Sunday after he kicked Lilliana out, he made Jason leave. He just wanted to be alone for a while. He had not texted or communicated to Jason since Sunday. He had broken the fundamental agreement with Jason that he would stay in touch each day. Paul was obsessed and conflicted with thoughts about Jason. There were times he cursed Jason as the deviant fucking pig that he clearly was, but then he would remember and replay some of the most vivid, carnal, and intense sexual encounters of his life.

He finally decided to text Jason Wednesday morning "Can we do a reset, with no penalties?" Jason instantly wrote back, "Are you fucking kidding me?"

Paul texted back, "take it or leave it you fucking deviant pig."

Jason responded, "6:00pm."

Paul's internal conflict settled as he looked at Jason's text. He was joyous. He could not contain himself. He called his secretary and cleared all of his afternoon meetings off his calendar. He left the office and went home to prepare for the evening. He stopped and got a barber shave and had his hair clipped. He had a manicure, and a pedicure and toyed with the idea of getting is balls shaved or waxed. But he wanted to check with Jason before he did that.

He went home and took a long shower, carefully preparing for the evening. He had no idea what lie in store for him, but he knew it would likely be brutal after what he had done Sunday.

His entire body tingled in anticipation. He had never felt so alive in his life. He was so happy to be accepted back into Jason's playroom. He would make sure he did not displease Jason. He would worship Jason and submit fully to him. He would accept whatever punishment that Jason chose for his disobedient behavior. But he would add some new additions to their agreement so they did not get tangled up again like they did Sunday.

He made sure that he was at Jason's house a full 30 minutes early. He happily waited outside and at exactly 6:00pm, he rang the bell. Jason instantly opened the door.

Jason, immediately welcomed Paul into his arms. Jason, murmured over and over, "Babe, I'm so glad your back. I missed you." He covered Paul's face with kisses."

Paul whispered, "I'm so sorry I was so angry. I'm sorry I did not call like I promised you."

Jason listened to Paul, but did not formulate an immediately reply. Jason looked into Paul's eyes with a gravity and seriousness and simply said. " I need you to call into work and take the rest of the week off. You can return to work next Monday."

Paul fell down on his knees, his eyes full of fear, "Please Jason, why?"

Jason rubbed Paul's head and stated simply "Because you need to be punished."

Paul put his forehead on Jason's thigh and pleaded, "Can't we just start over?"

Jason answered, "That is not how this works." Paul was crushed.

Jason bent down and grabbed Paul's face in his hands. "We clearly need to flesh out a few more details in our agreement. I need some uninterrupted time with you. We are going to do what is called a "Three Day." It's a session that spans for three days, beginning tonight and ending Friday night. You'll recover over the weekend, here with me. You can return to work on Monday.

A friend of mine is coming over. He's a doctor. He is going to give you a quick check to make sure your healthy enough for the Three Day." A look of alarm filled Paul's eyes. "Please Jason. I'm sorry."

Jason sighed. He let Paul's chin go, but kissed his forehead, and said, "I have a surprise for you." Paul brightened. "Stand up Paul, and follow me."

Paul stood up. He followed Jason into the kitchen. Jason had purchased what appeared to be a very expensive Italian espresso machine. The counter was littered with the instruction booklet. Jason had clearly been trying to figure out how to use the machine. Next to the machine was a Red 12 cup Cuisinart coffee maker. Next to the coffee maker, there was a single cup quick brew machine that used small individual pods of coffee.

Jason said. "I bought Columbian, Kona, French Roast, and what they call a "Breakfast Blend. He pointed to the rack of pods stacked up. These can be used to quickly brew just one cup if you don't want to make a whole pot of coffee."

As a backup, I have formed a agreement with the Deli downstairs. They can run breakfast up to you 7 days a week. I've put their number on the fridge here. I'll pay the bill monthly. They open at 5:00am each morning."

Paul was speechless. He had to admit that Jason had taken a fair amount of effort to address Paul's complaints.

Jason said, "Tell me what happened Sunday."

"Jason, I don't like to be jerked awake abruptly like you did to me Sunday. It pisses me off.

Jason answered. "That is an understatement. Noted. It will never happen again. Paul, How do you like to be awakened?"

Paul remembered the waking up Saturday morning his dick in Jason's mouth. That was nice.

He answered, "Gently. Gradual. Sexy is nice. Or just let me wake up on my own. "The first hour I'm awake, I can't deal with your kinky shit. I need to have some space. And I need coffee."

