On a Friday night after John and I finished a four hour sex marathon in our big bed where we had given each other blowjobs, rimmed ass, fucked each other's pussy raw from many unbelievable positions, wildly kissed, ate lots of cum, and came three times each, we laid down exhausted. Finally while holding John in my arms, I said: "Baby, I can't believe how fast the time has gone and you will soon be leaving for your home in New York. I can't imagine a single day without you. I know you want me to visit you in New York but what will I do without your cock and pussy until then and also just being with you each day, Baby. But let's make these last few days really hot and special by spending them on my yacht. I'll have my sailing crew prepare for boarding tomorrow morning and we can spend Saturday, Sunday and Monday on board before you have to fly out on Tuesday morning. We can lie in the sun, swim, fish off the deck and of course fuck like rabbits for three days. How does that sound Baby?"

"Oh Eric my love, I'd really like that. Can we fuck on the top deck hoping that the other boats' crews can see us fuck in public? I have this really hot fantasy of getting caught fucking you in public."

"John Baby, me too. Yea that will be so sensuous and a hard turn on to have people watch us fuck. Usually when I stay on my yacht in the Bay, there are other yachts and sailboats around with fucking hot dudes in their 20's and early 30's sun bathing on each side of my yacht. We can put on a wild show for them. They might get so aroused that they will began to suck their buddies cocks and fuck those hot asses. They might even give us some cat calls of encouragement."

The idea of public sex got us immediately horny again and I threw John on his back and fucked him one more time before we fell asleep.

After my crew served us a great lunch on the yacht on Saturday, John and I stripped down and put on a very tight bright red bikini speedos and went up on the deck, spread out on our backs in reclining beach type chairs to take in the sun rays. In a few minutes, my yacht was surrounded by several sailboats that were participating in a weekend gay sailing regatta sponsored by a regional gay men's sports club. Holy fuck, we began to gaze at least 50 hot guys on those sailboats dressed only in very skimpy shorts with a few of the guys actually butt naked showing off their hot sexy bodies. The hunks appeared to be in their 20's on that given day.

John grabbed his hot crotch, gazed at the guys and said to me: "Man, look at those hot dudes and yea look at your crotch---this is a perfect setting for us to fuck in public with that hot group of guys watching. You already have a boner as do I. I bet we can turn on all those fucking hot guys and they will get it on with one another. This could be such a cool wild orgy of dudes sucking cock and fucking male pussy on all these boats with you and me as the leaders."

John's proposal caused me to become horny as hell. I felt my cock become stiff as an iron pipe. I had to release my stiff cock from my tight bikini as my cock was hurting trapped in that small bikini. I then stood up naked as my cock sprang free and straight out hitting my abs and of course leaking pre-cum. Within a few seconds hot John pulled off his bikini and stood up with a monstrous hard dick flopping back and forth with shinny pre-cum on that piss slit.

We immediately caught the attention of all those horny fucking gay dudes. They began to pull their sailboats up close to my yacht on both sides until they had a perfect view of our hot naked bodies. They had come so close that we could see the color of their lustful eyes.

It was time to give them an xxx sex show. I had John, my lover, get down on his back on the beach chair; spread his sexy warm legs far apart revealing his awesome huge cock, nuts and the pink entrance to his beautiful ass; he placed his hands behind his head showing off his chest and abs; I placed a pair of very sexy expensive sun glasses on his head that I had given him for his birthday that covered those sexy eyes and that made him so sexy; he thrust his big hips and crotch upward as I put a cushion under his wet butt; and I got down on my knees in front of that hot crotch ready to devour my lover's private parts in public.

I put my lips around his throbbing cock head and sucked very hard collecting his pre-cum. I slid my tongue up and down his fat cock shaft causing him to moan with pure pleasure. I began to rotate passionately between kissing and sucking on that cock, placing his hot steamy balls in my mouth, sucking on his pulsating asshole, fingering his ass and stroking that leaking cock. The scene became steamy hot for the guys who were watching us from the nearby sailboats as John got so turned on that he began to give an academy award winning performance when he began to yell: ""Oh Baby, fuck yea, suck my cock, eat my ass, swallow my big cock down that big throat, oh my god, this feels so great, I'm you're slut, yea I'm your sex slave master, I know I'm a whore, fuck yea, fuck yea, give it to your bitch, make me pay baby, seed my pussy with that hard raw cock and let me blow a huge load down that sexy throat."

