As Chapter 2 ended, Eric had given his new lover an expensive diamond friendship ring. John overjoyed with the gift and its meaning became horny again; he jumped up into Eric's naked lap on the  love seat; began passionately kissing Eric; and his naked wet ass made contact with Eric's growing cock. Soon they were entangled in a re-charged craving primordial lust for more sex.


As John drove his hot tongue deep into my throat, I tasted some of the sticky cum residue still in his mouth from his sucking my cum covered cock a few minutes earlier. The smell and taste of the salty flavored cum, the erotic smell of John's sweaty naked body, the touch of his sexy hands on my face, the lust in his eyes, and the warm feeling of his naked ass on my stiff cock cased a surge of animal lust to produce spasms and chills up and down my body. It was obvious from the  moans and rapid breathing coming from both of us that we were desperate for more raunchy man sex. 

We were in the perfect cowboy position. I'd no more than let it run through my brain than when I felt John lower his sensuous wet bubble naked hot ass down on my swollen and seeping prick. I felt the weight of his whole body as his ass sphincter ring caused my stiff cock to go deep inside his pussy. 

Lust took over as John began to ride my cock like a winning cowboy on a champion rodeo bull. I felt my cock drive deep inside and back out of that juicy ass from the wild bucking of John up and down on my cock with his big ass. John seemed in some form of a trance as he used his ass to massage my cock. John was becoming a slave to my hard cock and all my thick cum.

After several minutes of John using his ass to ride my hard cock, he began to utter primitive sounds of pure pleasure that I soon joined with all my heated lust. I'm sure our cries and moaning could be heard beyond the walls of the presidential suite.

In my moment of heat, I yelled: "Ride my cock cowboy, yea cowboy ride your wild bull. Hold on and don't fall off until the time is up."

This really turned John on as he began to ride my cock harder and faster. I became so horny and knowing how John loved for me to talk dirty, I began to say: "Oh you fucking bitch, you can't get enough of my hot missle, can you? You fucking slut, you whore, you want my sticky cum up that ass, don't you? How bad do you want me to feed you my seed? Tell me you bitch. I can't hear you. You're a horny fucking slut, aren't you. Don't you wish I could cause you to have my baby, don't you?" 

This dirty talk caused John to go wild riding his ass on my dick and he responded with dirty talk when he said: "Yea, you fucking sex addict, I want that big cock of yours to breed me, you too are a fucking whore. Fuck, I'm going to milk that dirty dick of yours dry. I'll drain those fucking nuts of all that salty cum with my ass muscles. Yea, I'll make you come, you slut, and then make you suck that cum out of my pussy. You got it slut?"

All this dirty talk and John using his ass to ride my cock had me dizzy with lust as I felt his ass muscles began to give my cock a real workout. I knew John wanted me to dominate him so I grabbed hold of his lower back and pushed hard as the cowboy rode up and down on my cock. We soon began to wildly kiss as I fucked that ass with my twitching cock. Aftr a long fuck and between rest periods, I finally decided it was time to push John's ass off my cock. I took him over to the big round bed and threw him on it. I said: "Fuck man, I'm going to fuck the hell out of that awesome bubble ass from the pile driver position. I'll drill that ass like it never has been fucked before. You'll screem for me to stop but I want."

This caused John to become wild for my cock. He coud never get enough of my manhood. I put horny John on his back on the bed; lifted his legs high in the air exposing his wet pink naked ass; I placed my hands on his sexy hot thighs and pushed his dark handsome legs forward; and in a standing position, I could almost see inside his ass as I bent my knees and started to thrust my throbbing red-hot cock past his outer ass rings. I used the full weight of my body while standing to drive my cock downward until my cock was all the way inside his pussy with my balls bouncing on his ass. I felt his hard blue balls and his rock hard cock rubbing against my abs spewing pre-cum on me.

We both began to profusely sweat, as the bed sheets were soon soaked from our horny sweaty bodies. The feel of my stiff cock drilling that awesome ass and I being in complete control of his ass, was sending electric waves through my crotch and up my spine. John and I moaned and grunted from the titillating touching of my stiff cock poundig his ass chute. As my balls beagn to tighten, I pulled out and lowered John on his back on the bed. I was not ready to come yet as I wanted to fuck John all night. I laid down beside John for a while and the I went back to pile driving him in that same position. We fucked and rested over and over. Finally I was ready to fuck my Babe in another position but first I wanted to give his ass a real hot rimming.

