After our all-night sexual marathon on our first nigth in Seattle after arriving on Sunday, John and I spent Monday and Tuesday recovering from the ball draining, sore cocks and sore asses from the fucking by taking Monday and Tuesday to get to know one another. We spent hours talking and sharing our history plus touring the many sites in the Puget Sound area. But by Wednesday evening, we were once again horny as hell, lusting to ravage each other, and our testosterone levels were off the chart driving our libidos to seek sexual relief.

I spent Wednesday mesmerized by the beauty of my new lover John. From the moment we awoke on Wednesday, I constantly focused my day on his incredible body. He was a 6-feet tall and 160 pound hunk. His body was slim and lined perfectly with well-portioned muscles. He had sexy coal black hair, black eyes, dark skin and a perfect 7-inch cock with a mushroom cock head and yea lots of cum inside that dick. I felt my cock become semi-hard several times that day dreaming of what would happen after dinner back at the hotel.

During our romantic dinner at the Seattle Space Needle Restaurant, we constantly held hands, stared into each other's sexy eyes, played footsie and were horny as hell.

When the waiter lit our candle and poured us our first glass of fine wine, it set the stage for an evening of romance. I leaned over and took John's sexy hand and said: "Baby, the past three days have been the best days of my life. You're not only sexy as hell, handsome beyond words, have the cutest awesome ass for my cock but you are the most thoughtful, caring and kind guy. I have a special idea for us when we get back to the hotel.

John answered with a sparkle in his dark eyes: "Baby you have no idea how happy that makes me. No one has ever been more kind and generous with me. I'm in constant admiration of your personality, your intelligence and beauty. Ever time I look at that sexy blonde/white hair and deep blue eyes, my cock starts to stiffen. And when you pound my ass with that hard cock, I see stars and my whole body tingles' with pure pleasure."

John and I became rock hard and overcome with love and lust as we spewed pre-cum wetting our briefs. We only hoped that the maitre 'd, wine steward and waiter could not smell our sticky cum stained briefs. The dinner was one to never forget.

After a long special seven course meal, the restaurant staff, based on our gay behavior, knew we were lovers. As I paid the bill, the maitre 'd approached and said: "Gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed the dinner and will visit us again."

It was obvious to me that he too was gay and he was curious if we were local guys.

I replied: "Thank you Sir for a lovely dinner and evening. No, I'm from San Francisco and my friend is from back East. We're only here for a week."

I could tell the gentleman was interested in us as he responded: "Well, I hope you have a great week and may I suggest that you might wish to stop by a really popular gay bar and night club. They have well known bands and a great dance floor. Here is the address."

We thanked him and had him call us a taxi. We had the taxi driver take us to the night club. We paid an entrance fee and found the club to be really nice and a high-class establishment. The band was excellent. We ordered a drink and several minutes later we hit the dance floor to a slow romantic dance number. I put my arms around John's sexy neck as he put his hands on my butt cheeks. As we danced in a tight embrace, I began to press my lips up tight on his thick red lips and holy shit I felt our cocks began to grow in our pants. I plunged my tongue deep into his mouth. The dance floor was filled with hot guys kissing and groping one another. I noticed one guy had unzipped his lovers pants and was stroking the guy's cock. Man, this was a hot scene that had me crazy to fuck John.

The lust overtook John and me. At the end of the dance as the couples returned to their tables, ever guy was sprouting a huge tent in his pants. I knew there would be lots of guys fucking their partner later that night.

John looked deep into my eyes and said: "Eric Baby, I can't wait any longer. Lets get out of here and back to our hotel room. I'm going to climax right here and now if we don't leave soon. Oh Eric, I'm craving you so much."

Since we were only two blocks from our hotel, we walked back while John played with my ass. Little did John know what I had planned?

We were barely in our suite when both of us shed our clothes. Then I sprang my surprise on John. I said: "Baby, do you remember on Sunday evening when you begged me to fuck you as I was teasing you with the foreplay? You said if I would fuck that awesome ass right then, you would do whatever I wanted later? Well this is payback time. I know you are mostly a bottom and I'm the top but tonight the rolls are reversed. I want you to fuck me and it will be somewhat kinky."

