"Kneel on the platform Paul, but turn around and face me."

Paul obeyed Jason and faced him. He looked down to the floor and waited. Jason reach over to slap Paul's thigh with the paddle. Paul flinched and spread his legs wider trying to please Jason. Jason walked over to the counter against the wall and picked up a ball gag. He came back to Paul, and reached down to cut the zip ties from Paul's wrists.

"Paul today is about submission. No matter what I decide to do, you will accept it. You will not tense up or resist. I will forcefully overwhelm you, and you will accept everything and submit."

He affixed the ball gag into Paul's mouth forcing his mouth open. He set his paddle down beside Paul. Jason reached down and pinched both of Paul's very sensitive nipples. Lightly at first. He pinched them again, harder. He pulled on them. Next he pulled them straight out, then to one side, and back to the other side. He pulled them straight again. Paul face registered the pain and he tried to lean foward to alleviate his discomfort. Jason slapped Paul's chest, to signal Paul to be still.

Paul's nipples hardened up. Jason started twisting them between his thumb and forefinger, and Paul cried out in pain. Jason pulled on them hard again, Paul leaned forward again to minimize the pain and Jason slapped his chest again. Saliva was running out of Paul's mouth around the ball gag, and tears filled Paul's eyes. Jason became deeply aroused.

Jason picked up the paddle again and told Paul, "Turn around and get on all fours." Paul obeyed and waited for the strike. Jason brought the paddle down on his right cheek 6 times in intense rapid succession. Paul cried out, weakening and faltering forward.

Jason steadied him but initiated six more blows to his left cheek. Paul faltered again. Jason steadied him. Jason put the paddle down and walked over to get his flogger. Jason was still naked from the shower and he stroked his erection as he admired Paul's red ass. He got up on the platform so he could walk around to see Paul's face. Tears were streaming down Paul's face. He looked so vulnerable, His face was red and blotchy. He was straining against the ball gag. Jason rubbed his dick on Paul face and slapped him with it a few times. He masturbated into his face for a few minutes, then he stepped off the platform.

Holding the flogger in his right hand he began landing blows on Paul's shoulders and back. He reached down with his left hand to rub Paul's balls, and occasionally stroke Paul's cock. Jason wanted Paul erect anytime he was being spanked or flogged, but he knew it was a conditioning process and would take time. Jason's long term goal was for Paul to became aroused by any pain or humiliation stimulus he provided. He wanted Paul's response to always be complete and unconditional submission.

Jason could tell the pain from the flogger was keeping Paul from maintaining an erection. He stopped beating Paul and just focused on getting him hard by stroking him.

Once he was erect again, he started slapping Paul's back and shoulders again with the flogger. He brought the flogger down in different directions creating red marks cris crossing up and down Paul's torso. Tears began pouring out of Paul's eyes. Jason continued to jack Paul off intermittently with one hand and flogging him with the other. If Paul began to lost his erection, Jason dialed back on the pain, getting Paul hard again by jerking him off.

Jason announced to Paul, "I'm going to beat your ass bloody for the mess you made on Sunday." Overwhelmed with fear and tears in his eyes, Paul cried out against the gag." Jason was on fucking fire at Paul's fear response. His mind raced with ways to overwhelm Paul. Jason remembered John's training and mentally dialed himself down.

Jason got on his knees behind Paul. He ran his hands all over Paul's back and torso. Paul's body was red, hot, and raw. The sight of his Paul's red skin excited the hell of of Jason. Jason looked at Paul's back and realized the flogger had bit into Paul's skin in a few places. He saw several little flecks of blood. He kissed and licked each one.

Jason reached for a condom, and tore it open. He quickly rolled the condom on and lined up behind Paul. He pressed into Paul's anal opening. He pushed Paul forward until his face and chest were on the platform, his ass in the air.

Jason penetrated Paul, slowly but forcefully. Paul cried out against the gag, Jason struggled keep his rhythm and speed under control. After a few minutes of slow controlled thrusts Jason began to pump aggressively into his Paul's ass. He wanted Paul to feel overwhelmed and over powered. He forced Paul's head down harder onto the platform. He pressed on his hand on Paul's face. He reached around and started rubbing Paul's soft dick again. He could not get Paul hard.

