Jason and Paul continued to talk about their plans for the villa. They decided to get their laptops out and create spreadsheets for their lists. Paul had the project list and Jason had the "must be fixed" list. They discussed each list arguing about priorities and finally settled into agreement after two hours of lively conversation.

Jason announced he was going to turn on the television and look for home improvement shows, in order to start learning new skills. Paul rolled his eyes at Jason and went to the bedroom with his laptop to catch up on email and market news. Jason was a little disappointed because he wanted to watch home improvement shows with Paul and discuss plans for the villa.

Never the less Jason sank down in the couch cushions, one hand caressing his privates, the other hand gripping the remote. Jason systematically traveled through the entire channel spectrum. All of the home improvement channels were currently featuring decorators matching fabric and paint colors. There were no power tools being used. It was all fluffy shit, Jason became impatient. After fifteen minutes of channel flipping Jason bounded into the bedroom to inform Paul of his disgust.

Jason found Paul in the bathroom. Paul had emptied all the drawers and cabinets throwing the contents all over the bathroom. He was currently emptying the bathroom storage closet of towels, sheets, toilet paper, and soap.

Jason asked, "Paul what are you doing?"

Paul did not look up or answer.

Jason was bewildered, It was the middle of the afternoon and Paul was fully fed and watered. To Jason's knowledge Paul was under no physical stress, and he had eaten only an hour before. Was Paul mad because Jason was watching T.V.? Jason was puzzled. 

Paul started tearing open rolls of toilet paper. He began throwing wads around the bathroom.

Jason just shook his head, asking again, "Paul, are you angry about something?"

Paul gave Jason a disgusted look.

Jason guessed again, "Are you angry that I have 200k in my checking account?"

Paul rolled is eyes at Jason and continued with his mess making.

Impatient Jason yelled, "I'm going to fucking beat your ass if you don't tell me what this is about Paul!"

Paul assumed a submissive position on his knees looking up to Jason, his beautiful grey eyes begging to be spanked.

Jason looked down at Paul and sighed, "Babe if you needed a spanking you could have just said so."

Paul looked at him disgustedly again.

Jason snapped. He left the room and yelled into the hallway.


Yvonne came running in from outside, her hands filled with mangoes, wild-eyed wondering what the emergency was.

Jason announced, "I have a situation in here I have deal with!" Jason nodded meaningfully to the bedroom. "Do you need to go shopping, or something?" Yvonne just nodded. She would ask Lesroy to take her into town. Jason went back into the bedroom slamming the door.

Jason found Paul in the bathroom still being a little bastard throwing wads of toilet paper around the bathroom. Jason fetched his flogger from his toy drawer and walked into the bathroom. He purposefully.grabbed Paul by the upper arm and dragged him into the bedroom.

"Really Paul? Your just gonna throw a little fit? Can't you talk to me and tell me what you need? Do you really want to piss me off and make me punish you?"

Paul looked into Jason's eyes and answered him directly. "Yes, Jason."

Jason pressed, "Yes, you want to piss me off? Or, Yes you need your ass beat?"

Paul answered, "I want to piss you off and have my ass beat."

Jason looked at Paul for a long minute and then roared with laughter. When he settled down from laughing he pulled Paul close and asked sweetly, " So you need those two things together? Pissing me off first and then an ass beating?"

Paul nodded yes. Jason sighed again. Clearly Paul thought Jason had been neglecting his duties. It had been days since Paul had been spanked.

Not wanting to disappoint Paul further, Jason jumped up and drug Paul across the bedroom and hoisted him up in front of an open window, facing outward. Paul's erection hung in the wind. Jason tied Paul's arms to the iron curtain rod holders on each side of the window. They were solid iron bolted into the stucco and could fully hold Paul's weight.

Paul was standing naked, arms outstretched, waiting for his ass to be beaten. Paul's whole body tingled in anticipation. Paul knew the security guards would probably see him on their patrol around the property, but he did not care. Paul just wanted Jason to beat his ass black and blue. Paul was so aroused he started to pump his stiff cock into the air.

Jason walked up behind him with the flogger and blistered each ass cheek until they were bright red. Paul's legs weakened and he hung from his restraints, enjoying the pain sensation and wanting more. Jason realized then that he had been successful in conditioning Paul to equate pain and humiliation stimuli into a sexual response.

