eating Pizza, salsa and chips at home with the fam” she said with a giggle

“Oh that’s cool, do you want to join my family?” I asked

“You can bring your family” I added

“I would love to Michael, but please don’t make me bring my family”

“Ok if you insist, I won’t force you to bring them” I said jokingly 

“Thank God you called me Michael, my dad had been watching football non-stop and I think if I don’t get out here I’m going to scream”

“And If I see another football jersey today I think I’m going to barf” she cried

“Oh that seems terrible, so glad I could help save you from that misfortune” I joked

“See you in a bit, Bye Kayla”

“Bye Michael” she said before hanging up


****Scene 3: Out:*************************************

After several more hours had passed it grew dark outside while inside the Chandler Mansion food was being hurriedly prepared. Besides my mother, father, grandfather and grandmother, Eric and I there would also be my sister Mikayla, my baby brother, my aunt Victoria, her husband and her two children, Eric’s father and mother and brother and of course Kayla

Seventeen people, the table would be crowded. Just when I came downstairs to check on everything to make sure everyone still had all of their limbs, I heard the doorbell ring.

Once I opened it I saw to my surprise that Kayla was standing in the doorstep

Pulling her into the house in a warm embrace “What are you doing here, I thought you were not coming tell later?” 

“Yeah I know, but I just could not take it anymore, the Cowboys started loseing and my dear old dad started screaming his ass off” she quipped

“Oh I’m sorry to hear that”

“Well you arrived just in time to help set the table.” I replied

“Oh goodie” she said as she rolled her eyes in full view of me for dramatic effect

A few minutes later after several trips back and forth from the Kitchen to the Dining room to bring large bowls, dishes and trays into the dining room to set them in the middle of table I heard the doorbell ring again.

I immediately set down the bowl of sweet potatoes that I was carrying and walked towards the door to open it. Once I opened it I saw Eric standing there and no sooner had I opened the door then I felt his warm moist lips press against mine.

“Eric what are you doing what if my parents or your parents see us”

“Babe relax they won’t see us, my parents are not coming, my dad got sick at the last minutes”

“Now he’s been throwing up ever since”

I’m sorry to hear that”

“Babe its cool, that’s just more time alone with your family” Eric chuckled to himself

“Eric are you sure you want that”?”

“Want what?”

“To be alone with my family” I remarked trying to remain composed, until I broke into a smile. Which caused Eric to smile and respond with a second kiss.

“Eric that feels so good”

Then suddenly from the dining room I heard “Boys get a room”

My heart nearly stopped as I gasped turning around to see who had said that. My heart returned to normal once I saw Kayla looking at me with that usual smirk of hers

“You two should really get a room” she added

“Hey Kayla” Eric said, throwing one arm around me as he used the other to wave to Kayla

Kayla walked across the foyer to wear we were standing looked at Eric and whispered “Eric I’m surprised you can still walk properly” she joked


“How could she know about last night?” he cried

“I didn’t but now I do” Kayla giggled

“What gave it away?” Eric asked

“Oh a lot of things really, but mainly the glow on your face”

“Michael had the same one on his face, since you guys started seeing each other” Kayla replied

“I bet it felt nice didn’t it?” Kayla said

“Oh shut up Kayla” Eric cried

“Oh no, you guys better start spilling some tea” she said

We all responded by laughing at her

“Come on guys, at least tell me how big you guys are down there so I can create my own imagination” she said

“Kayla we are not having this conversation in the middle of my grandparents’ house” I finally said

“Oh ok so at my house on Sunday then” she said

“NO way” Eric and I both said in unison, causing all three of us to erupt into red faced laughter. Finally we had to stop because if we had continued any longer it would have been impossible for us to breath.

After a few more helpers, the table was covered with all kinds of good food, Green Bean Casserole, Cornbread, Pumpkin pie, Macaroni, Cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes with marshmallows and resins, mashed potatoes, Sweet corn, creamed corn, Cheddar chive bacon biscuit, stuffing, centered around it all was of course the fabulous turkey my grandmother had helped prepare (oversee).

