Jason continued to kiss Paul's face and lick his tears away. He knew that after tonight Paul would essentially be collared to him, even though Paul was probably unaware of the concept. Jason looked down at Paul and could not imagine a situation where his love for Paul would fail. Jason was ready for the commitment, but he needed this from Paul first.

Jason, still holding Paul, looked into his eyes.

"Are you ready to give up all your boundaries tonight Paul? For me, for our love?"

Paul gray eyes earnest and shining, whispered, "Yes, Jason."

Jason touched Paul's face and rubbed his thumb along Paul's bottom lip.

Paul felt the air change immediately after his acquiescence. Suddenly Paul nose was full of pheromones and testosterone. Paul became completely and utterly frightened, like a dear caught in the cross hairs of a bow.

John spoke in a tone that intensified his fear.

"Did you finish your preparations Paul?"

Paul, tear stained and still kneeling, answered submissively, "Yes, sir."

John and Jason were now both exuding lust and menace. They looked at Paul's expressive face, splotchy and red, and full with emotion. They lingered on the tear stains and wide imploring eyes.

Paul's eyes were trained on Jason, never leaving his face. Large, wide loving grey eyes locked onto Jason's brown ones.

John noted Paul's love and adoration for Jason. He reached over and caressed Paul's ass. John rubbed Paul's cheeks and eventually rubbed at his hole, teasing it. Paul sucked in a breath, trying not to resist. Paul's chest flushed in an involuntarily response. John watched Paul's response, intoxicated with Paul at that moment. John began to understand Jason's obsession.

John asked Jason, "Should we flip fuck him senseless?" John surmised that Paul would not even understand what the term meant. John took pleasure in watching alarm flush across Paul's face and fear filled his eyes. Again, he could see why Jason was so enthralled with Paul. He was utterly delectable.

Jason answered "For starters. I really want to stress his nipples and punish them. We can weave in the nipple torture when we flip fuck him." "Do you want to pierce him tonight? I have my gear. Jason knew that was John's kink asking.

Jason answered, "I don't know yet about the piercing. I want to wait to make a decision like that. Tonight is about Paul submitting to me. Its about us and nothing else." In truth he wanted Paul to want to be pierced and agree to it on his own. It was not important to Jason.

John said, "I noticed you have not even fucking shaved his balls. I would never tolerate that Jason."

Jason answered "He is not hairy and I don't like razor stubble. His ass is sweet, just very light blond fur."

Jason added stubbornly, "No, I don't want to shave him. I adore his ass the way it is."

John just rolled his eyes. If this was his sub, he would be fucked, pierced, tattooed and collared. End of story. But, whatever, this was Jason's game.

John instructed Paul, "Go take your place in the playroom next to the platform."

Paul obediently rose, walked down the hall and entered the playroom. Paul knelt by the platform. He knew that Jason and John would likely discuss their detailed plans for some time. He wanted desperately to hear those plans, but he ultimately knew what he needed to do.

Paul needed to mentally prepare for full submission. He understood now that his submission would be to both of them, not just Jason. He remembered what Jason said about John's brutality. He instinctively knew that Paul's successful submission to Jason hinged on Paul's submission to John.

Paul determined in his heart that he was ready. He would submit and win Jason's love and trust, or he would die trying. There was nothing more important to him in his whole life at that moment than winning Jason's love and trust.

Paul focused on relaxing his body and prepare for his complete submission.

Paul could feel and smell John and Jason as they entered the room. Their menace and aggression permeated the room. Their sexual scent bounced off the walls.

Paul automatically spread his legs wider, displaying himself. Paul opened his mouth expectantly waiting, in a submissive stance. Both men looked down at Paul's open mouth, aroused by Paul's conditioned response.

Jason was already naked. John began to remove his clothes clothes slowly. John body was very hairy. Paul was not at all physically attracted to John. John was barrel chested and heavier then Jason, but in good shape. John's legs were powerful and thick. Paul gasped when John took his dick out. Paul had never seen a dick that big, it was huge and fat at the head and even fatter at the base.

Paul looked frightened.

John, now naked took two wooden chairs and faced them to each other around 4 feet apart. He told Paul the kneel between the chairs. Jason sat down in one chair and John in the other. They both let there legs lounge in front of them and both leaned back in their chairs looking at Paul. Paul waited for instructions, looking at the floor.

Jason ordered Paul to come suck him. Paul on all fours, crawled over to Jason and started to suck him. Paul caressed Jason's balls, Paul's eyes lovingly looking up at Jason. Paul knew his ass was exposed to John but knew he could do nothing about it. Paul worshiped on Jason's dick, licking and sliding his mouth along its side and then tonguing the top of the head and around the rim. Paul's dick was hard as a rock, pointing north, and bouncing around a chair leg. Paul adored and worshiped Jason's dick.

