The chauffer, Jim, picked us up at 7:20 PM and drove us to the exclusive restaurant where I had made reservations.  John and I, dressed in gray suits, had a seven course meal with fine wines. After dinner, I asked: "John Baby, would you like to join me on the dance floor in the ballroom?"

"Yea Eric, that would be so sweet."

As we danced, I held John close with my arms around his waist and back and he had his arms around my neck. The feel of his hard body, heat from both of us and the warm feel as our faces touched had me so aroused. Near the end of the dance with us both horny, John said: "Oh my god Eric, you are such a great dancer and the warmth of your body has me wild with lust for you. Do you mind if we skip the tour and go back to the hotel? Please, I'm desperate for you to fuck me."

My teasing of John before we went to dinner had worked as he had almost climaxed before we left the hotel.

As soon as we were back in the presidential suite, I grabbed John by his tie, pulled his hot body into me, put my hands on the back of his neck and planted my lips tight on his huge lips. In a romantic mood, I slowly pressed my lips hard on his red lips as I humped his crotch feeling both our cocks stiffen. As lust began to consume us, I backed off and began to undress my prince starting with his tie. When he was down to his sexy blue briefs, I placed him on his back on the bed. I stood by the big round bed and began a provocative strip dance to music I had selected. Move by move, I swung my hips, thrust my naked body and hard cock toward John while running my tongue across my lips and also sucked on my finger. I noticed John had become wild with lust for me. He slipped his hand inside his briefs and began to play with his stiff cock as he watched my sexy dance. While I continued to dance, I grabbed my cock and begin to stroke it. Then in a sexy voice I said: "Babe, how bad do you want my cock?"

I then started a really hot xxx video featuring five hot studs from Sean Cody's collection. They were sucking cock and fucking ass as I got on the bed. I took charge of my horny buddy. I spread his legs far apart and got between those cute legs. I began to lick and suck on his now soiled briefs. He moaned and grunted as I used my mouth to enjoy those briefs and the smells. After several minutes of licking those briefs, I slowly removed them and put them up to my nose and took in the manly odors. Then I took the pre-cum soiled briefs and shoved them into his face. He moaned with pure pleasure as his cock bobbed up and down. I knew then that John was ripe and desperate for sex with me.

Before going to dinner, I'd prepared some sex toys for fun. As John now lay spread eagle on his back, I took an expensive bottle of scented massage oil; poured it all over his brown hot body; rubbed the oil into his skin; and I laid down beside him. I took the oil and poured it on part of my body. Soon I got on top of him as our greasy bodies slid across each other.

At this point John noticed the huge mirror on the ceiling. He began to watch my ass and back humping him. He managed to mutter: "Oh my god, I'm about to pass out from the pure gratification I feel from your body and watching you hump me in the mirror. Devour me babe, suck my cock and fuck my pussy. My body feels like it is on fire."

Little did he know what was coming next. I reached and got a fleshjack, poured gobs of lube in it and drove it all the way down on his rock hard cock. I thrust it hard as if his cock was in a man's pussy. As he became totally aroused, I removed the fleshjack and drove it down on my cock. For several minutes, I rotated between fucking his cock and my cock with the fleshjack.

As we came close to a climax, I removed the fleshjack and got ready for my next move. I got up next to John's right arm and took my greased cock and began to slap his face with my leaking cock. He started to grab my cock but I ordered him to keep his arms spread eagle. He was wild not being able to touch me. Then things got really hot as I used my stiff cock to run it up and down his arm and under his armpit over and over. After some time, I moved over to his other arm and armpit and did the same thing. I was leaving my mark with pre-cum. John's whole body became rigid and his cock was twitching wildly. Next I used my  lips and tongue to suck on his armpits and then kiss his lips helping him to enjoy that odors.

The Sean Cody studs were beginning to get down and dirty on the video as I slid my hard cock down to John's nipples and used the tip of my cock to run over his hard nipples. Next I took my cock and  fucked his belly button leaving a string of pre-cum. John almost jumped out of his skin from the lust he felt.

My new lover began to beg: "Oh Baby, Baby, Baby, Please give me that hard cock inside me. I want you to fuck me raw, please, please, please give me your milky semen. Please brand me with your ropey cum. Oh I'm so craving your missile. I want to be your bitch. I wish you could make me pregnant."

I answered: "Baby, I love you so much. You're so incredible sexy and hot."

Hell John's begging caused my cock to actually swell a little more. Yea I was then ready for the big moment that I'd dreamed about ever since I had met him. I'd had several wet dreams about my cock sliding into John's man pussy ever since we met via internet.

