Jason was starting his second week on the job at a NYC financial brokerage. He was extremely motivated to do well in the position because of the reputation of the firm and managing partners. Jason made sure he was at work an hour early each day, and left an hour later than most of the other financial analysts. He took extreme measures to make sure any reports he turned in were checked and double checked for accuracy and relevance.

Jason had been asked to study several companies and determine long term profitability during his first week. He worked hard on the analysis and sent up several in depth reports to the three managing partners. Jason used a number of methods and resources to determine the health and viability of the firms in question. He made sure that his data was accurate and insightful. After only one week on the job, Jason was already getting attention from the executive suite. Paul, one of the senior partners stopped by Jason's office early Monday morning.

Paul leaned against the door frame with a winning smile and said, "Good morning, Jason! I see great minds start early! My name is Paul Thoreau."

Jason stood and walked around his desk to greet Paul, extending his hand. "Good to meet you, Paul. I'm Jason Cross, just starting my second week."

Paul was tall, lean, and very athletic looking. Paul had the build of a runner. His face was naturally tanned by the sun from training for triathlons.  Paul had small crinkles around his eyes from smiling. Jason immediately saw kindness in Paul. Paul had buzzed cut blond hair. Jason gauged his age around thirty-five. Jason was twenty-eight.

Paul beamed, "I can't imagine that your second week could be any more successful than your first week. But we shall see. I actually have a wager on you. You're my pony, so I have to make sure you succeed! That is why I am here, actually. May I sit down?"

Jason beckoned him into the office. Paul came into the office and sat down in one of the guest chairs in front of Jason's desk. Jason, instead of sitting behind his desk sat down next to Paul in a guest chair, turning the chair toward Paul.

Paul took note of this and said, "Jason you have skills. You have talent. I have a nose for it. You definitely have a good gut instinct. Of the three company profiles you sent up last week, 2 turned out to be jackpots for us. And the third is still being discussed because of the very insightful profile you provided on the executive leadership team of the target firm. Well done!"

"We are going to profile your analysis in a future newsletter. We've decided to list the both firms as "BUYS" for our preferred clients. What I liked most about your reports was the accuracy and the thoroughness. I am sure that you have an interesting method for your research. I would love to hear more about it. That is why I'm here. Are you free today for lunch?"

Jason was happy to hear the positive feedback and replied, "Thank you. I'm glad the analysis was useful. I would be happy to go to lunch. Today is good for me."

Paul smiled a 1000 mega-watt smile and stood up. "I will come by your office around 11:30am today to collect you. Book two hours on your calendar so we have enough time to talk. We will go to my club. See you at lunch!" and he left the office.

Around 11:15am Jason broke free from his work and took a few minutes to meditate. His eyes were closed.  Jason concentrated on thinking of empty space,  relaxing all the muscles of his face.  Jason felt a presence at the door and looked up to see Paul leaning against the door frame gazing at him.

Puzzled, Paul asked, "What were you just doing? You were sitting perfectly still at your desk with your eyes closed."

Jason answered honestly, "I was collecting my thoughts. It helps me stay focused."

"Like meditating?" Paul asked.

Jason answered, "Yes. Exactly that. It is something I have always done. I have an ability to focus for really long periods of time, which is great for work and other things. Meditation helps me maintain that mental discipline."

Paul was intrigued by this.

Paul waved to Jason, "Let's head out for lunch! And you MUST tell me all of your super-secret strategies for focusing for long periods of time. I have the attention span of a cockier spaniel, so please don't leave out any details!"

Jason laughed, but doubted that was true. Jason knew Paul was the senior managing partner of the firm. He did not get into that position without exhibiting a lot of self-discipline. It stoked Jason that Paul was interested in his analysis.  Paul was a industry leader and Jason had a tremendous amount of respect for Paul. 

Jason pondered Paul's light hearted question about his attention span and focus. Jason tried to figure out how to describe what he did to Paul in a way that would make sense.  Jason was silent while they walked to the garage. They had taken the elevator down to the basement and approached a very sleek Black Audi A8 Sedan with darkly tinted windows.

Jason had still not answered, turning over possible responses. Paul peered at Jason over the hood of his car, and asked, "Are you holding out on me?"

Jason smiled, but answered "I'm just trying to figure out a way to describe what I do. Let me think on it for a while."

