Leading him into the bathroom, Jason

visibly switched into his dominant persona.

"Strip down and get into the shower. Paul removed his clothing and got into the shower. Jason soaped them both and rinsed them off. Jason rubbed them both dry with a towel. Paul went to the toilet and urinated. Then he put his forehead on the tank and waited for Jason. Jason breath caught, and murmured his appreciation to Paul. He lifted Paul up and turned him around and kissed him long and lovingly. "Paul, that was very sweet, very submissive. I'm going to let you take care of this task today. He handed the enema bag to Paul.

"Do I have to hold it like yesterday? Paul asked. Jason laughed, "Not as long. That was more for my entertainment value." Jason kissed his forehead and left the bathroom.

When Paul came into the playroom he knelt in front of the platform, a began looking at the ground waiting for Jason.

Jason had a bath towel around his waist and was pulling a few items out of the chest of drawers. Paul could not see what they were. Jason walked over to Paul and slipped a blindfold over his eyes. Now all Paul could do is listen and wait. He heard chains rattling, and heavy equipment moving. Suddenly he could feel Jason close to his face. He waited. He heard the sound of Jason starting to masturbate and felt the movement very near his cheek and nose. He immediately opened his mouth for Jason, leaning out toward him.

Jason said, "Hold still."

Paul went still but kept his mouth open for Jason. Jason kept stroking his dick, and moaned a little for affect to tease Paul. Paul leaned forward ever so slightly. Jason reached down and smacked Paul's ass with his hand."

"Do you want to be spanked today Paul?"

"Yes, please Jason."

"I'm going to try a few things on you today. I'm going to use a strap and a crop on you. Yesterday I used the paddle and a flogger. Which did you prefer Paul."

Paul answered "The flogger."

"Why do prefer the flogger?"

Paul answered, "It stings but it's made of softer material. The paddle made me feel bruised."

Jason continued, "I'm going to hang you from a cross, tied to a pulley system. I will lift you up until your feet barely touch the ground. It's a stress position. Your arms will be bound perpendicular to your body under the cross arms. I don't want any more abrasions on you, so the restraints are gentle and made of cloth. If you feel any pinching or binding, I want you to tell me. If you try to avoid the crop or the strap, I will put the spreader bar on your legs to hold you in place. I'm not going to gag you because I want you to be able to talk and give me feedback. When we get deeper into the scene I'm going to do some nipple play, maybe try a light clamp. Was your ass sore this morning?"

Paul answered, "Yes, very tender from the paddle."

Jason said, "I'll just use the crop then. If it gets too much, we'll go back to the flogger."

Paul said gratefully, "Thank you, Jason."

"Get up." Jason yanked Paul to his feet.

He pulled Paul across the room and placed him against what felt like a wooden post.

Jason said, "Arms out." Paul lifted his arms out to his side, shoulder level. Jason began the process of strapping his arms to the cross, using soft but strong cloth restraints. He frequently stopped to kiss Paul deeply. Jason whispered to Paul, "Babe you were so fucking hot yesterday."

"Thank you, Jason."

"Paul yesterday was about your submission, and giving up control to me. Today is going to be about exploring your limits and preferences. Communication will be very important today. I'm going to try things and ask you for feedback. When you get close to a limit you say, "yellow." When I do something you like or appreciate, you say "Thank you, Jason."

"Thank you Jason."

"What are you thanking me for Paul?"

"Thank you for talking to me and caring about how I feel." Jason stood very still for a second thinking about what Paul said. He felt motivated to kiss Paul again. It lasted for several minutes. It was a long deep intensely sexual kiss that left them both breathless.

When Jason broke the kiss, Paul whispered "Thank you, Jason."

Jason replied, "You are a very good kisser, it was my pleasure Paul."

Jason lifted the cross by pulling hard on a rope connected to a pulley above it, then he secured the rope. Paul was elevated until his toes barely touched the floor, which made him constantly strain to hold himself up. Jason grabbed the crop. He walked around Paul enjoying the look of him hanging there helplessly. He landed a light blow on the back of Paul's thigh.

Paul squirmed and cried, "Yellow."

