The elevator was down in Jason's building when Paul returned from running errands. He had grabbed breakfast, checked his mail, and gone to a bookstore. His chest tightened with anxiety about being late. It was 1:16pm as he reached the 10th floor. He had raced up the stairwell two stairs at at time. He was sweaty and red faced by the time he rang Jason's bell.

Jason opened the door. He took note of Paul's red face and perspiration. Jason was wearing, no shirt or shoes. Paul felt his dick twitch, but he waited for Jason to indicate whether or not he could come in. After almost a minute, Jason silently nodded toward the playroom.

Paul felt a rush of relief and walked quickly to the playroom. He tore off his clothes and jumped into the shower. Within 4 minutes he was naked, kneeling by the platform, looking down at the floor.

Jason walked into the room and closed the door. He was silent, and his arms were crossed. Paul waited for Jason to say something. He started to explain, "I'm sorry Jason. I could not get a cab and then the elevator was out."

Jason stipped off his jeans, his dick was flaccid. Paul could feel Jason's displeasure fill the room. Jason walked across the room and picked up a flogger and looked at it. He set it back down. Paul felt anxiety build up in his chest.

Paul said, "Please Jason, I'm sorry. I'll be more careful next time."

Jason stood very still, examining his own mind set. He had not meditated that morning. He had been so consumed with the rope work for restraining Paul that he skipped his normal routine. He knew that the flash of anger he was feeling was brash. That he should control it and not let it spill over into his time with Paul. He was trying to distinguish within himself whether or not his anger stemmed from having to wait for Paul and the worry associated it; or whether his anger stemmed from the kinky desire to beat the shit out of Paul and punish him. He decided to that both motivations were probably at play.

Paul, unaware of Jason's internal thought processes, waited expectantly, his heart pounding. Paul's only desire was to please Jason, and to seek his approval. He waited for Jason to say something. Jason knelt down in front of Paul roughly grabbing his chin, "When you don't obey me, I worry. I spent 16 minutes waiting for you, imagining all sorts of things. Don't do that again. You have a cell phone."

Jason looked up and pointed to the intricate rope swing that he had worked on all morning. He had fantasized all morning about Paul swinging from the ceiling, being bound, and exposed to him. Those thoughts started to dominate his mind.

"Paul, look up," Jason wanted Paul to acknowledge his work.

Paul looked at the rope contraption hanging from the ceiling. He knew it was some type of bondage swing. Jason stood up from kneeling in front of Paul. He motioned Paul over toward the ropes. He said, "Come. I have been dreaming about fucking your face and ass all day in this swing."

He motioned again to the ropes. "Put your ass there," Jason pointed to the base of the swing.

"But put your legs up here through these loops." And he pointed to the intricate rope loops intended for his ankles. Jason help guide Paul's legs into the loops intended to restrain, separate, and lift his legs. Jason began to wind more rope around his Paul's legs to secure him into place. Paul lay back against the ropes, letting Jason weave his body into into the intricate rope mesh.

In that commanding voice, Jason said, "Tying you up like this, and restraining you, it pleases me." Paul wanted nothing more than for Jason to be pleased with him. He was already becoming conditioned to get becoming hard when Jason used that tone of voice.

Something happened to Jason after seeing Paul in the restraints. He slipped into an extremely focused state. He became solely consumed with the knots, and the restraints, and weaving the ropes around Paul's body. Paul began to realize that the whole process of Jason binding him was in itself a sexual act to Jason. Jason frequently stroked his cock as he ran his hands over the ropes touching Paul's skin and checking the restraints.

Jason was the most deviant person Paul had ever met. He knew without a doubt that he probably only scratching the surface on Jason's kink. Every time Jason wrapped another piece of rope around a part of Paul's body he became even more aroused. After he tied each knot he would stand back and study his work, stroking his dick. Jason seemed to be in a state of extreme concentration, in the zone.

Breaking from his transe, Jason, asked, "Are you reasonably comfortable?" Paul answered "yes."

Jason stated quietly, "You made me angry today, Paul."

