Jason and Paul spent the next two weeks organizing the details of the acquisition, frequently working late into the evening in the board room with the other two managing partners. Jason easily fit into the group. The energy in the group was very positive as the four hammered out financing and negotiating tactics.

Once or twice during the long evenings either Jason or Paul would let their guards down in front of the partners, not realizing it. Paul automatically opened Jason's sandwiches and removed the pickles and onions, knowing Jason would not like them. When they were on conference calls Jason would always pace while talking. He touched Paul anytime he walked by him. Once in the middle of a conversation he draped his hands casually across Paul's shoulders. Neither man realized their display of intimacy was so obvious to everyone. The other two partners would wink at each other, just glad that Paul was happy and away from his ex-wife.

Late Friday afternoon, Paul bounced into Jason's office his eyes glittering with excitement. Jason knew by looking at him the deal was done. Before Paul could stop him, Jason stepped forward grabbed Paul into a bear hug and kissed him hard on the mouth.

Hearing a round of applause, Jason raised his head to see the rest of the office was standing outside his door looking at both of them. They were jubilant at the news of the deal going through and happy for Jason and Paul. Jason smiled and joined the applause and whistles. Jason leaned down to Paul and whispered. "I guess I let the cat out of the bag." Paul smiled up at him not in the least concerned. Champagne bottles were already popping.

Jason and Paul made it home around midnight very drunk. Jason was babbling about wanting to go to Jamaica for a vacation in the morning. Jason had been babbling for the last hour slurring every other word. Paul lay down on the bed fully dressed, covering his ears with a pillow to block Jason's assault of words. Jason pulled off Paul's shoes and then fell down. Jason got up and starting getting suitcases out of the closet when Paul peeked out from under the pillow. "Jason lie down and go to sleep." Jason looked crushed. Jason announced, "Paul I would fuck you but I don't think I can find my dick." Paul covered his head with the pillow again.

Jason got on the bed and started shaking Paul, "Why you hiding?"

"Jason, go to sleep. I'm tired!"

The alcohol in Jason's system magnified his feelings. He laid down and crossed his arms over his chest and started pouting. Paul peeked out again at him and watched Jason pout. Adolescent bastard. Paul stayed silent and held very still knowing Jason would fall asleep eventually. In the meantime Paul resisted the urge to suffocate Jason with a pillow. They slept late the next morning and awoke with empty stomachs and headaches.

Jason bounced out of bed and looked down at Paul trying to determine whether to risk awakening him. Jason thought better of it and went to start coffee and breakfast. Eventually Paul came shuffling down the hall. He stood in the middle of the kitchen and stared at the coffee pot. Jason jumped up to pour his coffee. Jason waited for Paul to wake up enough to eat his breakfast.

After Paul entered the land of the living, Jason asked, "Babe, how about a long run in Central Park and a game of Frisbee?"

Paul answered, "I thought we were going to Jamaica." Paul was laughing inside remember Jason's drunken behavior and figuring he'd have no memory of it.

Jason laughed, "Yeah, I can't hold my liquor. I do want to go. When was your last vacation? We could hop a plane tomorrow and then stay for a week."

"It's been years since I took a week off, I'm game."

Jason smiled big. "Central Park today, Jamaica tomorrow!"


Paul and Jason landed in Jamaica late Sunday evening on a direct flight from NYC on AA. Paul became pensive as they were deboarding. Jason's emotional thermometer was constantly plugged into Paul so he immediately picked up on it.

"Talk to me Babe."

"Jason, my partners are talking about putting you on a two year track for partnership. The firm made millions on this last deal and they want you committed for the long term."

Jason was quiet. Jason was waiting for the rest of the story.

"It's premature for me to be discussing this because the details are not yet worked out. But essentially, our personal commitment will be accompanied by a business obligation. They want to ask you for at least a 10 year contract."

Jason asked, "How do you feel about it Paul?"

Paul answered, "This will make you a multimillionaire."

Jason answered, "Tell me how you feel about it. Do you have any concerns about complications between us?" Jason had already made several million dollars and was not concerned about the financial aspects of the offer.

Paul answered, "I do have a concern. Let's get our bags and get to the villa, then we'll talk more."

Jason decided right then that he would do whatever Paul was comfortable with. Fuck the offer. Jason's relationship with Paul came first. Paul was the real opportunity of Jason's lifetime.