He could hear Jason jangling something metal. He was attaching the spreader bar to Paul ankles. Jason stood up and embraced Paul from behind kissing his shoulders. He held the length of Jason's body against his back. Jason spoke softly into Paul's ear. "The spreader bar is for your safety and to keep your legs anchored. If you squirm when I'm using a flogger or strap on you, it could cause unintended consequences, like wrap around burns. And I don't want you jerking around and pulling a muscle."

"Thank you, Jason."

Jason began to lightly tap on Paul's body with the crop. It smacked and stung his skin. Paul was still tense, but began to enjoy the light slaps and stings.

"You're not being punished today, Paul.

Jason watched as Paul's body visibly relaxed at his words.

"Thank you, Jason."

Jason continued to lightly smack his skin around his chest area, avoiding the nipples. He softened the strikes and drifted down to Paul's stomach. Paul flinched at each gentle blow, on his stomach. Clearly it was a sensitive area for him. Jason got down to kiss his stomach. He tongued Jason's navel and kissed is entire midsection.

Jason got up and walked around Paul. He started gently tapping the crop on Jason's ass. He started to slowly increase the intensity. Paul's ass quickly became bright red. Paul moaned. Jason reached between Paul's legs from behind and rubbed his balls with his left hand. He lightened the strokes of the crop but moved it to Paul's right shoulder. He avoided Paul's left shoulder because of the injury. He continued to rub Paul's balls in his left hand. He leaned in to Paul's ear and asked him, "Do you like the crop Paul?"

"Breathlessly he said, "Yes, Jason."

"Do you prefer it over the flogger?"

Jason stopped hitting Paul and waited for him to answer.

"The crop has a sharper feel. If you started hitting me harder with it, it would be difficult to tolerate. I really like it when you use it softly." Jason came around to the front of Paul and started to kiss him again. They kissed for several long minutes. He broke the kiss and walked over to his toy table. He picked up on the flogger he had used yesterday.

"Paul you'll recognize this." He started to lightly flog Paul' ass and the back of Paul's legs, in a cris crossing fashion. He increased the intensity in two minute intervals, until finally Paul called out "Yellow." Jason committed the thresh hold of Paul's limit to memory.

Jason dick was hard as a rock. He stopped and leaned into Paul and said sexily, "That was fucking hot. Did you like it?"

Paul answered, "Yes, I can take more from the flogger."

Jason deeply kissed Paul for several minutes as a reward. He reached down and stroked Paul's dick and rubbed his balls. He reached around and rubbed his red ass.

Jason asked, "Do you like it when I rub your ass after spanking you?

Paul answered, "Most of the time. If you beat me hard and long, sometimes it feels too sensitive." Jason fingered Paul's crack and rubbed circles around his hole with his finger.

Paul visible weakened in the restraints and he whispered,

"Thank you Jason."

Jason picked up the KY and lubed his fingers. He stood behind Jason and inserted his middle finger slowly. He moved it back and forth for a full 10 minutes waiting for Paul to relax into the sensations."

"Thank you Jason." Jason pressed into Paul and rubbed around his prostate. Paul held his breath. Jason asked, "Paul, do you like that sensation? Some men like it and some don't. Tell me."

"Yes, Jason. Thank you."

Jason let his finger slip out. He went to his toy table and picked up two of his lightest nipple clips. He came back to Paul. He stood behind Paul and reached around to pull and tug on Paul's nipples. Paul immediately started to try to avoid Jason's touch. "Yellow."

Jason asked, "Are you sore from yesterday?"

Paul answered. "Very sore and sensitive."

Jason, "Then I won't pinch, tug, or pull on them. I'll like to try some light clips. It will hurt like bloody hell when I attach them. But if you can hold on, the pain will dull. Paul tightened up. Jason could tell he was uncomfortable with the idea. "Please try it one time. Keep them on for at least 10 minutes."

Jason waited for Paul's answer expectantly, hoping he would agree. Spanking ass and nipple torture were some of his favorite things. Eventually he wanted to work Paul up to so much more.

Wanting to please Jason, Paul reluctantly answered "Yes, Jason." Jason started stroking his own dick. He murmured his appreciation in Paul's ear. He kissed Paul again deeply. Jason was very aroused now, he picked up one the clips.

"Please don't safe word me babe. It will hurt. Try to tough it out for a few minutes."

