****Opening Title*****************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Michael’s POV**********************************************

Christmas had been a complete success for both Eric and myself. Everything was just as it should have been. My whole family, my closest friends, and my boyfriend had all celebrated Christmas together. It was very heartwarming and it filled my heart with joy.

Before the end of the night Eric and I had managed to sneak off and I showed him a room that was secluded enough that we could be as loud as we wanted. We ended up fucking three times, twice before we went downstairs to join the others, and one more times once we had gone to “sleep”. Except it was a long time before we did any actual sleeping.

All of the people downstairs didn’t seem to notice that we had snuck off, all that was except Kayla. Nothing seemed to escape Kayla’s eyes. After teasing us as she usually did she remarked on the fact that we still faintly smelt like sex. We laughed it off and she changed the topic to the fact that there were still dark shadows that hung over my head and that of my relationship with Eric. These dark shadows included Charlotte and all that she had done and the feud between my grandfather and Eric’s father.

Now to make matters worse Charlotte was insisting that she was pregnant with my baby. Don’t get me wrong I would have loved to be a father, just not this soon. If this child was actually my child, what would I say to it when it asked me how they came to be? How could I have told them that instead of being born of pure love they were born because I had been raped? Whatever happened I would have to make sure they knew that they were loved immensely no matter how they were brought into this world.

There was also one thing that was looming over the perfect Christmas and that was the fact that the very next day I would have to go on a date with Charlotte. The girl who had only weeks earlier had drugged me and raped me. Confessing all the horrible things she done and showing no remorse. No one knew about this except for my closest friends. I had not yet found the courage to tell my parents. I didn’t want to go on this date, but I had to. I had no choice because she had given money to charity and her reward was a date with me. Oh the things I did for other people, even against my own better judgement.

That night Eric spent the night at my grandparents’ home. Eric was not the only, all of my friends did likewise. Their parents, my parents and their siblings all went back to their respective homes. My grandmother must have read my mind because she had already prepared five bedrooms for Eric, Kayla, Kevin, Jake, and myself; not that Eric would be using his room.

“Michael I can’t believe your grandmother had ornaments made with our names on it” Kayla cried “She’s sweet to include us in your Christmas celebrations”

“I know”

“Also she gave us rooms to sleep in” Jake added “She must have known that we would want to spend the night”

“I’m glad you guys are here” I laughed “Because I have not slept in this house since I was little”

“Really?” Kevin asked

“Yeah” I replied “My parents tried to raise me and my siblings away from all this excessive wealth, key word tried.”

“Michael we can always trade grandparents” Jake laughed punching me in the side “I’ll gladly be a rich kid for a day!”

“Thanks but no thanks” I laughed “My parents just didn’t want me to grow up to be some self-centered rich asshole”

“You are what you eat” Eric laughed. Everyone else laughed uncontrollably until Eric spoke again “Babe I’m kidding.” he said continuing to laugh “Mike you’re too damn nice, you could never be one of those rich jerks”

“Yeah Michael” Kayla added “Eric’s right the fact that you are willing to go on a date with that bitch Charlotte all for the sake of charity, despite everything that she’s done to you

“Yeah, there right Mike” Kevin interjected “Michael you are nothing like this town’s other resident rich kid. That kid’s a complete and total asshole.”

We all knew who Kevin was talking about, and that was none other than Christian DeVille the on and off again boyfriend of Kayla. Christian DeVille was the scion of the wealthy and powerful DeVille family, whose wealth and influence rivaled that of my own family. The DeVille family owned company DeVille Enterprises was the chief business rival to my own family’s company Chandler Industries.

Kayla’s face frowned when she heard what Kevin had said “Kevin why do you always feel the need to insult Chris? Despite his last name he really is a nice guy”

“Yeah right” Jake blurted “Everyone knows his father is the most evil man to ever walk the earth, and we all know that the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree.” Jake was accurate in his description of Alistair DeVille, Chris Deville’s good old dad. The elder DeVille was notorious with his long list of crimes including blackmail, attempted murder, murder, brainwashing and kidnapping. It was a great discredit to the Harmony Police Department that Alistair DeVille had barely spent a night in jail.

