Jason did not see Paul again for the remainder of week. On Friday he had compiled all his research on the firms Paul has given him. Jason sent up the reports to Paul via email


I enjoyed our discussion Monday. I've attached the analysis on the firms you requested.


Jason considered writing more but thought better of it. He would let Paul come to him when he was ready. Within one minute of hitting SEND, Jason's desk phone rang. He answered seeing it was Paul extension on the caller ID..."Jason Cross".

Paul asked, "Would I have to enter into some type of agreement to ask you out for a drink or dinner?"

Jason laughed, "Why don't you just come to my house after work today? I get the sense you're going to want to continue our discussion from Monday. It will be more private, swing by at 6:00pm? I will text you my address and tell the doorman to expect you." Jason wrapped up the rest of his work and went home.

Paul rang the bell at exactly 5:59pm. Jason answered the door. He was wearing very faded blue jeans with a black t-shirt. He looked relaxed and very sensual. The jeans had holes strategically located to show off his tan legs. The black tee-shirt fit tightly and showed off a perfect upper body. Jason's feet were bare. "Please come in".

Paul walked into the apartment and was overwhelmed with the view of the city skyline. Paul walked into the living area and gazed out of the expansive floor to ceiling windows to the street far below. Paul just said simply, "Wow."

Jason noticed Paul was still wearing his work clothes. Jason asked "May I take your jacket?" Paul quickly slipped it off.  Paul also loosened up his tie and stuck it into one of the coat pockets before Jason took it away.

Jason carefully placed the coat on the coat rack, and then he leaned down to the coat and inhaled the scent of Paul on the jacket. Paul watched from across the room, stunned. He wants to smell me?

Jason left the coat rack and walked into the kitchen area and asked "Would you like a drink?" I'm having a glass of Chardonnay."

Paul walked over to the counter and sat down at the bar. "That works."

Jason poured them both a glass and came around the bar to sit down beside Paul.

Paul smiled conspiratorially, "I want to see the dungeon room."

Jason replied, "I know you do. But let's talk first. Did you do any research after we spoke on Monday?"

Laughing, Paul answered "You know I did. I was online for at least 3 hours that night. I think I googled every possible variation of BDSM imaginable. "

Jason asked gently, "What are your initial thoughts?"

Paul thought for a moment, "Titillating and maybe a little confusing at the same time. When my marriage broke up, I think I slipped into a funk. I have spent so much of my life trying to be successful and running this company. It just all seems a little empty now. Maybe I'm toying with the idea of decadence and promiscuity as a way to feel something again. Maybe I should skip the kink and just see a therapist."

Jason offered a suggestion; "What if we experiment tonight with some very mild sensory play; no pressure. You can call things off if you feel uncomfortable. No real bondage play, only light restraints. There will be no serious pain involved. But it will address something you alluded to; about your need to feel."

Jason continued, "I would blindfold you and put you in a suggestive and exposed position, and touch you. I'll trust you to communicate what your boundaries are, and if I'm approaching them. Tell me. I need you to trust that I will respect those boundaries."

Paul looked a little concerned, "How exactly do you want to touch me?"

There was shift Jason's demeanor. Jason's voice became more authoritative. "I will not penetrate you in any way tonight orally or anally. But I will touch you anywhere on your body that pleases me, with my hands and with my mouth." Jason stood up and refilled Paul's glass and looked directly into Paul's eyes.

Paul felt a tremor of fear. He wondered whether or not he really wanted to try this. Trying kink was one thing. Trying kink with another dude seemed a little extreme. What the hell was Paul getting himself into?

Jason watched Paul's thought process play out on his face and offered, "why not just try it, just this once? We can stop if you start feel uncomfortable."

Paul took a deep breath and quickly made the decision, "Okay, I'll try it once. But I want a safe word."

Jason smiled at Paul's newly acquired knowledge and suggested, "Let's use "YELLOW" to indicate things are too intense or you need me to check your comfort level. RED is for stop. I will immediately stop the scene if you say RED. Do you understand, Paul?"

Paul noticed how authoritative Jason was being. It was arousing. Paul could feel his body respond to Jason's tone of voice. Paul answered quietly, "Yes, I understand."