Paul tightened up and became still, waiting for Jason to make his next move. Jason was taking another rope and tying it into another knot so he could secure Paul's wrists and lift them up higher than his torso. Jason's expression was grim. "In the past, you have always been prompt, and that has pleased me. Today you were 16 minutes late for the playroom. It made me worry. You will be punished for that."

Paul noticed how flushed Jason's chest was as he said the words. Paul knew Jason was truly angry. Paul was beginning to realize how important being on time was for Jason. Time and and control. Paul committed in his mind to do better to please him.

He started to worry about what lied ahead for him today. Jason stepped over to the chest of drawers and started a playlist of sensual rhythmic music. He took out a Hitachi wand with the appropriate extensions for pleasuring men. Paul knew immediately it would be put in his ass. Jason grabbed the KY and walked back to Paul.

The sight of Paul exposed in the swing was heady for Jason. He paused there for a moment to appreciate the view of his work, and Paul's bondage. He stroked his cock again, drinking in the sight of Paul restrained and hanging from the ceiling. He looked at Paul and spun him around to looked at his asshole, remembering the night before.

He took the Hitachi wand and plugged it into a nearby outlet. He lubed up the wand and the anal attachments, but he set the wand down on the platform for a moment.

Jason began to play with Paul's restraints. Jason pulled the rope system forward to him he leaned in and kissed Paul on the lips. Then he turned Paul to face the other way quickly, disorienting him. Spinning him again, he brought Paul's face around to Jason's midsection.

Paul was faced with Jason's erection. He licked out at Jason's dick, wanting to please him.

Jason carefully lined up Paul's throat and centered his dick in front of Paul mouth, so that he could penetrate his mouth and his throat in a straight line. Jason forcefully opened Paul's mouth with his fingers and shoved his cock into Paul's throat. Shocked, Paul was able to accept Jason's cock fully until the third thrust, and then he gagged.

Jason continued to force his cock into Paul's mouth. Every three or four thrusts, Jason pulled out and waited for Paul to collect himself and stop gagging. Then he immediately shoved his cock back into Paul's mouth grabbing head to hold him into place. He would continue to fuck Paul's face until Paul could control his gag reflex and submit to him.

Jason stated in manner of fact voice to Paul, "If I want to fuck your mouth, I will. You need to accept it. We will stay here all day until you accept my cock in your mouth unconditionally." Jason continued to pump his cock crudely into Paul's mouth. At one point in Jason's thrusting, Paul started to vomit.

Jason removed his dick from Paul's throat. "Open up for me and get a hold of yourself." Paul tried to recover from his gag reflex. He levelled his head again to be in line with Jason's cock, and opened his mouth wide. Tears were streaming down his face. Jason suddenly grabbed Paul's head and inserted his dick down into Paul's mouth at a harsh angle, not in line with Paul's throat.

Jason said "I will fuck your face whenever and however I want. "

Jason continued to demonstrate his dominance by pumping his cock into Paul's face. This became extremely uncomfortable for Paul and he gagged over and over. Every time Paul's gag reflex was engaged Jason would pull out and let Paul catch his breath.

Paul's face became bright red, and mouth was swollen and puffy.

Jason continued for another 15 minutes.

At some point, Paul started to successfully keep his throat from convulsing. He tried to breath out of his nose in between Jason's violent thrusts. Eventually his body relaxed and just accepted Jason's aggression with no resistance. Paul was solely focused on minimizing his gag reflexes and accommodating Jason cock deeply into his throat. Whatever direction Jason decided to thrust into, Paul would re-orient his throat to accept it. His only goal was to provide an open throat for Jason's cock.

Jason knew every inch of Paul's existence was focused on pleasing him. He started to murmur his appreciation, and said, "That's right baby." Paul relished each word and continued to angle is throat to accept Jason's cock. Getting near orgasm, Jason began to fuck Paul's throat and neck harder. Tears ran from Paul's eyes as he strained to accommodate Jason's cock and tried not to gag. His whole existence was concentrated on trying to breathe through his nose and opening his throat for Jason.

