After we had a great day site seeing in San Francisco and a couple of hours on  a sail boat, we had a seven course meal at an exclusive restaurant before returning to the estate. We went directly to Eric's big bed in the master bedroom. I'd never been hornier and more desperate for man sex. Ever since that first day when I met Eric in Seattle, I had been in a constant state of lust for him. But this particular night I was desperate to be dominated by Eric as his sex slave and the rough sex he agreed to give me.

As we got naked, I begged Eric: "Oh Baby Eric, let me be your bitch tonight, devour my horny body with your hot tongue, wet lips, and that big cock. Show me no mercy, please swallow my stone hard cock down to the base, use your throat muscles to massage my big tool, give me rough kisses, plunge that big long tongue in my ass rimming my ass until I scream for you to fuck me, bite my tits and then shove that big handsome cock of yours into my pussy with no mercy, fuck me raw and rough, talk dirty to me and order me to obey your ever wish."

My request for rough sex turned my lover Eric into some kind of almost uncontrollable primitive animal as I saw his eyes and face transformed into pure lust, his already stone hard stiff cock thrust forward toward me and it began to bounce up and down pulsating. I knew I'd just turned my lover into what I had dreamed about for days, an aroused horny fucker that was now ready to give me that rough sex I'd begged him for up to that moment.

Without an utter, Eric grabbed me in his sexy arms, took me over to the bed, thrust my naked body hard down on the bed on my back, he jumped up on the bed and came down hard with his entire body on top of me. The force of his naked body caused his big cock head to drive directly into my nuts causing me to yell in pain and also pure pleasure. He began to drive his hard body hard into me. He took his sexy hands and placed them on each side of my face as he drove that long pink tongue past my lips and stuffed it to the back of my throat. I began to struggle to get my breath as he had also used his nose to close my nose openings. I felt his leaking cock began to thrust into my flesh just below my balls and close to the opening of my ass and the outer ring.

Eric began to spew his hot breath and growing salvia all over my face while he drove his sexy sweaty body harder and harder into my body. His hard thrusts felt like I was caught under a falling building and trapped there but I'd never been more aroused and loving a sexy man's hot body. My aching stiff cock was trapped under his awesome hot body, as pre-cum was oozing out of my piss slit. I was sure the reeking bed was in danger of collapse.

Eric was filled with pure pleasure and lust that produced all his animal instincts to fuck like a wild beast. I was sure that his hormones were off the chart as he pounded his willing bitch, whore, slut and yea his sex slave.

After the longest time of drilling me with his great smelling body harder and harder, he finally removed his wet tongue from my mouth as he made me wild with lust when he began to talk dirty to me. I was always ready for anything when he talked dirty to me. He said: ""OK you little whore, yea you slut, you fucking  bitch, don't you ever talk back to me, do you understand your ungrateful bitch? Yea, you are my little fucking sex slave and you will do whatever I tell you, you whore. You call me Sir, you call me yea master, I don't hear you, speak to me you little fucking bitch. I said I can't hear you."

This dirty talk caused me to crave Eric more than ever as I replied: "Oh I'm so sorry master. tell me what you want, Sir. Sir, I'm your slave, your bitch sir, use me sir, Please love me master. Do tell me what you want. Oh master make love to me."

This dirty talk caused Eric to become the most amazing lover as he got beside me and began to use his wet tongue and lips to kiss and lick my cheeks, my nose, kiss my lips very hard, spit gobs of his sweet salvia on my face, on my chest, on my stiff cock and even down my legs and feet. Soon I was drenched from head to toe with that sexy juice from Eric's mouth. I loved the smell of Eric on my body. Next he spread my legs far apart, got between my legs as I lay on my back with an exposed crotch and ass. He moved up and bit my hard nipples driving me wild with lust. He then grabbed my big brown balls and squeezed so hard that I yelled from the pain. He soon began to take my stiff cock inch by inch to the back of his throat. He deep throated my hard tool. I felt his throat muscles massage the walls of my cock shaft. He finally came off and then back down on my big cock over and over with the greatest speed. Man what a hot blowjob. I did not want him to ever stop sucking my cock. He was a pro at sucking cock. I'd learned that he had lots of practice with dudes' cocks before he met me, his lover. 

He began to drive two fingers deep in my ass as he continued his blowjob. Man, his fingers tore my ass apart while his mouth took care of my dick. Eric grunted sounding like a wild hog.

He came off my cock and made me hornier than ever as he started talking dirty again: "You fucking little whore, slut and yea ungrateful bitch. Tell your master thanks and beg me for more sex. Beg me to fuck that hot pussy until I come. You want my cock don't you, you slut."

