Last night after the scene, Jason had showered with Paul, comforting him. Jason knew the scene had been intense. Jason was relieved that Paul just nuzzled into Jason and contentedly let Jason care for him. Jason felt overwhelmed with tenderness. Jason held Paul, kissed his face and eyes until Paul fell into an exhausted sleep.

After Paul was in bed, John and Jason cleaned the playroom. It was a wreck.

John asked Jason pointedly, "Did you get what you needed out of this Jason?"

Jason sat down and put his head in his hands. Finally looking up, Jason answered, "Yes and No. I could have gotten the same submission from him over time in a much more pleasurable way. This scene was desperate and impulsive on my part. With Paul, I'm always fighting my nature and running from what I feel for him. I know he deserves better."

With a sense of sadness and self-disgust Jason continued, "John, I want to be a better man for him." Why did he feel an all-consuming need to put Paul through such extreme punishment?

John, "You have been lucky so far Jason. You have not seriously hurt him or chased him away. Now you need to put your selfishness and your insecurities aside and focus on being that better man for him."

John added, "I'm exhausted, and I miss the girls. I'll stop by and check on him tomorrow first thing."

Jason decided then he needed to focus on his and Paul's relationship outside the playroom. They would take break. It would give them time to work on a project they were starting. It was a merger and acquisition that stemmed from a company profile and report Jason had brought to Paul. Jason was delighted to be able to work with Paul on something so high level. Paul was a leader in the industry and Jason was thrilled to be a part of the project team on the merger. Jason had always had an intense respect for Paul professionally.

Sunday morning John stopped by again to check on Paul. Surprisingly Paul seemed to be in good spirits during John's exam. Paul reported that his whole body, especially his backside was very sore.

John prescribed a few muscle relaxers, and some Advil. John wanted Paul to sit on chill packs to decrease swelling all day Sunday. As John exited the apartment John looked at Jason and said, "Stay off him for at least a week, maybe two." Jason nodded soberly agreeing.

Jason returned to Paul eating his breakfast in the kitchen. Paul was reading a paper copy of the NY Times. Paul had neatly organized sections. Jason went to grab the entertainment section and received a scalding look and swat from Paul. Jason instantly dropped the section and waited.

Jason watched Paul and realized he read the paper front to back in a particular order. Paul had a system. Jason was not allowed to touch the paper until Paul was completed with the section and handed it over to Jason. The least important sections to Paul were entertainment and the comics, so he read those last. But those were the most important sections to Jason. Jason became frustrated and bored with having to wait, and started to pester Paul. "What are you reading about?"

Paul answered, "A story on Goldman Sachs"

Jason, "What does it say?" When Paul began to explain the basics of any story, Jason would just start asking more questions. Paul sighed. He picked up the comics section and threw it at Jason.

Jason took the section and lay on the floor in the living room reading it. Every few minutes he would break out into a fits of laughter, shouting out the punch lines of comic strips. At one point he began reading riddles to Paul wanting him to guess answers. Next Jason was reading complex brain teasers to Paul.

Paul, having been nourished, tolerated the strain well enough. Paul looked down at Jason lying on the floor with his ankles propped up on an ottoman thinking, Kinky, goofy, immature, emotionally stunted comic reading bastard.

Paul sighed, got up and poured another cup of coffee and gingerly walked over to sit on the couch to be closer to Jason. Jason saw Paul wince as he walked, and he jumped up to get another cold pack and brought it to Paul, and told him to sit on it. Paul was wearing boxer briefs, and dutifully sat on the cold pack.

Paul muttered, "Nothing like an ice cube to the balls and ass first thing in the morning." Jason answered, "Just for today babe, to get the swelling down," then kissed each of Paul's knees.

Jason watched as Paul spread the newspaper sections out around the couch, duplicating the system he had setup on the table. Jason bent down and started to rub Paul's feet and give him a foot massage. He knew Paul needed recovery time today. He continued to rub Paul's feet over the next hour as Paul enjoyed his coffee and paper. He did his best to refrain from babbling.

They lounged all day, watched TV, and played a lively game of Chess. Sunday night Jason held Paul tightly as they fell asleep. They were returning to work tomorrow.

Paul had promised Jason he would stay with him, forever. Jason wanted to get started on forever with Paul NOW.


Paul awoke, surfacing slowly. He smelt coffee. He had to pee. He laid there for a few more minutes in a half wake state until his bladder prompted immediate action. Afterward, he stumbled down the hall to the kitchen in his underwear.

Jason was standing there beaming, psychedelic happiness emanating from him from having figured out the espresso machine. He held the cup of espresso out to Paul as if he was presenting the crown jewels of royalty.

Jason startled at the look on Paul's face. Jason slowly backed away from Paul.

Paul stared at Jason morosely projecting a unspoken warning: Stupid happy fucker, dial it down and back the fuck off.

Jason carefully set the cup down on the counter as an offering. Jason had called the deli and had Paul's breakfast ready. It was on the table. Jason had also ordered extra fruit and Greek yogurt and put that into Paul's briefcase. Jason decided the safest thing to do would be to go get dressed and ready for work.

