Jason had just made them both a sandwich, and they were finishing up the last bites and talking about one of the companies that Paul was looking into. Jason tossed the paper plates in the trash, and asked Paul, "Ready for bed?" Jason was pleased Paul had agreed to spend the night.

Paul was nervous at the thought of having outright sexual intercourse with another man. He was still having problems thinking of himself as bi-sexual. He answered Jason, "Ready as I'll ever be."

They headed down the hall toward Jason's bedroom opposite the playroom. It was smaller than the playroom and very Spartan. The bedroom had a small en suite bathroom with a sink and toilet.

Paul sat down on the side of the bed. Jason kneeled in front of him. He asked Paul, "Do you like to kiss?" Paul realized that although he had gotten a thorough ass licking from Jason, they had never properly kissed. Paul said, "Yes, please." He reached up and ran his hands through Jason's hair. Jason leaned forward and softly kissed Paul on the mouth. He teased the corner of his mouth with his tongue and Paul opened his mouth to Jason.

Jason took control of the kiss. Jason deepened the kiss and started to tug on the buttons of Paul's jeans. Paul let Jason pull them off. Jason stood up and slipped his own jeans off. They were both naked. Jason walked into the bathroom and took two condoms out of the cabinet along with KY jelly. Jason returned to the bedroom to find Paul lying across his bed naked. He smiled, "Nice."

Jason knew that Paul's first experience getting fucked would very likely affect whether he would be willing to do it again. Tonight was not the night for hard fucking in the playroom. It was about building trust with Paul.

Jason decided to tell Paul what to expect, so he would feel more comfortable. "I'm going to kiss you for a while and get myself hard. I'll be on top, facing you. I'm going to put my fingers inside you first to try and loosen you up. When you're ready I'll put on a condom. I'll go real slow and ease into you slowly. Once you adjust to me I'll start moving. Yellow –means slow down. Red- means I stop and we go to sleep and try again tomorrow. Okay?"

Paul looked at Jason for a moment, crossed his hands behind his head looking very perturbed, and said, "Jason, you're not very romantic. I mean, WHERE are the candles? You fed me a damn ham sandwich for dinner. And now you want me to just GIVE IT UP?" Taken aback, Jason busted out in laughter.

Jason, remembered, he did have some hurricane candles somewhere. He jumped up and raced into the kitchen and rummaged through several drawers. He found the candles. He lit one on the gas stove and grabbed an empty wine bottle and stuck the candle in the top. He carefully carried the candle down the hall to the bedroom and set it on the night stand. He flicked off the light switch and got on the bed beside Paul.

Jason, looking pleased with himself, announced, "You asked for romance. Romance has been served. Now say thank you, ...and give it up!"

Paul rolled his eyes, but smiled at Jason. He was ready. He did trust Jason. He looked at Jason and beckoned him nearer. Jason lay down beside Paul and began to kiss Paul's mouth and caress his chest.

After a few moments he moved over on top of Paul and began to grind on him softly as they kissed. Jason broke the kiss and spoke softly to Paul, "I love the way the candlelight and the shadows play on your face and body."

Paul, grabbed Jason's face and said, "Okay you get a few extra points for that," and kissed him more intensely. Paul felt Jason's erection pressing against his stomach. Jason had cupped his hand under Paul's ass and was grinding on Paul while he kissed his face, neck and chest. Jason started to tongue Paul's nipples. He licked and nibbled his right nipple while he pulled on the left, then switched. Paul was starting to get very aroused.

Jason said, "When I first penetrate you, you'll get soft. I'll get you hard again while I'm fucking you." Jason seemed so matter a fact about the process. Paul wondered how many men Jason had been with to have this much knowledge.

Jason got on his knees between Paul's legs. He rubbed and played with Paul's balls and squirted some KY on his finger. He held it up to Paul and said "One finger, slowly."

He watched Paul's face, waited for him to nod agreement.

Jason lifted Paul's legs to expose his asshole. He ran his finger over his hole and rubbed the opening. He paused and pressed one finger into his opening. Paul stiffened up and Jason felt him clamp down on his finger and push it out.

