When John and I arrived at his well-kept studio apartment in New York with us still covered in dry cum from our wild restroom encounter at the Kennedy Airport, we took a long hot shower. Still so eager for wild sex after John and I had been apart for two whole weeks, we passionately kissed and felt each other up as the warm water slowly ran down our bodies. Our cocks were stone hard as they rubbed against each other leaking fresh precum while we embraced, kissed and massaged each other's bubble ass.

The smell and touch of John's sexy body caused my whole being to shiver, quiver and send electric waves up and down my body. Oh fuck, I felt John's body twitching from the touching of our cocks, wet kisses and entangled bodies heightened by the warm water streaming down each torso. John and I had a rare emotional and physical chemistry that set off incredible charges that created levels of testosterone and hormone production driving our raging libidos to unheard levels of desire and lust.

Our sensuous shower lasted for almost an hour as we ran our hands up and down over every inch of those sexy bodies. I'm sure that our moans, grunts, panting and screams of pleasure as well as raunchy dirty talking could be heard outside the apartment. We sounded like two cats in heat. We had no concern or consideration for the fact that the neighbors might not care for all that sexy noise coming from the apartment. When John and I were together and wild with lust for each other, all caution went out the window. "Katie bar the door" was an appropriate slogan when we were fucking like two primitive beasts. If it had been physically possible, our two bodies would have melted into one person---that is always the intensity of our fucking sex.

We finally exited the shower, took towels and dried each other off and headed for John's bedroom stark naked. I was delirious with the urge to make love all night to my lover. I took John by his soft hand, planted a soft kiss on his pink sexy lips and said: "Oh Baby, I'm so happy to be here and hold you in my arms. I love your beautiful face, those sexy black eyes, that coal black hair, your smooth olive skin, the most awesome bubble ass puckering for my cock right now, those sexy feet and fuck look at that incredible big reddish purplish cock with that Y-Shaped long vein running down that big cock shaft pulsating for my mouth. Baby, oh how I've missed that cock and your hot body. But most of all I've missed your kindness, your contagious humor and your love for me."

"Oh fuck yea Eric, I too have been so disoriented and non-productive wanting to be with you. I so need you to make love to me every day, Baby."

"John Baby, tell me what you want me to do to you tonight."

"OH Eric Baby, I want you to feel me up, I want you to feast on my aching throbbing cock and fuck yea, please, I want you to use that awesome cock to fuck the hell out of my ass. I want so badly to be your bitch tonight. Take charge of my body and let me just be your willing slave and bitch. I'm yours tonight."

I felt my whole body tingling and lust overcame me as John begged to be my bitch. I planted a series of hard kisses on the sexiest lips on the planet as I felt up John by using my hands to play with his balls and his pussy as I ran my tongue to the back of his warm throat. Next I spit on my fingers and used them to pinch his hard purple nipples. John moaned and panted from the feel of my massaging those hard nipples. To turn him on even more, I sucked hard on those nipples as if I were a baby going to Mom's breast in search of milk. I felt John's cock shaft thicken as I jerked that big cock while still sucking on his hard breasts and solid chest. I knew John was overcome with lust for me to get down to the real job of sucking his cock, eating that fresh ass and fucking the hell out of that puckering pussy. I was ready to devour my Baby.

"John Baby, it is time to get down to serious business. My little bitch, I'm ready to make you see stars and erupt with all that built up cum for my next meal. Are you ready for me sugarplum, yea me Baby? Baby, how did I exist before me met, my sweet sugarplum?"

"Oh fuck yea, oh fuck yea, oh my god, Eric, make me your bitch. Baby, I'm yours, my love and my body is only for you. Baby, please let me be yours for ever. Baby, I'm delirious wanting you to make love to me. Please don't tease me any longer. Oh Baby, feast on my cock, yea my cock is for your enjoyment, suck it now. Baby, my ass belongs to you and your cock. Make your cock happy by letting it fuck my pussy. Oh how I've waited with bated breath for two weeks waiting for you baby. Fuck, yea give it to me."

At that point, my whole body stiffened and my cock became like a diamond drill. Yea fuck, I needed John at that moment like never before. Man, I was in love.

As I put John down on the bed on his back, I noticed those big cum rings on the wall that he had shot from some of our previous stories. Man what a large set of cum stains. Those stains made me even hornier. I spread John's sexy legs far apart as his huge prick stood straight up and out with that big Y-Shaped vein on top of his cock head and running  down that shaft. And his hard cock jetted out from the nest of black pubic hair making me even more crazy for him. As I grabbed the base of that thick cock shaft, I licked between his hairy balls and asshole that caused John to thrust his ass up to meet my lips and tongue. The very sensitive nerves at that location sent John  into orbit.

After I had John in a pure state of lust, I put my lips around his cock head and sucked more of that precum out of his piss slit. Wow, John always had such sweet cum. Then I began to slowly slide my mouth down that throbbing cock until his entire tool was deep in my throat. I felt his cock throbbing on my tongue making me wild for him. I used my tongue and mouth to suck that cock rougher and rougher as John's red-hot balls slapped against my chin. The awesome smell of John's crotch had me about ready to cum as my rock hard cock was oozing precum like never before. After giving John a hard blowjob for some 7 or 8 minutes, I took a couple of my fingers and shoved them deep into his pussy as I continued to suck that pulsating dick. That did it as John cried out: "Oh fuck yea, oh fuck yea, I'm going to come. Here I come, fuck yea, swallow my warm cum Baby."

At that moment I felt a torrent of warm cum fill my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could but that load was so huge that about half of the cum ran out of my mouth and onto John's wet crotch and covered his black pubic hair.

When John was drained of all that semen, I took his cock out of my mouth and I placed my cum filled mouth at the entrance to his puckering asshole. I started sucking, kissing and and licking that pink ass as I deposited his cum on that ass. I was filled with lust to fuck that awesome pink pussy. I used his cum from my mouth to soak the entrance to his pussy.

After some 4 minutes of rimming my favorite male pussy, I took my blood filled purple pulsating cock and plowed that massive tool deep in his ass using his cum as a lube. I used my knees up on the bed as well as my backside to ram that ass with my stiff dick with great force.  I fucked the hell out of that ass as I moved my cock all around that ass including shoving the tip of my cock deep into his prostate that caused John to yell as his cock actually began to grow again from the feel of what I was doing to his ass with my cock. We were consumed with the feel of ultimate ecstasy as our bodies melted together and produced a river of warm sweat all over us. I only lasted a short time when my warm cum gathered in my nuts. I gave that pussy one final hard thrust with my stone hard cock as my ejaculate burst, erupted and spewed what felt like a river of cum that filled John's pussy to the bream.

When I was spent, I pulled my cum covered cock out of that pussy and as I fed my cock to John's mouth, John's cock erupted spilling his second load of semen all over our bodies. When he had finished cleaning my cock with his mouth, I got down and used my hands to spread the cum on his stomach. Then I had him suck my cum covered fingers clean. We kissed and shared the taste of cum. But I was not finished gathering cum. I sucked on his ass pulling gobs of my cum from that pussy. I spit that mouth load of cum into John's mouth and we kissed again. WOW, what a meal of cum we had. John and I both love eating cum.

Now exhausted, I laid down beside my lover as the clock hit 5 am. We embraced as the smell of cum and sweat filed the room. Soon we were sound asleep and did not wake until midday. We showered, got some food and John took me on a tour of New York City looking for places where we could fuck over the next few days. Man, how I loved this man. He was all mine and I was all his. Ours was a love for the ages.



Naughty Eric


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