Our one hour flight from Seattle to Spokane was most enjoyable as we met two sexy hot guys seated across the isle from us. Todd, a 21-year-old sexy blonde, and Scottie, a 22-year-old hot redhead, were on a national tour as semi-pro racquetball players. Spokane was their next stop on the tour. They were staying at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane, as were we. We shared a taxi from the airport arriving at 10 AM and we checked in at the front desk. We four agreed to have lunch and then Todd and Scottie invited us to join them at 2 PM for a racquetball game at the center where the tournament was going to be played the next week. 

Although John and I were familiar with the game and I had played some with my jock buddies in college, we were no where near as good as Todd and Scottie. So I teamed up with Todd and John became partners with Scottie to make the game more competitive. We had a terrific time for almost two hours with each team winning seven games. At the end of the games at 4 PM, we went back to the hotel. I was totally exhausted and in need of a shower and a short nap before dinner.

John decided to have a beer with the guys at the hotel bar while I went to our room and showered. After the shower, I wrapped a big white towel around my waist and laid down on the bed and was soon fast asleep.


After one beer, I thanked the guys for the beer and the games then returned to our room. Holy shit, there lay hot Eric fast asleep on his back partially covered only with the towel with his legs spread far apart. I could see up under the towel his hot nuts and ass crack  that made me so aroused. I began to feel my cock swell. Eric's handsome body made me wild with lust as had been true all week.

Horny as hell, I took a long hot shower, fingered my asshole and stroked my cock but did not come as I wanted Eric so bad. I returned to the bed butt naked. My animal instincts and craving for Eric's gorgeous cock to be inside me caused me to get up on the bed and I began to caress that sexy fucking body. Fortunately, Eric was the soundest sleeper I'd ever met. I'd learned that it took an earthquake to wake him prior to his getting a full night of sleep. Fuck I began to take advantage of that fact to began my devouring his sexy body.

I pulled the towel off revealing Eric's awesome semi-hard cock as I began touching and kissing his clean body. I took his beautiful face in my hands and pressed my red lips against his pink lips feeling his hot breath on my lips. My cock became stone hard and my boner began to rub against his warm ribs as I kissed my lover. In a state of pure lust, I began to use my hands, lips and salvia covered tongue to move up and down his fresh smelling body. I licked and sucked on his ears, neck, armpits, hard nipples, ribbed chest, stomach, abs, hot thighs, legs, toes and finally the bottom of his sexy feet. Then I moved up and used my lips to circle his his warm big cock head while I used my hands to massage his low hanging balls. As his cock began to grow in length and fill with blood, Eric opened his eyes and gave me a seductive smile and said: 'WOW Babe, how long have you been playing with your favorite man toy? OH Fuck Yea, suck my cock. Take it all deep in your throat, swallow all my cock and make me hard. Oh my god, you just stuck that sexy finger of yours deep in my ass. Please don't stop, make me want you more than I already do. How does my cock taste? Do you like it? Shit you are an awesome cock sucker."

"Fuck Eric, your cock taste great. My favorite cock ever. Man, you smell and taste so wonderful. I love the taste of that warm pre-cum. My cock is so hard."

It was at that moment that I lost all control. I needed my man. I took my mouth off his throbbing cock, plunked my naked ass down on his steamy hot crotch facing my lover. I began to feel his iron hard cock push up against the entrance to my pussy. Yea, sexy Eric was once again ready to fuck me. I felt my ass began to pucker in anticipation of welcoming my favorite object up my ass. I used my hands to direct Eric's hard dick to the entrance to my pussy, as I lowered my my ass onto his rock hard cock. Eric pushed his hips up to aid his cock going deeper and deeper inside me. I began to bounce up and down causing his hot cock to come part way out and back deep inside me. Eric placed his sexy hands on on my ass cheeks to help balance my body as I rode his cock. Fuck, I felt like a real cowboy riding a wild bull. Eric's stiff cock had my entire ass on fire. I loved this cowboy riding position.

We sped up the fucking as his cock went very deep in my ass. I loved being able to control how fast his cock came out and back in my pussy. Lordly, lordly, lordly, all at once Eric was able to grab one of my feet, move it up to his lips and he began to suck on my big toe while his cock pounded my ass. The feel of his tongue and lips on my toe while continuing to use his cock to explore every inch of my pussy had me dizzy with a raging libido that wanted Eric to fuck me all night.