He concentrated on just fucking Paul's ass for a while. He went back to deep but slow strokes. After several minutes of this, Paul's body felt more compliant and he felt Paul ass began to relax around his dick. He continued to fuck Paul, picking up speed and increasing depth and intensity. Jason reached around and wrapped his hands around Paul's throat and squeezed his neck for about 5 seconds. Paul choked and gagged. Jason decided not to press the breath play. Instead he reached around to get Paul hard again. Paul's dick was still unresponsive.

Jason rode up higher on Paul ass, and started to pump downward into his ass harshly to get more depth. Jason reached around to pinch Paul's nipples. Paul cried out in pain. His nipples were so sensitive. He slowed down and held still inside Paul. He began rubbing his hands all over Paul's bright red skin. Jason was extremely turned on but wanted to work on Paul's erection. He reached around again and pinched Paul's nipples. He saw fresh tears, but when he reached around to stroke Paul he found the beginning an an erection. Paul was responding to the nipple play.

"Submit, don't fight me, Paul. That means don't tense against me."

Jason began to move again inside Paul. Constantly rubbing and pulling on Paul's nipples. Paul did his best to relax into the session and let Jason have his way, He even leaned back into Jason's dick. Jason began to realize how much Paul responded to nipple stimulation in combination with the hard ass fucking. Paul even began to pant as Jason fucked him, and pulled on his nipples. Jason was thrilled, and murmured appreciatively. He withdrew from Paul ass abruptly. Paul yelped. Jason tore off the condom and threw it on the floor. He reached around and took the gag off of Paul.

Jason told Paul, "I'm going to lightly flog you again, and I want you to stay hard by stroking yourself. I'm going to pull and pinch your nipples. Will you stay hard for me Paul? It will please me."

Paul said, "Yes, Jason."

Paul started immediately masturbating his own dick, up on all fours again. Jason got behind him started to lick his ass. Paul immediately moaned at the sensations from Jason's mouth and tongue.

Jason was so fucking nasty.

Jason pick up the flogger and flogged Paul lightly. After 5-7 strokes of the flogger he stopped and reached around to pinch and tug on Paul's nipples. Paul's erection was strong and he was starting to breath hard. Jason grabbed another condom and tore it open with his mouth. He rolled it onto his dick and added some KY.

Jason said, "Stay hard when I penetrate you."

Paul reached down and started masturbating again. Jason lined up behind Paul again and pushed his dick inside Paul's ass, slowly at first and then with force. Paul cried out. Paul did his best, but lost most of his erection. Jason forced Paul's head down again to the platform and held him in place. He reached around and got Paul hard again. Jason started to move slowly again inside Paul's ass, and he kept his hand on Paul's dick.

With his other hand he reached around to pinch and pull on Paul's nipples. Paul groaned in pleasure. Jason started to pump harder. He continued to pinch and pull on Paul's nipples. Paul was jacking his cock now furiously.

May I come, Jason?" Jason answered, "No." Paul immediately stopped stroking himself.

Jason climbed higher onto Paul to increase his thrust depth into Paul's ass. He pumped into Paul savagely for several minutes. Sweat slid off his nose onto Paul. Paul face was pressed into the platform by Jason's hand. Jason momentarily put Paul in a another choke hold, and Paul quickly gagged. Jason, excited with Paul's response, did it again. Paul gagged again. He did not want to push it.

Jason then realized Paul had maintained his erection, through the ass pounding and breath play. He reached around and pinched and pulled on Paul's nipples again. Paul moaned and Jason rewarded him with 5 strong strokes on Paul's dick, stopping just shy of forcing an orgasm. Jason told him how pleased he was. He withdrew and kneeled down to lick Paul's ass for several minutes to reward him.

Jason got up. Jason wanted to prolong the intercourse for as long as possible. He forced Paul's chest flat against the platform, pressing his face harshly.