The truth of the matter would probably scare the hell out of Paul. Jason's physical exercise routine consisted of kickboxing and running. He meditated every morning before work for 30 minutes to an hour. And then there were Jason's sexual predilections. But all of it together kept Jason very centered and focused.

"Fair enough." Paul said as he unlocked the doors and climbed into the car.

Paul buckled his seat belt and glanced over at Jason to make sure he did the same. Paul started the car and pulled out of the garage. He pushed a button on his dash that started a play list of calming new age music, and said "this music helps me drive sanely."

To which Jason responded, "Then I am thankful for this music!"

Paul grinned, and drove out of the garage and headed toward the club.

For some unexplainable reason Paul felt a little nervous around Jason. Jason seemed very together, in control, and confident. Paul wanted to impress Jason and win his respect.

Jason was gifted. Paul wanted to harness and encourage his talent. After Paul had gotten the first few reports from Jason, he picked up the phone and made some calls. Every reference check Paul did came back superlative. Jason's last employer raved about him. They were still smarting from their loss of him. Paul did not want another firm to steal him away.

As they walked through the door to the club, Paul was greeted by the head waiter who immediately recognized Paul and said, "Two for Thoreau? Right this way."

They were immediately seated in a private booth tucked away in the corner. Paul always reserved this booth when dining with clients because of the privacy needed around financial discussions.  Paul handed the menu over to Jason, "Order whatever you want, Jason."

Jason ordered two chicken Caesar salads, no anchovies. Paul was surprised that Jason had ordered for both of them, but was pleased at his choice. 

Paul leaned back into the booth and said, "Jason, you're good at spotting companies on the precipice of success. I think we will be working together quite a bit. Emerging technology is my thing."

Paul reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a list of companies.

"These are several small firms with very interesting patents and intellectual property. I've been eyeing them. I'm interested in your take on them. Two are technology firms focused on production controls for drilling natural gas. They are actually competitors. I'd like you to research and profile them and tell me which one you think is the better company to invest in. The others are software companies. I'd like to hear your thoughts on them as well".

The waiter approached with their salads and refilled their water glasses.

Jason took the list and put it in his pocket. "I'll get something to you by the end of the week."

Jason paused and looked soberly at Paul. "You asked me about my method. Good solid research, no short cuts. I don't stop with the fundamentals of the business; I look at the people who are running the companies. I do background checks on them. I investigate them. I do a deep dive into who they are, and what motivates them."

Paul drew contemplative, and then said, "Keep doing what you're doing. I need an analyst with your skills. I can put the deals together, but I need your brains behind me."

Paul switched gears and asked Jason with smiling eyes, "Are you married, Jason?"

Jason shook his head, "I like to stay loose. Monogamy is not my thing." Paul laughed out loud drawing a few looks from surrounding tables.

Paul met Jason's gaze and held it, and whispered "A different girl every week?"

Jason considered how he should answer.

Jason simply said, "Kink."

Paul's eyes widened. He chuckled, "Okay, now you have my undivided attention!"

Jason finished his salad and leaned back into the booth gauging how much more to say.

Jason could sense there were possibilities with Paul. Paul was really attractive.  Paul had this vulnerability about him, even a sadness. Jason was inexplicably drawn to Paul.  Paul's grey translucent eyes were so expressive and they captivated Jason. 

Jason looked straight at Paul, down to his lips, and then back up to his eyes.

Paul picked up on his eye movement and immediately asked, "Are you gay?" to which Jason replied, "I hate labels."

Jason became a bit more guarded and spoke softer, "I've been with both men and women."

Paul, eyes still wide, thought about that for a minute.  Jason was young and very good looking. He had brown curly hair cut short and a nice build. Jason's eyes were a very interesting color of caramel, or dark toffee, "Then your bisexual?"

Jason sighed again at yet another label, and then acknowledged, "I guess that would be technically accurate."

Turning the tables Jason queried Paul, "Are you married?"

Paul sighed, looking pained. Paul rubbed his eyes and answered, "newly divorced, no children." 

Paul suddenly leans forward with sly wink and asks "so what exactly falls into the KINK category?"  Paul was clearly expecting an answer.

Jason looked around uncomfortable and asked, "Are you finished eating? Let's scoot out of here, and talk in the car."

Paul immediately signaled the waiter they were leaving. The private club would automatically bill his firm's account, so they did not need to linger.