Jason stood up and took Paul's wine glass to the sink and said "Let's go visit the play room." As they walked down the hall to toward a closed door, Paul's heart started to beat double time. What had he gotten himself into? Did he just offer to be some guys fuck toy?

Jason turned to Paul sensing his unease.

"Paul, when I open this door I'm going to explain how things in the room work and answer your questions. Don't let what you see overwhelm or scare you. Afterward, and only if you're comfortable, I'd like you to go into the bathroom and take off all of your clothes. I'd like you to shower. There will be an extra toothbrush set out for you. Please kneel down and wait for me by the platform."

"Paul asked earnestly, "so I have to kneel down like they do in the porn videos? Like a sex slave?"

"Jason answered, "Similar. I have my own variation. I will give you instructions as you need to receive them."

And with that, Jason opened the door to the playroom.

It was obviously the master bedroom in the apartment because it had a large attached bathroom. Paul looked around in awe. There were heavy bars hanging from the ceiling, cris-crossing the entire length of the room. There were several free standing devices obviously used for bondage.

There was a platform on one end of the room and a bed on the other end. The floor was tile and had a drain. Paul guessed that was for bodily fluids.

Along the wall there were rings and irons. On the far wall there was a chest with deep drawers, and a bench and rack with various tools and objects. He could see hooks, chains, handcuff's and leather collars. Paul recognized dildos, butt plugs, and vibrators of various sizes and shapes.

To put Paul at ease, Jason told him, "The only thing we are going to use in here tonight is the platform, a blindfold, and a light cloth restraint on your wrists. Are you comfortable with that?" Paul, still dazed, nodded slowly.

Jason made sure that Paul understood who was calling the shots. "I want you to go shower for me, and then wait at the base of the platform on your knees. You have exactly 10 minutes."

Jason left the playroom to get his iPod. He had a playlist already chosen for this evening. It was a collection of very sensual rhythmic new age music. He went into his bedroom and grabbed several ties. Jason did not want to use leather or metal on Paul the first time.

Jason realized how crucial tonight was in getting Paul to trust him. His goal was to assault Paul's senses, to intoxicate him with erotic sensations, and to awaken him. Once done, Jason knew he would be able to eventually push Paul's boundaries. Eventually, he wanted Paul to let go and give in completely to him. Jason was intoxicated with Paul. 

Jason checked his watch and returned to the play room. He found Paul naked on his knees, trying to look at the floor, but surreptitiously peeking up at him.  Paul looked uncomfortable. Jason felt an erection starting in his balls.  Jason knelt down in front of Paul and grabbed Paul's chin firmly, and looked into his eyes.

"Paul, you look sexy. Don't ever be ashamed to be in front of me. Your body is perfect. You have a runner's build. I really like that."

To emphasize Jason's pleasure he reached out and touched Paul's belly lightly. Jason's hand trailed up Paul's stomach and stopped at Paul's chest. There was a faintest matte of blond hair around his Paul's nipples.  Jason brushed each nipple quickly and then continued up to Paul's face.  Jason grabbed Paul's chin again looked deeply into Paul's eyes.

"Paul, your eyes are everything to me. They tell me what you're thinking and feeling. I always want to see them. When you are waiting for me and when we are not engaged, I want you to look at the floor. When I engage you, I want you to look at me in the eyes, unless I tell you otherwise to punish you."

You are always to look at me. Paul, do you understand?"

Paul was mesmerized by Jason's commanding presence and softly answered "Yes." Paul felt exposed, naked in front of Jason with an erection starting.  

"Paul, I want you to answer "Yes, Jason. Always say my name when I speak to you." Jason's commanding tone entranced Paul. Paul corrected his mistake and answered, "Yes, Jason."

As a reward Jason touched Paul's lips with his thumb. "Your mouth is beautiful. You have a very sexy mouth." Jason spent a few moments looking at Paul's mouth. 

Jason looked at Paul's lean torso and then slowly his eyes traveled down to Paul's erect cock. Jason had never seen a more perfect cock. It was straight and strong, pointing north. 

Jason murmured, "Very, very nice." Paul's breath caught in his throat.

