Eric shares this sexual drama and titillating details of his and John's wild evening of sex at The Met with the readers and their real risk of once again getting caught in public sucking  cock and pounding ass.

On my fourth day of visiting lover John in New York City, he had us rent tuxedoes for an night at the famous Met. We began the evening with John taking me to the famous "The Grand Tire Restaurant". John lavished me with a never to forget dinner. We started with a delicious cocktail called "A Pearl Fisher's Hot Toddy" followed by the 1st course consisting of a "Toasted Farro Salad". For the main course, John ordered "Pan Roasted Halibut" with vegetables stacked on brown rice. I ordered "Pappardelle with Lamb Ragu" and all the side orders including "smoked chedder corn bread for both of us. We were served a fine white wine called "2013 Domaine Vacheron, Sancerre". For dessert, we had a coconut cream pie.

After dinner we had tickets for the opera "Puccini's Manon Lescaut" starring Roberto Alagna and Kristine Opolais. Our seats were in the last row. When the performance began the theater lights were turned down only lighting the stage and of course the music made it possible for John to whisper some details of the background of the opera.

About 15 minutes into the performance, I accidentally shoved my leg into one of John's knees. The feel of that warm touch sent John and me into our usual lust and desire for sex. Almost instantly, John grabbed my crotch and began to rub my growing cock through the pants. I reciprocated by taking hold of his crotch and discovered that John's sexy 7-inch dick with his big cock head was already at full erection pushing his black dress pants outward. Fuck yea, there was no way to control our ragging hormones and out of control libidos. The only way to avoid raunchy hot sex with John at least twice a day was to not be in his presence. Man, we had the hots for each other 14/7.

We unzipped each other's fly and pulled those rock hard cocks already wet with leaking precum out so we could stroke them. As I began to stroke John's awesome cock, I felt John take both of his hands and put them around my stiff cock, formed a tunnel and began to run my hard dick through that tunnel over and over. It was not long before we began perspiring with streams running down our faces. The jacking  of those cocks, the smell of the precum and the shivers forming on our bodies caused us to increase our breathing and letting out low moans of pleasure.

After giving each other very arousing masturbatory attention to those cocks, John especially became wild with lust for me to suck his stone hard cock. He pulled my head down into his crotch, took his diamond hard tool and began to hit that dick across my face several times that caused me to burn with desire to suck that penis and put it deep into my throat. Man, I wanted that manhood so bad. There was no greater taste than having John's smooth 7-incher deep in my throat. I could suck that cock for hours which I'd done before.

I grabbed that big pulsating cock, pulled it off my face and drove that beast deep in my mouth. I felt his wet pubic hair on my nose as I wildly sucked my favorite cock. As I continued to rapidly suck that tasty cock, I took my hand and began to stroke my cock.

As I polished my cock with the precum and sucked John's lovely tool, I felt a surge building in my balls. John  intervened at this point. He managed to adjust and move his body so that he could come down on on my cock and he began to deep throat my dick while I continued to suck his big throbbing penis.

The feel of his awesome cock in my mouth and his mouth on my dong had me at the point of no return. I could not of stopped sucking that cock even if an usher had caught me feasting on that big dick, ordered me to stop or he would call the police, I could not of obeyed. Pure lust and my cock were now in charge of my behavior. I knew that John was in the same lustful out of control state. Fortunately, we seemed to be getting away with our lustful raunchy cock sucking.

The taste and smell of those throbbing cocks brought both of use over the edge at the same moment. As I felt a blast of my juices rushing up my cock shaft and fill John's mouth with a big load, I began to receive an equally large load of jizz from John's exploding cock. Soon a large part of the erupting cum ran out of our mouths, down our chins and onto our dress shirts and tuxedoes.

After we finished the blowjobs and had put away our cum covered cocks, I felt John's sexy lips press very hard on my lips as we kissed and shared the two distinct types of cum. The hot kissing, as it had done many times before, caused John to lust after my pink puckering ass as a safe deposit for his wandering restless big dick.

John whispered in my ear: "Fuck yea man, that was such hot blowjobs. The smell and taste of all that cum is driving me crazy to fuck my favorite man pussy. You know your ass belongs to me, Baby. My cock is never satisfied when we make love if it does not get to explore that hot ass and dump a big load up your ass. I'm still hard as fuck and no way can I get rid of this stiff cock without fucking your man pussy. I can't wait until we get back to my place. Since we can not fuck in here, do you have a suggestion baby where I can fuck you?"

John's proposition set my hormones into action again. I felt my cock slowly recover and stiffen.

I whispered to John: "Baby, lets go to the restroom and let your cock do its thing on my ass."

"Oh fuck yea, Eric, lets get to the restroom right now. Fuck the opera, I need your ass now. I'm going to fuck your ass rough, long and hard. I'm not going to show you any mercy. Man, I'm so hot for your ass."

When we entered the restroom there were several men at the urinals but all the stalls were empty. I had John enter one of the stalls as I took the stall next to his. We could not let those guys know what we were up to and what they might do such as call the ushers or police. John pulled his pants and briefs down to his shoes, I managed to slide under the small opening between the partition to where John  was. I took my pants and briefs down and off and placed them on the door hanger. John  at down on the toilet as if he was taking a shit, I got up on his lap facing him, placed my feet around his sides and started sliding my ass onto that stone hard throbbing cock until that whole dick was deep in my ass.

Then I begged: "Baby fuck the hell out of my ass. My ass is only for your pleasure. Drill my ass with that awesome cock. Make me pay."

John began thrusting his butt and hips upward as I pushed my ass down and deep onto that big cock. John went wild banging my ass with one hard thrust after hard thrust. I felt his big leaking cock piercing my prostate driving me insane with lust. Although we attempted to mute our moans and grunts, we were not successful. Before long, we were making increasing loud sounds of sexual pleasure. I became overcome with lust when John grabbed my now erect cock and began to wildly stroke my dick as he continued to fuck my ass with his powerful cock. I lost myself as I cried out: "Oh my god, fuck me harder, Baby. Your cock is so hard and fucking feels great up my ass. Baby, stroke my cock and fuck my ass."

It was then too late as we heard some guys gather around the stall door and one guy said: "Fuck those horny guys are fucking ass. Listen to that one bitch beg for that other bitch's cock up his ass. Shit those horny dudes are fucking in public. Man that makes me horny, how about you guys? But I can't believe they are fucking in public. Lets stay here and see what they do when they finish and come out of there. I wonder if they are cute and hot?"

It was then too late to stop as I felt John's big cock head swell inside my pussy, the veins in his cock head throbbed and his breathing  became rapid as he flooded my ass with his big load. The feel of that warm cum filling my ass caused my cock to stiffen in John's hand and I shot a big load all over his chest, face and hair. Some how part of that cum ran down to his pants and briefs.

When we were spent, we took our clothes and dressed. Shit somehow I got cum on my pants as I put them on. Now the rented tuxes were cum stained.

As we sheepishly exited the stall, there were four hot guys in their early 20's gazing at us and our cum stained clothes and shoes. They laughed and even gave us envious looks as we rushed out of the restroom and back to the last part of the opera.

After the performance ended, we went back to John's apartment and decided that the next day we would contact the store and purchase the tuxes as they were stained with our cum. I wanted to have those clothes as a reminder of how hot John and his cum were to me.

Stay tuned for more gay sex in New York with John and me before I return to my home in San Francisco.

Will we have any more sex in public? Will we get into serious trouble if we do have more public sex?


Naughty Eric


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