“He’s a good guy.” Kayla protested “He’s an athlete and he’s one of the youngest executives at DeVille Enterprises.”

“Kayla that doesn’t mean anything everyone knows that DeVille Enterprises is just a front for the Deville’s many illegal dealings and criminal activities.” Eric added.

“You guys are wrong” Kayla cried “Chris told me that DeVille Enterprises is completely legitimate”

“Kayla he was probably saying that to ease your conscience about dating a mob heir” Kevin interjected “If they are so legitimate then why is the Harmony Police Department investigating the DeVilles for their connection to organized crime?”

“Why do you always do this? Every chance you get, you have to find excuses to bad mouth Chris.” Kayla began “Like what do you have against the guy?”

“Kayla there are lots of things to have against that guy. But the most important thing that I have against him, is that he’s with you” Kevin shot back

“Why?” Kayla said looking into Kevin’s big brown eyes

“Why?” Kevin repeated “Because I love you, and he’s not me”. With that Kevin had finally told Kayla that he liked her. I wanted to cheer and applaud him, but I knew that they would want to be alone so I motioned to Eric and Jake and soon were bidding Kayla and Kevin good night as we headed out the door.

****Scene 2: Kayla’s POV***************************************************

We were in one of the bedrooms Michael’s grandmother had prepared for us to sleep in. Eric, Mike, Jake, Kevin and myself were all sitting around chatting about stuff, when the focus of conversation switched to that of my boyfriend Chris DeVille. After Kevin had spent the whole time bad mouthing Chris I had had enough and I meant to end the talk. In the process of arguing with Kevin he kind of just blurted out that he loved me. To say that I was shocked when Kevin told me that he loved me would be a gross understatement. I was absolutely speechless my jaw dropped.

After Michael, Eric, and Jake all left the room telling us goodnight, Kevin and I sat there on the bed continuing to talk. My mouth was still hanging open, I was still in complete shock at what Kevin had said to me.

“What? You love me?”

“Yes” he said weakly “I’ve always cared for you and the love developed with it.”

“Really?!” I said still in shock

“Yeah” he said “I think deep down I’ve always loved you. Early on I thought it was just a phase but now I can’t get you out of my head.”

“Remember when we had culinary together freshman year?” he said “I took it because I knew that you would have that class and I prayed that you and I would get the same class.

“Yes” I replied

“When I walked into class the first day I was so happy when I saw you sitting there.” he said “You looked so beautiful”

“I did everything I could so that I could be close to you. Every day we had that class I suffered because I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. Every time you walked by I was drawn to you. “

“Do you remember when I screwed up those eggs? Well that was because I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. And I still can’t” Kevin continued

“Yes” I said remembering every single time I had caught him starring longingly at me. Of course I remembered those shitty eggs and I also remembered the cookies that had way too much salt and tasted for worse.

“Well ever since that first day in that class the feelings started to develop more strongly. I think seeing you every day only made the feelings stronger.”

“I love everything about you Kayla, I love the way you look. I love the way you feel. I just love touching you and when you hold my hand or touch me on the shoulder my heart skips a beat and my whole body feels right. The whole world feels right. I love the way you wrinkle your nose when you get mad. I love when you smile. I love how you are willing to help your friends no matter what and most importantly I love you for you”

“Kevin that is…..” I began “The nicest thing a guy as ever said to me”

“Why?” I asked

“Why what?” he replied

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“Because I didn’t know how to tell you that I loved you.” Kevin said holding his head down “And I didn’t want to ruin the friendship that we have. You, Eric, Jake and I have become such good friends I didn’t want to mess that up”

“You should have told me sooner” I pressed

“Why? What difference would it have made if I told you earlier?”

“Because it would have made a great difference. If you would have told me that you felt this way about me sooner, then I would have never gotten with Chris.”

“Really?” he asked, his eyes lighting up

“Yes” I said “Because I like you too, but you never said anything. You never showed any signs that you felt that way for me so I had to move on.”

“Move on with Chris DeVille?!” Kevin asked completely shocked

Kevin couldn’t say anything else because to get him to shut up I kissed him. He didn’t have time to enjoy it because he pulled away from me.

“Wait, what about Chris?

