This chapter is by Eric

On Friday night around 11 pm eastern standard time, I called my lover John at his studio apartment in New York City from my home in San Francisco filled with a longing to hear his sexy voice and delirious with lust for his incredible body including the most erotic cock and bubble ass I'd ever seen or felt.

My heart raced, chills covered my entire body, my cock was stiff as a steel pipe and sweat covered my forehead  as I heard John's phone ring. As I waited with bedded breath, John answered the phone on the third ring: "Hey, this is John. Oh fuck, this is my baby Eric. I recognize your number on my caller ID. Baby, Baby Oh Baby, how are you my sweet love?"

I felt my cock jump and stiffen even more hearing John's sexy voice as I responded: "Oh fuck, Oh fuck Baby, I'm fine except I miss you Baby so much. I can hardly sleep at night not having you next to me in bed. I'm about to go crazy without you. Baby, I have good news. I'm caught up on my business schedule. I just hired a new outstanding assistant that takes lots of work off of me. I can get away for a couple of weeks. Sugar Baby, how about it if I take my private jet and my pilot and fly to New York tomorrow? My pilot is eager to visit his parents in upstate New York for their 50th wedding anniversary this week. He then can fly my jet back to San Francisco and come back and get me in a couple of weeks. Oh how I miss you, your sweet body, your big cock, your kindness, our time to just chat and tour the sites. Baby, I need you so bad."

I heard John's voice break and he became very excited as he said: "Oh Eric Baby, oh my god, I'm about to go crazy without you. Fuck, tell me what time you get into the Kennedy Airport and I'll meet you Baby. Baby, oh fuck, I just got rock hard, my cock is throbbing in anticipation of seeing you and holding you in my arms tomorrow. Baby, I need to taste my favorite cock, have you suck my cock and have us fuck those hot asses. Baby I need you to breed me as it has been over two weeks since I've felt that big cock of yours in my pussy. Baby I'm spewing pre-cum right now in my briefs just thinking  of your getting here. Baby, have a safe trip, my cock waits for you."

"John sugar baby, meet me at the airport at 5 pm your time. Love you so much and see you tomorrow. Keep all that semen for me and I'll call you as my jet is near New York."

"Oh Eric, fuck yea, I can hardily wait. I love you so much and yea I've got a big load just waiting for you."


I called John as my private jet neared New York and we landed at 4:50 pm. I informed John that we had just pulled in at Gate 50.

As I walked into the lobby at Gate 50, I immediately spotted my lover dressed in a hot tight pair of black slacks with the outline of his huge package; fuck yea John's cock was at full erection. He was wearing a sexy blue pull over short sleeve top that highlighted his awesome hard chest. Wow, his coal black hair and black eyes were turning me on. Man how I loved that hot look.

I was dressed in a dark blue suit as I had stopped in Chicago for a brief business meeting at the airport with three entrepreneurs.

The second I saw John, my lover, my cock began to grow and before I reached him my cock was at full staff. I grabbed him in my arms and we began to passionately kiss as our pink soft lips became entangled. Our hard cocks rubbed against each other and we began to leak pre-cum from the touch, smell and feel. I placed my hands around his bubble ass while John put his hands and arms around my neck and upper shoulders. We became lost in each other with no regard as to the passengers around us. It was only a few seconds until I felt my lover use his tongue to part my lips and he shoved that wet sexy tongue deep in my mouth. We began a hot series of French kisses. Almost immediately our sloppy kisses produced gobs of salvia that ran out of our mouths and down on our chins and chests. John smelt so sweet as he was wearing my favorite type of cologne that I'd bought for him when he was in San Francisco. Oh man I was so turned on.

My pilot had arranged for my luggage to be delivered to John's apartment.

Holy fuck, there was no way that John and I could wait to get to his apartment to suck and fuck. I had to have him right there in the airport. I whispered into John's ear: "Baby, I can't wait. I've got to have you right now and we can't use my jet because my pilot has already left for his parents home in upstate New York. Where can we go? I need you to suck my cock now. Oh Baby I could fuck you right here in the lobby but we would get arrested. I'm so horny for you."

John glared into my eyes with such lust in those lovely black eyes and grabbed me by the hand and led me to a nearby men's restroom. We entered one of the stalls, closed the door and within seconds our pants and briefs were down to our ankles. Holy fuck, I became dizzy seeing that awesome huge brown shinny leaking pre-cum cock head so rock hard of John's. John grabbed me and shoved my back into the stall door. He fell down on his knees in front of my throbbing cock, grabbed the base of my blood filled cock, took his lips and tongue as he began to circle my piss slit sucking out the spewing pre-cum. He soon used his tongue and lips to circle my cock head and then he began to take his tongue and run it up and down my hot hard cock shaft with special attention to the undersized of that tool. After he had me wild with lust, he used his lips to kiss ever inch of my long big cock.

When I could not stand it any longer and so  desired to have him deep throat my big sausage, I begged: "Oh Baby, fuck yea, don't tease me any longer, please baby deep throat that fucking cock. Oh Baby, I want to shoot my big load deep in your throat. I've stored it up for days for you Baby. I want to feed you my semen--give you a protein meal. You need that protein energy."

