Jason, Paul, and Jessica walked in the playroom. Jason, slipped into his dominant personal walking through the door. Paul was always amazed how that happened.

"Jessica, sit on the platform and wait."

Jason took Paul's hand and pulled him into the bathroom. "Get in the shower babe." Paul quickly stripped and got into the shower. He was hard as a rock. Jason got in beside him. Jason started to praise him and talk to him. "I'm going to worship that beautiful dick today Paul. Jessica and I are going to worship every part of your body. You have done so well this week, and come so far. I learned so much about your body yesterday. It's going to help me take care of you and give you pleasure."

You not being punished today, Paul. Your being rewarded. I plan to spank you very lightly today, but if you need more intensity ask me for it. No plans for anal today, so no enema for you." Jason was sensually soaping Paul, but I will definitely make sure Jessica is ready for you."

Paul asked, "Are you going to shower and clean her?" Paul did not want Jason to share that intimacy with her.

Jason answered. "No."

They got out of the shower. Paul's erection was at half mast. Jason rubbed it a few times to perk it up. He then kissed Paul deeply. Paul became breathless and he put his hands on Jason's chest and touched one nipple softly. Paul had never done that before. Jason stood still, and stopped Paul's hand, but then kissed it. He told Paul, "Always ask first."

They went into the playroom. Jessica had removed her clothes and was kneeling in front of the platform. Jason gave Paul about five minutes to look at Jessica. Paul's eyes landed first on Jessica's c-cup natural breasts. Her nipples were a dark mocha and very large. Each nipple was pierced. Her navel was pierced. Paul could see her labia was pierced. She was fully shaved. There was a white gold chain around her waist, dangling with charms, and it looked stunning against her dark skin. Paul's blood and mind raced. Jason enjoyed Paul's avid focus.

Finally Jason said, "Jessica, please go and clean up and then return to your position at the platform."

Jessica went into the bathroom. Jason turned to Paul, smiling wickedly, and pulling him into his arms.

"Nice, right?"

Paul was speechless, but finally said, 'Thank you, Jason."

Jason answered, "No babe, thank you. I have not been this happy in a long time." Paul answered, "I have never been this happy before in my life."

They were still holding each other when Jessica came into the room and knelt on the floor. Jason pulled Paul onto the platform in a standing position. Jason stayed on the platform with Jason but asked Jessica to get onto the platform and face Paul in a kneeling position in front of him.

Paul's eyes were glued to Jessica watching every move she made. Jason collected a small rubber whip with big fat tentacles. It was playful but very gentle. He came back to Paul and started to warm up his ass cheeks with the whip.

Paul immediately said, "Thank you Jason."

Jason smiled and stopped and kissed Paul on the mouth. He told Paul, "its called the trainer. Do you like it Paul?"

"Yes, Jason. I love it."

"I'll remember that. When you deserve to be rewarded I will use it."

Paul refocused on Jessica. She was looking at the floor and her hair was falling across her breasts. Paul wanted Jessica to look up at him and put her hair behind her shoulders so he could see her breasts. Jason reading Paul's mind by watching his eye movements said, "Jessica you are to look up at Paul, into his eyes, and push your hair back so he can see those beautiful boobs you have."

Paul said, "Thank you, Jason." Jason could read his mind. Paul's chest felt full of emotion for Jason and it showed on his face. Jason kissed him deeply for several minutes knowing how Paul was feeling, then backed away and began again with the whip. He started on Paul's ass again and then hit his right shoulder a few times. He walked around Paul and struck his chest avoiding his nipples, and then landed a light swat to his stomach. Paul flinched at that. The entire time Paul gazed down at Jessica, while Jessica looked up at him with those big chocolate submissive eyes.

"Jessica, I want you to do exactly what I tell you. Kiss Paul from the top of his pubic area to his navel. Lick and kiss his navel until I tell you to stop. Do not kiss his dick."

Jason knew Jessica would be brushing his dick inadvertently with her face and wanted to make sure both knew that any kissing Paul's dick was forbidden. Jason continued to use the rubber training whip on Paul's backside. It was just starting to get pink. He heard Paul catch his breath and hold it. Jason leaned over to see the cause and saw Jessica licking and kissing a trail up to Paul's navel with his dick bouncing around her face. Jason smiled. He walked over and kissed Paul deeply. Paul's chest and face were deeply flushed with his pleasure.

Jason gently reached out to touch Paul's nipples. He lightly circled them applying no pressure, just a gentle touch. Paul's breath caught again. Jessica had arrived at Paul's naval and was licking it. Paul's eyes closed and he groaned and then he looked down at Jessica's mouth on his navel. Jason's face was still next to Paul's and he dipped his head to kiss Paul's neck and his shoulders. Another flush spread across Paul's chest. Paul's responsiveness excited Jason and he started to get an erection. Jason reached down and touched Jessica's head and said, "Jessica, please worship Paul's balls for a full 15 minutes. I'm setting my watch timer and when you hear the sound, I want you to present your ass for his viewing pleasure. Ass up, chest down, right in front of him. Do you understand?"