Paul felt suddenly desperate to please Jason. Jason removed his own shirt. Paul's eyes drank in the view of Jason's chest. Jason was perfect. 

Jason unbuttoned the top snap on his faded denims and started to move his zipper downward and saw Paul's eyes widen.  It wasn't quite panic. But Jason sensed alarm so he stopped.

Taking charge of the situation, Jason said, "Paul, I'm going to restrain and blindfold you. I want you to just ease into the situation and try to relax. Try to focus on your senses. Feel everything, smell everything, and taste everything."

Jason walked across the room. "I'm going to start some music."

"Once you're blindfolded, I'm going to edge you a little. It will be solely sensory stimulation. No serious pain. Are you comfortable with that?"

Paul beautiful grey eyes looked at Jason submissively, and he answered quietly, "Yes, Jason."

"Look down." Jason commanded.

After Jason started the music he restrained Paul's arms in two places. First his wrists, behind his back. Then again at his elbows to create a stress position to keep Paul on edge, and a little uncomfortable.

The restraint at the elbow pulled Paul's shoulders back and pushed his chest out. Jason took one of his cloth neck ties and covered Paul's eyes.

Jason corrected Paul's kneeling position forcefully by pulling Paul's knees out so Paul was displayed more prominently.

Jason smacked the inside of Paul's knees to reinforce the desired position. The action stunned Paul because he did not anticipate it.

Jason leaned in close to Paul's ear and whispered, "Don't ever close your legs to me, do you understand, Paul?"

Paul answered softly "Yes, Jason."

Once Jason had the restraints on Paul, he reached down and smacked Paul's ass hard with his bare hand, clearly catching Paul off guard again. Paul stiffened up and righted himself quickly. Jason could almost feel Paul's heart race.  Jason was becoming very aroused.  Jason saw Paul's jaw tighten. Jason reached down and rubbed Paul's ass.

Jason leaned forward and whispered into Paul's ear, "You have a beautiful ass, Paul. I would love to stick my tongue in it. So perfect."

Jason could see Paul's face and chest flush from his comment. Jason rubbed himself through his jeans. 

Paul's erection had waned a bit after the slap and now it surged again at Jason's voice.

Jason noted this.  Jason reached down and lightly slapped Paul's erection. Paul flinched instinctively. Jason reached down again and began rubbing Paul's cock with several long hard strokes. Paul groaned and swayed at bit at Jason's aggressiveness. 

Jason then smacked Paul's ass again, harder this time.

The rhythmic music played in the background, a perfect complement to Jason's ministrations.

Jason stood perfectly still beside Paul for a moment, not moving. He could tell Paul was straining to sense Jason's next move. Good. Paul was tuning into his other senses. This pleased Jason.

Jason murmured his appreciation into Paul's ear. Paul was fixated on Jason's voice. Jason reached down and sensuously rubbed Paul's ass cheeks. Jason ran his hand up and down Paul's back several times sensually.

Paul's chest flushed again with pleasure. When Jason felt Paul start to relax, he slapped his ass again, hard. Paul made a small yelp.  Jason could tell the Paul was now hyper alert and tense.

Jason  knew he could easily make Paul feel violated, but he did not want that. That would come later. Jason began to gently and sensually caress Paul's ass again.

"Paul you are so fucking gorgeous. Your ass is amazing and so sexy.  I want your ass, Paul. I love seeing you kneel in front of me."  Jason's voice was low and intense, right next to Paul's ear. Paul was fixated on Jason's voice and words, his breath becoming uneven as he listened to Jason's seductive voice.

Jason whispered to Paul, "Do you know how hard I get looking at you? I love your dick. You have a beautiful, perfect dick."

Jason looked down at Paul's hard dick, and then at Paul's chest. Jason began rubbing Paul's chest. "I love your nipples. You're going to beg me to punish them." Paul was transfixed by the sound of Jason's voice.  Paul's breath became more labored. 

Talking in that intense authoritative tone, Jason began to slowly stroke Paul's dick again.

"I can smell the soap you used in the shower. I can smell your sweat." Jason leaned in to kiss Paul's shoulder and inhale his scent deeply.

Jason reached around to work Paul's nipples, pinching them.

Jason slapped Paul's chest lightly, startling him again.