Jason abruptly said, "Paul, go lick and suck Johns dick." Paul's grey eyes went wide with fright.

Paul slowly scooted on his knees over to John.

John's fat meat lay between his legs heavily. Even soft his dick enormous. The man was a freak of nature. Paul looked at John's hairy torso and balls.

Paul completely lost the erection he got sucking Jason.

Paul took a deep breath and started to put John's fat dickhead into his mouth. Jason had gotten up and was watching Paul's face intently. Jason knew Paul was extremely turned off right now. Probably even disgusted. Jason did not blame him. The last thing Jason ever wanted to do was suck John's massive cock. Jason watched as Paul tried to suck John. His movements completely lacked the joy Jason saw earlier when Paul was sucking Jason's dick. Paul obediently serviced John in a robotic and obligatory manner.

Jason ordered, "Suck and lick his balls." Paul paused, looking down at John's big hairy balls. Paul felt ill at the very thought. Paul delayed the moment by starting to knead and rub Paul's balls with his right hand. He reluctantly bent to lick John's ball sack with his tongue.

Jason watched Paul closely for signs of resistance.

"Try to put his balls in your mouth."

Paul nose was already assaulted with the smell of John's funk. Paul obeyed Jason and tried his best to get both John's balls into his mouth, but it was physically impossible. He continued to try over and over until Jason sat back down in his chair and said, "Come here Paul."

On his knees Paul hurried over to Jason relieved to get away from John. Paul immediately started to suck and lick on Jason enthusiastically, while he rubbed Jason's balls. Jason enjoyed it for several minutes but stood up and turned around. Jason put his right leg up on the chair.

"Lick my ass Paul." Jason had never asked Paul to lick his ass before. Paul quickly began to lick at Jason's ass crack. Paul tried to do it skillfully the way Jason did to him. Paul sucked and licked on Jason's balls. Paul licked Jason's taint and worshiped Jason's asshole with his tongue. Paul loved the way Jason's crotch smelled.

Jason had twisted his torso around so he could watch Paul. Jason had his hand reaching back to Paul's head pressing him into his ass crack. Jason was watching Paul's face and eyes.

Jason smiled to see Paul's dick was rigid again, pointing north. Jason loved watching Paul worship his body.

Paul dreaded the words before Jason said them. "Paul, go eat John's ass."

Paul hesitated, his eyes imploring Jason's. Paul completely losing his erection.

Jason said with emphasis, "Complete submission Paul. Go eat John's ass."

Paul crawled over to John slowly. John stood and put one leg up on the chair. His fat meat heavily pointed downward. His huge balls sagging and hanging low. Paul dick shriveled up. Paul looked at the dark black hair that covered John's ass. Paul slowly put his face into John's crack.

Paul forced himself to stick his tongue out. Jason had gotten up and was watching Paul very closely now. Paul knew this was a test and that he had to demonstrate his complete submission to Jason. Paul was determined to prove his love to Jason, so Jason would trust him. Paul spread John's ass cheeks and began to earnestly lick at John's crack. Jason watched him for several intense minutes.

Jason ordered, "Lick his asshole."

Paul moved up to John's hole, hesitated, but started to lick it. He spent a few minutes licking it, then Jason said, "Stick your tongue in his ass."

Paul held very still, shocked at Jason's request. Determined, Paul spread John's cheeks wider and pushed his tongue into John's hairy hole.

Jason shouted, "Deeper."

Paul pushed his tongue in further and moved it around, moving in and out.

Jason ordered in that commanding voice, "Fuck him with your tongue Paul. Deeply."

A switch flipped in Paul and he just stopped thinking about anything. Paul simply obeyed Jason. Loving him and the sound of his voice. He began fucking John's ass with his tongue as hard as possible. Jason continued to watch intently his whole body filled with joy at Paul's submission.

Jason decided to keep Paul on his knees fucking John ass with his tongue for another fifteen minutes. He set his watch and sat back down in his chair watching.

After the allotted time, Jason said to John, "Lets get him on the bed."

"Stand up and come into the bathroom Paul." Paul obediently followed Jason into the bathroom, just grateful to be able to stop licking John's ass.

"Open your mouth."

Jason grabbed a bar of soap and forced it into Paul's mouth. Jason then inserted his finger and rubbed around inside Paul's mouth soaping his tongue, teeth, and gums. Paul's mouth was foaming with soap. Paul's eyes were watering. He willed himself to not struggle against Jason. Jason turned on the sink and pushed Paul's head down to the water.

