On the way back to the Villa, Jason pondered whether they should buy a home in the Caribbean. He would check with the property manager to see if the Villa was for sale. Looking over Paul Jason made the suggestion, "What if we started staying at the villa for a week to ten days every month?"

Paul shook his head and answered, "How could we miss that much work?"Jason argued, "A lot of financial analysts work remotely."

Paul replied, "That's you Jason, but I'm the guy that puts the deals together. I need to be in front of people to do that."

Jason pressed, "You can schedule that. You don't spend 30 days out of a month putting deals together. There is no reason why you have to be in the office every damn day. You have your laptop and your VOIP phone, as do I."

Paul thought about what Jason said. He was right. If they wanted too, they could easily split their time between NYC and the Caribbean. The thought was appealing especially during the north eastern winters. Paul conceded, "Okay, let's talk about it. If we are going to spend that much time down here we need to buy something. Maybe we should look at a few of the other islands." Smiling Jason leaned his head back and closed his eyes. 

As they arrived at the villa, they had a feeling of coming home. Jason said simply, "Let's just buy the Villa." Lesroy smiled as he listened and unloaded their dive gear and the coolers. They all stepped through the threshold of the villa. All the doors and windows were open, the fragrant smell of bougainvillea permeated the air.

Paul said, "Jason, we have to see if the property is even available, get it appraised, and shop the market on Jamaica and other islands to make sure it is a sound investment." Jason knew that Paul was much better at personal finance than he was, so he deferred to Paul's judgement. But his heart was telling him to just fucking buy the property. Jason asked, "Babe, are you hungry?" Jason walked to the fridge and peered in. There were dishes inside with a note that read,

Jason and Paul,

Welcome home. Chilled pasta casserole for your afternoon snack! See foil container. There is a large pot of curry chicken for dinner. Put it in the oven for 45 minutes at 350 degrees. Sides in the white dish. Enjoy. See you in the morning around 9:00am for a big Caribbean breakfast. I had something personal come up. Hugs and Kisses, Yvonne.

Jason tore into the foil. He searched the cupboards for plates. He grabbed a spoon and two forks and heaped the chilled pasta casserole onto the plates, and handed one to Paul. within two minutes their plates were clean. Jason expelled a big satisfied breath and said, "That was good; I hope Yvonne comes with the house when we buy it." Jason tossed the plates in the sink and grabbed Paul's hand and pulled him into the bedroom and started pulling off Paul's clothes.

For the 100th time Paul marveled at Jason's sexual appetite. When Jason was not having sex, he was thinking about it. Even sated after an orgasm Jason would sometimes continue to deep kiss Paul and grind on him. Paul happily anticipated a long night of marathon sex.

Jason and Paul showered and rubbed each other down with lotion. Excited by the rubdown Jason got an idea. Jason took an extra plastic shower curtain out of the towel pantry and spread it all over the bed. He greased Paul up with baby oil and they proceeded to wrestle around the bed for the next hour. Jason pressed Paul in every sexual position he could think of, tormenting Paul and keeping him on the edge of an orgasm and then withholding it from him. Paul tantalized Jason by getting into submissive poses and offering himself to Jason.

Jason would respond by pushing Paul again into yet another position and humping him for 10-15 minutes.

Paul enjoyed the power he knew he had over Jason's heart and libido. But Paul understood Jason was ultimately calling the shots in the relationship and could blister his ass. After several hours the men added a voluminous amount of semen to the oily mess on the bed. They clung to each other and had almost fallen asleep in their oil and semen bath when they heard heard pots banging around in the kitchen. Jason looked at his watch, It was almost 7:00pm.

Jason jumped up and went to check the kitchen and found Yvonne warming up the curry chicken for their dinner. Jason covered his nudity with his hands but stood watching, his oily body glistening in the shadows. Jason sensed that something was desperately wrong.

Jason asked, "Is everything okay Yvonne?"

She was clearly bent out of shape about something. She kept her face averted. Jason went back into the bedroom and grabbed a towel. Jason went back to Yvonne in the kitchen.

"Yvonne. Talk to me. What's wrong?" Yvonne did not answer. She continued to prepare Jason and Paul's dinner, her face averted. Her shoulders suddenly shaking. He could tell she was crying.

Jason flew to her. He was still greased up so he refrained from trying to hold her. Instead he put his hand on her shoulder and turned her to face him. Jason gasped when he saw her face. Her nose, eyes, and mouth were swollen. She had been beaten.

Jason hoarsely but urgently called for Paul. Paul had already hit the shower, and he ran into the room wild-eyed at the sound of Jason's voice. Paul saw the anguish in Jason's face and approached Yvonne, finally seeing her injuries.

