Paul was kneeling in the playroom, naked. Jason was holding Paul's cell phone up to his while Paul told his assistant that he need to take the rest of the week off. He told her he would return to work Monday. When the call ended, Jason turned off the phone off and tossed it to the floor.

Paul closed his eyes and tried to breath normally. He tried to calm himself, waiting for Jason's instructions.

"Paul, do you need to use the restroom?"

"Yes." Jason helped Paul up. He had cuffed Paul's hands at his wrist with zip tie. Holding Paul by the zip tie, he pushed him into the bathroom roughly.

Jason asked, "Which do you have to do?

Paul said, "Pee."

Jason grabbed Paul's dick and and roughly pulled him over to the toilet and said, "Go."

Paul urinated into the toilet. Jason took an enema bag out of the cupboard. He began to fill it with water. "I don't like messes so I'm going to clean you out. It is necessary for what we are going to do today. Put your forehead down on the toilet tank."

Paul leaned forward and pressed his forehead down on the cool porcelain tank lid. He waited for Jason to insert the nozzle into his anus. Jason said, "Take the water in and hold it. Don't spill, or I will beat your ass."

Jason raised the enema bag and started to push the water into Paul's gut. Paul started to cramp. Jason, slapped Paul on the ass harshly. Paul squeezed his cheeks desperately trying to hold the water inside of him. Jason slapped his ass again. Paul felt some water leak out and run down his legs and he cried out, "I'm sorry, Jason."

Jason, laid the enema bag on Paul's back. Jason was pressing Paul' face harshly against the tank with his left hand and his used his right hand slap the back of Paul's thighs, over and over. Paul cried out. More water leaked from Paul.

Jason lifted the bag and told Paul, "turn around and sit on the toilet." He turned around and sat down. Paul looked up, and waited for Jason to give him permission to push the water out. The cramps were becoming intense.

Jason said, "Push it out."

Paul let go and pushed the water out of his ass. The cramps gradually subsiding . Jason said, "We are going to do it again. Turn around, head on tank. Paul stood and turned around, placing his head back on the tank. Jason refilled the bag, this time with much warmer water almost hot but not quite. He put the nozzle back into Paul's anus and began to push the water into Paul's gut. Paul immediately noticed the difference in water temperature. It was much more painful. He began to whimper. Jason said forcefully, "Hold it!." Jason laid the enema bag on Paul's back. He started to slap Paul's ass cheeks over and over. They became bright red. Paul landed a blow to the back of Paul's legs near his knees. Paul cried out, water splashed onto the floor.

"He whispered, "I'm sorry Jason,"

Jason landed another three slaps to Paul's right ass cheek. Then his left.

"Sit down but hold it." Paul cried out as cramps seized his gut. Jason left the bathroom and came back with his paddle and said to Paul, "That was quite the little mess you left for me Sunday."

Paul watched Jason's face, waiting for permission to let the water out.

Jason, nodded, "Now."

Paul let go, the warm water gushing out of him. Paul was mortified at the whole process and not in the least aroused. He could tell Jason was not either. Jason grabbed a pile of towels and threw them on the floor to soak up what water Paul had let leak out.

Jason pulled Paul into a standing position holding him by the zip tie that bound his wrists. "Get in the shower." Paul stepped into the shower. Jason finished cleaning up the floor and took the towels and threw them out into the hall. Jason stripped off his clothes and got into the shower with Paul. He started to soap them both up. He thorough washed his whole body, and then focused on Paul's crack.

"Lean your face against the tiles, Paul." Paul bent forward pressing his face agaist the tiles give Jason more access, his wrists still ziptied tied behind him. Jason's continued to soap Paul's ass. Jason paused to rinse the soap from his hand. Jason took his clean middle finger and penetrated Paul. He wanted to start warming him up.

Paul felt himself flinch and willed himself to relax and accept the finger. Jason rubbed in and out of Paul with his finger. Paul knew Jason was starting to become more sexual. Jason fingered Paul for another 7 minutes.

Paul's time with Jason in the playroom had been intensely sexual. He could not imagine that it would be possible to keep that same level of sexual engagement for 12 hours a day over the next three days. Jason was still rubbing his finger in and out of Paul.

Jason let his finger slip out and said, "Get on you knees."

Paul turned toward Jason and got on his knees, careful to keep his balance. Jason's erection was level with Paul's mouth. Paul looked up at Jason's eyes and waited for instruction, but he opened his mouth for Jason expectantly. Jason's chest flushed with pleasure, and he said, "That was very sweet, babe. You fucking turn me on.

He grabbed Paul's head and shoved his cock into Paul's mouth. Paul took initiative on Jason's cock. He moved his head up and down on it enthusiastically. Jason groaned, watching, murmuring appreciatively.

Jason said, "Your quite the little cock sucker, babe." Jason pulled out of Paul's mouth abruptly. Paul felt disappointment at the loss of it. Jason tugged Paul into a standing position.

Jason quickly soaped up his own body and rinsed off. Jason looking into Paul's eyes when he said, "Time to get this party started."


Mara Copa

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