As Eric grunted, moaned and sucked my toes, I begged: "Oh my god, babe, fuck me, fuck me , fuck me, suck my toes, that's it, yea, yea, fuck yea, give me that fucking dick, yea FUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK ,YEA, MMMMMMMM, OHHHHHHH, oh shit, feed me your milky cum. Holy fuck Babe, use me for your pleasure, Yea I'm your bitch, your whore, your slut and dirty bitch."

I knew how to make Eric wild with lust for me by talking dirty to him. We both really got off on dirty talk during hot sex. WOW, this made Eric give me the most hard and rough fuck yet.

Eric fucked my ass with more force than I'd ever experienced from him---it was so awesome, I loved it. He fucked my ass and sucked my toes for some 20 minutes. Then he took charge and ordered me off his cock. He became his old self as the aggressor. I loved it. He had me get down on all fours like a dog on the carpet, as he got behind me. I knew what was coming next--a hard doggy style fuck. I felt him place his hands just above my ass on my lower back, he bent his knees and he began to drive his hard tool pass my outer ass rings and soon he had his big dick deep in my ass giving me mighty hard thrusts.

I began to yell at first as I felt pain from his rough blasting of my ass with that hard wood. But soon the pain went away replaced by pure pleasure and I began to push my ass backward onto his cock. Eric loved my move as he would stop driving his cock forward letting me use my ass to push back on that sexy cock. I went wild using my ass to fuck his cock. Eric seemed to delight on how I moved my ass forward and backward to let his cock come out and back in my pussy. The sloppy sounds of the lube mixing with our juices as his cock pushed in and out had us so horny.  We must have fucked in that position for some 30 minutes rotating from fast to slow and we often paused just letting Eric's cock rest in my ass. Wow, what a great fuck. We were like two dogs going at it. Eric's feel of his cock in my ass and my feel of my ass full of cock had us almost in a trance.

Finally when Eric was satisfied with that position. He ordered me: "OK Babe, one more position before I feed you my cream. Stand up; keep your feet on the floor, face the bed; lower your crotch, abs, stomach, chest, head and face down on the bed; spread those sexy legs far apart; push that ass back toward my cock; use your hands to spread those hot brown big sexy ass cheeks apart so I can drive my big cock deep in my favorite pussy."

I did what Eric ordered me to do. I loved it when he became aggressive and I became his bitch. This was my favorite position to receive his big dong deep in my pussy. He placed his hands on my shoulders as he stood behind me. I heard and felt his cock pop as it went deep into my very experienced slutty ass. He stood and used his entire body to drive that hot cock deep in me over and over. The bed springs made loud nosies as Eric drove my body hard into the bed. He fucked me with one wild thrust after thrust as I begegd: '"Harder, harder, harder Baby, make me pay. Use my ass to satisfy that fucking cock of yours. You are a fucking stud, you hot stud. Give me your seed. Make your juices and that creampie part of my body. Oh fuck yea, that is it. Oh your cock feels so great inside me. OH FUCK YEA, your cock is so warm in my pussy. Come Baby, come Baby. Shoot your cum in my ass and then use your semen as lube to keep fucking my pussy."

That did it as I felt Eric's cock swell even more, his breathing became rapid and he let out a big loud grunt as he said: "Baby, fuck yea, I'm going to come. Yea, I'm going to shoot my load. Here it is. Are you ready to have my cum grease that pussy?"

I felt Eric erupt with a big mother load deep in me with at least seven huge blasts. The feel of his warm cum filling my ass caused me to climax with a big load on the bed sheets.

Eric used his big pool of cum as a lube to keep fucking me for several minutes when I felt his cock grow hard again. Oh my god, I felt him shoot a second big load of his seed deep in my pussy. How much cum was in those balls?

We showered again and were still horny in the shower that caused us to fingering each other's ass and stroked our fuck buddies cock but Eric did not come again. But I shot my second load all over Eric's butt as the warm water cleaned his ass as the cum went down the drain. 

We finished showering and got dressed and went out to dinner. We probably would fuck again before going to sleep even though we had to be up early to catch our flight. Yea, I know we are two fcuking sluts that cannot get enough of each other. We are sex addicts when it comes to each other not ever getting enough of our fuck buddy.


Naughty Eric


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