He took Paul's right nipple and carefully attached the clip. Paul yelled "Fuck!" Paul's facial expressions registered extreme pain. Paul bit his lip and drew blood. Jason watched it all, stroking his dick, he breath becoming uneven. Jason's eyes went from the clip hanging off Paul's nipple, to Paul's face, and then down to his bit lip. He loved to see Paul writhing like this. He murmured his thanks and kissed Paul's face and licked Paul's bit lip tasking the blood. "Paul, your doing so well. I'm going to attach the other clip now."

Paul begged, "Please Jason, no!"

Jason stopped stroking himself long enough to pull Paul's left nipple out and attach the clip. Paul screamed this time, and cried out "yellow."

Jason started to run his hands up and down Paul's body to distract him from the nipple pain. Paul had no erection and tears were streaming down his face. Jason got on his knees behind Paul and spread his ass cheeks. He licked Jason's ass and rubbed his balls for several minutes. He licked and sucked on Paul's balls nuzzling them. Then he spent a lot of time licking the sweat off of Paul's body. 20 minutes had passed since attaching the the clips. He reached around and tried to get Paul hard. He knew intensity of attaching the clip would have faded by now, and Paul should be feeling the weight of the clip hanging off his nipples and a dull but manageable constant pain.

He stood up to check on Paul. "You okay babe?" He said it so tenderly, it made Paul want to please Jason. He whispered, "Yes, Jason." Jason was elated and began stroking himself. He got down in front of Paul and started sucking his dick and rubbing his balls. He made sure that he used aggressive strokes so that the clips would bounce around on Paul's nipples. He knew most subs found that sensation extremely pleasurable. Paul quickly got very hard now, and was responding to Jason's mouth on his cock. Every 5 or 6 strokes Jason would suck on Paul's balls. He powered sucked on Paul harder, and harder. He looked up to watch the clips bounce around. Paul's legs became weak Jason could feel them tremble. Paul was just hanging in the restraint now completely entranced at the sensation of Jason's power suck on his cock and the weight of the nipple clips pulling on his chest. Jason reached around and inserted his middle finger inside Paul ass and moved it in and out. He slowed the sucking rhythm on Paul's cock to prolong his orgasm. He wanted to overwhelm Paul with pleasurable sensations. Paul was groaning. By now Paul had had the nipple clips affixed for 45 minutes.

He asked, "May I come, Jason?"

Jason let Paul's dick pop out of his mouth and answered "No."

Jason sucked and licked Paul balls while rhythmically penetrating Paul with his finger. Paul's legs were trembling violently and he continued to just hang in the restraints. Jason worshiped on Paul cock for several minutes, never stopping his finger fuck of Paul's ass. He reached down and stroked his own dick, he reached up and gently touched the clips on Paul's nipples. Paul groaned immediately with the sensation.

Jason told Paul, 'I'm going to fuck you now with the nipple clips on." He stood, reached for a condom, and tore it open. He rolled it onto his dick and positioned himself behind Paul. Jason pushed into Paul slowly. He moved in and out of him for a few minutes loosening him up. Jason breath was ragged because he was so turned on. Then he started to pound into Paul now, knowing the nipple clips would swing around on Paul's nipples. He reached around and started jacking Paul again.

Paul cried out, "May I come please?." Jason was so fucking close to coming himself.

He wanted to go longer but he lost control watching the clips bounce around on Paul's chest. Raggedly he agreed, "Yes Paul." Paul's body immediately started to spasm, ejaculate shooting three feet in the air. As soon as he felt Paul's orgasm started, he let go into Paul's ass. When he finally became still inside Paul's ass, They hung there for several minutes; Paul hanging from the cross and Jason clinging to him from behind. The moment was so delicious Jason did not want it to end.

Slowly Jason withdrew and tore off the condom. He walked around to Paul and quickly removed the clips trying to minimize the shock and pain of the action. Paul cried out. He threw the condom and the clips on the floor and embraced Paul in a tender and loving embrace, rubbing Paul's back. Jason kissed Paul and told him how pleased he was. He bent down and took the spreader bar off of his ankles. He took several minutes to rub his hands up and down Paul's legs. He lowered the pulley system so Paul's feet were planted flat on the ground. He began unfastening the arm restraints. Jason had to hold Paul to keep him from falling; Paul's legs were so weak. They had been going for 3 full hours. He had to get Paul cleaned up and ready for John visit.

