Story by John

After a wild day and night of horny wild sensuous fucking on Saturday upon Eric's arrival in New York City, we slept in on Sunday morning. We showered and dressed and had a brunch at a local restaurant near my apartment at 11am. Then I drove Eric around New York City for several hours winding up in the famous New York City Central Park around 3pm. We walked around the Park watching people walking their dogs, couples and families with big picnic spreads, guys playing pickup basketball games, lots of New Yorkers' bicycling, people just lying on the grass taking in the sun and an assortment of other activities.

It had been over 12 hours since Eric and I had sucked cock and fucked. As two lovers constantly in heat when we were together, this had to be a record number of hours between our wild sexy episodes. As we walked through Central Park holding hands, I'd gotten very horny and had sprouted my usual stiff erection when with my lover Eric. I looked over at Eric's crotch and yea he was possessing a large tent in his pants.

I began to lust after the hottest man on the planet and yea my lover when I said: "Baby, I'm so excited about you sucking my cock in public. The thought of getting caught in public having sex has my hormones raging to get my nuts off here and now. Baby, lets find a somewhat semi-private corner and please give me one of your awesome blowjobs. And if you wish, I'll suck that big cock of yours."

Eric turned toward me, took his sexy hands and put my face inside those warm hands, starred into my eyes with pure lust in his eyes, both our cocks stiffened even more and those rock hard cocks began to push against our tight pants when Eric said: "Hell yea Baby, fuck yea, lets suck cock and put on a show. Maybe some hot guys will catch us and get turned on or a police officer will catch us. We might spend the night in jail. Man, I'm so horny just thinking about us getting caught in public having sex."

Eric and I scouted out a spot on the outside wall of a restroom that was buffered by tall shrubs. In his out of control lust, Eric pushed my back up against the wall, plunged his hot body and crotch into my crotch and chest. He took my face in his sexy hands, parted my lips with his long wet tongue and began the most amazing deep kissing of me. I felt his rock hard cock drive into my stiff cock. We began a long series of sloppy kisses as our crotches became wet from all that leaking precum as Eric continued to hump my crotch. Soon we were grunting and moaning as pure lust had consumed us once again.

After some five minutes of this hot foreplay, Eric opened my snap on buttons on my shirt exposing my taned chest and stomach. Holy fuck, he began to move south with his lips and tongue as he kissed and licked my chest, sucked on my nipples and moved his lips down past my naval. His growing salvia drenched my chest as I felt him unzip the fly on my pants, run his hand inside my briefs, located my hard cock, pulled that leaking dick out, dropped to his knees and used his lips and tongue to pay special attention to my aching penis.

He used his lips and tongue to circle my purplish cock head; slowly sucked my cock head in his mouth and clapped down hard to suck more precum out of my piss slit. As I bucked my hot butt forward, I felt him use his tongue to go up and down my thick cock shaft while he used one of his hands to fondle my ass. I also noticed that he used his other hand to unzip his fly. He pulled out his monstrous cock and began to stroke that dangerous weapon while he inch by inch swallowed my entire throbbing cock.

As he feasted on my cock and rapidly stroked his own cock, the primordial sexual gratification that over took us prevented us from recognizing four voyeuristic approaching horny rugged street skateboarders. We had drawn their attention from our loud noises and my dirty talking to my lover.


The four hot dudes watched us from behind the tall bushes with us unaware of their presence as I blasted my huge supply of jizz deep in Eric's sexy warm throat. When I was spent, Eric pulled his mouth off my cum covered still semi-hard cock, he stood up and kissed me violently as he emptied a portion of my semen deep in my mouth. The taste and smell of all that sticky semen caused horny Eric to shove his crotch and exposed dick deep into my crotch as he banged the hell out of my exhausted body from the incredible climax I'd just had.

Eric was desperate to get his nuts off after he had taken my mother load of cum deep in his mouth. He put me into a tight bear hug as he continued to hump my weak body. I felt his blood filled cock driving into my now sore cock and underneath my big brown balls.