Something in Paul changed. His calming presence ruled the room. Jason shrank back and watched Paul. Jason had seen this happen at work. Paul asked in a strong by comforting voice, "Yvonne, who did this to you?"

She answered softly, "My old man."

Paul pressed, "Yvonne, you are a very beautiful talented women and you do not need to be with a man who hurts you. Do you have family that will support you and keep you safe from him?"

Yvonne answered, "My family lives on St Vincent. I'm here alone with my youngest son. The one that be anti-man like you."

Paul trying to determine the frequency of the violence and the triggers asked, "Yvonne, Do you know what triggered his violence?"

Yvonne said in dialect, "He not like my child, ' at all." She cried a little into her hands.

"When he drink da rum he not like me 'at all either. He always wanna hurt me, when he drink da rum."

Paul signal for Jason to go clean up. When Jason returned, Paul and Yvonne were setting the table for ten. Paul update Jason, "I've asked Yvonne and her son to spend the night here tonight. We can evaluate things in the morning. Her boyfriend is a member of the police force so seeking the help of law enforcement is not an option tonight. But we can at least keep her safe for the evening. Jason please go get the security guards and overseers and lets have a meeting about security. I'll call the management company."

Jason gathered the 2 overseers and all security guards on duty. The manager of the property management firm had also arrived. They crowded into the kitchen. Yvonne offered up the curry chicken, potatoes, seasoned rice, and mixed root vegetables. The men ate hungrily and thankfully. Their concerned eyes on Yvonne's injuries, and on Jason and Paul's faces.

Both Jason and Paul were fully dressed at this point. Paul took control of the conversation again. "Yvonne has been assaulted, the victim of domestic violence. I understand that she has worked at the villa for more than 11 years and that most of you have known her for that time frame. She has no doubt fed and watered you daily over the years, and has been a faithful employee."

Paul continued, "Now it is time for us to take care of her. She is going to stay here on the property for the remainder of our time here in Jamaica. We will work with the management company to see if we can get a full time lease on the property or an option to purchase it. If we are able to work something out Yvonne and her son will have a safe permanent home here.

I have requested you all here to ask you to remain vigilant over the property to insure Yvonne, her son's, and all of us remain safe. Once her husband realizes she is not coming home, he will most likely pay us a visit. I want to know if I can count on you all to keep everyone here safe." Paul stopped and waited for a response. Jason and Paul were immediately assaulted with everyone shouting out, in dialect, their support. Many of the security guards pulled out their nightsticks and waived them in the air, shouting out their commitment. Paul could tell the emotion was heartfelt.

Paul admonished them to follow the law, and to be cautious and vigilant. Paul asked for double the number of guards per shift indicating to the property manager that he and Jason would fund the overtime. Collin the head security guard immediately snapped open his phone to call in extra men.

Paul asked in his most serious voice. "If I had to trust a government official in this province on the issue of protecting Yvonne, who would that be?" Several of the security guards gave the same name. Paul wrote down his name and contact number. Everyone finished eating. Yvonne's son, who was the gardener on the property, washed the dishes while Yvonne was pampered and doted upon by the villa staff.

Paul noticed that Lesroy watched over Yvonne with concern but at a quiet respectful distance. Paul sensed Lesroy had feelings for Yvonne. Eventually the evening winded down and everyone went back to their posts. Yvonne and her son settled in the guest bedrooms.

Paul and Jason retired to bed. They carefully removed the oily shower curtain from their bed. They realized the shower curtain was not full proof in protecting the bed and had to change the sheets. Thank god the mattress was wrapped in plastic. Once there bed was made fresh again they lay down together.

The open air windows let the moonlight stream in and the smell of tropical vegetation filled the bedroom. A tropical shower began to pelt rain into some of the windows on the east side of the room. Jason jumped up to close those shutters.

Jason lay back down with Paul. Jason thought about his relationship with Paul. Jason replayed his first meeting with Paul at their office, and that first tantalizing lunch, and then all of their subsequent time together.In the beginning Jason had been desperate to possess and control Paul. Jason had been crazed and obsessed to dominated him. Jason sighed at how content and happy he was now that Paul was his completely. Jason cozied into Paul's sleeping body and whispered Paul's neck, "I love you, with every ounce of my being."

Jason leaped out of bed at 6:00a.m. His mind was full of plans for the villa. Jason fervently hoped the property would be available. He paced around the bedroom looking at the high ceilings with beautiful exposed wooden beams. He loved the quaint floor to ceiling shutters on the windows.