Jason then let his hands roam all over Paul's body. Every minute or so he reached for Paul's erection and gave it 3 or 4 strokes. After about seven minutes of this Paul was close to orgasm. Paul's body was taut with desire and yearning. Every sense that Paul had was fully engaged with Jason. 

Jason could not believe how incredibly responsive Paul's body was. Jason leaned in close to Paul's ear, "You smell delicious,"  and sprinkled Paul's neck in small light kisses trailing down his shoulder.

Jason smacked Paul's ass again, hard. Paul almost fell over from the surprise and the force of the blow.  Paul's erection flagged a bit. Jason reached down and steadied Paul. Jason re-positioned himself directly behind Paul so Paul would feel the length of his body and Jason's erection.

"Paul, do you know what I want? What I need?"

Paul answered leaning back again Jason, helplessly, "No Jason, please tell me what you want and need."

Jason reached down and massaged Paul's balls. They were amazing, and so full.

"Beautiful, Paul. Perfect. So perfect," he whispered in Paul's ear, as he massaged and handled Paul's balls in his hands. Paul whimpered, he instinctively turned into Jason's neck and tried to kiss it.

Jason put his mouth next to Paul's right ear and whispered seductively, "I want complete and total submission; can you do that for me, Babe?" Paul registered the endearment, and felt Jason's mouth on his check and neck. It made Paul's heart race.

Paul wanted to please and tantalize Jason. Paul hesitated but answered honestly, "I think so, Jason."

Still behind Paul, Jason grinded against Paul's ass through his jeans. At the same time Jason put his arms around Paul torso and stroked his cock.

Jason, whispered in Paul's ear, "Babe, I'm going to jerk you off with my hand while I play with your chest, and rub your balls. You have beautiful balls. I'm going to worship them. I can't wait to taste them."

Paul breath became ragged and Jason thought Paul was lose it. Paul was struggling to process Jason's words, and felt bombarded with sexual stimulation.  Paul whispered "Yes, Jason."

Jason desperately wanted the physical release of an orgasm. But he wanted Paul emotionally and sexually engaged more than any immediate gratification for himself. Jason continued to stroke Paul with his right hand and let his free hand alternate between Paul's chest and caressing his balls.

Paul was straining back against Jason.

Paul moaned and said in low breathless tone, "Jason, I'm coming..." and just as he finished the sentence Paul shuddered and groaned shooting ringlets of semen into the air and onto the floor.

Jason rubbed Paul's dick until he squeezed out every ounce of semen. Paul's legs weakened and he fell back against Jason.

Jason whispered into Paul's ear, "Very sexy and very hot."

Paul, still surfacing from the orgasm felt pleasure in the words murmured against his ear. Jason held onto Paul and waited for him to get his strength back. When he felt Paul move to steady himself, he whispered into Paul's ear again. "Come shower with me."

Paul answered with a nod. Jason helped Paul into a standing position. Jason removed the blind fold and he removed the arm restraints.  Jason rubbed Paul's arms and wrists to make sure the circulation was restored. "Come, babe," and he led Paul into the bathroom.

Jason started the shower and looked into Paul's eyes to try and gauge his emotions. The whole session had not lasted more than 30-45 minutes. Paul was so incredibly responsive, and so pent up. 

Jason craved Paul's full submission. But Jason needed to stay focused on the end game. Jason gently rubbed Paul's back while he waited for the shower to warm up.

Jason stripped off his jeans. It was the first time he was fully naked with Paul.  Jason was still rock hard. Paul looked down at Jason's dick and started to ask, "Do you want me to..." Jason shook his head.

Jason pulled Paul into the shower and asked huskily, "What about you, was it too much? How do you feel?" 

Paul replied, "I think I'm just a bit shell shocked". Jason responded to that by pulling Paul into a close embrace. They stood in the shower, in this incredibly intimate hug.

Paul reveled in the attention Jason gave him. Paul loved the way Jason focused and complimented him on his body and the sexy way Jason spoke to him.

Paul was so intoxicated with Jason. Paul had never had a more intense sexual experience in his life. Paul was smitten and knew he would ultimately submit to Jason's need to dominate him.


Mara Copa

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