Jason's kink sprang into high gear. He intended to beat Paul's pretty white ass cheeks a dire shade of red. Jason would keep Paul hanging here knowing all the employees of the estate were probably watching. Jason's was on fire to blister Paul's ass and let everyone on the property watch.

To tease any watchers Jason pushed Paul's pelvis forward. Jason wanted Paul's erection to hang out the window.

Jason whispered into Paul's ears. "I'm going to have to spank your ass in front of the whole estate Paul." Paul's eyes were closed as he listened to the tantalizing sound of Jason's voice. Paul hung blissfully from his restraints, his cock pulsing into the air.

Jason dropped the flogger and grabbed the crop knowing Paul was more sensitive to the crop.The pain from the crop would sharper and more intense. Jason struck Paul with the crop three times on each ass cheek. Paul's engorged cock bounced as the crop struck Paul's ass, Paul moaned with pleasure. Jason kept smacking him with the crop on the ass and shoulders, occasionally landing blows on Paul's sensitive thighs.

Rocket fuel rushed through Jason's balls. He loved to punish Paul. Jason decided to add nipple clamps and weights. Jason went back to his toy drawer to get them. He walked purposefully back to Paul attaching a nipple clamp to each nipple. Paul cried out in pain. Jason played with the nipple clamps by touching them with his finger tips. Paul writhed. Jason was ecstatic at the pain registering on Paul's face. Jason then added the weights. Paul moaned in both pain and pleasure. Jason picked up the flogger again and started to strike Paul's red ass is a criss cross pattern. The weights swayed with each hit pulling on Paul's nipples harshly. Paul just hung from his restraints and groaned.

A crowd was starting to gather below, about a 75 yards from the window. The group consisted of Leonard, the gay gardener (Yvonne's son), and three straight security guards. They looked up to the white man strung up before them in the window. They looked at Paul's bound body, his flushed chest, and his strong erection. They watched his dick bounce around with every strike of Jason's whip. The group had watched breathlessly as Jason attached clips to Paul's nipples and hung weights off off them, letting them dangle. They wondered how Jason could be so brutal. They watched as the weights bounced around pulling hard on Paul's nipples.

All four of the men were sexually aroused, projecting themselves in fantasy as either Jason or Paul. Yvonne's son Leonard wanted to be Paul. The other men envied Jason and wanted to be him. Their rapt attention stayed on the show above them. All four black men watched Jason beat Paul's ass relentlessly. At times they became a little uncomfortable with the intensity and the longevity of Jason's assault on Paul's body. They could see Paul's entire body was bright red and full of marks from the whip. 

Suddenly, Jason dropped down behind Paul. The men strained to see what he was doing, and gasped when they figured out Jason was licking Paul's ass. This surprised the security guards and they stood up straighter to watch. They noticed how strong Jason's erection was while he licked Paul. They marveled at how long Jason pleasured himself at Paul's hole. Leonard and pushed his jeans down on his thighs and started stroking his uncut mocha colored dick, intently watching Jason eat Paul's ass.

Jason continued to worship Paul's ass for another 30 minutes. The security guards watched rubbing their meaty black cocks through their jeans. They watched as Jason rubbed Paul's balls, and stroked Paul's cock never moving his face from Paul's ass crack.

Paul was weak and exhausted from the flogging. He hung in the window by his wrists focused solely Jason's tongue in his ass and Jason's hand on his dick.

"May I come Jason?"

Jason did not get a chance to answer before Paul shuddered and ejaculated 3 feet into the air in front of him. It was a very long and intense orgasm. Jason kept tonguing Paul until Paul finished coming and hung still.

Jason was so fucking hot for Paul. He stood up and got behind Paul, and pressing his dickhead into Paul's anus. Paul gasped as Jason pushed his way in. Jason began to fuck Paul hard. The nipple clamps and weights flying wildly around his chest. Jason slapped Paul's ass several times with his hands while he fucked him. Jason could see the men below watching, out of the corner of his eye. Jason fucked Paul harder demonstrating his ownership of Paul. Jason wanted to put on a good show. Jason looked down and was surprised to see Paul was was able to get hard again so quickly. Jason wondered if Paul was getting off on being watched, or if it was the combination of nipple torture and ass fucking.

