Paul could hear the voices in the kitchen, and felt nervous. He hoped that today worked out well. His primary concern was maintaining his intimacy with Jason. He was still unsure about how to keep a primary relationship in tact while having multiple sexual partners. He had to just trust Jason's experience and try to relax into things.

He went down the hall into the Kitchen. John greeted John and laughed "I understand you gave Jason quite the scare this morning!" Paul smiled and held out his hand to Tammi, John's wife. She had Pan-Asian features, was very tall and lithe, and extremely sensual looking.

She smiled and said, "Hello Paul. I'm so jealous that you are robbing us all of Jason's time. We have enjoyed the past few months that he has been single. He is the most sought after DOM in our group. He has a waiting list into the next decade!"

Paul's eyes fell on the young lady next to Tammi and Paul instantly froze. His first thoughts were that she was not twenty-one. He was not going to fuck a teenager.

Alarm bells sounded in his head and registered on his face. John, used to addressing Jessica's youthful looks stated, "Jessica is a PhD candidate at Brown. She is 26 years old and has been in three 24/7 relationships since turning 18. She prefers to bond with couples but loves to be shared."

Paul absorbed this information. But turned abruptly toward the food.

Jason, sent a signals to John with his eyes. Paul grabbed a plate and solely concentrated on eating and did not participate in the discussion. Jason minimally participated in the group conversation as he watched Paul closely. John also monitored Paul's actions. Jason visibly relaxed when Paul's face became softer about 15 minutes after eating. The food was hitting his system and his blood sugar was starting to stablize. He walked over to Paul and kissed his forehead standing by his chair.

John announced that he and Tammi were leaving and they would send a car for Jessica later. John kissed Jessica's forehead as they left the apartment, and said "This should be interesting."

As he left, he called out to Jason. "please call me if you need anything!"

Jason pointed to a chair in the kitchen and said, "Please sit down and finish your breakfast." Jessica sat down and picked at a muffin. Paul asked her, "What are you studying?"

"Cultural Anthropology. I want to teach." Paul's mind was filling with questions. Jessica had beautiful long curley black hair, and chocolate brown eyes, and flawless skin. She was about 5 ft 4 inches and weighed about 110 lbs. Jason finished rubbing Paul's shoulders and sat down at the table taking a bagel.

Jason started talking, "I've been thinking about the scene today and I want to float my ideas and get both of your thoughts. I'd like to start with some very light sensory play between myself and Paul. I want him to remain unblindfolded so that he can see us both. Jessica I will be giving you instructions. You will be helping me stimulate Paul. We play for about 2 hours, and then break for food and water. I'd like to do another 2 hour session after lunch but I'm still working on that in my mind."

Jason looked at Paul first. "Sound good?" Paul nodded smiling. Jason looked over Jessica. She smiled her assent and said, "I'm in."


Mara Copa


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