Paul's eyes fluttered open, and landed on the clock. It was 9:45a.m. He had overslept. They fluttered closed again. He vaguely remembers Jason helping him into bed and the quack shit of a doctor checking his back. He heard something bang in the kitchen and Jason yell. "Fuck!"

Serves him right, the stupid kinky fucker. I hope a heavy light fixture fell on him. I hope he is unconscious bleeding on the ground...

Paul drifted off. Paul's bladder woke him again twenty minutes later. He glanced at the clock, 10:05a.m. He struggled to sit up. His whole body was stiff and sore. He got up and went into the bathroom and groaned his relief as he peed. He remembered the kink fuck doctor putting the I.V. into his arm last night. He felt voraciously hungry.

Damn fucker did not even feed me last night.

He washed his hands and headed down the hall to the kitchen. Jason was trying to figure out the espresso machine. Paul walked past him and took a coffee pod and shoved it into the single cup machine. He grabbed a cup and waited for it to brew. He opened the fridge and grabbed some half/half, smelled it to make sure it was good. He poured it into his coffee. Jason stood, guarded silently watching Paul.

What was he fucking looking at?

Paul sipped his coffee and went to stare out of the floor to ceiling windows. The view was amazing. He looked down at the city below.

Why did Jason let me sleep this late? They were supposed to be in the playroom at 9:00am. Why isn't the fucker saying anything?

The door buzzed sounded and Jason pressed it. "Your deli order is here sir." Paul turned around relieved, glad the Jason had ordered food. He was so hungry. Jason opened the door and waited for the delivery person to hand over the bag. He tipped her and shut the door. Jason carried the bag over to the bar. Paul followed him feeling ravenous.

Paul grabbed the bag from Jason and looked inside. He took out a banana and immediately peeled it cramming it into his mouth. He pulled out a wrapped item and opened it. It was a toasted bagel with cream cheese, he took a huge bite, stuffing his mouth and chewing. He swallowed, and took another huge bite. He was holding the bag tightly to his chest possessively. He looked into the bag to see what else was inside and saw a container of mixed fruit. He continued to cram the bagel into his mouth, holding the deli bag against him, while he opened the fruit.

Jason waited. This was the second time Paul had woken up hungry and angry. It had to be low blood sugar. Jason waited for Paul to finish the bagel. Paul took a deep breath, the look of anger and agitation starting to fade from his face, as the food hit his bloodstream. Jason got up and started another cup of coffee for Paul. He added cream and sugar and took it over to him. Paul looked up and informed Jason, "I need to run. My body is stiff. And I need fresh air."

Jason answered, "We can run in the park this morning."

Paul was relieved with Jason's answer. A good hard run in central park sounded beautiful. Paul finally released the bag and handed it to Jason.

Knowing Paul would be angry, Jason hesitated and said, "John's on his way."

Paul pushed back from the table abruptly and stormed out of the room, then Jason heard the door to his bedroom slam. At the same time the buzzer sounded. He rang John up.

Paul rummaged through Jason's drawers for running clothes and threw some on. Why did Jason have to bring that goddamn sick fuck into things so much?

He could hear Jason and John talking, so he got up and leaned against the door to listen. He heard Jason say, "I think he has low blood sugar in the morning. He is a little bastard when he wakes up for the first hour or two. I need to dial back on my original plans. I'm thinking 3-5 hours for today and tomorrow. Then rest him over the weekend."

"Jason, you are behaving like a damn obsessed adolescent. First you had him in the playroom before getting a solid agreement in place. Now you are not seeing to his needs properly. It is very important that he eats at regular intervals to control his blood sugar and maintain his strength. Get him on a schedule and keep him on it. You know the drill. Make sure he's getting whole grains for fiber and at least 1 cup of Greek yogurt a day. Is he regular?"

Paul, could not believe they were discussing his bodily functions.

Jason answered, "Yes. He seems to be. And he wants to go for a run this morning. He said he is stiff. "

"A run will be good for him. It will help relax him for the session today and give him some focus. When you scene like this you burn an enormous amount of calories and lose fluids. You have been doing this for ten years, but he has not. You have to keep him hydrated. If he does well today, maybe increase the timeframe by 1 hour tomorrow. Nothing over the weekend, he will need recovery time. Take me too him, I want to examine his back."

Paul backed away from the door and sat down on the bed. He could hear their footsteps approaching. The door opened. The doctor said, "Good morning, Paul. How are you feeling?"

Paul just said, "Fine."

"Slip your clothes off for me and lie down on the bed so I can check your abrasions."

Paul just sat there. "I don't need to be examined. I'm fine."

Jason kneeled in front of Paul, grabbing his jaw "Paul, please take your clothes off and get on the bed so we can make sure your back is healing."

Paul was defiant. "No."

Jason got up and left the room. He came back with two large zip ties, stood in front of Paul and said, "If I have to force you, there will be no run this morning and you will be punished for resisting."

Paul considered his options. He looked at Jason and John and knew he would just get restrained if he did not take his clothes off. He really needed a hard run this morning. Resigned, he stood up quickly and pulled off the sweats and tee-shirt He lay down on the bed and closed his eyes. He tried to think about running through central park.

John asked, "Did he sleep well last night?"

Jason answered, "Solidly, through the night until 10:00am this morning." The doctor touched and examined each of the tiny marks created the flogger. Paul flinched when he reached the one on his shoulder. "Jason, for fuck sake, stay away from this shoulder. Let it heal. Be sure to bathe him after the run and use the medicated cream on his wounds. I'll be back by around 6:00pm."