Our thrust for each other had our libidos in high mode producing lots of hormone levels.

My dirty talk and begging him put John into wild action. He began to take my huge pole inch by inch deep in his throat. The feel of his wet warm mouth on my cock was mind blowing hot. Soon he began a fast sucking of my cock moving his mouth and tongue on and back off my aching cock over and over. He violently sucked hard on  my boner from the base to the tip of that pulsating cock. Holy fuck, he became some type of primitive beast devouring my cock. Wow, what a great blowjob I was getting. Yea I always had that effect on him that was so awesome for both of us.

John became so creative that as he sucked my cock deep in his throat, he shoved two of his fingers in my mouth as I covered them with gobs of spit. He pulled those fingers out of my mouth and I felt him drive them deep in my ass as he continued to suck my cock. Soon I felt him locate my hard prostate and he began the most erotic massaging of what I called my gee spot. Lordy, I was so turned on getting such a great blow job while getting my ass finger fucked. My Baby had taken total control of his bitch that drove me to began screaming and moaning as if I was being killed.

The lust and feel of pure pleasure from John's performance on my cock and ass was beyond description as I felt the most incredible orgasm began to develop. I cried out: "Oh fuck yea, oh my god baby, I'm going to come."

I'd never felt such a powerful orgasm even with my many fucks with John. Maybe it was because it was in public and also the first time I'd been away from John since we had met. My body began to stiffen and I blasted a torrent of  weeks of built up load of cum deep in my Baby's mouth. The flood of cum was so huge that John was only able to swallow about one third of the pool of cum with the remaining cum running out of his mouth, down his leg and a big pool on his briefs and pants. He was a mess and how would we clean up that mess before leaving the restroom? But we were not finished yet. My Baby John had to get his nuts off. And I had a plan.

When John had finished cleaning my cock with his tongue, I put the toilet lid down, placed my knees on top of it, pushed my ass back toward where John was standing close to his huge cock and invited him to fuck his favorite man pussy.

Within seconds, I felt John place his hands on my shoulders, he pushed my legs far apart and with great speed I felt his big wonderful hard brown cock invade my ass. Holy shit, he began to wildly fuck my pussy, as he seemed so hungry to fuck his baby's ass that he had not been able to fuck for more than two weeks. Oh how great to have his big cock back in my ass.

John pounded my ass so hard and with such violent thrusts that the toilet seat soon broke. In his state of pure wild lust, he also accidentally threw his big foot up against the stall door as he gave my ass one hard thrust with his cock that caused the stall door to rip off the hinges and land out on the floor exposing his fucking me. Several guys were in the restroom. They began to watch the fucking action but we were oblivious of their watching  us as we were like two dogs in heat going  at it. 

I'd never felt such erotic and pleasurable exploring of my my ass by a cock. John managed to move that monstrous dick up and down my ass channel, moved it from side to side on my ass walls and in fact he found a way to use his cock to touch and pierce ever inch of my ass.

I almost fainted from the pleasure as I begged: "Oh fuck yea, oh fuck yea, fuck my pussy, don't stop baby, oh baby your cock is so big, oh it feels so great inside my pussy, harder, harder, harder Baby, make me pay, make me your fucking bitch, oh I love your cock baby, you are my baby, yea breed me."

I had no idea we were entertaining a growing audience of hot men. John continued to treat my ass as his own property and he fucked the hell out of my ass for some five minutes as the crowd grew in the restroom. Then it happened as I felt his cock stiffen even more in my ass, his breath became rapid, he grunted loud, shoved his cock hard one more time deep in my ass channel as he released a huge thick warm load of cum deep inside my ass. My ass got filled to the bream with his long build up of cum that had been waiting for me.

When he was spent, he pulled his cum covered cock out of my ass, had me get off the toilet seat, had me get down on my knees in front of his leaking cock and clean that tool with my tongue. We kissed to share that cream. I took toilet paper and cleaned my ass and flushed it down the toilet. However, we both had lots of cum on our clothes.

It was at that moment that we discovered the crowd in the restroom. They had been very quite up to that moment so not to disturb or stop the fucking scene. They began to whistle and applauded our performance. Shit, I counted 25 hot somewhat younger guys. Holy fuck, 15 of the guys had pulled their stiff big dicks out of their pants and were stroking those dicks ready to cum. They ordered John and I down on the tile. They surrounded us and went wild masturbating. One by one they unloaded their big loads all over our bodies, faces and hair, clothes and shoes. Man, we were now in a pickle as we were covered in a mass of cum. There were also pools of cum all over the tile floor. The room reaked with the smell of cum and body sweat--it was great.

John and I pulled our clothes back up and tried to use cloth towels to clean as much of the cum off our pants as possible. We were not very successful. After getting high fives from the hot studs with their cocks still dripping from their just finished dumped cum, we left the restroom smeling of cum. As we rushed through the lobby on our way to the parking  lot where John's car was parked, we received many unfriendly glares and a few nasty comments such as you fucking fags. We reached  John's car still smelling of cum as we drove away headed to John's apartment.

This is the beginning of several stories that we will share with the readers as John and I have steamy sex throughout New York City. Stay tuned. Thanks and we hope you enjoy.


Naughty Eric


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