Jason went to stand at one of the open windows looking out into the property. One side of the property was densely treed, on the very edge of rainforest. The side closest to the ocean ended in steep elevation drop downward.

Jason wanted Paul to wake up. Jason walked over and stood looking down at Paul's sleeping form. Paul was naked and sleeping soundly, absolutely dead to the world. Jason knew there was only one way to do this.

Jason leaned down and started licking the head of Paul's cock gently. Jason softly rubbed Paul's balls with his left hand. Jason could feel Paul starting to awaken. Jason continued to suck Paul's soft cock until it started to expand in Jason's mouth. As it became firmer, Jason sucked the length of it, wrapping his lips around the base and moving his heard around back and forth, then up and down the shaft.

Jason sucked Paul's cock aggressively 4 or 5 times up and down the shaft and then buried it deeply in his throat again, rotating his head on it. Paul's was breathing hard, his hands landed on Jason's head. Paul began to pulse his dick into Jason's mouth.

Jason continued to give Paul powerful head until Paul shuddered his orgasm into Jason's throat. Paul's unloaded so much semen some of it back washed out of Jason's nostrils. Paul watched some dribble down Jason's face to his mouth. Jason licked it away, with Paul watching him.

Jason implored, "Babe, please wake up."

Paul lay back in bed closing his eyes.

"Please Paul."

Paul opened his eyes and looked around the room for signs of a coffee cup. Disgusted he lay back again, yelling, "Where's my god damn coffee Jason?"

Jason ran into the bathroom and blew his nose to clear the semen out of his nasal passages. Then he raced into the kitchen and started making coffee. Jason rummaged around the fruit basket for a ripe banana. He also cut up and ripe tomato He was starting on an avocado when Yvonne came into the room in her house dress.

She took the knife from Jason and said, "I got this."

Jason sighed with relief. He explained to Yvonne they were in the danger zone because Jason had awoken Paul early. She took immediate action and grabbed the carafe and poured Paul a cup of coffee from the pot mid brew. Jason explained to Yvonne exactly how to make Paul's coffee.

"Two even spoons of sugar, but not heaping. I use a knife to level the sugar in the spoon. He likes half and half, not milk. If the cup is larger you have to adjust the sugar and cream accordingly."

Jason grabbed the cup and raced back into the bedroom while Yvonne prepared a proper breakfast.

Paul was sitting on the side of the bed staring at the wall, but Jason saw there was no sign of a frown.

Jason handed the coffee to Paul and sat down beside him rubbing his back.

"That was a nasty little blowjob this morning, Jason."

Jason beamed with pride. "Thank you, Paul. I'm glad you liked it."

Jason explained to Paul why he woke him up. Jason wanted to walk the property again with Paul. He wanted to explore every inch of the estate, examining it, now that they intended to buy it. Jason had inherited his mid town Manhattan apartment near central park so he had never actually purchased property. He was thrilled with the idea of buying the villa.

Then it hit him! Now he knew why couples watched home improvement shows together! He could not wait to repair something with Paul. Jason informed Paul about his epiphany.

Jason jumped up and bounded around the room talking excitedly, "Paul, we are going to need 2 notepads so we can make lists. I'll catalog anything that needs to be repaired prior to sale. You make lists of all any projects that need to be undertaken."

Jason paused in front of Paul, "Somethings we can do ourselves." Jason liked the idea of using power tools. Jason continued, "We can get contractors to do the the large projects. I already think we need to build a separate guest house."

Paul smiled, responding to Jason's enthusiasm. Paul would find a way to buy the villa. They had plenty of cash between them. It was just a matter of convincing the owner to sell. Paul would do anything to keep Jason this happy and excited.Paul jumped up, joining Jason in his excitement.

Paul and Jason shot out of the bedroom to look for tablets of paper. As they walked into kitchen their mouths watered at the spread of food Yvonne was setting on the table.

Forgetting the tablets of paper they both immediately sat down and began wolfing down breakfast. Once they were stuffed they thanked Yvonne and stood up.

Jason explained their plans to her. Yvonne went to a sideboard in the formal dining room and collected several tablets of paper and 2 pens. Yvonne was thrilled the boys were talking about buying the villa.

As they left to tour the property, Jason kissed Yvonne's forehead and gently examined her still swollen face.

Promising to return by lunch Jason and Paul raced out the door, pausing on the landing for a full ten minutes arguing about how and where to start. Paul wanted to systematically survey the property starting at the road and walking the perimeter first, then walk the internal property examining all the buildings.