As I wildly sucked his cock and ate his bubble ass, my head bobbed up and down with the guys on the boats never taking their eyes off my performance at that point. The guys began to cheer and clap their hands in approval. Soon we heard them yell at us: "Fuck that bitch, make that slut cum, yea lets see you fuck your little bitch, breed him now, how do you like that blowjob you little fag, I bet you can't wait to have your master fuck the hell out of that worn nasty pussy and tell him how much you want his cock."

As I continued to wildly use my mouth and tongue to give my baby a wild blowjob and use my fingers to fuck the hell out of his juicy ass, the sex scene really heated up. John said: "Look baby, the guys are turned on, they have stripped off all their clothes and have begun to stroke their big cocks."

Shit, when I stopped long enough to see what was happening, the fucking horny dudes had begun to give each other blowjobs and some were already fucking  their buddies pussy. It was hot to see all those muscled athletic studs taking care of their partners sexual needs as they looked like  primitive animals taking care of their prey. Man, we had turned them all on and now the San Francisco Bay was filled with one encounter after another of some 50 guys having man sex.

The sexual sounds and hot words caused me to crave John like never before and in a way that was impossible to describe. I wanted us to melt into one body. I had to have that pussy at that moment while all those hot studs were in various stages of fucking gay sex.

After I'd sucked that cock, sucked on those over heating big balls and ate my baby's ass for some 20 minutes, I pulled John up off the beach chair, took his naked body and stiff cock over to the rail on the west side of the yacht, had him face the water, he placed his hands on the rails and he pushed that incredible round bubble butt back towards my aching cock, I used my naked feet to push his legs and feet far apart as I placed my red-hot leaking cock to the entrance of his goreous pussy. I placed my hands on his shoulders and I began to slowly penetrate his pulsating asshole with my leaking cock as I had done many times before over the last month.

John was so aroused that he pushed his sexy ass back hard against my cock causing his ass to suck my big sausage all the way inside his pussy within a few seconds. His ass loved my cock. The feel was awesome as he used his ass muscles to massage my aching horny cock. He really knew how to make my cock feel incredible. I began to fuck my baby's ass with such speed that his body bounced on and off that rail. We were putting on an awesome xxx sex show for all those horny dudes. John and I had never been more into our sex as mates knowing we had a real hot audience of fucking horny guys who were so turned on by us.

John and I went back and forth talking dirty to each other that had us fucking crazy for more sex and so turned on our audience of gay studs. We said such things that the other guys could hear such as John: "Fuck my ass you stud, breed me baby, don't stop until you dump that big load in my pussy." I said such things as: "Yea you litle slut, take my whole stiff rod up that fucking pussy. Yea, that feels so good on my cock, you are such a fucking whore, slut and bitch, you never get enough of my cock you nasty bitch and tell me how much you like my dick up that slut pussy."

I'd never felt hornier as I fucked that awesome ass, oh how I loved to fuck my baby John's ass.

The moans, grunts and dirty talk coming from the sailboats made the sex even more horny and wild. The guys dirty talk had John and me in a state of pure ecstasy. Feeling John's warm body, smelling his sweet body odors and the warm man cunt on my cock was incredibly hot along with all those guys making love caused me to let loose a torrent of hot, sticky and rich cum inside my baby's pussy. I actually counted ten huge blasts and a couple of minor after spurts of cum inside baby John.

As I shot my huge load in John's ass, he grabbed his stiff cock, stroked it a few times and I saw him shoot his huge wad through the rails into the ocean. Wow, this had to be one of the hottest sex scenes ever. What an incredible porn flick this would make.

After john and I had unloaded our jizz, we heard lots of the guys yell from the sailboats: "Oh fuck, here I come. Take that man load up that pussy."

Holy fuck some 50 guys had shot their cum in less than an hour. This was an afternoon never to forget.

John and I would have the rest of Saturday, Sunday and Monday on the yacht to fuck and drill each other's ass. Maybe we would go down below deck and fuck in the private bedroom like two dogs in heat before John would have to fly back to New Yok on Tuesday. He made it clear how much he wanted me to visit him in New York. How could we ever stay apart for very long.


Naughty Eric


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