Paul was shell shocked. Jason steered him quickly off the bus, and into a nearby cab. They were headed home. Paul looked down to his jeans and saw that he had semen leaking through the denim. Jason was looking down at the stain, still turned on.

God, Jason was so fucking kinky.

Jason rubbed his own dick through his jeans as he stared at the cum stain on Paul's jeans. The cab dropped them at Jason's building and they hopped out. Paul let his hand fall across his crotch to hide the wet stain. They went quickly to the elevators and road up to Jason's apartment.

They were barely through the door when Jason tackled Paul. He threw him on the floor and pulled off Paul's pants. Jason's face was flushed and he was on fire to fuck Paul. He stripped Paul of every piece of clothing and then stripped himself.

Jason laid Paul on his back in the entryway. Jason pulled Paul's legs up over Jason's shoulders. He positioned himself to penetrate Paul. No condom, skin on skin. Their eyes locked with the shared knowledge of Jason's intentions. Paul nodded. Jason was could barely contain himself. Jason willed himself to not lose control.

Jason had never actually experienced penetration without a condom due to the risks associated with sex with multiple partners and the extreme kink he engaged in.

Jason was breathing harshly and raging with lust for Paul. He slowly pressed into Paul, maintaining eye contact with him. Paul's beautiful grey eyes looking back at him. Jason's whole upper body was flushed with his desire. The first few strokes were controlled, but a damn broke inside of Jason and every move after became urgent and intense. Jason was enthralled with the intense skin on skin sensation.

Jason eyes were closed, Paul was holding Jason's ass, and loving every thrust Jason made inside him.

Paul whispered, "I love you, Jason."

Jason's eyes fluttered open during the intensity of the moment. He looked into Paul's beautiful gray eyes. Jason bent his head and kissed Paul deeply. Jason then lifted Paul's legs up higher up on his shoulders, so he could penetrate him more deeply. Jason breath was coming fast. He began to thrust into Paul erratically like a schoolboy.

Jason seized up in a sudden intense orgasm. He ejaculated into Paul with abandon. After the last spasm Jason collapsed weakly on top of Paul. They lay on the floor for several minutes recovering.

Jason told Paul "I love you, too."

Jason was still lying on top of Paul. Jason had just uttered words to Paul that left him feeling completely vulnerable and exposed. Jason felt he had just handed Paul absolute power over him.

Jason looked down at Paul. His beautiful eyes were looking back at him, filled with love and adoration. Emotion washed over Jason. He was suddenly glad he told Paul that he loved him. He just need to dominate him now to emphasize their roles.

Paul had been lying very still thinking about the implications of what they had just done. He thought about Jason's lifestyle and the implications of unsafe sex. He knew that John had tested them both and at that moment they were clean. But he considered the odds going forward.

Jason continued to kiss Paul, effusively. Paul tried to enjoy it but remained a bit tense with lingering worry. He would have to address this issue. Paul announced, "I want to amend our agreement."

Jason held very still and looked searchingly into Paul's eyes. Jason's mind raced.

Fuck me, its already starting. He's going to try and make me his little bitch. He's going to lay down his fucking rules now that he knows I love him. He's already a holy fucking terror in the morning.

Jason waited expectantly. He started to envision Paul telling him what to wear each day to work ordering Jason around the apartment.

"Can we take a shower and get dressed?" Paul added, "I'm hungry."

Jason got up from the floor and walked toward the master bathroom attached to the playroom. His mind immediately raced with ways to avoid what felt like impending doom pressing down on him. Jason would choke Paul, beat his ass for hours, and fuck his face until he became unconscious. He knew he had the power to break Paul's spirit down so low that he would never consider making demands on Jason. Or he could choke Paul, beat his ass, and leave him chained in the playroom, depriving him of any contact with Jason, until he was more submissive.

Jason pondered his options. He had no idea what Paul was going to throw at him but he was determined to head it off per-emptively. He had a strong urge to fuck Paul up tonight, and hard. Jason was mentally fighting John's training in his head.

John would never agree to an extreme scene in the context of intense emotion and fear combined with a lack of planning.

Jason recognizing he was in the danger zone instinctively grabbed his phone.

To Paul he said, "Paul, jump in the shower. I'll order some food."

Once Paul was out of earshot, Jason called John.

When John answered, Jason said, "Houston, we have a problem."

Jason told John everything. Jason shared his thoughts and impulses with John. John listened quietly, finally saying.

"Jason, you and I have known each other for ten years. In all of that time, I have never seen you engage with anyone as deeply and emotionally as you have with Paul. You innately have a very dangerous edge to you because you sexually trigger on vulnerability. That why I have always kept a strong handle on you. I have a concern about mixing your natural inclinations and the raw emotion you may be feeling now for Paul. Jason, its just too risky. Don't do it. Or don't do it alone. I'll come if you need me."

Jason knew John was right. He did not want to hurt Paul. It was 6:00pm on Saturday evening. He was supposed to be giving Paul's body a rest. He knew he was being erratic and needed John's help.

He said into the phone, "John, I need you. Please come."


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