Suddenly there was a wrap on the playroom door as it opened. John took a look at Jason holding Paul up. He looked up to the cross, the nipple clips, the used condom, the flogger, and the crop. Paul's whole body was red and blotchy. There was sweat and KY all over Paul and the floor. Jason slipped Paul's blindfold off, still supporting Paul. "John, help me get him to the bathroom."

John quickly walked over. They got on either side of Paul and started walking him to the bathroom. Paul legs faltered. He was trembling and weak from being kept in a stress position for three hours on his toes. They caught and steadied him.

"Help me hold him in the shower while I wash him." Paul, not wanting to shower with John, tried to steady himself, and said "Let me sit down on the floor for a while, I'll be fine," but John was already stripping of his clothes. They got him into the shower and turned on the water. Jason was in front of Paul, and John was behind him holding him up. His arms threaded under Paul's armpits and up over Paul's shoulders.

Jason, unable to help himself started to get another erection at seeing Paul so helpless and weak and the way John was holding him. He focused on soaping Paul up, rubbing his body gently. When he touched Jason nipples, Paul yelped. That made Jason's dick harder and he began to stroke himself. Jason momentarily allowed himself to fantasize about forcing fucking Paul in his weakened state. Then he started to imagine both he and John force fucking Paul. Jason chest became flush with desire, he was not able to tear his eyes away from Paul. Jason looked up to catch John looking intensely at Jason and shaking his head emphatically.

The next thing Paul remembered was waking up in Jason's bed, with the IV in his arm. Jason was sitting in a chair by the bed with a stricken look on his face. John had been rubbing Paul's extremities. He was fully dressed, his touch was clinical. "Paul, you fainted for a few minutes. I'm going to stick around for a while to monitor you. I think your fine, you were just kept in a stress position far too long by your infatuated impulsive adolescent lover."

Paul laid back and closed his eyes thinking about the session today. He had loved the session today. He loved how Jason had talked to him. He was actually glad he had tried the clamps, even though they hurt like hell going on. He felt very relaxed and sleepy. He did not even mind the doctor. He was starting to get used to him. Paul drifted off.

Jason gently roused Paul an hour later with a bowl of soup and sourdough bread from the deli. He helped Paul sit up in bed, relieved that Paul seemed to be in good spirits.

"Paul, I know the session was intense today. We were so into things I did not watch the time. I kept you up on your toes too long."

Paul looked puzzled, "Today was the best session yet for me. I loved the way you asked me questions and talked to me. I liked that I was not being punished. The nipple clamps are fucking hot as hell." Paul couldn't not imagine going back to having plain missionary sex with an unresponsive women after his experiences with Jason. He was completely and utterly smitten.

Jason was ecstatic that Paul enjoyed the session. He knew he had to start exhibiting better situational awareness and control with Paul to keep things safe and on track.

He asked Paul, "Do you feel up to your surprise tomorrow?"

"The girl? Paul asked

"Yes, Jessica."

"Can you tell me a little more about what you have in mind? I can't see myself doing what you do to a women."

"I was thinking more about light sensory play centered on you." Paul smiled and said, "I won't say no to that," and wolfed down the rest of his food.

Jason jumped up to call John. Jason happily shared Paul's feedback on the session. He was jubilant. John admonished Jason to keep things under control, and told him he should have lowered the pulley after the first hour to allow Paul to stand normally.

John became quiet and then asked, "Jason, what happened in the shower?"

Jason tried to explain, "Seeing him like that, it just...I guess I let myself fantasize for a few minutes about forcing him into sex while you were holding him."

John sighed. "We have a lot in common. But it has to be consensual; you would have to get him to agree to it. He'd have to agree to go through a long hard scene and then agree again to be force fucked afterward. An explicit agreement that leaves no doubt what would be in store for him. Does he have rape fantasy or a desire to get gang banged?"

"Not that he has ever shared with me, but he's was a vanilla wonder when I met him a month ago."

John agreed to drop Jessica off at 9:00am and check on Paul.


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