Jason was brushing his teeth when he heard Paul thundering around in the bedroom. He found Paul holding up the clothes he had been wearing from last Wednesday. "I have no clothes to wear to work!" In all the excitement of the past 5 days neither of them had considered work clothes for Paul. Jason's checked his watch. It was 7:30am. If they left quickly they could go to Paul's apartment and pick up a change of clothes. Jason gently made the suggestion to Paul.

Paul began to calm down at Jason's reasonable suggestion, coffee and food hitting his blood stream.

Jason took Paul's chin and said, "We made some promises to each other this weekend. We probably need to talk about the details of combining our households. Let's go get you dressed, but after work let's make sure you have the essentials to stay here for the next month. By that time we will have formulated a plan an have figured things out."

Paul sighed, floated into Jason's embrace placing his head against Jason's shoulder.

Jason held Paul for a few moments and then said, "Come on Babe, let's get moving."

Paul breezed through his reception area and into his office by 8:45a.m. He had a 9:00am meeting. Paul cracked open his briefcase and instantly saw the Yogurt, Ziploc bag of granola, and carton of fresh fruit. He saw a little note from Jason taped to the fruit.

Babe, have a great first day back at work. Remember to eat this mid morning. I'll call you around 11:30 am to see if we can grab lunch together. I miss you already. Love, Jason.

Paul smiled; he tucked the note back into his briefcase and put his snacks up in his mini fridge.

Sweet, handsome, thoughtful, kinky fucker.

Paul dialed Jason's number.

"Jason Cross." Paul had butterflies in his stomach. He did not say anything. His heart felt full. Jason whispered, "I know Babe, me too."

Paul sat there, willing himself to talk but his admin assistant was at the door with his 9:00am appointment. Paul abruptly broke the connection, swallowed the lump in this throat, and stood up to greet his clients.

Jason sat in his office for a few minutes, suppressing the urge to call Paul back, or race up to the executive suite. Jason called Paul's admin, Shelly.

"Hi Shelly, Jason Cross, does Mr. Thoreau have anything on his calendar for lunch? She paused saying, "Yes, he's booked through until 4:30pm. Would you like to make an appointment later this week?"

"No Shelly, I'm going to bring some lunch up to him around 11:30a.m. I need you to make sure he eats."

Shelly sighed knowingly, "I try to get him to eat but it's not always that easy." Jason murmured his agreement. At exactly 11:30am, he arrived at Shelly's desk with lunch for Paul. Jason had also brought food for Shelly. Jason lingered for several minutes asking about the pictures of her dog on her desk, and then went back to his office and concentrated on work while wolfing down a ham sandwich.

Around 1:00pm, he got a short email from Paul. "Thank you Jason. See you at 4:30pm."

Jason texted Paul at 4:25pm, "Meet me downstairs in front of the building. We will grab a cab back to your place."

Jason was on the street and had been waiting for several minutes. He turned to see Paul walking toward him, smiling. Jason smiled back. They hailed a cab to Paul's penthouse, holding hands all the way. Jason waited while Paul packed a suitcase and several hanging bags. Paul took out the trash, and watered the plants. Jason walked around the 4,000 square foot space examining it for potential. His midtown apartment was large for NYC at 1,500 square feet. But Paul's place was off the hook. Still Jason could not imagine being without the playroom.

Paul was standing behind him and said, "I'm ready."

Jason turned to look at Paul. He pointed to an elegant white leather couch. "Let's sit for a moment."

Paul sat beside Jason and faced him waiting for him to speak.

"I think we agree we want to be together. I think the agreement we both signed is particle dust. It does not even begin to adequately encapsulate how we feel about each other. I'd like us to focus on building our life and our relationship outside of the playroom for the next few weeks. Let's just live life and get to know each other. Let's put this merger deal together, run in the park, see a few movies, and make a whole lot of love."

"At some point in the future we have to decide where to live. Maybe we keep both places and use your place for business and entertaining friends, and my place for everything else. If you want to we can come spend a few nights over here. It doesn't matter to me, as long as we are together. We don't have to have answers now and there is no pressure."

Paul answered unbelieving, "No playroom? You have beaten my ass daily since we met. Now you're going cold turkey?"

Jason answered, "I love you so much I think my heart will explode. I want to build a long term sustainable relationship with you and know you're as happy and fulfilled as I am."

Paul asked accusingly, "Who are you and what have you done with Jason?" Jason laughed, then yawned dramatically at the overused reference and said "Let's go home!"

Back at Jason's apartment, Paul ordered in pasta and salads for dinner. Jason worked on re-organizing his closet space to accommodate Paul's clothes and personal items. They shared dinner, sipped white wine, and discussed the business deal they were working on. After dinner, they sat down on the couch together. Paul started to flip through channels and landed on a home improvement show.

Jason said emphatically, "Are you fucking kidding?"

Paul confused, "What?"

Jason asked, "Look at us. Are we already sitting on the couch watching home improvement shows on a Monday night?"

Paul smiled, "Domestic bliss."

Jason grabbed the remote and turned to a sports channel.