They arrived an hour later at their rented villa in the mountains overlooking the Caribbean. The moonlight highlighting the mist that hung in the treeline of the rainforest.

It was beautiful. They tugged their luggage into the villa.

They roamed around the estate for another hour in the moonlight. Eventually they went back inside to prepare for bed. It was very late, after midnight. Jason made an attempt at foreplay but Paul wanted to finish their conversation and sat up and put his feet over the side of the bed. They were both naked.

Jason was instantly on alert and wary. He scooted behind Paul and wrapped his arms around him. "Babe, talk to me."

"I am worried that if you continue do kink in public places like clubs we will both end up in the paper. And I am worried that I may eventually not be able to handle you having multiple sex partners."

Jason never let go of Paul. Jason leaned his forehead on Paul's back. Jason thought about Paul's total surrender to him a few weeks ago. This was the moment for Jason to become a better man.

"Paul, the club is private, no guests are allowed. The players are vetted and pay incredible fees to belong. John makes sure they are medically clean. They have to test every month and swear an oath to certain tenants that the club espouses."

"Each member has to attend of series of workshops and training classes, at the end of which they are examined. Each player is gradually worked into different scene scenarios until there is a comfort level. Everyone gets a mentor. You'll have to go through the same process, should you choose to actively participate. Bags are always checked and phones with cameras are not allowed into parties. To my knowledge no one in the past 20 years has been outed. Other clubs have looser standards but John's club is very exclusive and tightly managed by him personally."

Jason continued, "I don't need to be partner at the firm. I only need to be with you. And it sounds like we have 2 years to figure this out anyway."

"As for multiple sex partners, that is harder. Paul, are you willing to go the rest of your life never being with another woman? After watching you with Jessica, I just can't picture it. I think about sex every waking moment of my life. Yes, right now most of my thoughts are about you. But I promise you if a pretty girl walks by, my dick will automatically point at her. I'm just wired that way."

Paul interrupted Jason, "Jason, let me clarify something, my two concerns are general concerns not related to the partnership offer. If the partnership offer did not exist I would still have the concerns. But if we have relationship conflicts over these two issues, my concern as it relates to the partnership is simply our private life becomes a complication in our business. What if you get infatuated with someone else while your fucking about like a madman, then decide to leave me? I have to come to work every day and look at you. If you are locked into a 10 year partnership contract there is nothing either of us could do about it."

Jason kissed the back of Paul's head, "Babe we don't have to solve this tonight. Thanks for telling me your concerns. Let me think on it, and let's continue to discuss it over our vacation. We can make this work, I promise."

Paul turned to Jason and smiled. Paul pushed Jason back on the bed and quickly sat astride him. Jason quickly flipped Paul over and said in a voice full of warning, "Bold Paul. But be very careful. My hand has been itching to smack that beautiful ass."

Jason started kissing and grinding on Paul. Jason kissed Paul's chest and stomach, stopping to suck and kiss his nipples for several minutes. Jason dipped down to follow Paul's honey trail to his very erect penis. Jason paid homage to Paul's beautiful dick while rubbing his balls. Paul gasped when Jason spent several minutes tonguing the head of his dick.

Jason looked up into Paul face. Paul's chest was deliciously flushed. Jason asked, "What do you feel like tonight Babe? What do you want?"

Paul lifted up his legs submissively in indication that he wanted to be fucked. The submissive movement set Jason on fire with desire. Jason was on him and in him in nano seconds, like a stallion. Paul's legs were thrown over Jason's shoulder with Jason pumping into Paul. Jason fucked Paul with abandon as he deeply kissed him.

Paul was so overwhelmed and turned on by Jason's intense maleness and powerful sexuality he was shuddering in orgasm within minutes.

Jason pumped into Paul for several more minutes and then moaned loudly as he ejaculated deeply inside Paul. Jason fell on top of Paul, breathing heavily. They were so tired desperately needing sleep, but Jason tugged Paul up and into the bathroom. He set Paul down on the toilet, and squatted down in front of him.

"Push it out."

Paul sat there as he tried his best to expel all Jason's semen. The down side of not using condoms was having to clean up.

Jason asked, "Need to pee?" Jason was holding Paul's dick down into the bowl. Paul started to urinate. They sat for a few more minutes.

Jason took a disposable wipe and cleaned Paul's ass and tossed the wipe, saying "Bed, Babe."


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