He penetrated Paul again, but his strokes rough. It was very intense and overwhelming for Paul. Jason again positioned himself higher on top and Paul going for maximum penetration and depth. Paul was very aroused. He would have done anything for Jason in that moment. Jason and Paul's bodies were covered with sweat. Jason's sweat poured off of his nose and onto Paul's back.

Jason slowed down until he was moving slowly but forcefully inside Paul's ass. He push himself as deeply into Paul as possible, then lifted up and pressing even deeper. To Paul it was the most erotic sexual act he had ever experienced in his life. He began to relax completely and submit to Jason. Jason helt the change. He reached around and pinch Paul's nipples, harshly this time. Paul cried out but did not tense up. He just relaxed against Jason's cock moving in ass and enjoyed the sensations of Jason tugging on his nipples.

Jason stopped, and slowly eased out of Paul. Jason stripped off the condom and threw it on the floor. Paul felt the loss of Jason's cock but waited for Jason to give him instructions. Jason, got up from Paul and moved over to the toy table. Jason picked up the Hitachi wand and carried it back to Paul. He plugged it in and turned it on. He lubed his finger up put more KY on the prostate attachment.

He slipped his finger easily into Paul's ass again and began to press into the area of his prostrate. Paul started to groan. Jason continued to rub and finger Paul. Paul groaned with pleasure. He removed his finger and inserted the wand slowly into Paul's ass on low speed. The vibration was so intense Paul groaned, spasmed, and almost came. Jason quickly withdrew the wand setting it down, knowing it was too intense. He wanted to delay Paul's orgasm, not speed it up or intensify things.

Paul begged softly, "May I come Jason? Jason said, "No."

Paul asked again, worried he might come without permission, "Please, Jason."

Jason grabbed the paddle, Paul immediately braced himself. Jason landed 3 quick strikes to Paul' ass, meant to slow Paul's orgasm and dial him down. Jason was very pleased to see Paul's erection remain strong.

Jason then pulled Paul into an upright kneeling position and got directly behind him. Jason made sure he gave Paul full body contact, murmuring in his ear, "Paul, you are doing so well. You have really pleased me today."

Paul leaned against Jason, seeking closer contact, revelling in the intimacy with Jason. Paul's cock was as hard as it could get, pointing northward and perfectly straight. Jason admired the view and commented "Paul you have a beautiful dick." Jason sensed Paul loved when he praised his body.

Paul whispered again, "May I come Jason?" Jason answered again, "No."

Jason reached down to massage Paul's balls with his right hand. He knew Paul would ejaculate if he tried to stroke his dick, so he just continued to rub Paul's balls. They were so full and tight. Paul's head fell back, his eyes closed. He groaned in pleasure. Jason sensually rubbed Paul's torso returning to rub Paul's balls periodically.

Jason new he was tormenting Paul. Jason whispered in Paul's ear, "Look at me." Paul's beautiful grey eyes opened, looking at Jason. They begged him for release. Jason reached for Paul's dick and and made one excruciating slow stroke. Paul held his breath, his eyes rolling back in his head, groaning with pleasure.

"Please Jason. May I come?"

Jason started a second slow stroke. Paul's body was so taut. He started to tremble, and sway. Jason had to catch him. Jason decided to edge him back down to prolong the session. He picked up the flogger. "Get on all fours."

Paul was devastated, pleading "Jason, please."

Jason started flogging Paul lightly at first, cris crossing all over his torso. Paul cried out and begged him to stop. It was such a shock to Paul's system after being so close to orgasm. Jason could see little flecks of blood beginning to surface again on Paul's skin where the flogger had cut his skin. Jason, considered reattaching Paul's ball gag. Paul's begging excited Jason, but he did not want let things get out of hand. He decided against it.

Jason was very pleased to see Paul continued to maintain his erection. The flogging had successful backed him down from orgasm and he was staying hard. He whispered his appreciation into Paul's ears. He gave Paul a few more light strokes with the flogger. Paul had tears running down his face again. His ass and back were bright red.