"Rinse your mouth out Paul." Paul swished water around his mouth over and over trying to get rid of the soap. Jason took a disposable wipe out a container and washed off John's scent from Paul's face, and neck.

Jason pointed to a toothbrush and said, "Brush." Paul brushed his teeth quickly and gratefully. Jason led Paul back into the playroom again. Paul's dick was shriveled up and trying to hide in his body. Paul knew what was in store for him. Paul saw that John was kneeling on the bed with a pile of condoms and a tube of lubricant. Jason told Paul to get on the bed and put his chest down, ass in the air. Paul obeyed.

"I'm going to fuck you first to loosen you up for John. Jason grabbed a condom and rolled it on his dick. He knelt to position himself at Paul's ass. Jason pushed into Paul slowly. He built up to a strong steady rhythm. Jason spent another ten minutes pounding away on Paul and then pulled out. Jason tore off the condom and threw it on the floor. He grabbed another. Jason moved around in front of Paul and pulled him up on all fours. He rolled on the condom and pressed his dick into Paul's mouth and started face fucking him. John positioned himself behind Paul. Paul could feel the fat meaty dick start to press into him. Paul cried out when the head of John's dick cleared his anus. Paul choked on Jason's dick, his mouth full of the taste of the condom. Jason gave Paul a few moments to recover.

John ordered, "Paul relax your ass." Paul willed himself to relax. John started pushing into Paul with baby movements, slowly forcing his cock into Paul. It took about 10 to 15 minutes of pushing before his thick dick was buried in Paul ass. Jason started to fuck Paul's face again, every 3 or 4 strokes he would let Paul grab a few deep breaths. John was getting turned on by watching Jason rough ownership of Paul's face. John watched as Paul tried to accommodate Jason's every turn and thrust. John started to pound Paul's ass harder. John gripped Paul hips and drove into him. Before things got too heated, Jason made a signal to change up.

Jason pulled out of Paul's mouth and tore off the condom while John eased out of Paul slowly. John discarded the used condom on the tile floor. Jason and John switched places. Both men reapplied condoms. Paul dick remained shriveled.

John began to instruct Paul on ways to accommodate his big dick and keep his gag reflex suppressed. It was very clinical. John held his dick out to Paul. Paul opened his mouth for the meaty cock. Paul's mouth was stretched wide to an extreme. Paul could not imagine Jessica's delicate mouth around John's meaty cock. Paul willed his jaws to expand so he could take in John's cock, while John expertly worked his fat dick into Paul's throat.

Jason had been pounding on Paul ass, and he was now adding his thumb into the mix by inserting it above his dick. Jason held still for a while and just watched Paul's struggle on John's massive cock. He could tell Paul was getting fatigued. Paul body was covered with sweat.

Jason said "Break."

John waited as Paul drank the bottle of water. He also had an small IV bag in Paul's arm. Paul laid back on the bed with his eyes closed, wondering how long it would all last. He thought back to the exciting day with Jason and the bareback sex they had on the floor in the hall that afternoon.

Paul would do anything for Jason and resigned himself to submit to anything he was asked to do. Jason and John were sucking down the last of their water. Paul could tell the break was over. John removed the IV and taped cotton over the mark on Paul's arm. Jason was stroking himself to get erect again. Jason motioned for Paul to get up and assume the position. Paul tiredly moved into position presenting his ass to Jason. Jason rolled on a fresh condom. Jason started to press into Paul's ass slowly. John had moved around to the toy counter and was rummaging around. He came back with a thin reedy plastic switch. Jason shook his head. Jason knew that was too advanced for Paul.

"Use the trainer." The trainer was a soft rubbery whip that had fat soft tentacles. Jason knew Paul loved it.

Paul said, "Thank you Jason."

John came back and started to hit Paul with precise expert blows. John hit Paul with incredible force and precision.

Jason pumped into Paul.While Jason pumped, John blistered Paul's ass a bright red, skipped over his kidney area and began to punish his shoulders. Paul started to get hard, his erection bouncing around with Jason's thrusts.

John retrieved some nipple clamps. Jason vetoed his choice, knowing that Paul was not ready for them. John rolled his eyes at Jason. He went to retrieve the smallest clips in Jason's collection and brought a set of weights.

John went around to Paul's chest and quickly clamped each nipple. Paul howled in pain and lost his erection. Jason kept pounding into him. The doctor then attached a weight on each clamp, hanging from small chains. Paul moaned, tears streaming down his face. He continued to whimper in pain as the weights swung around pulling his nipples harshly downward and swinging this way and that.