Jason leaned down and kissed Paul's nipples again. He pulled on them a bit harder. He asked Paul, "Are your nipples very sensitive?" Paul answered, "Yes they are very sensitive." Jason smiled and his eyes glittered, "I can't wait to torture them. But we will build up to that."

Jason grabbed Paul's dick and started stroking it with purpose. Paul's breath quickened as he looked down and watched Jason's hands on his cock and found it highly erotic. After about ten strokes he eased Paul's legs up to expose his ass again. He fingered his hole and found the opening. He tried again to push his finger in, but this time pressing more forcefully. Paul winced but did not complain. When his finger was all the way in Jason started to move it around.

Paul's eyes were closed and he was focused on the feeling of Jason's finger moving slowly in and out of his ass. After a while it almost started to feel pleasurable. Again Paul was amazed at the nerve endings located in his ass. Paul lifted his legs up more and supported them by holding them with his own hands.

Jason took this as a signal for progression. Slowly Jason slipped another finger inside Paul. Again, Paul tightened up but Jason kept moving slowly and rhythmically until Paul relaxed. Finally, Paul got comfortable with both fingers. Jason then reached for a condom and tore it open with his teeth. Jason started to stroke his dick to make himself harder. He loved the way Paul looked with his legs up.

When Jason was fully erect, Paul watched as Jason rolled the condom over this dick. He squirted the KY on the head of his dick and rubbed it over the condom. Jason looked into Paul's eyes to assess his readiness. Paul nodded, and lifted his legs higher for Jason. Jason hovered over Paul, positioning his dick at the entrance of Paul's ass. He looked into Paul's eyes and leaned down to kiss him deeply. He moved Paul's legs over his shoulders. Paul watched Jason's face in the candlelight.

Jason quietly whispered, "Ok, babe," and started to penetrate Paul's ass. He wasn't getting in. He leaned down and kissed Paul again. "Come on, babe. Relax. I'll go slowly." Paul took a deep breath and tried to relax. Jason positioned himself again and pressed into Paul. When the head of Jason's dick penetrated Paul, he gasped. Paul immediately said, "yellow."

Jason held still and watched Paul's face. Ever so slowly he pressed again. Paul winced, and closed his eyes. He held his breath as Jason started to move again slowly, easing into Paul's ass. Jason intently watched Paul's face.

After about 3 or 4 minutes of slow controlled movement he was all the way inside of Paul. He started to pump slowly. Paul opened his eyes to see the look of ecstasy on Jason's face. Jason's eyes were closed. He had sweat forming on his brow. A drop was starting to roll down his nose. Jason's opened and met Paul's. They were full of erotic intensity.

Jason started to move with more purpose. He reached down to engage Paul in another deep kiss. He starts to play with Paul's nipples again, pinching and tugging lightly. Paul starts to get his erection back. Jason reaches down to stroke Paul's dick to get him fully hard.

Jason started to deepen his thrusts inside of Paul. He noticed the look of abandon on Paul's face. He started to fuck Paul more earnestly now. Sweat was beginning to roll off Jason's nose on Paul's chest.

Jason tried to match every thrust he made with his dick inside Paul with his hand on Paul's dick. They got into a really good rhythm with each other. Paul reached around so that his hands wwere on Jason's ass, pulling him into Pau even more. This drove Jason wild, but he carefully maintained the rhythm and control.

Paul announced that he was about to come. Jason watched as Paul's eyes rolled back in his head. He held Paul and felt spasm after spasm. Beautiful ringlets of ejaculate covered Paul's chest. Jason continued to pound Paul for a few more strokes and exploded with his own orgasm with a shudder and loud groan.

He collapsed against Paul. He quickly caught himself and whispered, "It might hurt a little when I pull out." He carefully eased himself out of Paul. Paul winced a little as Jason's dickhead cleared Paul's opening.

Jason got up to remove the condom and wash up. He brought a warm wet towel and wiped the semen off of Paul's chest. He knelt between Paul's legs and told him, "Lift up". He wiped off Paul's ass, and then threw the towel across the room into a hamper. He stayed kneeled between Paul's legs, and looked down at Paul's face. Jason wanted to know Paul's feelings, he asked, "Well, what do you think?"

Paul looked Jason right in the eye and answered, "That was fucking hot."


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