He knew it had been a long session, and he needed to wrap things up for the evening. They had been in the Playroom for over 5 hours and it was past midnight. Jason turned Paul around to face him, still on his knees. Jason began masturbating purposefully into Jason's face. Paul opened his mouth. Jason was so aroused when Paul did that. He slapped his dick on Paul's face continued to jerk off.

"Paul, lick and suck my balls. I want you to stroke your cock while you suck my balls. I'm going to stroke off in your mouth and I want you to swallow it. Every drop."

Paul began enthusiastically sucking Jason's balls. He worshiped them putting each one into his mouth, and then sucking and licking them. He face was full of Jason's muskiness from 5 hours in the playroom.

Jason finally said. "You may come."

Paul's neck and chest flushed intensely red as Paul stroked himself to an intense orgasm. Paul fell forward shooting ejaculate everywhere as he came.

Jason watched Paul's orgasm and continued to masturbate. Paul got back up and opened his mouth for Jason. Jason was a few strokes away and positioned his dick over Paul's open mouth, those beautiful grey eyes looking at him. Jason groaned and shuddered, ringlets of semen landing in Paul's mouth and all over his face. Jason shuddered again as he emptied into Paul's mouth. Paul drank down every drop and licked Jason's dick clean.

Exhaustion hit both of them.

Jason said, "Shower, I'll join you in a minute." Jason left the playroom collecting the towels in the hall. He threw them into the hamper in his spare bedroom. He picked up his cell phone to call John, walking back to the shower with Paul. Jason stood outside the shower talking on the phone. "Yeah, we just finished. I drew a little blood with the flogger. If you in the area, that would be great. You have your key? Yeah. I'll be in the shower with Paul or in bed. We are exhausted."

Paul realized that Jason had called the doctor and he was coming over. Paul fumed silently, not wanting him involved. Jason opened the door to the shower and joined Paul. He immediately picked up on Paul's vibe. Paul looked at Jason with hurt in his eyes, and asked "Why did you call him?"

Jason was confused. Jason considered the medical care he was providing to Paul to be an outward demonstration of his concern for Paul's welfare. Considering their extreme activities he considered the care essential.

Pissed, Jason grabbed Paul's jaw and said harshly, "Because I just spent five hours beating on you and reaming your ass. I'd like to make sure your okay before we get up to do it again for 12 more hours tomorrow. Its called being responsible."

Jason's response sobered Paul. Paul made a move to kiss Jason's chest to make things right. Jason caught his wrists stopping him. He just said, "Paul, let me clean you up. We both need to sleep."

Jason quickly soaped Paul up with the medicated soap. He soaped himself and rinsed them both off under the shower head. They exited the shower and walked naked back Jason's bedroom. Paul could hear voices in the living room. He could hear the doctors voice and also the voices of two women. Jason told him to lie down on the bed. Paul was so exhausted he slipped into a half sleep. He surfaced when Jason came back into the room a few minutes later with the doctor.

Jason said quietly, "He was so fucking amazing we went long, more than 5 hours." Paul vaguely registered the feel of the doctors hands on his body, examining the marks from the flogger. He paused at one on Paul's shoulder.

John told Jason, "avoid his left shoulder area, and let that cut heal. I'll apply some antibiotic ointment for his wounds. They seem fairly superficial, although this one concerns me a bit." Paul was almost completely asleep as he felt the doctor put the ointment on his skin.

"Jason, leave the sheet off of him for the night. "Did you fuck him?" Jason indicated he had, "Yes, hard." The doctor spread Paul's ass cheeks. He did not see any blood, broken membranes, or any evidence of extensive trauma.

"His ass looks fine."

The doctor asked "Nipple torture?"

Jason answered, "Not yet. Tomorrow."

"Well your the nipple torture king. Just build up. His nipple tissue will toughen over time. "How sensitive is he?"

Jason answers "Very. He trembles when I pinch or pull on them."

Paul heard the doctor sigh. "Jason he is so exquisite, just breathtaking. I haven't seen you this obsessed since you were eighteen. Keep your head about you."

Paul faded to black, and drifted into a deep sleep.


Mara Copa

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