Paul woke up in a strange place, smelling strange food, and hearing strange voices. He always surfaced from sleep slowly, even reluctantly. Paul fought conscientiousness, willing himself back to darkness.

Moments later, Paul resurfaced with a full bladder. He wobbled to the bathroom. He remembered they were in Jamaica. He remembered the deal and the celebrations. Then he remembered the sex with Jason last night. Damn. Now he could not pee. Shit, fuck, and hell. He hung there 10 minutes over the toilet with a bladder about to explode and a god damned woodrow blocking his pee pipe.

Paul was pissed. He willed himself to thinking of puppies, trash, bad sushi, ugly women, and diseased body parts, until finally he lost his erection and was able to pee. Paul moaned his relief as the powerful stream of urine left his body. How could peeing be so sweet?

Paul shuffled down the hall in his underwear frown affixed. He stood at the entrance to living room/ kitchen combo. There was a large black Caribbean women standing at the stove cooking. Jason was happily standing next to her trying to steal bites when she let down her guard.

Jason sensed his lover was in the room, and moved quickly to pour Paul's coffee. Jason registered Paul's frown, and sighed. It would be a long morning.Jason walked back to Yvonne and whispered, "Remember what I told you?"

Yvonne started plating up a traditional Caribbean breakfast and placing it on the breakfast bar. Paul was still standing in his underwear, holding his coffee like a lifeline, and looking distrustfully at Yvonne. Paul would occasionally gaze disgustedly at Jason.

Yvonne hollered, "Come git your food, " the sound jarred Paul's senses, making him frown even more. Jason happily plopped down, filling his plate. Jason took a little of everything. He piled his plate with plantains, chicken and white rice, boiled egg, salt fish casserole, and johnny cakes. Jason munched merrily away and complimented Yvonne on his favorite dishes.

Paul began to slowly approach the bar. He eventually sat down. Jason jumped up to re-fill Paul's coffee, expertly making it just like Paul liked. Paul was still frowning and looking at the food. Paul did not do well with change or variation in his diet.

"Babe, eat this boiled egg. I salted and peppered it."Jason set it on a saucer in front of Paul. Paul frowned at the egg like it was an insect.

Paul wanted his fruit, granola, and Greek yogurt. Jason understood Paul's feelings by watching his face and said, "Babe, we are on vacation, and our diet is going to be different this week. Let's try new things."

Paul sipped his coffee for a few more minutes. Jason engaged Yvonne in small talk about her family and her village. Somewhere along the way Paul picked up the boiled egg and took a bite. In two more bites the egg was gone. Jason winked at Yvonne. Jason put a bit of chicken and rice on Paul's plate encouraged him to try it. Paul's frowny face came out again.He did not believe chicken and rice was an appropriate breakfast food.

Jason picked up a fork, and scooped up a bite to feed Paul, "Try it, Babe. It's comfort food." Paul opened his mouth as Jason fed him several bites of the chicken and rice. Slowly Paul began to perk up. Next Jason offered perfectly ripe slices of avocado and vine ripe tomatoes. Paul wolfed them down with no hesitation. Jason introduced the plantains.

Paul frowned at them. Jason said, "Try it, Babe." Paul took a bite of one plantain. He mulled it around in his mouth thinking about the taste, and then took a few more bites.

Paul looked over at the fruit. Jason knew how much Paul loved fruit. He piled fruit on Paul's plate and began to feed him berries, pineapple, mango, and starfruit. Paul readily ate until he was absolutely full, sighing with content. Frowny Paul had disappeared and sweet Paul had came out. Jason loved both, but adored sweet Paul just a stitch more.

Yvonne cleaned up and asked the boys, "So you anti men?" Jason, not understanding her question exactly, but getting her drift, asked Yvonne "Paul is my lover, do you have a problem with that?"

