John and I had discovered that our experiment of having sex in public had brought our sex life to new dimensions of arousing, stimulating, exciting and titillating of our libidos to produce the most powerful orgasms of our lives. The more risk involved of the possibility of getting caught and arrested gave us greater and greater orgasmic outcomes.

On my sixth day of visiting John as we woke around 8:00 am totally naked that Friday morning, John greeted me with passionate kisses, grabbed my morning hard cock, pulled my hand onto his stiff cock and said: "Baby, I bet you agree that our sex in Central Park and at the Met were the most erotic and mind blowing powerful orgasms we have ever experienced. The thought of getting caught is so stimulating and yea when we got caught in Central Park and at the Met it was so incredibly HOT and thrilling, don't you agree? I've got an idea Baby of another public place to have sex with much greater risk of getting arrested from sex in public that should set us up for a nirvana nut blowing volcanic cum eruption. Do you want to know where that is?"

The curious surprise John had in mind plus his mischief grin and soft hand caressing my hard cock caused my dick to stiffen even more as I began to leak precum in his hand and caused me to lust after my hot baby John. I'd suck that cock and let John fuck my ass no matter where John wanted to have sex. I was totally desirous of his hot body and his love.

I looked into his seductive black eyes and the big sexy smile on his face that made me horny as hell for him as I responded: "Well baby, I can tell you have some very risky place in mind. Tell me where we are going to have sex next in public."

John shocked me when he said: I want to fuck you on a New York Subway."

I almost swallowed my tongue and finally was able to say: "Fuck John, you want to do what? There is no fucking way in hell that you can fuck me on a subway full of people. We'd get arrested the minute I pulled my pants down or you pulled out your huge hard cock. You have got to be kidding Baby."

"No Baby, I've got a plan. It will work. Trust me Baby."

Being so in love with John and always willing to be risky with my lover, I gave in. We jumped into the shower, had a light breakfast after showering and went shopping for a couple of hours for food and brought it back to the apartment. In early afternoon, we caught the Subway to one of the suburbs where we walked around the shopping area and I bought a few items.

As we boarded the Subway train headed back to John's apartment, I became extremely nervous and yet very aroused at what was about to happen. What was John's plan? The train was packed with commuters but we found one corner seat at the end of one section next to the wall. John took that seat and I sat down on his lap. The people around us were all very elderly, seemed to be hard of hearing and poor eye sights except for one young hot blond guy around 21 or 22 years-of-age.

Here was our chance I assumed. The lady next to us had to be nearly 90-years-old. As the older lady looked at us, I said to her: "Mama, there is no room for me so I'll just sat on my friends lap."

On the seats on each side of the isle all the commuters were elderly with some of them snoozing off, others were in their own little world ignoring everything around them and others were attempting to read the newspaper with poor eyesight. About eight seats down from where we were seated was that hot young stud reading the "New York Times". He was really handsome and one hot dude.

John whispered to me: "Hey Baby, I think we just got lucky. Are you ready for me to fuck that big ass of yours?"

In a very low voice, I said: "Fuck John how on earth are we going to do that in front of all these people? You can't fuck my ass through these cut off shorts and briefs I'm wearing. Fuck, I feel your rock hard cock on my ass as I sat on your lap pushing that tool up into my shorts but with all these clothes we have on there is no way. Shit, my cock is beginning to grow and get stiff with my feeling your awesome cock as I sat on your lap."

I covered my growing hard on with the big shopping bag full of all those items had purchased that covered my entire lap. But creative John had  a plan. He amazed me when he had me slightly lift my butt off his lap, I felt him unzip his his tennis shorts and he pulled that stone hard cock out. He managed to lower the back of my shorts and briefs just enough to expose my puckering ass to his cock posed to enter my pussy. As he lined up his throbbing cock to my asshole, he whispered: ""Eric baby, just push your ass down on my cock."

As I lowered my asshole down on that diamond hard cock, fuck John lifted his hips upward and fuck yea, I felt his hot dick slide all the way inside my ass. I slowly went up and down on John's fucking hard cock. I tried desperately not to moan and so I started to fake a bad cough to mute my moans.

