On that early Saturday morning we said goodbye to our new buddies at the Yellowstone National Park lodge and drove to Bozeman, Montana and caught a flight to Seattle via Spokane, Washington. We spent the day in Seattle touring a number of neat sites and caught our flight on the red eye on our way to my home in San Francisco. The plane was no more than 40 per cent occupied as John and I found our seats in the first row of the coach section.  We were surprised that there were no passengers in first class as we passed through to the coach section.

As one of the male flight attendants closed the door and came back to where we were seated, he caught John and I holding hands and stealing a brief kiss. He stopped in his tracks and began to smile as he looked at us. I noticed that he began to develop a tent in his very tight black slacks. We would learn that he was a Puerto Rican, very hot Latin. He stood about 5-feet and 11-inches, very tanned with dark black hair and dark brown eyes, beautiful face with perfect white teeth when he smiled, solid slim ribbed body and yea it was obvious that he packed an awesome sausage growing in his pants.

I turned to John and whispered: "Look John at that hot flight attendant. He is turned on by us. Yea he is a member of the gay family. He began to announce the flight and gave the usual instructions that in the case of an emergency........You all know the drill. When he finished the instructions, he turned to me as I was on the isle seat and said: "Hey, my name is Pedro and I was wondering if you gentlemen would like to come with me to the first class section as we have no passangers in that section. This is a courtsey of the friendly skies, United. We jumped at the offer. After we were seated, Pedro drew the curtains separating us from the passangers in coach. We buckled in those wide comfortable seats as Pedro buckled in the jump seat as the plane took off and soon had reached the assigned altitude of 30,000.

John turned to me and said: "OK Babe, you promised me that I could join the Mile High Club on this flight. Lets get started because this is not that long of a flight. You told me that to be inducted it requires both a blow job and getting my ass fucked. I don't think that hot flight attendant will like what we are going to do. It is obvious that he is a fucking gay dude just like us."

Before John had finished his request, Pedro approached and asked if we would like a glass of wine? We agreed and soon had consumed actually two drinks feeling even more horny. You know how much drinks at that altitude effects one.

I reached over and planted a series of hot kisses on John's incredible thick red sexy lips while Pedro watched from his jump seat. John in a state of pure lust grabbed my crotch and began to rub his hand over my growing cock. I noticed John's cock had stiffened and had developed a huge tent in his pants. John rubbed my pants so hard that my cock began to leak pre-cum. As he felt the growing wet spot in my pants, he unzipped my fly, reached in and located my now rock hard cock, pulled it out and lowered his head, took his lips and enveloped my throbbing cock and soon swallowed my entire dick to the back of his throat. I began to moan with such lust. John had perfect lips and a long tongue to suck my cock. Over the past few days, I had grown to love his incredible technique of giving me a blowjob. The way he used his tongue and lips to suck my cock with the warm feeling of my cock in his soft wet mouth and all that salvia usually caused me not to last very long before shooting a a huge load deep in his sexy mouth.

As John went wild sucking my cock and my moaning and grunting, I noticed that Pedro had unzipped his pants, had pulled out, wow, a huge brown cock and had begun to stroke that monstrous dick. Holy fuck, Pedro began to leak with his cock head shinny with that pre-cum. He rubbed his hand over the slick cock head, gathered up the pre-cum and sucked it off his fingers. He was horny as hell as he watched my baby John suck me.

After about five minutes of getting my cock sucked, I pulled John off my pre-cum dripping slick cock. I unzipped his pants, pulled them down, lowered his briefs to his ankles, laid him on his back across the wide seat and got down on my knees on the floor of the plane. I grabbed his nuts and began to suck them into mouth. He begged: "Oh Baby, suck my nuts. Make them gather my cum for a huge blast."

 At that point I placed my lips on his stone hard twitching cock and drove it down my throat. I went wild sucking  my favorite cock. Yea that cock now belonged to me. No one else was allowed to suck my fuck buddies cock. It was mine from now on. I gave my buddy a wild and long blowjob. The best one yet for sexy hot John. By this time, Pedro had stood up, took his pants and briefs down and he was bucking his hips as he went wild masturbating that at least 9-inch horse cock. I was very turned on and excited that John and I had a hot guy turned on while watching our sex act. It made the sucking even more sexy.

When John was close to coming, I stopped and got ready to fuck the most gorgeous and hot man pussy on the planet. I almost fainted ever time my cock drove in that soft hot wet ass. The feel of John's warm ass and his use of his ass muscles to massage my cock always sent me into orbit with pure animal lust. John knew how to work my cock with his ass in such a way that gave me pure ecstasy. 

I took my pants and briefs off, pulled John's legs and feet off into the isle, lowered my crotch, spread his legs far apart with his back on the seat and with one thrust drove my huge cock deep inside his pussy until my balls were pushed hard up against his ass. I began to fuck that ass with a rapid speed. As I drove my cock deep, the plane hit a wind pocket that caused me to land my body on top of John while I continued to fuck that ass as the plane ride became rather rough.  Pedro was forced to sat back down from the rough flight but he never stopped stroking that brown big cock. The rough plane ride made my fucking John's ass so hot and felt incredible.

John tried to control his moaning so he would not be heard by the passengers in the coach. I took my briefs and stuffed them in his mouth to silent the moans and returned to fucking the hell out of his ass. I fucked him with no mercy fro some five minutes when I could not hold back. I felt my cum gather, shivers ran up my body and then my cock began to pulsate as the cum ran up and out of my cock deep into John's big hot ass. As the flight smoothed out, Pedro got up again and drove a finger in his own ass as his cock stiffened more and then he shot his cum load across the isle with one huge stream after stream.

As I pulled my cum covered cock out of John's hot pussy, I noticed that John was horny as hell. He was then only one of us three that had not got his nuts off. He looked like a hot sexy wild beast as he grabbed me, threw me on the floor of the plane on my back. He used his sexy hands and lifted my feet and legs up on his shoulders as he lowered his body down on me. He placed his big hard brown cock at the entrance to my ass and with one hard horny thrust drove that manhood deep in my ass. Man it felt so erotic and the look on his face had me ready to come again. He had never fucked me this hard and violently. It was a terrific fuck. He only lasted about four minutes when I felt his juice leave his cock and fill my ass channel with a huge pool of his seed.

The hot flight attendant got several towels that we used to clean up as best as we could. We put on our clothes and cleaned the cum off the floor. We took our seats exhausted. John turned to me with a shitty grin and said: "Thank you buddy. I'm now a member of the Mile High Club. One of my bucket lists has been filled. By the way, Eric Darling, when did you join the Mile High Club?"

I gave him a big kiss, smiled and said: "Baby my surprise. It was at this moment that I too joined the Mile High Club. Isn't it so neat that we joined at the same time."

Pedro came up close and said: "Guys that was so hot. I had my best orgasm ever while watching you two fuck. I joined the Club about a year ago. Woud you two like to get together for some action in San Francisco?"

I replied. "Thank you for thinking we are hot but no. John and I are only for one another. We are loyal and our bodies are only for each other. Our cocks and asses are only for each other. But good luck to you."

We landed in San Francisco and my chauffeur was waiting for us. John was about to discover about my wealth.


Naughty Eric


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