I realized his hormones and libido were out of control that had created an irresistible urge to fuck me at that moment regardless of whether we got caught or not. He pulled his body back, undid my belt, pulled my pants and briefs down to my ankles, turned my face to the wall and shoved my spent body up tight on the wall. He pulled my legs far apart exposing my ass to his stiff cock, shoved a couple of fingers deep in my ass as he finger fucked my pussy causing me to cry out with pleasure as I yelled: "Oh Baby, fuck my ass with that awesome cock. Make me your bitch. Shoot that big load in your bitch's pussy. Give me all that hot milky cum. Baby, show me no mercy. Fuck me hard and rough, baby."

As had been true ever since we first met, dirty talk has always sent Eric into a frenzy of wild fucking action. He did not bother to lower his pants but took his exposed cock sticking out of his fly and rammed it up my ass as he placed his hands on my shoulders. He began an incredible rough fuck of my pussy. He plowed that massive wood up my pussy and guts. I'd never seen him so aroused and horny. He popped that stone hard cock in and out of my ass as my body banged hard against the wall. Shit, my legs had become weak but there was no chance I could fall as Eric had hold of my shoulders and his body had pinned me against the wall as I enjoyed the ride.

He fucked my pussy for the longest time as we grunted, whimpered and banged against that outside restroom wall unaware that we were putting on a fucking show for those four horny spectators that had pulled out their stiff cocks and were stroking those dicks at a rhythm to my getting fucked. Finally, I felt Eric's cock head expand, the veins in his cock began to pulsate rapidly, his breathing became rapid and he yelled: "Fuck yea, I'm going to cum. Yea, fuck take my big load. Fuck here is comes baby."

At that moment, I felt a rush of his sticky warm cum fill my ass. There must have been at least seven major blasts followed by several small squirts before Eric pulled out that cum covered still hard cock. He turned me around, had me get on my knees and he slammed that hard leaking cock deep in my throat and ordered me to suck him clean.

It was at that moment we realized we were not alone. The four hot raunchy skateboarders around 19 or 20 years-of-age came out from the bushes jerking their awesome big manhood's dribbling strings of precum off those hot cock heads. Holy fuck we had been caught. They surrounded us and with shitty grins ordered us into the restroom. I pulled up my briefs and pants and Eric and I put our cocks away and zipped up as we entered the restroom with four mean looking guys around us.

Once inside, we were instructed to get down on the tile floor on our backs and to spread our legs far apart. Had we gone too far with this public sex? What was about to happen to us? Was this going to be the end of us? The guys unzipped Eric and my flies, pulled out our still hard cocks and stood above us. With the four guys hard cocks still out of their flies, the two largest guys got on each side of Eric and my face as they pointed those missiles toward our faces. The other two dudes got on each side of Eric and me and pointed their big cocks at our cocks while standing above us. All four rough dudes began to wildly stroke those huge red hot dicks.

As they stroked those impressive cocks, they grunted and showered us with hot sweat and they began saying such dirty words as: "You fucking fags, you can't even keep those fucking damn cocks in your pants in public, you dirty bitches are like two fucking dogs in heat, yea take our spunk you fucking bitches and get the hell out of here. Do not let us see you here again."

Eric and I became very worried. Man this was not turning out as we had hoped. Where were the police when we needed them?

The studs continued to stroke those amazing cocks that caused Eric and I to get stiff cocks again. Man, although we were scared, this was a hot scene. It was not long until all the dudes erupted with huge loads of spunk that landed on our faces, our cocks and all over our clothes. The spewing cum had a variety of tastes and smells that caused Eric and I to actually shoot another load of semen.

Now with our cocks, faces and clothes covered in huge loads of cum, we got up, pulled up our cum soaked clothes and were surprised when the hot dudes took turns licking all that cum off our faces. They gave us a big grin and high fives.

The obvious leader of the gang said: Hey dudes, that was some awesome fucking sex. We hang out here most days and find fucking hot guys like you to dump our spunk on and sometimes we fuck those man pussies for them. We are often voyeurs like today that helps us get our nuts off with awesome orgasms. Thanks guys and keep up that fucking love you have for each other."

I was so pleased when Eric replied: "Well guys, you had us worried. But I want you to know that John is my one and only lover, man I love him above all else. He is my sugar plum and lover."

We rushed to my car, got to my apartment, showered and were once again horny for each other. I could never get enough of Eric's big cock and his love.

Hey guys stay tuned for more sex to come from New York City with Eric and me.


Naughty Eric


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