Jason kept slapping Paul's ass and fucking him. Jason needed to come, badly. He pounded into Paul several more times before shuddering in orgasm ejaculating into Paul's ass. Jason hung there with Paul for a several minutes kissing Paul's shoulders and catching his breath.  

Finally he let his dick slip out of Paul. Semen dripped out of Paul's ass and down his legs.

Jason backed away from the window and looked at Paul's body hanging there in the window frame. Paul's back and ass deeply red with the beating Jason had given him. Semen dripping from Paul's rectum running down his legs.Jason was very pleased with his work.

Jason approached Paul to untie him from his restraints.

Paul whispered weakly, "Thank you, Jason."


Jason and Paul were parked at the breakfast bar the next day hungrily eating their breakfast. Paul was eating fresh avocado harvested days earlier from a tree on the estate. He scooped up bites of vine ripe tomatoes dusted with salt and pepper added a slice of avocado and shoveled them both into his mouth.

Paul stood up with the intention of getting dressed for their business. He asked everyone to ready to go to the bank by 10:00am.

At 10:00am, they all four loaded into the Land Rover and headed for the bank in Kingston. A security guard accompanied them in the back seat. Once at the bank, all hour gathered into a personal bankers office. Paul explained what they were doing.

The personal banker efficiently setup all the accounts, enabling debit cards and checking privileges. Paul explained monthly limits and reporting responsibilities. Yvonne would now be responsible for running the household, soup to nuts, and Lesroy would run the estate, Dawson would be Lesroy's assistant. They would operate out of a join account with an operating budget of 6k per month. Payroll would continue to be handled out of the management company until the sale was final, and then the budget would increase to include labor costs.

As they left the bank Paul reassured both of them they would receive adequate training for their new duties. And as soon as the sale of the estate became final their salaries would be adjusted to reflect their new responsibilities. Both Yvonne and Lesroy were immigrants to Jamaica from other islands, having come with the desire to better themselves. They were thankful for the opportunity being presented and they were determined to exceed Paul's expectations.

Once at home, Jason led Paul into the bedroom hoping for a mid day treat, but Paul would not focus on sex. He was making lists, talking on the phone with his personal banker, and making arrangements for the villa. Jason sat with Paul listening and rubbing Paul's back. Whenever Jason had something to say, Paul would mute the banker and listen to Jason. Jason loved Paul's business acumen and appreciated being able to contribute to financial decisions. Jason got out his laptop and began to work companionably beside Paul.

Jason startled and sat upright. "We forgot to shop for tools." Paul looked up from his laptop and sighed, "Do you really want to drive back to Kingston now?"

Jason shook his head. He had other ideas.

Jason jumped up to go see if the house was empty. The property appeared empty except for a security guard near the front gate. Lesroy and Yvonne must have gone into town.

Jason started stripping off his clothes. He walked back into the bedroom naked and fully erect. Paul looked up and busted out laughing. Jason strode purposefully over to Paul and yanked him out of his chair. Jason stripped off Paul's clothes and pulled him into the kitchen. Jason desperately wanted to thrash Paul's ass again but he was still recovering from yesterday.

Jason ordered, "Get up on the table Paul."

Paul sat his naked ass onto the kitchen table and waited for instructions.

Jason explained, "I'm going face fuck you now. Lay down with your head toward me. Your going to hang your head off the table so I can fuck your neck. I will control your head."

Paul was a little disturbed at the thought of someone walking into the villa and catching them in action on the kitchen table. Paul's chest flushed. Jason's looked was determined. Paul knew he would be punished if he tried to evade Jason's wishes. Paul slowly turned and lay down on the table. Jason scooted Paul around so neck was on the edge of the table and his head hung off. Paul's face was just below Jason's balls.

Jason lifted his ball sack and placed it on Paul's face. Paul nuzzled Jason's balls licking and sucking on them.

"Paul please lift your legs and pose your ass towards the front door." Paul was mortified, his chest flushed a deep scarlet red.

Before he could lift his legs Jason roughly pulled him into the desired position. Jason's balls smothered Paul's face while Jason held Paul by the ankles.

"Suck and lick my balls Paul."

Paul began to enthusiastically lather Jason's balls. Jason pinched Paul's right nipple. Paul flinched. Jason realized they were sore from yesterdays nipple torture. Jason was getting really turned on. Jason grabbed his cock and started hitting Paul in the face with it. Jason masturbated himself for a while while Paul sucked and lathered his balls.