Jason was watching Paul's chest avidly. Jason loved nipple torture. As Jason pumped into Paul's ass, sweat flew all over the bed from both of them. He watched Paul's nipples being tortured as the weights flung around pulling his nipples this way and that.

John was watching Jason from a standing position, and picked up on Jason's intensity and focus. He felt the risk and he started to get worried about Jason's control. John said, "Change up," but Jason stayed on top of Paul pounding into him. Jason's was dripping with sweat, and his chest was flushed a deep red. John had given them both a Viagra before they started. Clearly Jason was into it and not about to get off Paul.

John wondered if Jason was going to cut the evening short by having an orgasm. They had been fucking Paul for almost 4 hours, except for the 20 minute break where they re hydrated. John knew they were getting close to Paul's physical limits. And they still had the rape scene to do in the bathroom. John was concerned about whether Paul could physically withstand it.

Paul suddenly cried out, "Jason, please, my bladder is full."

Jason clearly did not want to stop fucking Paul. John noted Jason's aggression and that fact that Jason kept pumping into Paul. John signaled Jason to stop. Paul was crying now and begging to pee. John smacked Jason's arm to break his fixation and his focus.

Jason, still inside Paul's ass pulled Paul over to the side of the bed. He reached around to Paul's flaccid dick and pointed it to the floor and said, "Piss Paul."

Paul peed on the floor toward the drain. Jason never stopped fucking Paul during the entire process, but he slowed down so piss did not get all over the bed. Paul's bladder was so full from the water and the IV, he let out a lengthy stream of urine.

When Paul's bladder was empty Jason returned Paul into his earlier position on all fours. Jason wanted to watch the weights swing around on the nipple clamps while he continued to fuck Paul's ass.

Jason lust surged and he desperately wanted to orgasm but decided to hold out for the rape scene. They had planned to allow Paul to think the scene was over and get into the shower. Jason would then forcefully rape Paul, unsuspectingly.

Jason became impatient for the rape scene, and wanted to change it up.

Jason slowed down, and then withdrew from Paul's ass. He pulled off the condom. He leaned down to kiss Paul's back.

"Okay, babe. I think that is it for the night."

Paul was stunned. No orgasms? For anyone?

John removed the nipple clamps and weights. Paul cried out in pain falling against the bed.

Jason and John assisted Paul into the bathroom. Jason was still rock hard. Paul instinctively knew Jason was not done fucking him. Jason got Paul into the shower and soaped him up. Jason wanted to wash John's smell off of him and clean off the lube and spermicide from the condoms. Jason could tell Paul was weak. Jason saw Paul's legs tremble. Jason was incredibly turned on.

Suddenly, as planned, John reached into the shower and roughly pulled Paul out and threw him down on the floor.

The shock on Paul's face was thrilling for Jason. Jason watched transfixed, with his dick in his hands. John pinned Paul by the shoulders while Jason lifted Paul's legs in the air and plowed into his ass. Jason was fucking him bareback again. Jason's eyes rolled back in his head from the skin on skin sensation. Jason reached up to choke Paul for a few seconds. Paul cried out and began to struggle. John further restrained Paul, but also restrained Jason.

Jason let Paul neck go at John's prodding. But Jason continued to aggressively fucked Paul senseless.

Paul feinted.

John made sure that Paul was breathing and his vital signs were stable. He wanted to keep a tight leash on Jason because John knew Jason was off the reservation. Jason was fucking Paul with abandon. Jason never stopped fucking Paul while after he feinted.

Jason was beside himself with lust, pumping into Paul's prone body, John being the medical safety net as the scene played out.

After several minutes, Paul's eyes started to flutter open. Paul began to realize he was still being fucked by Jason. When Jason realized Paul was conscience he reached down and started working on Paul's dick with determination. Paul finally started to respond. John let go of Paul's shoulders now and backed out of the scene giving them some privacy.

Jason was slamming into Paul holding his legs high over his shoulders. Paul began breathing hard and moaning. Every move Paul made was involuntary and not of his own will. Paul was completely under the power of Jason. Paul lost himself savoring the abandon he felt, spasming into an intense orgasm.

Ringlet after ringlet of semen landing on Paul's chest as Jason milked his dick.

Jason took a few more deep strokes inside Paul and lost it. Jason thrust his orgasm inside of Paul's ass and shuddered. Jason fell down onto Paul. They lay there for 20 minutes recovering.

Jason kissed Paul's bruised mouth and whispered his love by saying, "Because you trusted me with no limits today, I'm going to give you my heart forever."


Mara Copa

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