“What about him?” I said taking his glasses off as I placed my hand on his face. This time however he kissed me just has hard as I kissed him. Kevin looked so sexy when he took his glasses off. Plus Kevin was one of the few close male friends that I had that was not gay and he was hot as hell in a cute nerdy kind of way. Kevin had brown eyes, brown hair and a cute face.

*****Scene 3: Kevin’s POV*************************************************

Christmas day was going better than I expected. The thing that I had dreamt about for the last four years was finally happening. I was kissing Kayla, actually kissing her and not kissing her in my dreams. I had dreamt about this, I had soaked my underwear night after night with wet dream after wet dream thinking about her.

We talked a few minute. We talked about so many things that I felt like afterwards I knew her more than I had ever known anyone.

My cock throbbed in my pants, it was rock hard when she touched my face and kissed me a second time. My whole body wanted this, my heart wanted this and my throbbing eight inch cock wanted it too.

Kayla and I started making out. We were kissing for a good twenty minutes when she suddenly pulled away from me. All she said was “I think we better go to sleep before we get ahead of ourselves”

She kissed me on the cheek and got up walking out of the room. Leaving me there with raging hard cock pulsing in my pants. I didn’t have time to relieve the stress my cock was under before the room was being burst into by Eric, Mike, and Jake.

“I thought you guys were going to bed” I said, a little annoyed that my friends were barging into the room right when I was about to jerk my cock. My cock would sadly have to wait

“No we just said that to give you and Kayla some privacy” Michael said grinning from ear to ear.

“Yeah we just hid behind the wall and waited for Kayla to leave” Eric said “When we saw her leave your room we couldn’t wait to come back and ask you what happened.”

“Yeah” Jake interjected “We came running, she had a huge smile on her face”

“So tell us what happened?” Michael pressed

“Everything I ever wanted” I said. I literally found it impossible to stop smiling “She..she ….she kissed me and it sent sparks through my entire body”

“Awwwwww how cute” Eric, Mike and Jake all said mockingly

“You guys stop!”

“I’m very happy for you Kevin” Michael added “I bet you wish you would have told her how you felt years ago”

“I know right” I replied “And you guys get this?”


“Kayla is leaving Chris for me.” I started “And that’s not all she told me she was still a virgin and that she wants her first time to be with me”

“That’s amazing dude” Jake said holding his hand out for me to high five him.

“She wants our first time to be prom night”

“Dude you do know prom is in six months right? I hope you can wait that long” Jake laughed

“Yeah dude” Eric added “I think you and Kayla are the only ones in the group that are still virgins”

“If Kayla wants to wait there’s nothing Kevin can do except wait” Michael added

We all laughed at that. Us guys spent the whole night talking and we didn’t get very much sleep

****Scene 4: Michael’s POV***************************************

I was so happy for Kevin and Kayla when Kevin told me that they kissed last night. I was happy that Kevin had finally told Kayla how he felt for her and even more excited that she had kissed him. I felt a little worried about how Chris DeVille would react to the news. Chris wasn’t the type of guy to let a girl go, much less let a girl dump him.

I didn’t have time to think about that, however, because the next day came creeping up. The day went by pretty fast and I soon found myself getting all ready for that date with Charlotte. “Do it for the children, Do it for the children. Do it for the children” I kept saying trying to convince myself that it wasn’t so bad and that it was for a good cause after all.

“Michael let us come with you” Kayla pleaded “I don’t trust that girl at all!”

“Ok Kayla” I said finally relenting “But please don’t cause a scene. I just want to get this over with as fast and as soon as possible.”

“Promise me” I pressed

“Michael you have my word” Kayla replied “You’re my best friend and I’m just looking out for you. My lips are sealed. I promise you won’t hear a peep out of me.”

“Don’t worry Mike” Eric interjected “Jake, Kevin and I will keep an eye on her and make sure she keeps that promise.” I only half believed them, I wasn’t sure that even those two with all their rippling muscles could keep an eye on Kayla. Hopefully they could manage her.

“But Michael if that girl tries to slip anything into your drink or do anything” Kayla said “I’ll be over there so fast that bitch won’t know what hit her…literally”

“Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of…..”

