Jason's third week of employment consisted of performing more research on various companies for the managing partners and client venture capital firms. He was troubled, and a little annoyed that he had not heard from Paul. He had decided not to pressure him. Then on the Friday of his 4th week of employment, Paul texted Jason four simple words, "I'm ready for more." He immediately texted Paul back, "6:00pm tonight in my Playroom."

At exactly 6:00pm Paul wrapped on Jason's door. This time, Paul was dressed in Jeans. Jason was wearing the same faded jeans as last time, and he barefoot and bare-chested. Paul immediately wanted to kiss him and tell him how sexy he looked, but he waited to follow Jason's lead. Jason pulled him inside the apartment and shut the door, but then roughly shoved him back against the door.

Paul stood there wide eyed and startled, watching Jason's face for clues. Jason leaned both arms on the door casing on each side of Paul's head, locking him in position. Jason's face was flushed with anger and his eyes were intense, his face inches away from Paul's as he ground out "Don't ever go two weeks without speaking a word to me. I was worried about you."

Paul was stunned. He had needed time to think through what had happened between them. Paul reached out and placed a hand on Jason's chest. Jason grabbed it and then kissed it. He pulled Paul toward him into an embrace. Paul whispered against Jason's neck, "I'm sorry Jason. I just needed time to think through what happened. I woke up one morning a straight vanilla wonder and went to bed a kinky bisexual freak."

Jason laughed, but warned Paul, "It is very important to me that you let me care for you after a scene and that you talk to me." He started to rub Paul's back in slow sexy strokes. He whispered in Paul's ear, "Go get ready for me. 10 minutes."

Paul headed down the hall toward the play room. He noticed that one of the pieces of equipment had been pulled out and positioned on the platform. He had no idea what it was used for. He quickly removed his clothes and showered. He was kneeling by the platform when Jason came into the room. Jason walked past Paul and walked over to the chest of drawers. He opened and drawer, and pulled out a flogger, a blindfold, and a leather wrist restraints. Paul was watching out of the corner of his eye. Jason looked back and caught is gaze. "Eyes down, Paul." Paul quickly looked back at the floor. He listened to Jason's movements and tried to guess what he had planned for him.

In a menacing tone Jason said, "I am going to punish you tonight. I'm going to blister that ass a beautiful shade of red with my flogger. Jason walked purposefully across the room, stopping in front of Paul. Paul's heart skipped a beat. Jason grabbed Paul's chin roughly, forcing him to look Jason in the eye. "You are going to touch base with me every day while we are together. If you are bothered or concerned about something, you will immediately tell me so the issue can be addressed. If you need something from me that you're not getting, you are to tell me. Do you understand?" He squeezed Paul's jaw painfully waiting for Paul's answer.

"Yes, Jason." Jason abruptly let go of Paul's jaw and backed away. Paul instinctively looked back down at the floor.

Jason said crisply, "Get up and walk to the platform." Paul stood up and stepped on the platform. Jason walked up behind him. He slipped the blindfold over his eyes but left it up so Paul could still see. Jason explained what he was going to do. "I'm going to restrain your hands above your head to that large ring hanging from the bar on the ceiling. I'm going to lean you over this padded bar so I can have easy access to your ass. I'm also going to attach a spreader bar to your ankles to keep your legs spread. Then, I'm going to beat your ass until you cry for making me worry about you." He then snapped the blindfold into place over Paul's eyes.

Paul was worried about the ass beating. He understood that some people enjoyed pain. He was not sure that was true for him. He guessed he was going to find out. He strained to listen to Jason's movements. Jason attached leather cuffs to his Paul's wrists. He lifted his arms and attached them to the ring hanging from the ceiling. Paul instantly felt very exposed.

Jason ran his hand down Paul's back and settled on his ass. Paul tensed up waiting for the strike. Jason just caressed him. He could then hear and feel Jason position the spreader bar between his legs. He attached it to Paul's ankles and lock it into place. He was unable to close his legs now. Finally, Jason moved the cushioned bar against Paul's midsection. The pulled the ring forward on a track so that Paul leaning forward with his ass out toward Jason. Paul's dick was soft and he felt very vulnerable.

Satisfied with Paul's position, Jason started to touch Paul with feather light touches all over his body. Paul started to get an erection from Jason's touch. He felt Jason come in close behind Paul. He dropped down to his knees behind Paul.

"Such a perfect sweet ass." Paul could feel Jason's breath tickle against the skin of his ass. Jason started planting feathery little kisses first on his right cheek, then the left. Jason covered every inch of Paul's ass in kisses. Paul was frozen in place, transfixed with the sensation of having his ass kissed. The kisses became more sexually explicit as he started using his tongue when he kissed him. He could feel the difference between the kisses without Jason's tongue and treasured the kisses when Jason opened his mouth. While he kissed Paul's ass he began to knead and massage his ass with his hands.

Jason spread Paul's cheeks and looked at the small bud of his hole. Paul held his breath as he waited for Jason's next move. Jason's open mouth kisses kept moving closer and closer to his asshole. The only sound in the room was the sound of Jason's kisses. Jason had not put on any music. Paul could feel Jason's breath right at his hole. Paul tensed up waiting for Jason's tongue to touch his hole.

Jason's tongue darted all around his opening. Paul began to quietly moan. Jason responded by delicately penetrating Paul with his tongue ever so slightly. Then he moved his tongue in circles on his opening. Jason began to gradually increase the pressure. Paul was shocked by the sensations he was feeling. He had no idea his ass had this many nerve endings. And he couldn't believe Jason was actually licking his ass. Jason abruptly stopped and stood back up. Paul was crushed, and murmured "Pleaseā€¦." Jason chuckled at that but then grabbed the flogger.