Paul sighed with resignation, "You don't like domestic bliss?"

Jason answered sternly, "Baby steps Paul."

They watched sports for the next hour, periodically slipping back into conversation about the acquisition they were working on. They were constantly touching each other affectionately. Jason leaned over to kiss Paul at least a half dozen times. They had not had sex on Sunday and Jason was anxious to get Paul into bed. He tried to think of a romantic way to suggest it. He wanted to think of something better than making an announcement or ordering him into the bedroom.

Paul began rubbing Jason's leg and Jason became distracted with Paul's bold touch. Normally after Paul initiated something, Jason would immediately take charge. But tonight he wanted to show Paul how deep his feelings were and how much Jason appreciated Paul. Jason encouraged Paul's touch by moaning a little. Jason lay back in the couch cushions and closed his eyes. Jason waited to see what Paul would do. Paul's touch became bolder. Jason felt Paul move closer and reach over to kiss his arm and then his shoulder through his shirt.

Jason reached his hand up to cup Paul's head and pulled him in for a kiss. Instead of Jason taking control of the kiss he teased Paul's mouth softly with the tip of his tongue. Paul's breath caught. Paul was unsure of what Jason wanted and did not want to overstep. Paul nibbled back and tentatively placed his tongue against Jason's mouth, testing the waters.

Jason opened his mouth to Paul. Shocked, Paul stopped and looked at Jason. Jason's brown eyes fluttered open and he said, "Sit astride me Babe." Paul cautiously obeyed and waited. They were chest to chest, face to face, Paul's face a bit higher that Jason's. Jason had begun to rub Paul's lower back sensually, then Jason cupped Paul's bottom.

"Kiss me, Paul."

Gripping the back of the couch, Paul leaned in to kiss Jason, tentatively at first. Jason accepted Paul's gentle tongue and sucked and played with it. Paul's kiss grew bolder. Paul wanted to please Jason but knew that he needed to be careful. Jason would shut down if he got too aggressive. Jason's hands began to travel around, rubbing Paul's back and ass. Jason started to grind upwards into Paul. Paul instinctively knew to let Jason drive the crotch contact. Paul focused on expertly kissing Jason. Paul would occasionally kiss Jason's face and neck but kept going back to Jason's mouth. Paul took his right hand and placed it on Jason's chest, waiting for a response. Jason did not stop kissing Paul, nor did Jason's hands stop traveling about Paul's body. Paul was elated. Paul slowly started to move his hands around Jason chest.

They kissed like this for some time when Jason stopped and told Paul, "Slip your clothes off, babe." Paul jumped up and stripped. Jason also started to remove his clothing. Paul waited for Jason's signal before getting back astride Jason. Once he was settled on Jason's lap, both looked down at each other. Paul's skin was much fairer than Jason's, prone to showing blushes of pleasure. Jason's skin was tanned but and naturally olive colored. Jason's nipples were brown; Paul's were pink. They both admired each others bodies, and enjoyed the differences.

Jason murmured, "So many firsts with you Paul."

Paul asked, "What do you mean?"

Jason answered. "For starters, you are my first boyfriend."

Paul's eyes widened. "What? You said...."

Jason interrupted. "That I have scened several times with straight men."

Paul asked, "But you brought them here. And you slept with them and had agreements?"

Jason shook his head vigorously, "No, never."

Paul's looked at Jason puzzled.

Jason said. "I scened with them at the club or at private parties at John's. My agreements have always been with women." The information pleased Paul. It made him feel more significant to Jason.

Curious he asked Jason, "You said so many firsts. What else?"

Jason answered, "Saying I love you, living together, having you sleep in my bed." Paul's heart welled up with feeling.

"Paul asked, "What else?" He was hopeful there was more.

Jason continued, "Holding hands in the movies. Bringing you lunch and then worrying all day if you ate it."

Jason pressed on, "Feeling stark fear at the thought of ever losing you."

Paul pressed his forehead to Jason's and said, "You could never lose me."

Jason started to kiss Paul slipping back into complete control. Paul accepted Jason's tongue happily. They rubbed each others' chests, their erections intermingling.

Jason started to masturbate them both, deeply kissing Paul. Things got heated fast, and soon they were bouncing around. Jason told Paul, "You jack now." Jason then leaned his head back and looked at Paul. Jason gripped Paul's ass cheeks and hips and ground his pelvis against Paul.

Paul concentrated on stroking their cocks, sometimes rubbing them each separately and sometimes pressing them together and rubbing with both hands. Paul noticed when he pressed their dicks together, Jason always looked down to watch, his chest would flush and Jason's hips pumped faster.

Jason reached up and started to pinch and pull on Paul's nipples. They were both near orgasm. Paul concentrated on bringing them both off together if possible, but Jason suddenly shuddered and shot a stream of semen all over both their chests. Just seconds later, Paul reached orgasm and fell against Jason. They sat there, Jason rubbing Paul's back and bottom softly.

Paul said, "I love you so much Jason, it's just overwhelming. It fills me up. "

Jason answered, "I know the feeling, Babe. Time for bed."


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