Paul answered the door and paid the guy for the takeout. He took the food into the kitchen and and set the table. He poured out two large glasses of water. He sat at the table and waited for Jason.

Jason was wearing his faded denims and a white tee shirt when he returned to the kitchen. Jason smiled his appreciation to Paul for setting the table and bent down to kiss forehead. Paul thought back to the afternoon's brutal session and looked across the table at the beautiful smiling man who had subjected Paul to the most intense sex he had every had. The intimacy he felt with Jason was like nothing he had ever experienced. They started to talk about work and the market, enjoying their food and each other's company.

When they finished, Jason said, "I want you in my bed again tonight. We have unfinished business to attend to."

Paul answered, "Jason thank you for letting me stay and for the explanation."

"Things got a little intense today," Jason rubbed his eyes, and said, "When I am not fucking you, I'm obsessed thinking about it." Paul's heart surged at Jason's words.

Paul asked, "Will the sessions always be that intense?"

Jason's eyes scanned Paul's face and he answered honestly. "Yes. I told you I was an extreme top." Jason asked, "Did you like my cock in your mouth today?"

Paul, "It was really intense, maybe even a little brutal. At one point I think I almost lost conscienceness. Are you the same way with women?"

Jason answered, "Yes." Paul could not imagine it. How could a women tolerate that type of brutality?"

Paul asked, "Have you ever seriously hurt anyone?"

Jason thought about that. "I have a relationship with a like minded doctor who I keep on retainer. He has been a mentor since I was eighteen. If I hurt you, I will take care of you. I will take care of your abrasions and bathe you. Are you very sore?"

Paul answered, "All over. My mouth hurts and every muscle in my body is sore." Jason stood up taking his dishes to the sink. He said to Paul, "Come, let me bathe you and give you a good rubdown." Paul brightened and followed Jason.

Paul immediately noticed the rope swing had been dismantled, just a pile of ropes laying on the floor. Paul considered Jason's obsession and the hours of concentrated effort it must have taken him to create the swing. The flogger and Hitachi were back in their drawer. Jason had wiped down the floor and cleaned up the vomit and sweat. The room smelled like lemon.

Jason guided Paul past the platform and into the bathroom. He told Paul to remove his clothes. He checked Paul's body over carefully noting a few small rope abrasions here and there.

"Let's hop in the shower." Jason soaped Paul's body with a special medicated soap. It stung a bit on Paul's rope abrasions. Jason explained, "The soap is medicated but also contains a strong moisturizer. I want you to sit in the whirlpool for at least 10 minutes to loosen your muscles up. Then we'll go to my bedroom and I'll give you a massage."

Paul thought about the blow job he got this morning. He was starting to get aroused. Paul was hoping for release. Jason saw Paul's erection and stroked it a few times and said, "I'll take care of this later, after your bath."

Jason, turned off the shower and stepped out. He started the whirlpool tub for Paul and nodded for Paul to get in. Paul got in, and leaned back and relaxed, enjoying the the sensation of the jets. Jason sat on the side and rubbed Paul's shoulders and massaging his face and head. Paul was in heaven. He had never been doted on and attended to in this manner.

Jason stood up and held out a towel for him. He rose and stepped out of the tub. Jason toweled him off. They walked naked back to Paul's bedroom. Jason told Paul to lay down on his stomach. Jason climbed astride Paul and squirted lotion into the hands. He began massaging Paul thoroughly for the next 30 minutes.

Jason lifted up and signaled for Paul to flip over. Paul became very aroused by Jason's massage. It was incredibly erotic for Paul. Jason sat astride Paul's thighs, rubbing Paul's chest and stomach. Their erections touching. Jason started to jerk of Paul. Paul started to reach for Jason dick. He stroked, but was having problems concentrating because of Jason's decisive strokes. He gave up and just relaxed to the sensation of Jason's hands rubbing his dick.

Paul started to breath heavier as Jason stroked him harder. Jason continued his sensual massage on Paul's chest with his left hand. He stopped frequently to tease and play with his nipples. Jason started stroking him even harder until Paul moaned, convulsed, and ejaculated.

Jason, still astride Paul began to masturbate himself. He looked at Paul, saw the red marks still on his face, and his swollen bruised lips. He looked at the rope abrasions. Jason was very aroused by the evidence of today's session. Paul watched him and knew the marks were a turned on for Jason. Jason came quickly, spurting semen across Paul's chest. He grabbed a cloth from his nightstand and wiped Paul off and then leaned down and tenderly kissed Paul.

"Time for bed," Jason said, as he pulled Paul into a full body embrace. Jason nuzzled Paul, spooning him from the behind. They both drifted off to sleep.


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