Jason was quiet all the way to the car.

Jason considered how much he should share with Paul. Jason was taken with Paul. Paul had handled the information Jason had shared so far with no sign of disgust.

Jason decided to play his cards face up with Paul.

They sat in the car for a few minutes before Jason finally said, "I like to be in control, bondage, discipline, and subjugation. I'm an EXTREME TOP. Topping is all I will do with either men or women. For me sex is all about control."

Jason fell silent waiting for a response from Paul.

There was a long pause while Paul processed this information.

Paul asked, "Do you do this in groups or one on one?"

Jason answered, "Both. I prefer one on one. But when I don't have a regular sub/partner, I will do groups."

Paul laughed and said, "Wow Jason, you are a nasty boy!"

Jason answered in more serious voice by saying, "Not really. I'm actually very careful. I'm safe. And I take care of my lovers. I make sure their needs are met. Submissive sexual partners have boundaries, and I always respect those boundaries."

Jason looked over at Paul to watch his reaction. Jason's sex wolf radar was on high alert watching every move on Paul's face.

Paul rubbed his eyes again, and Jason saw a weariness, "I've been married for ten years, Jason. The kinkiest thing I ever got from my wife was an occasional blowjob".

Paul reached down and rubbed his crotch and laughed out loud, "Now you're giving me a boner talking about wild ass, bi-sexual kink."

Jason gauged whether to ask his next question, but decided to brave it "Have you ever been intimate with another man?"

Paul answered simply, "Nope."

Jason stated for the record, "for me it's not about gender. There are a lot of straight men who sub for other guys. They do it not because they like dick, but it takes them to a place they have a deep need to go. It's about being out of control and letting someone else make the decisions, not necessarily about gender and sexual preference."

Paul thought about that for a few minutes, then asked, "How does all this happen? Do you meet people online?"

Jason answered, "You can do it that way, but I don't. If I meet someone I think is attractive and if there is mutual interest, I bring up the subject. Like I did with you."

"We talk and flesh things out. If there is mutual consent, I will typically enter into an agreement with the submissive that covers the time frame of the relationship, the boundaries, any special needs the sub may have. I don't do 24/7, so I typically require my partner to give me 3-4 hour allotments of time a few times a week. All of this is agreed to upfront so everyone understands the expectations."

"Jason, you very open about your private life." Paul rubbed his eyes again. Jason could tell Paul was pensive and disquieted. Paul rested his hands on the wheel and started the car.

As they drove back to the office, Paul was silent. Jason wondered if he played his cards too soon.

Jason had been instantly attracted to Paul and picked up on his emotional vulnerability. Beneath the confident exterior, there was a delicate sensitivity, and sadness about Paul. The fact that Paul had never played before with kink or been intimate with a man, was a smoking hot bonus for Jason.  Jason realized he was very taken with Paul.

Jason asked, "Have I scared you off?"

Paul answered honestly, "I'm intrigued. But where do you do all this?"

Jason answered "My house. I have a room." Curious, Paul asked, "Do you mind if I ask how you got into this?"

"When I was fourteen I stumbled across some internet porn. It was a scene with a male dominant and female submissive. It was very intense. I was lit on fire from it, and it became an obsession. It was all I could think about. After that I sought out any information about dominance and submission I could get my hands on. I met another like minded person online when I was eighteen and he became my mentor. That is where I learned most of what I know now." 

They had just driven into the parking garage, and were pulling into Paul's parking spot. They got out of the car and walked toward the elevator and Paul said, "This is going to be a long afternoon! I won't be able to concentrate on a damn thing! You have me distracted with visions of kinky sex acts!"

Jason laughed.

As Paul got on the elevator, Jason touched Paul's lower back, ever so gently, guiding him inside the elevator. It was a subtle, but very intimate touch. Paul found it tantalizing, and his breath quickened as a result.

Paul became intensely aware of Jason's body standing beside him. Paul could smell Jason's aftershave and the scent of his clothes.  Paul glanced over at Jason and met his very beautiful brown eyes looking back steadily at him. Jason let his hand slip casually down to Paul's side, brushing across Paul's ass lightly.

They had been standing in the elevator, but had not chosen a target floor.

Suddenly, the door opened again and two people entered, startling Paul.

Jason calmly reached across Paul and pressed the button for their floor.


Mara Copa

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