Yvonne laughed out loud. "My youngest son is anti-man. Leonard is the gardener here. We have anti man here in Jamaica! But be careful in the villages. White anti man should not go to the villages without protection." Jason processed the information and filed it. Jason asked Yvonne how often she would come during the week.

"I will make sure you have food 3 times a day. If you choose to go out, no worries mon. I will put the food into the fridge. I don't get sad if you toss it. I will shop for you and clean the house daily. The earliest I will come is 8:00am and the latest I will be here is 5:00pm. But I will leave you what you need to eat and stay comfortable at the villa in the evenings."

"Dawson and Lesroy oversee the property. They live in a house down the hill a ways. One or both of them are always on property, as will be several security guards. The guards do a rotation of 8 hour shifts 24 hours a day. They will not come inside unless you request them too. They are armed."

Jason gave his thanks to Yvonne, and then gleefully pulled Paul into the bedroom to dress for the days adventures. Jason began to bounce around and bark orders.

"Paul, get the 30, 50, and 70 sunblock. I have our snorkels, fins, and flotation devices in this bag." Jason held the bad up for effect. He continued, "We need towels, water shoes, and an extra change of clothes."

Jason noticed that frowny face Paul came back out. Jason rushed to Paul, "Babe, what?"

Paul asked, "What are our plans today?"

Jason, beating on himself mentally for his stupidity, pulled out a copy of the schedule for the day. Jason also showed Paul the schedule for the rest of the week. Jason wanted Paul to be comfortable and be able to change things if necessary. Paul was thrilled with the schedule. Paul smiled and said, "Thank you, Jason."

It was Monday morning, their first full day in Jamaica. Packed for the days events, thanks to Jason's project management skills, they headed off to jet ski and snorkel. Jason had found a water sports provider that would trailer jet skis and take Jason and Paul to more remote locations. Jason had arranged for 2 jet ski's for 4 hours and a full catered lunch. As Lesroy drove them toward their destination they watched the scenery and took in views of the island and beautiful Caribbean ocean. They were both smiling like school kids.

Jason grabbed a bag that contained the sun block. He took out a tube of sensitive skin sun block and squirted a bit on his finger. He tested it on his own face first to see if it burnt or stung. It did not, so he doused his face neck and ears. Next he tested the cream on Paul's inner wrist and waited.

Paul frowned. His skin started to turn red where the cream was applied. Jason dug in his bag for another name brand medicated sun block at the same time he licked and sucked the cream off the spot on Paul's wrist, wishing he had thought to bring disposable wipes. Jason used his shirt to further clean off the offending cream. On Paul's opposite wrist he tried the medicated cream.

Paul smiled. Jason ran a little more of the cream up Paul's arm. Paul was all smiles. Jason tested the cream on Paul's chin. No redness or reaction. Now he doused Paul in the cream to cover his fairer skin. Jason covered Paul's head, neck, ears and even the tops of his shoulders and feet. He made sure to apply the cream to all of Paul's exposed skin.

Lesroy had brought a cooler with water, fresh fruit, and snacks in case they got hungry before lunch. The truck approached a small cove on private property. It was rocky with a small area of beautiful sand for swimming.

Lesroy parked the vehicle on the beach and began setting up a shade tent. He motioned to the water sports vendor to stow the food under the tent. The tent had canvas that rolled down on the sides in case it rained. Lesroy then unloaded coolers, bags, and water sports toys. The water skis were put into the lagoon and tied off to a steak. The water sports vendor explained how the skis functioned and then left indicating he would be back around 1:00pm to collect the skis.

Lesroy had no intention of leaving the white anti men alone. He had a gun in the truck and would make sure they were safe. He assumed they would frolic about kissing and whatnot. He did not want local fisherman or gangs rolling up on them alone. Lesroy sensed that Jason and Paul liked the villa, and Lesroy wanted to make sure they felt welcome and safe.

Jason and Paul were milling about anxious to ride the jet skis. Jason put life jackets on them both of them. Jason kissed Paul's head, and admonished, "Paul don't leave my sight please."