Paul's heart almost exploded at Jason's words. He knew it would be possible for him to come just listening to Jason talk.

Jessica said, "Yes sir." and started licking Paul's balls. Paul's legs weakened a bit and he swayed after a few minutes of Jessica's mouth being on him.

Jason steadied him. Paul was overwhelmed by watching Jessica lick and suck, looking up at him with those beautiful brown eyes.

Jason was pleasured by Paul's pleasure.

Jason periodically moved around Paul and caressed him or lightly applied the whip in playful swats.

When Jason's watch sounded, Jessica moved in front of Paul and put her ass in the air for him and placing her chest on the ground. Jason immediately moved behind Paul and got down on his knees spreading Paul's ass cheeks. He licked around Paul's asshole and rubbed his balls from the back.

Paul moaned and swayed. Paul's eyes were fixated on Jessica's bottom. Her ass and vagina smooth and her labia piercing dangling. Paul was overwhelmed at the sensation of Jason's ass licking in conjunction to the visible stimulation in front of him.

Paul gasped and asked, "May i come Jason?"

Jason said definitively, "No."

But then jason asked, "Do you want a blindfold or do you want me to edge you down with the whip?"

Paul gasped, "yes, whip."

Jason walked around Paul and smacked him with the rubber whip with stronger strokes. He went all the way down to Paul's ankles and back up to his shoulders. Finally Paul said, "Thank you, Jason." Jason then instructed "Jessica, another 15 minutes on Paul's balls.

But this time while Jessica sucked his balls, Jason, sat in a chair on the ground it front of the platform.

He looked into Paul's eyes as he stood there, with Jessica on her knees in front of him sucking on Paul's balls. Jason started stroking his dick and talking to Paul. "Do you like that Paul?"

Paul gasped out, "Yes, thank you Jason."

"Jessica stop. Just pose for Paul, please." Jessica turn around and presented her ass up to Paul. Paul instantly locked onto to it. Jason watched him from his chair.

"Paul, do you want to kiss Jessica?" Paul did not answer because he was staring at Jessica's bottom intently. Jason chuckled. He got up and walked in front of Jessica's prone form. Jason was bent down in front of the platform and in front of Jessica. Jessica was on the platform presenting herself to Paul. Paul as standing up on the platform looking down at Jessica's bottom. Jason was on the ground watching them both.

Jason said, Jason had not restrained Paul knowing he could control Paul with his voice. "Do you want to touch Jessica?"

Paul's voice trembled. "Yes please, Jason."

"Please kneel in front of Jessica and lick her ass and her pussy. Do not come under any circumstance. If you feel overwhelmed, back away from her and I will edge you down with the whip."

"Thank you, Jason."

Paul fell down on his knees and began to kiss and lick Jessica's ass. He dipped his head to lick Jessica's vagina. Once he had her scent and taste in his mouth he became more turned on. He dipped his head further and focused on her clitoris. Jason asked Jessica. "Are you able to come without pain Jessica?" She replied, "Yes, sir."

"Do you want Paul to give you an orgasm?"

"Yes, please sir."

"Paul you have your marching orders. Please give Jessica an orgasm. Show her your best work. You may change up the position as you see fit."

Jason watched Paul. Paul was licking Jessica's clitoris and penetrating her with 2 fingers rhythmically. Jessica's chest flushed and she started to moan with pleasure. Paul flipped her over on her back and lifted her legs and began licking her again. Jessica's hands found Paul's head and she began moving into his face. Jason positioned himself again behind Paul, and bent to lick Paul's ass and rubbing his balls from behind. After a few minutes Jessica moaned and shuddered in orgasm.

Paul was like a stallion in heat and and begged, "May I penetrate her. Please Jason."

Jason lifted up from licking Paul, "Yes, Paul."

He went over to the toy bench and picked up a condom, and handed it to Paul. Paul tore it open quickly and rolled it over his dick. He positioned himself at the opening of her vagina, and looked at Jessica. She nodded. He slowly started to penetrate her. Paul used slow strokes at first and touched and rubbed her breasts. He leaned down to kiss and suck on her pierced nipples. He had never kissed a pierced nipple and was thrilled by it. He sped up and intensified his thrusts, looking at Jessica's face, making sure she was comfortable. Jessica reached down to rub her clitoris and then started to moan.

Paul was getting close to orgasm quickly.

Paul asked, "Jason, may I come now?"

Jason answered simply, "Yes." Paul pumped into Jessica harder and exploded. He shuddered convulsively for almost 60 seconds. He saw that Jessica was still rubbing herself so he started quickly licking her again. After a few minutes she orgasmed again.

Jason was smiling and thinking, very nice.


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