When Jason and John left the room, Paul sat up and put on his running clothes and waited for Jason. Jason came back into the bedroom. Jason sat on the bed next to Paul. "I'm sorry Paul. I seem to be very impulsive with you. Let's go run. We will grab some groceries while we are out. Then will come back here and create a schedule, and work on our agreement. Then, if you feel up to it, we'll play for a few hours. Sound good?"

Paul nodded, and stood up.

They had been running for about 40 minutes when Jason went off the path into a grassy area. He took a small nerf football out of his tracksuit and threw it at Paul. Paul caught it easily and threw it back at Jason harder but too high. Jason jumped up and dramatically caught the ball and then danced around like he was in the end zone. He backed up and long tossed it back to Paul. Paul laughed. He loved to see Jason's playful side. He wondered how long their relationship would last, and started to feel a pang in his chest when he considered it might end in three months. That meant there time together was 1/3 over closer to being over.

Paul walked closer to Jason, holding the ball still he asked, "Are you happy with me?"

Jason moved to Paul quickly. He gently touched his check and rubbed Paul's bottom lip with his thumb.

"Yes. I'm very happy, very pleased" Jason answered with both conviction and emphasis."

"You know, when you stormed out Sunday and I found the mess in my bathroom, I fantasized about chaining you up for three days, just endlessly beating your ass, and quite possibly fucking you to death. I had mentally planned out this three day extravaganza, a full 36 hours off bondage and ass beating.

Logically I knew I could not scene you for 36 hours, it takes years to build up to that. By Monday I had calmed down a little and changed my plans to just 12 hours a day and leaving you chained up in the playroom in the evenings. Then by Tuesday I couldn't bear the thought of leaving you restrained overnight in the playroom. I decided to let you sleep in my bed. By Wednesday I got caught up planning the scenes and just generally fantasizing about you. I was thrilled when you texted me yesterday. I lose my mind a little with you."

Jason had been caressing Paul's face as he spoke. He kissed Paul's forehead and said, "Come on, let's go get some groceries." They got back on the path and headed back.

They were unpacking the groceries and putting things away, when Paul asked Jason, "Have you ever loved someone or been in a committed relationship?" Jason answered, "I met John online when I was about 18, and he started mentoring me. He let me join in scenes with his wife and we did group stuff. She is a very beautiful switch. That means she can be either dom or sub. But he kept me on a tight leash. He forbade me to scene without him, and threatened to cut me off if I did. I was so into it, hormones raging. I loved thinking about brutal violent sex. I think I worried him.

For a few years I fancied myself in love with Tammi, his wife. Truthfully, I think I fell in love with anyone who knelt down in front of me. John and Tammi are very active in the BDSM scene. You'll meet Jessica, their full time sub tomorrow."

Paul asked again, "Then you really haven't been in a serious committed relationship?"

Jason stopped unpacking and looked at Paul, "I take our agreement very seriously. It is an articulation of my commitment to you. Talk to me, what are you worried about."

Paul's face became pensive. "I don't know. We have only known each other for month, a very kinky month."

Paul asked, "Tell me about the men you have been with. How did that happen?"

Jason pointed for Paul to sit down, he sat down beside him.

"There are straight submissive men that need to feel overpowered and out of control, in a way that can only be physically accomplished by another man. Anyway, John and Tammi have a circle of friends they play with. The asked me to top one of their male subs, because his wife wasn't doing it for him. I said I would try it. There was a group watching, but the scene included only the two of us. I had planned it out with John ahead of time. This was about 2 years ago. By that time, I had seen every possible sexual act performed so many times I fully understood the mechanics of what was expected. I just jumped in and did it. Everyone thought the scene intense and superhot."

Paul thought about all the things he had experienced with Jason. "So essentially you'll just fuck anyone, anywhere, anytime and in front of 20 -50 people?" Jason rubbed his eyes, hoping the conversation did not turn into an argument.

"Paul, I'm getting a little more discerning as I get older. I approach sex differently with different people. It depends on the connection. I moderate the intimacy level to whatever is appropriate to the situation. But yes, I am a certifiable pervert. I have told you that I prefer things one on one. I only do group stuff when I don't have an agreement in place."

Paul asked, "Are you going to try and share me with John?"

Jason answered. "He is much more extreme than I am. He lives the scene 24/7. His medical practice is exclusively dedicated the BDSM community in NYC. He loves to pierce and mark everything he fucks. But when I was 18 and new to everything, I idolized him. I wanted to be just like him. Not anymore. I try to keep the kink in the playroom, and live a normal life."

Paul felt better. He was glad he asked about John.

"Jason, please don't try to share me with another man." Jason stood up and wrapped his arms about Paul. "We already have that down as a hard boundary for you. But what do you mean by that? I love watching John examine and care for you. I love the fact that you hate his guts and you feel violated. But that doesn't mean I'm want to let him fuck, mark and pierce you."

Paul said as succinctly as possible. "I do not want you to give me to another man for sex." Jason held up his hands in surrender, "Okay. I got it. Come; now let's work on our agreement and a schedule."

Jason went into his bedroom and returned with their agreement and some paper. He began to ask questions. What time did Paul get up? What time did he normally go to bed? How often did he run? When did he normally poop? What did he like to eat? After about 45 minutes they had come up with a daily schedule and a menu. Jason asked Paul to stick as close to the schedule as possible, even when was not with Jason to keep his body in a consistent rhythm.

"Paul, do you want to add or change any of your limits?" Paul thought about it and said. "No."

Jason looked down at his watch. It was 3:00pm. Jason asked "Do you feel up to playing?" Paul nodded. Jason took Paul's hand and led him back to the playroom.


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