Jason said, "I'll make those adjustments. Paul, a three day is typically a very advanced 36 hour continuous session. We are going to do a modified version of it. We'll talk more after the doctor examines you."

There was a knock at Jason's door. Jason walked to the door and opened it. Paul waited in the kitchen. Jason brought the doctor into the kitchen and introduced the man to Paul, "Paul, this is Dr. John Schaddler. He is going to give you a quick checkup. He will also be dropping by each night to check your vitals during the three day session."

Paul was suddenly frightened. "Why do I need a doctor?" Dr. Schaddler moved toward Paul, holding out his hand. Paul quickly shook it. "Paul this is just precautionary. Jason is concerned about your health and welfare. Three day sessions can be intense. Have a seat here and I'll do a quick exam."

Jason knowing Paul needed more of an explanation. "Paul, Dr. Schaddler shares many of the same interests as I do. He provides medical care exclusively to practitioners of BDSM. He makes sure that everything is done safely. I consult with him when I plan out scenes and he takes care of minor injuries."

To John Jason explained. "I'm going to do a modified version of the three day, John. I want him to sleep in my bed at night, and he needs some downtime in the mornings. I'm planning on starting with him around 9:00a.m and go for about 8-12 hours each day. Can you come by to check him on your way home? Maybe around 6:00pm. We'll still be in scene but we can take a break and let you do your thing."

Paul was sat down on the stool in shock to hear Jason's plans. Jason continued speaking to the doctor like Paul was not there. Dr. Schaddler approached Paul, and said politely, "Paul slip your clothes off so I can examine you." To Jason he said, "12 hours is reckless if he has never scened before."

Paul looked at Jason, he face full of fear and alarm. Jason closed the gap, and reached out to reassure Paul. "Take off your clothes and let John check you out."

Paul was mortified, but he slowly removed his clothes. He automatically assumed the position down on his knees, spreading his legs, and submissively looked up at Jason.

Jason's chest and neck became flushed and his breath caught. Dr. Schaddler was also clearly affected and murmured, "Absolutely exquisite."

Dr. Shaddler knelt in front of Paul and began to ask some questions.

"Paul, do you have and medical conditions? High blood pressure, or a heart condition?" Paul's eyes never left Jason's face as he answered the question. "No."

Dr. Schaddler began listening to Jason's heart. He put a blood pressure cuff on his right arm. "When is the last time you were tested for STDs?"

Paul eyes never left Jason's face and he answered, "I had a full physical about 4 weeks ago." Dr. Schaddler look out a pen light and examined Paul's eyes, and checked his ears. "Do you take multi-vitamin? Paul answered "No, but I juice every day in the morning."

Dr. Shaddler thought about that for minute and said. "I want to start you on a multi-vitamin." When I visit in the evenings, I'm going to give you an I.V. Just fluids to keep you hydrated. I'll check your vitals and take care of any injuries.

Paul's heart began to race and he felt panic well up in his chest. He closed his eyes and fought the urge to run. Dr. Shaddler reached out to touch Paul's nipple and asked Jason, "Will you pierce him?" Paul eyes snapped open to Jason's, full of alarm.

Jason answered, "He has stated that body modifications are a hard boundary. No fisting either."

Dr. Shaddler continued to caress Paul's nipple. "If that changes let me know and I'll bring equipment. What do you have planned for him tonight?"

"I want to get him used to a ball gag. Flogger, maybe the leather strap. Jason caressed Paul's mouth thinking about last Saturday's session with Paul. Dr. Shaddler reached out again to touch Paul's nipple. He asked, "Would you share him?"

Jason sighed, "Another hard boundary." Paul now had an unexplainable erection. John noticed the light fur on Paul's balls, and reached down to caress them, and commented "I would never tolerate that."

Jason answered, "Yeah, I'm' undecided."

Dr. Shaddler stood up and asked Jason, "When do you want me to send Jessica over?"

Jason thought about it, and finally said. "Friday. Have her here by 9:00am. You know what my rules are when I share."

Jason simply answered. "I do. Thanks."

Dr. Shaddler gathered up his stethoscope and walked toward the door. After he left, Paul said, "Please Jason. Don't share me with another man." Jason rubbed Paul's head, caressing him. "I won't ever cross your hard boundaries. But over time you may find yourself open to it."

"Who is Jessica? "

Jason continued to rub and caress Paul's head and neck answered, "There will be punishments, long hours of punishment. Jessica will be your reward for complete submission." A tear rolled down Paul's cheek. Jason reached down and kissed it away.

"Playroom, 10 minutes."


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