We both were horny as hell as I felt John releasing precum inside me and his hot breath on my neck was so arousing. The sensuous feel of my favorite cock deep in my ass in public caused me to throw caution to the wind. I managed to take one hand and place it under the shopping bag and unzip my fly. I inserted that hand inside my briefs and began to wildly stroke my leaking cock.

It was at that dangerous point that the elderly lady noticed something was very wrong and odd. With a poor eyesight she said to me: "Young man, is something wrong? You seem to be so uncomfortable on your friend's lap. Are you ill? Your face is blood red, do you feel faint? Do you need a doctor?"

This had become a dangerous moment as several of the passengers and especially that young dude with perfect eyesight looked at us. I had to think fast as I answered her with a broken voice but loud so everyone could hear me: "No Mama, I'm just uncomfortable setting on my friend's lap as the train moves rapidly causing me to bounce up and down. But I'll be all right."

Then I became concerned for two reasons. First, the sexy young dude put his newspaper down and began starring at us. He glued his eyes on us. Did he know that I was getting fucked? From the sound of my voice, he must have known I was getting my ass banged. Second, the elderly lady next to us caused me to panic when she began to say in a loud voice: "Young man, you are so uncomfortable, maybe we can all move down a little closer so you can have  a seat next to me. I insist we try."

I knew the game was about to be up. John had gone too far this time with his sex in public. Yea, we were about to be off to jail for the night. I felt John's cock freeze in place and I stopped stroking my hard cock. But once again John came to the rescue when he said to the lady: "Oh no Mama, that would make all of you uncomfortable and we just have a short distance until we get off. No problem."

John had saved the day. He was so horny that he resumed driving his big hard cock deep in my ass once again and I returned to stroking my cock ready to come any minute. I placed my eyes like a laser beam on that hot young dude and gave him a very mischief grin. Fuck, it was at that moment that the young stud began to rub his crotch with his newspaper partially hiding what he was up to. He began to lick his lips, looked directly at me and fuck he had managed to unzip his pants, pull his cock out and was masturbating while never taking his eyes off of me. Although he had the newspaper over his lap, I l see him stroking his big dick as the newspaper moved up and down.

John and I were aware that we had a third party joining in the fun. In about four minutes, it became clear that the hot young dude had just shot his load from the look on his face as he let out a familiar sound when a climax had taken place. That set off John and I as we shot big loads with John filling my ass and I shooting my load all over my shorts and briefs with that warm cream. I moved up just enough for John to put his softening cock back in his pants as I put my cock away and zipped up.

Fuck the hot young man had put his cock away but we all three had a problem. The young man had obviously shot his load all over his pants and John and me had cum stains on our shorts plus I felt John's cum running out of my ass and down my legs. What were we to do as we had decided to get off at the next stop before we smelt up the train with all that cum?

I whispered to John: "Lets get off at the next stop baby before we get caught. I'll put the big shopping bag in front of my crotch and you move up close behind me and we will escape. In about two minutes the next stop happened. We got off as did the young dude with the newspaper covering his crotch. We all three knew what had happened.

By this time John's cum had run down my legs and onto my shoes. With no one else in sight the young man approached us, removed his newspaper showing all that cum on his pants. He noticed our sticky cum stains as I lowered my shopping bag revealing all that cum on my clothes and on my shoes. We all sprouted big smiles as the young man approached and said: "Hey guys, thank you for one of the hottest and most awesome orgasms I've had. WOW, that was so exciting to come in such a public place. I've never done it in public before and this happened on my 24th birthday, wow what a gift." 

I laughed and said: Fuck, John and I have had sex in public three times now. It is so exciting."

Then the young man said: "Hey that is so fucking hot. My name is Joel. Would you  like to share a cab into the city and maybe you two could join my birthday party that is being held at one of the uptown hotels tonight?"

We agreed to join  the party after we went home and showered.


Naughty Eric


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