Jason took Paul out to the latest Batman movie on Friday night, then they ate Sushi afterward. They laughed, talked, and thoroughly enjoyed each others company. When they got home at midnight, Jason said, "Would you be disappointed if we just go to sleep? I'm beat."

Paul shook his head, and smiled. Paul had two orgasms that day and wasn't sure he could manufacture another. They walked down the hall, struggled out of their clothes, and fell across the bed falling asleep.

His next memory Paul had was a full bladder and the desperate need to pee. He could smell coffee and hear Jason banging around in the kitchen. Paul anticipated the day exploring the city with Jason.

He peed and went into the kitchen. Jason presented Paul with a cup of coffee. He looked at Jason standing there. He was sexy as hell, barefoot and bare chested, in a pair of faded jeans. Paul' heart was overwhelmed with love for him.

Jason registered Paul's look. He adored Paul's expressive face and eyes. He understood Paul's emotion and moved forward to kiss his forehead, in acknowledgment.

"Eat Babe. I want to get an early start today."

"Can we run today?" Paul wanted to run.

Jason said, "Treadmill."

That was not Paul's favorite option but sensed Jason had specific plans and wanted to get started. By 9:30am they headed out to catch the bus. They road the bus around the city and listened to a narration, taking in the sights, and listening to historical facts. They got off at several places. Once to look at an old theatre and once to investigate a cathedral. They spent two hours in China town, where Jason bought Paul a gift. Paul did not know exactly what it was, but said "thank you," gratefully when Jason presented it to him.

Jason whispered to him. "We will use these tonight Paul."

Paul looked down at the case containing balls strung together on a cord. If Jason's gift was a sex toy of some kind, it was not readily apparent to him.

Paul trailed after Jason as they went from shop to shop. Jason suddenly turned to Paul and checked his bus schedule. Then he said suddenly, "Lets go."

They went to the nearest stop for the tourist bus and waited, both sitting down on a bench. Jason began watching people. He would make funny comments about them entertaining Paul.

"Would you like her to sit on your face Paul?"

Paul startled, looking at the women that Jason was referring to. She was at least 300 lbs and had more facial hair than Paul did. Paul grabbed his head, rubbed his eyes, and acted like he was going to poke his own eyes out. Jason laughed, knowing Paul had a visual on his suggestion and was trying to banish it from his mind.

The bus arrived and they jumped on. Jason suddenly grabbed Paul's arm and steered him, his demeanor changing, becoming firmer.

"Paul, stay on the bottom level." He pointed to the front of the bus. "Stand by that pole." Paul obeyed, wondering what could possibly be next. Most people getting on the bus were going up top to sit in the open air. Paul felt Jason touch his back. Paul noted the touch because Jason had not been be publicly demonstrative thus far in their relationship. Paul looked around the bottom section of the bus, thankfully it was empty.

Jason started to slowly rub Paul's back. Paul's mind raced and he started to panic that Jason would want him to do something publicly.

Jason's hand slipped down to Paul ass. Paul's breath caught. The bus was stopping. Jason let his hand fall.

Several couples and a large family boarded, all going noisily up the stairs. A guy came in and sat down opposite of where Jason and Paul were standing.

Jason said in a low by very authoritative tone, "Paul, reach up with both hands and hold the handle."

Obediently, Paul's hands left the pole and reached up for the strap handing from the roof of the bus. Jason looked at the guy sitting across from him and made eye contact. Jason rubbed Paul ass suggestively, letting the man know what he was about. He saw the guy smile. Jason suspicions were confirmed. He was gay. Jason had thought he looked like a leather daddy. He was intent on playing this scene out with Paul.

Paul held perfectly still, when Jason rubbed his ass. He was shocked that Jason was doing this in front of the male passenger sitting across from them. He was very embarrassed, even mortified. He tried to say something to Jason, but in hushed tones Jason ground out, "Shut the fuck up Paul."

The bus was stopping again. Someone got on, stayed on the bottom section but was seated in the far back seat behind them at the back of the bus.

Paul was keenly aware of both passengers, but especially the man sitting across from them. Paul glanced at the man. The mans eyes were locked onto Paul's face. The man let his hands fall to his crotch. He slowly began to caress his bulging dick.

Another surge of panic filled Paul. Before Paul could complete the thought, Jason reached around and started rubbing Paul's dick through his jeans. Paul's legs almost collapsed out from under him. He held tighter on the strap. Jason reached up to his nipples and pinched them hard. Paul yelped quietly. He was breathing hard now.

The man across the isle continued to rub his dick through his jeans. Paul realized then that anyone on the street looking into the bus would be able to see Jason's rubbing his dick and pinching his nipples.

He felt as if Jason was putting him on public display. Paul's face, neck, and chest flushed a deep shade of red.

Jason raged with lust at Paul's flush. He was extremely aroused at Paul's embarrassment. He could tell the guy across the isle was getting close to an orgasm. At that moment Jason pulled Paul's head back and plunged his tongue in Paul's mouth aggressively. He rubbed his own cock against Paul's ass, humping hard. He rubbed Paul's nipples and squeezed them hard. Paul shuddered in a sudden violent orgasm, as did the man across the isle. Jason had to catch Paul to keep him from collapsing.

The bus was stopping again. Jason steadied Paul and indicated they were getting off. The guy across the isle said, "Thanks for the show."


Mara Copa

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