Jason relented to Paul's plan and started waving over Lesroy who was a few hundred yards away dragging trash bins into a service area. They explained to Lesroy what they wanted to do and asked if Lesroy would walk the property with them. They could leverage his knowledge of the estate in their planning.

All three marched down the steep drive toward the road. Lesroy pointed to a barbed wire fence indicating the property line. They walked the fence line for almost a half mile.

Jason told Paul to note an electronic gate was needed.

Paul asked Lesroy, "How large is the property?"

Leroy answered, "I don't know exactly, definitely 10 or more acres. Some of it is rocky steep unusable land. Other side rainforest."

The three spent the next three hours on foot exploring the estate, Jason and Paul making copious notes.

Jason, Paul, and Lesroy entered the villa, thirsty and hot from a strenuous walk around the estate. The entire villa was filled with the aroma of food. Yvonne was pulling out fresh baked bread from the oven. She laid 6 small loaves out for the men. There was a large steaming bowl of rice with a pot of fish stew next to it. It smelled delicious. Paul looked suspiciously at the stew. Jason watched, his eyes meeting Yvonne's, and winking.

Jason encouraged Paul, "Babe, just try it." Paul sat down at the table but continued to frown.

Lesroy began digging in enthusiastically, complimenting Yvonne cooking. All three men chugged on their glasses of water, Yvonne quickly refilling them. Jason tasted the fish stew and moaned with pleasure and asked, "Yvonne, what is in this?"

Yvonne answered, "Mahi, shrimp, conch, vegetables, fresh herbs cooked in a spicy roux.

Paul picked up his spoon and cautiously tasted the food out of Jason's bowl, and visibly brightened. Paul helped himself to a bowl of rice topped with the fish stew, and began to munch away happily.

Once they had all eaten, Paul announced he was going to call the management company. Paul picked up the phone and dialed the number. Jason, Lesroy and Yvonne watched and listened anxiously.

"Hi Jonathan. Paul Thoreau. Thanks for coming out to the villa last night. We really appreciate your responsiveness." <long pause>

..."Yeah, we are still on high alert but the security guards are ready if he tries anything."

<another long pause>

"Listen, were you able to contact the owner of the villa?"

<long pause> Jason, Yvonne, and Lesroy leaned forward in anticipation.

Paul began jotting notes frantically. Another seven minutes passed while Paul listened to the other speaker. Jason's thought his head would explode with impatience. Lesroy and Yvonne were on pins and needles waiting.

"Thank you Jonathan, I really appreciate this information. I discuss it with Jason and get back to you." Paul flipped the phone closed, his eyes landing on Jason's expectant face.

Paul debated about whether to string them all along but decided against it.

"Congratulations Jason, we are going to be new homeowners!"

The villa was suddenly full of raucous joyful shouts. Lesroy grabbed Yvonne and hugged her, surprising both of them. Jason bounded around the room exuberant shouting out which projects they would tackle first. Jason grabbed Paul and hugged him tightly and then bounced out of his arms barking out priorities and timelines. Paul just sat back and enjoyed the show.

The owners of the estate were elderly and lived in the states. They had tried to sell the property several times in past years. They were thrilled with the opportunity to sell the villa. The price was 1.8 million and included 16 acres of land. They owned another 28 acres nearby that they also wanted to sell. Paul would get both appraised immediately and if their asking price was in the ballpark of reality he would extend the offer.

Paul immediately picked up his phone and called his personal banker and started giving him instructions on what assets to liquidate. Jason stopped in front of Paul and started shaking his head vigorously.

Sensing it was time to leave, Lesroy returned to his work outside and Yvonne began cleaning up the kitchen giving the boys time to discuss business. Paul said into the phone, "Let me call you right back," and flipped it shut, looking expectantly at Jason.

Jason said, "Paul take the $400k bonus I just got from the acquisition. I have another 200k cash in my checking account, add your bonus from the acquisition, and just pay cash for the property."

Paul looked at Jason, now clearly understanding that personal finance was not his strong suit. Jason was into emerging technology and company fundamentals but obviously an imbecile at managing money.

Paul told Jason heatedly, "Jason, from here on out, I'm in charge of the money. Your money is my money, and my money is my money. All the money belongs to me. You don't have any money unless i give it to you! I don't even WANT to know why you have 200k in your non interest bearing checking account, but the fact that you do tells me all I need to know about your money management skills."

Jason eyes got wide at Paul's audacity. Jason slowly smiled and then pulled Paul into a tender embrace and whispered, "Okay, Babe. Your the boss of the money. As long as I can be the boss of your juicy sweet ass."


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