Paul was abruptly awakened from a deep sleep. Jason was shaking him awake. He told Jason, "Paul, I need you in the playroom. Now. Brush your teeth, shower. Ten minutes."

Paul, sat up and tried to collect his thoughts.

Fucking great! Jason's got kinky fucking morning wood. He is either going to beat my ass or fuck me senseless. Awesome! I guess face fucking me unconscious was not enough for him yesterday.

Paul fucking hated to be woken up abruptly. It pissed him off, He was completely vexed.

Not a goddamn cup of coffee or anything. Stupid fucking deviant shithead.

Paul went into the bathroom. He need to take a shit, so he locked the door. After doing his business, he brushed his teeth. He decided NOT to flush the toilet and threw the toothbrush on the floor. He then took all of the toothbrushes out of the drawer. He separated them from their packaging and threw them all over the bathroom. He then took the soap and threw it on the floor. He took the lotion and squirted it all over the bathroom.

Kinky fucker has more toothbrushes than he has furniture. How many little fuck bitches has he had in this place? Why does anyone need 40 thousand fucking toothbrushes?

Paul dark mood spiraled. He was so pissed. He did not intend to shower, nor display his ass in some subservient kneeling position. Fuck Jason.

Paul left the bathroom and went to the playroom, he opened the door. Jason was standing naked at his chest of drawers playing with one of his stupid toys.

Paul stood at the threshold of the door. He said one word loudly, "RED" and then turned around slamming the door shut behind him.

Paul hunted around the apartment to collect his clothes. He got dressed in seconds and was about to leave the apartment, when Jason came into the living room. Jason was still naked, looking bewildered.

Paul looked at Jason and said two words.

"Deviant fucker."

Jason held up his hands and laughed "But I told you that up front."

Paul was royally pissed.

"Where is my fucking coffee? Don't you EVER wake me up like that again or I will stab you with one of your forty thousand fucking tooth brushes."

Paul's face was livid. Jason hardly recognized Paul in this state. He started to walk toward Paul to calm him, but Paul held up a warning hand to indicate Jason should not come near him.

"You better BACK THE FUCK UP dude!

I'm leaving, YOU DEVIANT PIECE OF SHIT!. I have had enough fun for the weekend. Bye the way, I left you a present in the bathroom."

He exited the apartment slamming the door.


Mara Copa

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