Jason's voice was suddenly harder, "Why are you being punished tonight Paul?" Paul's senses instantly sharpened and he tensed up in anticipation of the beating. Paul answered sincerely, "I'm sorry I worried you Jason." Jason landed the first strike of the flogger on the back of Paul's lower thigh, right above the knee. His legs buckled at the shocking pain of being hit in such a sensitive place. Paul's lost his balance and hung for minute from his wrist restraints, leaning heavily against the bar at his mid-section. He struggled to position his midriff more solidly on the beam so he was not hanging. A sense of alarm welled up within him. Before Paul could steady himself, Jason brought down 5 sharp blows directly on both ass cheeks, one after the other in rapid succession.

Jason had begun breathing heavier and Paul instantly could feel Jason's excitement. The room smelled of his desire. Jason had been fantasizing about beating Paul's ass all day. Paul could hear Jason unbutton his jeans. Paul held perfectly still. He was worried that Jason would try to fuck him. He could hear Jason slipping off his pants. Paul tried to manage his rising panic. His heart was pounding in his ears. He considered using the safe word.

Suddenly he felt Jason's breath on his ass again. He felt the feather light kisses. Paul's ass was now bright red.

Jason was very aroused by the sight of Paul's bright red ass. He wanted to lick Paul again. This time he buried his head in Paul's crack and thrust his tongue into Paul's hole. Paul's legs weakened again and he hung from his wrist restraints. Jason continued to lick Paul's ass and rub his balls. He also reached around to stroke his dick. Paul moaned against his arm as he hung from the wrist restraints. Paul could feel his orgasm start to build, when suddenly he felt one of Jason's hands drop away. After a minute he realized that Jason was jacking his own cock. Jason went back to licking Paul's ass again.

Jason stood up and leaned his whole body against Paul's, to give him fully body contact. Paul could feel that Jason was completely nude, and was pressing his erection in between Paul's ass cheeks. He began to systematically rub is dick between Paul's ass cheeks. Paul could hear Jason's breathing intensify.

Paul willed Jason not to penetrate him, but remained silent. Jason had gripped Paul's hips as he continued to grind his cock between Paul's cheeks. Paul started to relax into the feeling of friction against his anal opening. He was starting to give in to the thought of Jason fucking him.

Sensing Paul's submission Jason became still. Jason leaned his forehead down on Paul's back for a long moment, and then finally kissed it. It was a simple gesture full of tenderness. He continued to rest with his forehead pressed again Paul's back. Jason's breathing was starting to slow down, as he managed the internal struggle to not fuck Paul. Paul knew that Jason had a war waging in his head.

Jason quickly reached up to unhook Paul's wrist restraints. Jason checked Paul's wrists for irritation. Paul was relieved to have his arms in a normal position. He could feel Jason rubbing and massaging his wrists and arms. Jason removed the spreader bar from Paul's legs. Paul was now in a comfortable upright position, but still blindfolded. Jason took the blindfold off and turned Paul around to face him.

Paul looked into Jason's eyes waiting for him to explain what was happening. Paul thought he understood. They had not had the discussion yet about Paul's boundaries. He suspected that Jason came very close to penetrating him, caught himself, and deliberately chose to dial things down. Jason touched Paul's face and leaned his forehead against Paul's. Jason said quietly, "We have to talk. Get dressed, and come sit down with me in the kitchen."

Paul threw on his jeans but left his shirt off and walked into the kitchen. Jason was sitting at the bar with a sheet of paper. Paul sat down next to Jason and waited for Jason to speak.

"Paul, I came very close to power fucking you. I never let anyone in the playroom without an agreement. It is essential that we have an agreement between us, because I don't want to ever cross the line into non-consensual situation."

Paul said quietly, "No I appreciate that. How do we do the agreement?"

Jason said, "Let's start with timeframe. I'd like you to stay overnight on Friday and Saturday evenings. Does that work for you?" Paul answered, "Yes."

"I only want you to be submissive to me when we are inside the playroom. Be yourself on the outside. Paul answered, "Ok." Jason continued "I'd like to make this arrangement initially for three months, with an option to renew if we are both happy with the arrangement". Paul nodded is assent.

"Now let's talk about boundaries. I know that you may not know all of your limits yet. Is there anything that you know for sure is off the table?" Jason had picked up his pen waiting for Paul's answer.

Paul answered "I don't want you to bring another man into this arrangement. But I might be open to playing with a female, a three way." He thought for a moment about what he had read about on line and said, "Fisting is a no go. No permanent marks. I'm willing to try oral and anal under the right circumstances."

Jason smiled at Paul's willingness to try anal. He was very happy about that. In his mind it was essential to submission. Jason visibly brightened, asked "How was the flogger for you?"

Paul replied, "Manageable. Not as bad as I expected. I loved it when you started kissing my ass. That was amazing."

Jason, "Yea, I love your ass. I plan to spend a lot of time kissing it." Jason's voice had picked up a sexy nuance. He stood up and pressed his lips to Paul's forehead, and whispered, "Will you stay the night with me?" Paul nuzzled Jason back, very pleased at being asked to stay the night.

"I would love too. Are we going back into playroom?" Jason considered the question for a moment, and shook his head. "No, I want you in my bed tonight."


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