"Paul hold your ankles up, keep that ass on display. I'm going to turn around so you can lick my ass crack."

Jason turned around spreading his ass cheek for Paul's mouth. Jason pushed his crack down on Paul's face. He felt Paul strain to reach his asshole with his tongue. Paul licked and kissed the length of Jason's crack, coming back to focus on his hole. Jason looked over his shoulder to make sure Paul's legs were up and his ass was exposed to the front door.

"Paul your such a good ass licker. Your going to be spending more time worshiping my ass." Paul dick leaped at Jason's voice. Paul loved it when Jason talked during sex. Paul started to pump his dick a little into the air in excitement.

Jason continued to talk to Paul sexily, "You've come so far in such a short time. I think your almost ready to scene with me at the club." Paul thought about that and processed it.

Jason asked, "Would you like to spend an hour or two licking my ass at the club, Paul?" Paul had never been to the club. But he did understand that Jason was asking him to have sex in public." Paul wasn't sure he was ready for that, so he did not answer. Besides he was busy licking Jason's ass.

Paul focused on just licking Jason's ass with passion and urgency.

Jason pushed the subject further, "Paul your so expressive, so sensitive, so fucking perfect I want to show you off. I'm want to fuck you in front of everyone with your name tattooed on my ass."

Paul fervently hoped Jason was still talking about the kinky fuck club and not Grand Central Station. Paul knew anything was possible, Jason was one fucked up kinky bastard.

Jason turned around and put Paul's head into a specific position that would allow him maximum penetration into Paul throat. Jason penetrated Paul mouth and throat with his dick, and started to pump.

"Hold those legs up higher Babe. I need to see that pretty hole you have. Relax your throat. I can feel your jaw is tense. Relax and give into me."

Jason realized at that moment he need to spend a little more time disciplining Paul. The thought of a long discipline session with Paul made Jason's balls surge with joy. Jason continued to pump into Paul's neck. Paul was still periodically gagging. Jason knew this session was going to take some time. Jason would take 3 or 4 strong strokes and then let Paul breath.

Jason tried to maintain a consistent rhythm so that Paul would instinctively know when it was time to breath. Having Paul's legs in the air served several purposes. The first was testing Paul's level of submission. Jason knew it also added a feeling of risk and danger to the encounter which would heighten Paul's senses. Jason had locked and bolted the door but Paul did not know that. Having Paul hold his ankles up while being forcefully face fucked put his body into a stress position. Paul had to keep his throat under control and keep his ankles above his head at the same time. It was a lot to focus on with a fat cock in his mouth.

"Babe, rest your legs now, but keep them splayed out. I want you on display."

Paul gratefully obeyed. Paul lowered his legs to the table but spread his legs outward. Jason continued his systematic face fucking. Jason waited for Paul to relax further into the scene and really start to enjoy it.

Paul was so relieved to lower his legs, he relaxed enough to completely let Jason control the position of his head. Paul let Jason set the pace for breathe. All that Paul focused on was relaxing his throat, his jaws, his mouth. Paul let Jason completely control the scene. Paul gave Jason entire control of his body.

Jason immediately felt the change in Paul. Jason felt the rocket fuel surge through his balls. Paul was the most erotic person and the sweetest lover Jason had ever been with. Jason loved Paul completely.

All that Jason could muster verbally was, "Oh Babe."

Paul felt Jason's emotional response and reveled in it. Paul willed himself to an even deeper state of submission. Suddenly Jason was getting his 8 inch cock into Paul's throat all the way to the base, with no resistance. Excitement surged through Jason. He carefully maintained the preset rhythm so Paul knew when to breath, reinforcing his trust and submission.

Jason was covered in sweat carefully gripping Paul's head in the safest position possible.

Jason was close to orgasm. Jason did not think Paul was ready to have semen blasted through his sinuses so he withdrew.

Jason jerked off onto Paul's chest shuddering in pleasure and release. Jason bent forward and finished Paul off sucking him forcefully with his mouth. Jason swallowed every drop of semen that he could milk out of Paul's balls.

They heard a car outside. Jason said, "Up Babe, quickly." Paul jumped up dashing into the bedroom. Jason undid the deadbolt and scrambled after Paul.


Mara Copa

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