Eric shares this part 8 with the readers

In a review of part 7, you readers will remember that upon our arrival in Yellowstone National Park at the lodge at 11:00 AM on Sunday, we unpacked and had lunch in the lodge dinning room. During lunch, we became very horny noticing the real hot sexy busboy and to ease the sexual urges, we went back to our room and had an erotic ball busting orgasm. We showered and decided to unwind with a afternoon hike in a nearby trail.

Here is where we pick up the story in part 8. About 30 minutes into our hike, we ran into the hot busboy and his sexy buddy. As we approached the young dudes, I said: "Hey young man, aren't you the busboy from the lodge that we saw at lunch? I'm Eric and this is my buddy John."

The sexy busboy who looked to be about 20-years-old, replied: Yea, I'm Kory and this is my fuck buddy, ops, I mean my buddy Colby."

They both were fucking hot blondes with blue eyes, stood about 5' and 10", weighed no more than 150 pounds each and looked like cross country runners. They were so cute. 

During the conversation, John and I learned that they were 21-years-of-age and had been roommates at Montana State University since their freshman year. Kory had obviously given away that they were gay.

As we said goodbye to the two guys and we continued our hike, Kory and Colby walked back to the lodge. When we were out of ear shot, John said: "Hey Babe, those two cute guys are gay and they looked like they were horny as hell. I bet they fuck ever night. Maybe they had sucked cock on the trail. Did you see those semen stains on their running shorts?"

"Gee John I noticed those stains as well. Man I just got rock hard looking at those cum spots."

We finished our hike, came back to our room, showered and had dinner around 7 PM. Kory was not on duty. However, we met some neat lodge guests and played bridge until about 11:30 PM. We were so exhausted we went to our room and hit the sack.

We spent Monday on a bus tour around the Park long with several tourists. After dinner, we had another one of our wild fucking sessions with John as my bitch. Man, do I ever love his bubble ass.

After breakfast on Tuesday dressed in our hiking clothes, we got a map and started out on our planned 25 mile hike for the day. We had gone about two miles when we heard what sounded like some type of animals' mating. As we came closer, we stopped and I said: "John, do you hear those grunts and moans? What in the hell is that?"

"Shhhhhhh, Eric, lets see what it is. I think it is coming from across the ridge. Lets slip up and see."

We got within eye and hearing distance, when it became clear. Shit, holy fuck, there was Kory and Colby butt naked. Colby was facing this tree with his hands on the trunk, his legs were spread far apart and Kory was down on his knees rimmig the hell out of that white blonde ass. We could hear the slurpling sounds as Kory ate that asshole.

Colby began to beg: "OH FUCK YEA, Aaaaaaa, eat my ass. Oh my god, you are the best ass eater ever. Please fuck me, please fuck me, give me your huge cock. Put it inside me. Cum in me. I'm all yours. Fuck your bitch."

This so turned on Kory that he stood up, spit gobs of salvia on that sexy ass and began sliding his huge spit covered cock up that asshole. Soon he was fucking the hell out of that man pussy driving Colby's body hard into the tree trunk. Their bodies were reeling from uncontrollable lust. Man they were so hot and sexy.

This fucking scene so turned me into some kind of wild animal ready to jump on my prey. I threw my backpack off, took John's backpack off his back, and began to pull down his hiking shorts and then took my shorts off. I could see the lust in John's sexy eyes. In a few seconds we were both butt naked like the two hot dudes at the tree. I pulled out a large beach type towel, put it on the ground and threw my hot buddy John down on it on his back. He was so eager he spread those sexy legs inviting me to take charge of his ass. I put my wet mouth in his crotch and began to slide my tongue up and down his vein covered blood filled rock hard cock shaft.

This pleasure and risk of getting caught fucking in public caused us to begin making wild sounds that caught the attention of the two young fuckers. When they saw us in action, it made them even more insatiable for sex.

Before long, I took John's big cock all the way to the back of my throat and began to give him a wild blowjob. He loved the way I sucked his cock. He began to buck like some wild animal and yelled: "Babe, suck my cock, let me come in that sexy mouth of yours and feed me your semen."

It was only a few seconds before I felt his large cock head swell and he blasted at least six shots of his warm cum deep in my throat. John never lasted long when I sucked his cock because he so loved my cock sucking technique.

This so turned me on that I took my cock and drove it all the way inside his puckering ass. I'd used his cum in my mouth to lube his ass for my cock.

The real game was under way as Kory was fucking his buddy harder and harder while I was fucking the hell out of sweet John's ass. Our moans and yelling rang out in the forest. I used my entire hard body to pound John's ass with an almost violent thrusts showing no mercy. John loved rough sex. Soon he began to yell: "Oh Fuck yea, fuck me harder. Is that all you can do? Drive that big daddy deep in my ass. Make me feel the pain until it hurts."