They each grabbed a ski and set out across the water. Paul was in the lead. Paul chortled with laughter and went as fast as he could. Jason chased him hard. Every time Paul looked back at Jason he could see a determined look on Jason's face.

Paul kept going, enjoying the beautiful blue green water and the salt spray on his skin. He glanced back again at Jason and saw him signal. Paul immediately cut his engine and waited for Jason to pull up along side him. Jason had been uncomfortable at Paul's speed. He wanted to have Paul ride with on his jet ski so Jason could control the speed, but he did not want to dampen Paul's happiness.

Jason tried to charm him, "Babe, I miss you. I don't like us being separated. Let's go on one ski."  Paul stuck out chin and looked suspiciously at Jason. Paul knew Jason was trying to manipulate him. Jason laughed.

Jason tried more honesty, this time, "What if I told you I'm just worried. We don't know where the rocks are, and your going so fast all I can think about is the danger. Please ride with me and let me drive you so I can relax." Jason smiled his most charming smile at Paul, his eyes full of honest sincerity. He waited for Paul's answer.

Paul sighed, "Okay, I'll go slow on the way back, but I want to sight see a little on the way." Paul took off at a nice clip but much slower than before. Jason could tell he was being much more careful, frequently checking back visually with Jason. Jason's heart swelled with affection for Paul.

He honestly did miss Paul when they were separated physically by distance. The space between the jet ski's, a bathroom door, even their offices on different floors at work. Jason hated to be without Paul for any reason. Jason followed Paul back to the lagoon via Paul's scenic route.

Once back they dropped Paul's jet ski and enjoyed refreshments. Jason reapplied sunblock to Paul's skin. Jason had much darker skin and did not need a retouch yet. Leroy lounged in the shade bantering back and forth with Jason and Paul, gleefully telling them to be careful and watch for sharks.

Jason tugged Paul up onto the back of his jet ski. Jason sat for a long moment not turning on the jet ski. Paul leaned his chest against Jason's back, his arms around Jason's waist. Jason cherished Paul's proximity, and was again overcome with affection for Paul. The feel of Paul's chest behind him pressed against his back. Jason's hands shook a little with emotion when he finally started the jet ski.

Jason started out slow and meandered along the coast frequently stopping and pointing at coral in the water or wildlife on the shore. They had brought their snorkels this time. They eased up into a remote rocky inlet. Jason warned, "Babe, watch for sea urchin." Paul's beautiful grey eyes became wide and questioning. Paul waited for Jason to explain.

Jason remembered then that Paul had not had a vacation in years and probably had never snorkeled. That explained why Paul was so exuberant and reckless on the jet ski. They secured the jet ski. Jason began to give Paul a snorkel lesson. Once satisfied that Paul had the basics he told Paul to hold still. He was going to look for fire coral and sea urchins in their starting area. Jason started to snorkel around checking out the water in the inlet. It was stunning. A perfect place to start Paul. He swam back to Paul.

"Babe. This is perfect. There are some urchins but way over there. I'll point them out. Let's get your face in the water, and get you comfortable with the snorkel. Keep your life jacket on so you don't have to worry about treading water. Just focus on your breathing and being comfortable with your mask. After that we can add fins."

Paul put his snorkel on and waited for Jason to call the next shot. Jason signaled for Paul to ease into the water and put his face down. Paul followed Jason's lead. Jason kept his hand on Paul as he swam around testing out his gear. Jason treaded water keeping his eye on Paul. Paul stayed in a tight circle around Jason.

Eventually Jason could tell Paul was relaxing and starting to get adventurous. Jason started to snorkel with Paul and let him explore further out into the inlet. Jason pointed out the different types of coral to Paul and showed him what a sea urchin looked like. They were enormous spiny creatures, Paul choked into his mask. He popped his head up and thrashed about in water. Jason held him well away from the coral where the sea urchins were located and calmed him.