After the food was done my mother pulled me aside and started doing what she did best, and that was lecture me.

“Honey I saw Mrs. Livingston yesterday at Wyndham’s” she said

“Oh that’s cool Mom”

“Darling she mentioned you and Charlotte getting together to get to know each other”

“I don’t think that is a good idea mom”

“Why not son?” she asked a little confused

“Just because I don’t think that would be the wisest idea for either of us”

“Why not?” she pressed 

“Just because” I said

“Darling that’s not even a legitimate reason” my mother said

“Mom can we just drop it and talk about something else” I pleaded with her

“Sweetheart to tell you the truth you to would make such acute couple” she swooned

“Oh and the grandchildren would look gorgeous, with your good genes and her good genes” she said proudly

Finally having had enough “Mom you don’t even want to hear the truth!!” I yelled out

“Darling what truth?”

“The truth that I’m GAY” I blurted out

My mother gasped and started at me stunned by what I had just said. I was stunned to I had not expected to come out like that, but I could not take any more of my mother pressing me about the issue. But once It had finally come out I felt like a big weight had been let off of my chest, like for the first time in years I could breath.

My mother just stared at me for a while and finally after a few seconds had passed she spoke “Honey I’m sure it’s just a phase I’m sure it will pass, and when it does Charlotte will be available”

“Mom are you even listening to me?”



****Scene 4: Dinnertime****************************

Before my mother and I could finish our conversation my grandmother came in and interrupted us. And soon were walking into the Dining room getting ready to say grace and eat the Thanksgiving meal that my grandmother had prepared or in this case supervised.

My grandmother was a fantastic cook when she actually decided to cook, and my favorite thing of hers was her homemade pies that she made during the holidays. For this holiday she had made some of her delicious pumpkin pie. I could not wait to dig in.

“OK Everyone come let us gather around the table to sing” my Grandmother said

With my Grandmother and Grandfather leading the song we sang We Gather Together. We all joined hands, I of course held Eric’s hand and my mother responded be giving me a look. I ignored it and continued 

“We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing;
 He chastens and hastens His will to make known.
 The wicked oppressing now cease from distressing.
 Sing praises to His Name; He forgets not His own.

 Beside us to guide us, our God with us joining,
 Ordaining, maintaining His kingdom divine;
 So from the beginning the fight we were winning;
 Thou, Lord, were at our side, all glory be Thine!

 We all do extol Thee, Thou Leader triumphant,
 And pray that Thou still our Defender will be.
 Let Thy congregation escape tribulation;
 Thy Name be ever praised! O Lord, make us free!

Once that was over we all ceased holding hands. I wanted to continue holding on to Eric’s hands but my mother was burning through my flesh with her eyes so I let go of his hand.

My Grandfather spoke up, raising his glass “Here at the Chandler family home we always like to say what we are thankful for so I will start us off”

“I’m thankful that my entire family is here to celebrate with us, and I’m thankful that Chandler Industries has seen unprecedented growth over the last decade” my grandfather said

Next my Grandmother went “I’m thankful to be surrounded by my children and grandchildren and to be able to spend another day with all of you” she said sweetly

“Moving on my Aunt Victoria spoke up “I’m thankful that Chandler Industries is still in the hands of Chandlers and not in the hands of outsiders like so many other family businesses” she said in her usual self-serving way.

Next It was my father’s turn, “I’m thankful for my beautiful children and my loving wife who make my life worth living every single day” he said clasping my mother’s hands

Next my mother spoke up “I’m thankful that this family is so open with one another that we can always share things with each other and be completely and totally honest” she said glancing directly at me.

Finally it was my turn “I’m so thankful for my friends and my family and to be able to share this day with you all” I said

Eric went next “I’m thankful for my family and also my friends, especially my friend Eric”

Kayla gave me a little wink and out of the corner of my eye I saw my mom giving me a little look. But I paid no attention to her.