After some five minutes of intense pounding by Kory and me of our buddies' asses, we both shot our loads at about the same time as Kory and I yelled: "Here I come."

Then all hell broke out as we were caught with our cocks still in those man pussies when two Park rangers approached. As we pulled our cocks out of the asses, ran for our clothes and got dressed as fast as we could, the two serious looking Park rangers came up close. The big ranger said: "What in the hell is going on here? Don't you know it is against the law to fuck in public, you're a bunch of fucking fags? What if a nice family with kids had come up on you and saw this immoral scene? What woud have happened?

We begged for mercy and said we were so sorry. Kory said: "Oh Sir, we are so sorry. Our young libidos got the best of us. It will not happen again."

Then I said: "Yes, Sir, you will never find us fucking in public again. Please show us mercy."

The big guy said: "OK, we will be lenient this time. But never do this again in public. Now get out of here."

We four hiked back to the lodge and talked about how hot it was that we had fucked in public. We invited Kory and Colby up to our room. We got to know a lot about both our relationships and shared some of our fuck stories. Then Colby spoke up: Hey John and Eric, I hope you two become mates like Kory and me. There is nothing greater than what Kory and I have. It is pure bless. You are such a handsome couple. Maybe you will get married. Kory and I are engaged."

I looked at John and saw love in his eyes and a few drops of tears. I too was moved by what Colby had said. I knew it struck me in my heart.

We said goodbye to the guys and went down to the dinning room for dinner. When we returned to our room, I noticed the light was flashing on our phone. I called the front desk and the gentleman said: "Two young gentlemen including our busboy have left a package for you."

I got the package and returned to our room. John and I opened the package and guess what? There was a sweet note from them thanking us for our afternoon of hospitality and enclosed was a DVD titled: "Fifty Hot Positions for Gay Men to Spice Up Their Love Making: Experience Cataclysmic Orgasms with Your Gay Partner". Also the package contained some really hot sex toys. On the cover jacket of the DVD was a collage of naked testosterone loaded young studs in their early 20's with giant sausages in unimaginable fucking  positions.

I rushed to start playing the DVD on my laptop computer with John by my side. Hole fuck, I'd barely hit play when I noticed John was stark naked and stroking his stiff blood filled dark cock. In a few seconds, I joined John butt maked and began to stroke my now swollen cock. We sat on the bed cheek to cheek as we watched the xxx DVD scenes. As the scenes ran, we could not believe some of the incredible almost impossible positions. Could we try some of those positions?

Then we began to stroke each other's hard cock and in need of fucking using one of those positions on the DVD. Now consumed with lust to experiment with what we had been watching, I said: "Darling John, shall we try some of those difficult and amazing tantalizing orgasm producing positions? But I warn you that those positions are so erotic we will only be able to perform one sensuous position before we shoot our wad."

"Fuck yea Eric, you pick the first position as long as I get your gorgeous cock up my pussy. You know what a  bitch I am for your cock."

I felt my cock spasm from what John just had said. We stood up; I used my athletic arms and legs to lift John's sexy naked body up in my arms facing me; he placed his crossed  legs and feet tightly around my lower back; he put his sexy soft hands around my neck, as our lips pressed against each other; I held his hard bubble ass cheeks in my hands; my throbbing cock found his asshole; I pushed his back, shoulders and head up against the wall; and I slowly inserted my leaking pulsating cock past his outer sphincter all the way into my favorite ass.

The feel of our warm bodies clasped together, my cock in his ass, our lips pressed hard against each other and the erotic position sent shivers up and down our bodies. I began to fuck his pussy harder and harder. As I drove his back hard into the wall, I must have fucked him in this position for at least 15 minutes. Soon the lust was so overwhelming, I felt John's ass pucker and some how he used his ass muscles to attack my throbbing cock giving me the feeling that my cock had just been thrust into a two jaws vise closing around my cock. The squeezing of my cock had never been more pleasurable that caused me to thrust my tongue past his lips. I went wild kissing him and fucking his ass at the same time. I'd never felt such sexual gratification. We spewed salvia all over each other's mouth and chin. I was sure we could be heard down the hall as we moaned and grunted and even let out some screams from the pure lust and incredible feeling of such desire.

I felt John's stone hard cock driving into my stomach with lots of dripping of his pre-cum on my body. John gave my aching cock one more powerful squeeze with his ass muscles that caused my balls to release a mother load of cum in his warm pussy. It must have been the feel of my cum drenching his ass that caused him to unload a massive pool of his semen on my stomach wetting both our bodies. Soon his cum ran down my legs that felt and smelt so great. This was an incredible position to fuck and enjoy all that cum on our bodies.

I put John on the bed on his back and I laid down beside him with us both covered in all that salty sweet cum. We would soon need a long shower together.

NEXT CHAPTER: We would try more of those erotic difficult positions that were on the XXX DVD. Stay tuned. 


Naughty Eric


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