"Babe, if you see something that scares you, get some distance before you put your legs down and tread water. Try to get out to where your in deeper water or in sand."

Jason looked at Paul with his snorkel and mask on. Just like in the playroom, Paul demonstrated complete trust in Jason. Jason planned to kiss that sweet face tonight for hours. Jason motioned for Paul to follow him out to deeper water. They spotted an enormous sea turtle. They followed it until the turtle shot out into deeper water. Jason finally motioned Paul back to the shore.

They happily washed up on the rock and sand.

Jason asked, "Do you want to try the fins now?"

Paul shook his head.

"Babe, didn't you like it?" Paul nodded his head yes,and looked out at the beautiful blue green Caribbean. Paul seemed introspective.

Jason pleaded, "Babe talk to me."

Paul's gaze broke from the ocean and slowly met Jason's eyes. Paul spoke so quietly the ocean almost drowned out his voice, "Jason, since we have been together I feel truly alive, head to toe, for the first time in my life."

Jason heart soared at Paul's words. He reached over and kissed Paul deeply, and whispered back with a gleam in his eyes, "I'm glad to hear that Babe, because I have some nasty plans for you this week and I'm not into necrophilia."

They both dissolved with laughter and lay back in the sun, Jason kissing Paul tenderly. After about 10 minutes of laying in the sand, Jason pulled Paul up and urged him back to the jet ski. This time Jason placed Paul on the ski first and climbed on behind him. Jason stowed their gear to the back.

Jason scooted his ass back as far as the seat would allow. He pulled Paul's ass back with him. He pushed Paul's chest down onto the seat, laying him forward on the ski. Then Jason started to tug Paul's trunks down to expose his sweet white ass. Concerned that Paul's bottom would get burned he turned on the jet ski and slowly moved it to a shady area in the cove. He turned the ski off and looked down at Paul's ass cheeks peeking out of the top of his swimming trunks.

Paul's back was getting some color but his bottom was perfectly white untouched by the sun. Jason wanted to kiss Paul's ass cheeks. Jason pushed Paul's torso further up toward the handle bars so Jason's face could reach Paul's cheeks.

Jason bent down and kissed and licked the flesh that was exposed above Paul's trunks. It tantalized Jason to death that he could only see the tops of Paul's ass cheeks. He considered options for positioning Paul on the jet ski that would fully expose his ass to Jason. While he pondered those options he rode up on Jason's torso with his body and started to grind on Paul. The sensations of Paul's warm skin and being outside on the open water, was a total rush to Jason.

Jason loosened up his own trunks and positioned himself so that his crotch touched the top of Paul's white ass cheeks. Electricity pulsated through Jason's balls.

More intent now to expose Paul he leaned back and pulled Paul to an upright seated positioned against him. Jason turned Paul's head toward him and kissed him deeply. Paul reached back and gave Jason possession of his mouth. Jason would feel the implied offer of Paul's body.

"Babe, take your trunks off and stand up on the jet ski and lean forward on the handle bars. Lift your ass up high at me. I'm want to sit on the seat with your ass in my face."

Paul could hear the sound of jet skis in the distance and realized there were sail boats out in the bay now. Paul hesitated. Jason kissed him deeply again. Paul gave up all of his reservations and did as Jason asked. Jason helped pull Paul's trunks completely off of him and stowed them in the gear back. Jason guided Paul's body forward enough so he could get in position to lick Paul's ass.

Jason knew that anyone spotting them would know exactly what they were doing. It was what Jason wanted. Jason pulled out all his best ass licking skills for Paul. Jason was so stoked to be on a jet ski with Paul like this, he spent 20 minutes licking Paul unable to tear himself away. Jason was really turned on by the sound of nearby boats and the possibility of being seen. Jason loved the feel of demonstrating his sexual love for Paul publicly. He would do anything for Paul and suddenly wanted everyone to know it. Jason smiled into Paul's ass crack as he licked Paul.

He had just decided on a sexual theme for the week.


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