All three were back in the playroom. Jessica stripped off her tee-shirt and knelt. Paul frowned. Jason said, "Vanilla, Jessica." and told her to get on the bed. Jason stood looking down at her and started rubbing himself. Paul was standing next to Jason. Jason looked over at Paul. He knew Paul was having a great time. He wanted Paul to enjoy himself.

"What are you thinking about, Paul?"

Paul answered, "How beautiful she is."

Jason laughed a little and said, "She's taken, Paul. Only a loan. You can't keep her."

Paul laughed too. But he did not want to keep Jessica. He wanted to keep Jason. Paul looked over at Jason and admired his strong lean body and spectacular abs. At that moment he wanted to touch Jason. He came closer and whispered, "May I?"

Jason, glanced at Paul, and nodded. Paul got closer and wrapped his arms around Jason and leaned in to kiss Jason's nipple. Jason stood up straight and started directing Paul by controlling his head location. He also told Paul where to lick. Paul backed away. That was not what he had in mind. He would try again later. Maybe when they were alone. Paul got down on the bed and lay a top Jessica and began to kiss her and play with her breasts. He could feel Jason sit down on the edge of the bed and feel Jason's hands starting to touch his legs and backside.

Paul reached for a condom and rolled it on. He checked for Jessica's agreement and then entered her. His thrusts were leisurely and he was running his hands through her hair, and over her breasts. He touched and played with her piercings, his eyes consuming her beauty. He felt Jason's hands get more sexual. He was rubbing his crack and he could feel Jason move behind him.

Jason grabbed a condom. He had gotten really turned on watching Paul touch Jessica. He wanted to join the fun. He ripped open the condom and rolled it on. He positioned himself over Paul, and slowly started to penetrate him. Paul held still while Jason took several slow strokes.

Jason waited for Paul to adjust to the penetration. Paul was shocked at how pleasurable it was to be fucked while he was fucking. Paul, deeply aroused reached back for Jason, signally to him he wanted to be kissed. Jason leaned around to Paul, kissing him deeply for several minutes. As he kissed Paul, he pushed into him rhythmically. The force of his thrusts caused Paul to push into Jessica. Paul relaxed and let Jason take charge.

Jason kissed Paul's back,his neck, and pulled Paul's head back far enough to keep his tongue deeply in Paul's mouth. He stepped up the intensity, He reached around to Paul's chest and started to play with his nipples. He pinched them, but only lightly. Jason reached down to Paul's hips and held them for a while, pumping into him. He lifted up and tried to get deeper into Paul.

Jessica's boobs were bouncing wildly around from Jason's thrusts. Jason had not had an orgasm today and he was getting near climax to quickly. He slowed his pace and began kissing Paul again.

Jason saw that Paul was not focusing on Jessica at all. Paul was focused solely on Jason's and his face registering ecstasy and abandon.

"Paul do you want to suck Jessica's nipples."

Jason did not think Paul even heard what he had asked. Jason tried to move up higher onto Paul to get deeper into his ass. He gripped Paul's shoulders for leverage. He started fucking Paul really hard. Jason pulled Paul's head back and kissed him again, thrusting his tongue into Paul's throat.

Paul breath ragged his voice barely audible, "Jason, I'm coming."

Jason made sure he was pinching Paul's nipples hard as Paul shuddered into his orgasm." He kept his momentum going and even increased the force as he felt Paul surfaced from his orgasm. Jason loved Paul's helpless state just after an orgasm. He knew it was a very vulnerable moment. He would treasure future opportunities to victimize and violate Paul in a weakened state after orgasm.

Jason sped up his strokes to a frenetic and intense pace. He grabbed Paul around the neck and squeezed, Paul chocked. Jason shuddered and groaned loudly, violently spasming into Paul.

Paul had collapsed on Jessica, and now Jason had fallen against Paul. After they caught their breathes, they slowly untangled. Jason jumped up to get the Hitachi wand. He plugged it in by the bed. He quickly got Jessica to orgasm rubbing her breasts and massaging her clit.

"He asked her, "Do you want another?"

"No, I'm good."

He put the wand up.

"Jessica, please go shower and clean up and then go into the living room."

Jason got back on the bed with Paul who was still laying on his stomach. Jason laid down on top of Paul, and wrapped his arms around him. Jason kissed Paul's neck and shoulders.

Paul reached over and lightly touched Jason's arm that was wrapped around him. It was a light feathery very sweet touch.

Jessica breezed through the playroom and went into the living room.

Jason whispered in Paul's ear, "Want to take a bath together?"

Paul smiled, "Sounds nice! But what about Jessica?"

"I will see her out real quick." Jason had stripped off his condom but he was still naked. He walked into the living room and thanked Jessica. He called John to tell her she was ready to be picked up.

When he bent and kissed her forehead, Jessica whispered. "John was right you are absolutely smitten."


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