“Mike I’ll make a deal with you” Kayla started “I’ll sit in the back and I’ll wear a disguise so she doesn’t recognize me.”

“Ok agreed” I said giving in “But Kayla if you slap, it won’t matter how good the disguise is she will know exactly who you are.”

We all laughed

A few minutes later I was ready. Kayla, Eric, Jake and Kevin all left earlier so they could go back to Kayla’s house and get some disguises. The restaurant Charlotte had selected was Giorgino’s. The restaurant was one of the nicest restaurants in Harmony in the more upscale part of town.

I arrived early at Giorgino’s and waited a good ten minutes. After ten minutes passed Charlotte arrived, she immediately spotted me and quickly came over and sat down.

She greeted me and I said hello to her. I tried to be friendly, but after all that she had done to me I couldn’t fake it.

The waiter soon came over and took our orders. We both ordered Spaghetti and garlic bread. For drinks I got sprite, while she ordered a sweetened tea. The waiter smiled, he must have thought we were boyfriend and girlfriend and on a date. Boy was he wrong not only were we not dating I was actually on a date from hell with a girl that would not leave me alone. A girl who had actually gotten herself pregnant in an attempt to make me be with her. We talked for a little bit, while we waited for the waiter to return with our orders. By “we talked” I do not mean that we both carried on a conversation, as in one between two people, what I really mean is she spoke and I nodded my head “yes” and “no” to the words coming out of her mouth.

I don’t like to talk bad about people, but there had to be something wrong with this girl. After all that Charlotte had done to me she was sitting there as if she had never drugged me, as if she had never raped me. Sitting there like everything was completely normal and like she, hadn’t gotten herself pregnant with my child against my will.

That’s when I noticed the oddest looking bunch I had ever seen in my life, walk into the restaurant. There was four of them, one of them, the girl had long black hair like Morticia from the Addams family. The girl was wearing an odd looking dress. Another had a black overcoat on, while one had the world’s brightest blazer on with matching blue glasses.

When I took a second glance at the one with the heavy black overcoat on I recognized the face. It was Eric’s face, I knew it. Even with the outrageous long purple hair I knew Eric’s face. I could spot my boyfriend’s handsome face in a crowd of thousands. I was a little surprised that Kayla, Eric, Jake and Kevin had come to the restaurant dressed up like the Addams family. I was even more surprised that they had been allowed to enter Giorgino’s dressed up in those ridiculous costumes.

The waiter soon came back with our food and I began to chow down. That was until I felt Charlotte tap me on the arm. “Well?”

“Well what?” I asked

“Aren’t you going to show me what my money is worth?” she asked twisting her face into a frown “I didn’t give my money to the gala so that I could talk with myself.”

“No” I said weakly “You gave money to St. Jude’s Children’s hospital to help children”

“No I don’t care about all of that. I gave that money because I knew it would get me a date with you” she said smiling at me

“I don’t like to go on dates with men that don’t say anything. So stat saying something”

“Ok what do you want me to say?”


“Ok the weather is really nice” I said not knowing what else to say “And Harmony looks so beautiful this time of year with all the snow falling down.”

“I know it’s beautiful” Charlotte said “The snow is almost as beautiful as our future baby”

“I haven’t told my father about the baby yet. But don’t worry I think we will have plenty of time to tell him before the wedding”

“Wait? What? Charlotte we are not getting married ever!”

“Michael what about our baby. Our baby will need both of his parents” she said trying to convince me that marriage to her would be the right thing to do.

“Charlotte I’m not going to marry you. We both know I’m with Eric and you can relax because this child will have both his parents to help bring him or her up.” Charlotte was trying to play the age-old baby needs both his parents’ ruse, but I was not going to fall for it. It was the twenty-first century and plenty of children are raised perfectly well when both parents are separated.

“Charlotte I’m not going to marry you and that’s final. If I’m ever going to get married it’s to someone that I love”

“Charlotte you know that I’m gay. Even if I didn’t marry Eric I could never marry a girl.” I continued.

“You never know you might end up with a girl” she smiled

“Yeah I doubt it”

“We shall see” she said frowning

“Ok I’ll take that as a no” Charlotte said sipping her iced tea




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