Jason breath became ragged and he continued to fuck Paul's face, extremely aroused. He pumped into Paul's open throat with abandon, his eyes closed and his head thrown back. He was about to reach orgasm when he became aware of Paul seriously starting to choke on his cock. He looked down to find Paul close to becoming unconscious, and he quickly withdrew.

Paul immediately expelled the contents of his stomach.

Jason was extremely turned on by Paul's struggle and even by the vomit. He needed to maintain better control. His natural inclination was to shove his cock immediately back into Paul's mouth. He moderated his response, breathing heavily, waiting for Paul to catch his breath. Instead, hee stroked his cock and slapped it against Paul's face to let him know he was waiting for him to open back up. Paul, still gasping, opened his mouth again for Jason. Jason shoved his cock back into his mouth and began fucking Paul's face again forcefully.

Paul knew how turned on Jason was, he just wasn't sure he would live to see Jason's orgasm. He tried his best to open his mouth wider to accept Jason's cock. Jason sensed this and made an effort to move even deeper into Paul's neck. He reached down and slapped Paul's chest. Paul's whole body flinched. He reached across and pinched Paul's nipple harshly, and felt Paul startle and choke hard against his cock again.

Jason withdrew his dick again from Paul's throat. Paul gasped and gagged, trying to catch his breath. Jason spun Paul around and let him swing from the ceiling. Jason picked up the Hitachi vibrator and the flogger. He stroked his dick. He loved seeing Paul tied up, it lit him on fire. He could barely keep his hands off his cock as he viewed Paul hanging from the rafters in ropes. Paul's body was so accessible and sweet. He loved the way the ropes looked against Paul's skin. He turned on the Hitachi wand and approached Paul.

"Paul, tell me you want me to fuck you."

Paul quickly gushed, "Please fuck me Jason."

"You throat and your ass belongs to me."

Paul whispered, "Yes Jason. My throat and my ass belong to you." Paul was solely focused on Jason. Every nerve in his body was tuned into Jason.

Paul said quietly, "I love you, Jason."

Jason was instantly still. Paul felt the air leave the room and he felt Jason completely shut down. He instantly regretted his words because he knew they had displeased Jason.

Jason, quietly and purposefully started to loosened the ties on Paul's body. After about 7 minutes of Jason untangling Paul from the swing he was upright. Jason rubbed Paul's body to make sure his circulation was restored, but did not make eye contact. Then he said quietly, "get dressed." Jason left the playroom.

Embarrassed by his emotional impulse, Paul became angry with himself for displeasing Jason. When he got to the kitchen, Jason was pacing back and forth, chugging a bottle of water, his body filled with tension. He handed the water to Paul.


Jason looked at Paul and said, "You know I dream about fucking you, spanking you, choking you, and filling every hole you have with my dick. We've been together maybe a total of 30 hours? You don't love me, you don't even know me.

You like to be dominated, and fucked, really hard. That is what you're in love with."

He paused, and reached over to grab Paul's chin roughly for emphasis, "Do we understand each other?"

Paul whispered with tears in his eyes, and said, "Yes, Jason."

Dismissively, he said, "You can go now." Paul was stunned. He immediately dropped to his knees and looked at Jason submissively.

"Please Jason. May I stay?" Jason looked down at Paul's beautiful grey eyes. He knew instinctively he was being an asshole, that he should take things slower.

Jason sighed. He got down on the floor in front of Jason, knee to knee.

Jason said quietly, "Paul, Please don't kneel for me outside the playroom. And never say you love me inside the playroom. It takes my power away and puts you in control. And that shuts me down."

Paul thought about that for a minute. He realized that Jason did not like to feel vulnerable or out of control. He said, "Thank you for telling me Jason."

Jason reached out and touched Paul's swollen mouth. Jason realized Paul was probably physically and emotionally drained from the three hours spent in the playroom.

Jason said, "I'm going to order takeout, then go clean up the Playroom. When you hear the buzzer, ring them up and get our food. I'll be back after I clean up, and we'll have dinner.

Paul was relieved Jason was allowing him to stay.


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