But first I wanted to drive John even wilder before fucking that gorgeous ass. I took my aching throbbing cock and placed it near the entrance to his pussy. I began to run my hot blood filled cock up and down his ass crack and even a little way up his back. This made John wild as he begged: "Fuck hell, I can't take this any longer, please stop teasing me, slam that missile of yours inside me. Oh what can I do to make you fuck me? If you will fuck me, I'll do whatever you ask. I' m so in love with you."

I grinned and said: "OK Baby, you've got a deal. I'll fuck you now and tell you later what I want."

John had no idea that I wanted to fuck him as bad as he wanted to be fucked. The foreplay had us ready for the most intense sex possible. It was time to act.

I placed my stiff cock to the entrance of his gorgeous ass. I began to slowly thrust my big tool forward as I felt his ass open up and my cock slid deeper and deeper into his ass channel until my entire dick was buried deep in his pussy. I felt my cock began to rub against his rough prostate and his ass walls seemed to close around my cock shaft. His ass felt warm, slcik and very soft, a little, like my cock had just been immersed into a bowl of jello. My cock had never felt better as I began to go wild fucking that awesome ass. I got into some kind of remarkable rhythm as my cock moved easily in and out of that pussy. As I would began to withdraw my dick his ass muscles would relax and when I drove my cock back in deep his muscles would close tight on that dick. Man he knew how to help me fuck him.

As I was almost in a trance, I reached down and began to stroke his hard dick while I continued to blast his ass with my pounding cock. I then began to lower my face and use my tongue to suck on his armpits and soon those armpits were drenched with my spit. I became really naughty when I pried open his lips and spit gobs of my spit deep in his throat until he gagged. 

The fuck was so awesome as my cock felt like it was in a warm cocoon. I was not sure if  my cock would ever want to leave that beautiful warm ass.

Finally after what seemed like an hour, my seed gathered and shot up my cock at an incredibel force. As I erupted with an earthshaking mighty ejaculation deep in John's ass, I thought I felt the room shake. Was Seattle experincing an earthquake or was it just John and I?

I pulled my cock out after I was spent and moved up to John's mouth, parted his lips with my cum covered cock and drove it deep in his throat. He clamped his lips hard on my cock and began to suck finishing milking me dry. We kissed and shared my salty cum.

John gave me the most satisfied look, grin, and winked at me as he said: "Oh Baby, that was the most awesome fuck, better than I could have ever imagined. Man, you know how to make a dude want your cock. Oh I'm so horny to get my nuts off. Will you help me?"

"Yea Baby, I'll give you a hot blowjob and you can come."

At that moment we looked at the screen and holy shit, there were five guys shooting their loads of nectar all over this cute twinks face.

I had horny John get off the bed and I took him over to the huge windows over looking the city from the 15th floor. As he looked out the window (from the floor to the ceiling), I got down on my knees and grabbed hold of the base of his hard cock. I began to use my tongue to lick up and down that vein covered cock shaft, rum my tongue around that huge mushroom cock head and finally I drove his cock deep in my throat and began to wildly suck his leaking dick. I then took a finger and drove that finger deep inside his wet ass. The sloppy blowjob had John bucking his hips driving his cock even deeper into my throat. He moaned and began to breath rapid. I knew I had him near the edge. When he said: "I'm going to come," I clamped my lips down hard oh his cock head.

He then pulled his stone hard cock out of my mouth and he stroked it a couple of times releasing a mother load of cum on my face, in my hair and shit a couple of big streams shot several feet over my head and onto the window. His cum started runnig down the window. He took his sexy thick lips and tongue and cleaned his cum off my face. Then my new lover was so turned on that he went over to the window and licked his cum off the window. He came back to me, shoved his tongue pass my lips and dumped that cum in my mouth. We kissed and shared his salty seed.

I had John join me on the love seat with both of us still naked and smelling of cum. I opened a small box, took out a diamond freindship ring and asked: "Babe, will you accept this friendship ring as a symbol of my love?"

With tears welling up in his eyes, he said: "Oh Yea Baby,  this is such a beautiful ring. Being overcome with joy, John jumped up in my lap with his naked ass touching my cock that began to stiffen as he kissed me. Soon I felt his ass start to go down on my growing cock. Were we about to fuck cowboy style? His ass was about to swallow my cock. I guess he could not get enough of my cock inside his pussy.

Next Chapter will involve a night of marathon erotic sex!!!!!


Naughty Eric


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