I answered with pure lust in my voice: ""Yes master, take your little bitch, Sir, master, give it to me hard. Show me no mercy. I don't deserve any mercy. Fuck me, please. Make me your slave sir. Make me come sir."

I'd never had such a sensuous set of lips surround and rap around my big cock; the feel of his warm mouth deep on my cock had me shivering from head to toe. I wanted my stiff leaking cock to remain in Eric's mouth for ever. The warmth of his mouth and the way he used his tongue on my cock made my cock stiff as a steel rod ready to shoot a big load.

After a very long blowjob from Eric's sweet mouth and his rough fingers fucking the hell out of my ass, I finally could not hold back any longer as a big pool of my cum gathered in my nuts. I exploded with burst after burst of my seed deep in Eric's throat, I counted at least seven big spurts. When I was finally spent, wild Eric pulled his mouth off my dick, took his mouth full of my cum and dumped it into the palm of his right hand. What was he going to do with it? Holy fuck, he took that big pool of cum and began to stroke his cock until his cock was completely lubed with my cum. He used that cum as a lube, placed his now cum covered cock at the entrance to my pussy, pulled my legs up over my head, put a large pillow under my ass and used his strong legs and thighs to drive that cum covered cock all the way inside my ass with one quick thrust. This was really a rough fuck as he began to pound my ass with great speed. I began feeling that familiar stuffed cock but with a rough fuck.

As he fucked me wild, two of the bed slats broke causing the bed to become at an unusual angle. That did not discourage Eric as he continued to fuck the hell out of my ass. His ass cheeks moved up and down as if they were a piston driving an engine of a car. He lowered his face as I saw that awesome change in facial expression that one gets when in the heat of a fuck. That look on Eric's face so turned me on that my cock came back to life and began to grow. I felt Eric's breath on my face and streams of spit landed on my face. Eric was really into fucking me wild and hard. He fucked me so hard that our bodies moved across the bed to the edge. I was afraid we were going to fall out of the bed but I held on tight to the edge as I got the hell fucked out of my pussy.

And then it happened with one more incredible hard thrust of his stiff cock, I felt his cock head swell inside me and soon he dumped a river of his seed deep in my ass. The feel of his throbbing cock and all that wet cum inside me caused me to climax for the second time as I erupted with a big load between our sweaty bodies. Eric grabbed a pool of that cum in his hands and used those cum covered hands to spank my now red ass cheeks. Oh it felt so good. Eric made it even more sexy as he said: "Yea, you little fucking  dirty bitch, look at you, you're covered in all that spunk. You smelly nasty bitch. You are such a nasty naughty whore, my little bitch. Tell me how much you like being so dirty and such a slut. Tell your master right now how you feel."

"Yes, sir, yes master, I love being your little bitch, yea, I'm your whore, sir, just tell me what you want to do to me. Oh master, I'm getting hard again. Oh sir, make me cum again. Please sir."

Eric placed his cum covered hand across my lips and then kissed me.

This caused Eric to get down and dirty again. He put his sexy cum covered lips to the entrance of my ass and began to suck his cum out of my pussy. When he had a mouth full of cum, he took that cum and went down on my once again stiff cock covering my cock with that thick cum and he began to suck my cock with an amazing blowjob. Holy shit, I felt all that wet cum on my cock as a lube. I lasted no more than a minute when I shot my third load of cum for the evening. Eric swallowed that third load.

Then I got such a wondeeful gift from Eric when he said: "Baby, John how did you like all that dirty talk. I just did it to turn you on as I know how it makes you so horny as it does me too. I want to tell you that before I met you I had a big variety of both average and huge cocks deep in my throat. I've sucked lots of cocks but none like yours baby. You have the greatest cock on the planet. Your cum taste  like a mixed dessert of vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Your smooth big brown dick with that wide piss slit, large cock head, pulsating vein covered cock shaft and huge attached balls, drive me crazy. Wow, you have such a beautiful long rock hard brown cock. Man, how I love that cock and how it tatse and smells. John Baby, please let me have that awesome and delicious cock and cum over and over."

I responded: "Yea fuck baby, I so love you Eric and yes yes yes you can have my cock anytime you want it and of course take my semen any time you are hungry for it. Thanks for the incredible rough sex. You are the best baby. How about an hour to recover and rest and then baby let me ride that cock as if I were a cowboy on a wild horse. I want to be your cowboy riding that huge cock tonight."

What will Eric and John do next to satisfy those raging libidos they have for each other?


Naughty Eric


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