Finally Kayla spoke last “I’m thankful for my friend Michael for inviting to enjoy such a wonderful meal”

“Ok now that that’s done let’s eat” My grandmother said

After she said that we all sat down in our places and began to eat.

As we were starting to fix our plates my mother out of nowhere blurted out “Oliver your son just told me that he’s into guys apparently”

“Elizabeth it’s probably just a phase”

“That’s what I told him darling”

“It’s not a phase mom, I’m gay and nothing going to change that fact” I said

“Eric and I are boyfriends and we are in love” I declared

My mother gasped “Right under my own nose”

“Why didn’t you just tell us at first?” my father asked

“Well because you guys don’t listen”

“And even now after I’ve just came out, you guys are still not listening”

“Honey it has to just be a phase” my mother insisted, com

Finally my grandmother cut in “Oh Elizabeth leave the poor child alone, so what if he likes guys, I may have dabbled in a little lesbianism back in university”

“Really mother” Aunt Victoria blurted out horrified at what she had just heard.

My grandfather didn’t seem all that surprised. Leaving me wondering about if he already knew my saintly Grandmother wasn’t always a saint. But I decided to not have my mind thinking about what my grandparents had done in their younger years, least my stomach start to turn.

“It was college, Victoria, live a little” My grandmother said startling everyone with the statement.

My grandmother was one of those elderly saints had never uttered a bad word or said a mean thing about anyone.

“Now is someone going to help me carve this Turkey or are we going to sit around the table discussing what people do behind closed doors” my grandmother asked

For a moment there was silence until my friend Kayla blurted out “Help you carve that Turkey Mrs. C." she said raising her two hands in the air “Can I get a Amen” Kayla said

 In response to that everyone busted out in laughter even my parents.


Kayla had broken the ice but I knew now that I would soon after be given a private lecture by my father, mother, and worse still my grandfather. I dreaded going into the library after dinner but I knew that he would want to speak alone with me.

Suddenly my grandfather spoke up “Michael I will speak with you in the Library “

“Yes Sir”

After that I got up and went to go get a second helping of food, now that I realized that other people were actually on their third and fourth servings. As I turned to get up Eric followed me not caring if anyone saw us, they now all knew who we were to each other.

As I bent down to scoop out the cheese cake that I had carved out, Eric pressed his lips into my ear whispering “After the library your ass is mine”

Hearing him say such things with my parents, grandparents and the rest of my family right there caused me to blush.

For the time being everything was on a good note, inviting my friends Eric and Kayla had saved the day and also forced me to be honest with both myself and my parents. Everyone was laughing and having a good time. 

After dinner I felt amazing and soon after my ass would also be feeling amazing. But for now I slowly made it down the long hall that wrapped around the Drawing room making my way for the library and my grandfather.

As I walked down the corridor I was very worried. My mind was wracked with fear, as my mind played games; playing images of my grandfather telling me that he was removing me from the family. I shivered to think that Thanksgiving would be the day that I lost my family. As I inched closer to the hard wooden door with the medieval looking door hinges on them I prayed to God that such an outcome would not happen.

 Finally when my hand had finally settled on the door handle I turned the door and the door pushed open.

As I looked into the room taking it in, I looked out over the same bookshelves that had always been there, the same antique tables, coffee tables, and the very same desk that I had seen my grandfather work at while at the house for years.

When I was younger the room had felt so big, so dark and looming, but now that I was an adult the room seemed smaller. The room had aged with me it appeared.

My grandfather was sitting down at his desk reading some newspapers. He was apparently one of the few Americans that still did read the paper.

When my grandfather saw that I had entered the library he stopped what he was doing raised to his feet, standing and speaking to me “Shut the door behind you, and come sit down” motioning to one of the nearby overstuffed sofas that lay below one of those gigantic bookshelves that had seemed so much bigger when I was younger.

I followed his instructions and sat down, waiting for the lecture to begin.




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