John's eyes began to sparkle and his cock started to grow in excitement of what I had in  mind. John gave me a shitty solicitous grin and said: "Sure babe, just tell me what you want."

I got out a big bottle of lube, a black blindfold and four silk cords and got on my back on the bed.

As I lay naked with my hard cock standing like a flag pole with my legs spread far apart. I had John take the silk cords and tie my wrists to the headboard. He then tied my ankles to the bedpost at the bottom of the bed. Next he took the blindfold and put it around my head and over my eyes until I was totally in the dark. As I heard him move around the room, I felt my raging hard cock bouncing up and down, my heart was thumping, beads of sweat began to form on my body, I felt a stirring in my loins and I felt drops of pre-cum oozing out of my piss slit. I was so aroused as I knew I was then at the mercy of John. I had no control over what he might do to me. One of my fetishes was coming true.

I begged: "John baby, I'm yours tonight. Do whatever you want to me. Please use me for your pleasure."

The fact that he did not answer me as he got up on the bed had me even more crazy with lust. Soon I felt his warm body rub up against my right side as he wet lips pressed hard against my lips. I felt his hot breath on my face. Within a few seconds, I felt his tongue part my lips and he drove his hot tongue to the back of my throat. He drilled my throat with his thick wet tongue as his steel hard cock pressed hard against my ribs leaking  some wet juices that I assumed were pre-cum. Oh shit, I'd never felt such hot kisses. When one cannot see what is happening, it makes the feel of another person's naked body and his touch more intense. One has to relie on the feel of touch and smell.

After what seemed like about 20 minutes, oh holy cow, John moved down between my legs and used his tongue and lips to kiss and lick my ass crack driving me crazy. Then he got serious rimming my ass. I felt his tongue poking at my asshole. I could hear the sloppy sucking and I realized he was violently thrusting his tongue deep into my outer ass. I went wild bucking my hips up in pure pleasure from the feel of his hot mouth and breath devouring my ass. It was more erotic due to the fact I could not use my hands or feet to react. Yea, I was at his mercy.

 I moaned and uttered: "Aaaaaaaaa, Mmmmmmm, YEEEEEAAAAAA, holy shit suck my ass, suck my cock."

He must have rimmed my ass for 30 minutes before he went for the main kill. I felt him soak my ass with lots of lube. Then I felt his big leaking cock head push hard into my outer sphincter and ripped my ass open. I heard a popping sound as he drove his rock hard cock deep in my ass. Oh my god, I felt his cock twitching and throbbing as he fucked the hell out of my pussy. As he became more excited and horny, he plunked his hard body on top of my frame. He used his warm body to hump me as he used his cock to explore every inch of my ass. He fucked my pussy with the most violent  thrusts I'd ever felt. He fucked my ass and humped my body for what seemed like an hour. Oh John was a master as to how he used his cock to pleasure my pussy and make me delirious with desire for his man seed.

Finally, I felt his breathing become rapid, his cock swelled even more as he drove it deeper in my ass and he drove his body down hard on me. He let out that familiar wild cry and grunt when a guy is about to come. Then he began to dump his mother load filling my ass with his sticky cum. The feel of that warm semen inside me caused my cum to gather and rush out my cock wetting both of our entangled hard sweaty bodies.

When we both were spent, John pulled out his still semi-hard cock and drove it down my throat as I sucked it dry. We kissed and John took off the blindfold, untied my wrists and took the cords off my ankles. We just lay there enjoying the wet cum on our bodies and all that smell of hot sex.

I finally recovered, kissed John and said: "Baby, thank you for fulling one of my fantasies. Now we can go back to you being my bitch and my fucking that awesome ass."

John said: "Babe, you are welcome and yes I want to be your bitch."

NEXT: What will Thursday through Saturday bring for us before we leave for Montana and the Yellowstone National Park


Naughty Eric


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