I began to crave the taste and smell of his ass with my mouth. I got between his sexy legs, spread them and lowered my mouth into his crotch and started kissing and licking his soft ass cheeks. I took my hands and spread those handsome dark big ass cheeks open so I could get my tongue deep into his asshole. In total heat and lust, I started sucking on his ass, ran my tongue as far as I could into his pussy and thrust my head back and forth while I sucked and licked that ass clean as if it had been in  a washing machine. We both were moaning from the feel of my tongue in contact with his ass and also from all the sloppy and noisy sounds coming from my rimming his pussy. I sucked his ass with total abandonment for the longest time.

John went wild bucking his ass up to meet my tongue as I gave him a real rimming. He began to moan and beg: "Oh my god, eat my ass. Yea that is it. Don't stop. Holy shit that feels so good. Baby, I want you to eat my ass all night. How does it taste, baby?"

The dirty talk once again caused my cock to grow even more. I had to have my cock back in the most awesome ass in the world. I sucked a little longer on his man cunt hoping to make John beg me more for my cock. The awesome smell and taste of his juicy wet ass caused me to spew lots more pre-cum from my throbbing cock.

My technique worked when I heard John say: "Holy Fuck, Baby, oh my ass is so hot and wet. Can you feel it pulsating on your tongue? Please, please, please, give me that sexy hard cock of yours inside my pussy. I want you to fuck the hell out of my ass. This time please feed me your warm cum deep in my ass chute. Let me use my ass muscles to milk you dry. Oh I so badly need to feel you inside me. Fuck give it to me now. Put me in one of your favorite positions and drill my ass until you come. I'm your bitch, use me."

I don't think I'd ever been hornier. I immediately stopped using my lips and tongue to rim my buddies' incredible ass. I took John and placed him on the floor and got ready for the wheel barrel fucking position. As his head and shoulders were flat on the floor, I lifted his legs up into my hands and arms, and I took hold of his ankles and spread his legs part way open. I moved my body between his legs with his shinny ass almost verticle to the ceiling. I bent my knees and pushed my cock to the entrance to his ass. I stood on my toes and began to drive my really worn cock deep in his ass until my entire cock was deep in his ass. As I fucked my favorite ass, I pushed forward, shit, until John's body beagn to move across the floor as I fucked him. I had the wheel barrel (John's body) moving along the floor as I fucked my buddy. He loved that movement and position.

Soon his eyes were telegraphing me to fuck him with the total force of my body. This time I fucked him for a very long time. At times I stopped fucking him and just left my cock inside his ass while I rubbed his sexy dark legs and then I would began to fuck again. I did this over and over for the longest time when I realized it was now 6:00 AM. Shit, we had been fucking all night. Wow what a great sex marathon. The longest one ever for both of us.

The pleasure of my cock in that soft ass and his ass muscles massaging my swollen cock finally prevented me from stopping as my cum gathered and began its journey up my cock shaft. I blasted spurt after spurt of my seed deep in his puckering ass until I was spent. I finally pulled my cock out and lowered John on his back. I sat my naked butt down on his chest and fed him my cum covered cock. He sucked my cock clean. We kissed and shared the awesome taste of my cum.

I knew he was desperate to get his rocks off so I went down and beagn to take his throbbing cock down my throat. As I began to wildly go up and down on that sexy dick, I felt his large mushroom cock head swell and soon he blasted a mother load of his jizz deep in my throat. When he was finished, I came off his cock, we kissed and enjoyed another flavor of cum.

I laid down on top of John's body and soon some of that sticky cum had gotten on our bodies and had begun to dry on us.

We had been sucking, rimming and my fucking his ass for many hours and it was now almost time for a shower and breakfast. Man, we were off to an incredible month of getting to fuck. John was my dream come true.

All this sensuous, lustful and cataclysmic sexual orgasms in chapters one through three had all taken place the Sunday of our arrival in Seattle starting in the limo ride from the airort and had gone all through Sunday night in our hotel suite. Few studs could have such incredibel physical stamina to fuck all night. What woukd that mean for the four weeks we woud be together? Man this was an awesome start.



Naughty Eric


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