Eric and I spent the weekend on Eric's yacht having wild sex all weekend taking breaks while we shared drinks and food with many of the hot athletic studs on board the sailboats and the yacht. During our fucking sessions while I fucked Eric and he fucked me, we could hear the horny guys on their boats sucking cock and fucking ass as they cried out in pure lust to their fuck buddies.

About noon on Monday, I said: "Eric baby, I'd like to spend our final night together at you estate with you making passionate love to me before I leave for New York on Tuesday. I do not want any distractions, baby. Would you take control of me, your loving bitch? I want you to ravish my entire body. Dominate me in such a hot and awesome manner that I'll never forget this night. Also maybe it will help me endure your absence until you visit me at my home in New York. Oh baby come to see me real soon. I don't think I can endure many days without your sexy hot body doing special things to me."

"Fuck yea baby. John I will come to New York soon but my business is in San Francisco. Baby, we've got to figure out a way and plan out of this dilemma about our need to be constantly together. What are we going to do, baby?"

"Baby, I know it is a big decision but we cannot tolerate this long time apart. Eric I need you to give me daily orgasms and I just love our time together. I love you like no one I've ever met before. I had no idea that love could be this intense and special with such euphoria. Baby, I'll do anything to be with you."

Eric called his staff and had them prepare a dinner fit for a king as Eric's chauffer drove us back to the estate. The dinner must have cost a fortunate. We had a huge table of hors d' oeuvres featuring beds of oysters. The meal included a green salad with a variety of imported ingredients and oils. The main course included a smorgasbord of meats including fresh baked salmon, Montana T-Bone steaks, prime rib, pheasant-under-glass, lamb chops and a large roasted pig. The meat was served with seven types of fresh vegetables. The dessert table included chocolate moose cake, strawberry short cake, red velvet cake, peach pie, apple pie, cherry pie and a variety of ice creams. The meal was served with several special imported Italian wines.

I was doubly impressed that Eric had invited his 40 member house staff to the dinner so they could say Farwell to me. I'd never been treated with such affection and kindness--that is one reason I had fallen in love with Eric. He was the best.

After dinner, every staff member came up and gave me a hug and wished me a safe journey home. My eyes became filled with tears as Eric and I headed to his master bedroom. The aphrodisiac oysters had made us horny as hell like we really needed that extra lust as we were always horny for each other.

As we entered the bedroom, Eric grabbed me in one of his fantastic embraces, held me tight to his body, placed his sexy hands on my bubble ass, used those hands to pull me even closer into him as our rock hard cocks rubbed against each other through our pants, I placed my hands on Eric's sexy butt and pushed him into me also as Eric managed to utter: "Yea fuck baby, I love you more than life itself. Oh baby you smell so sweet and the feel of your hot body rubbing against my red-hot body has me so horny. Oh my god, the feel of your cock rubbing against my boner through those pants has shivers running up and down my entire body. I'm filled with primordial animal lust for your fucking body and especially that awesome cock and pussy. Tell me what you want me to do to you, baby."

As our bodies became even more entwined with the heat from our bodies producing a rush of sweat running down our faces, I said: "Oh baby, you're so irresistible. My whole body is in a spasm and goose bumps are up and down my spine. Lets get naked and let me be your bitch. Please use ever-inch of my body for your pleasure."

Eric parted my wet red lips with his hot wet tongue and he began a long series of passionate kisses as he drove his sexy tongue deep in my mouth. Holy fuck no man could match Eric when it came to wet French kissing. The kisses were wild, sloppy and loud sounding as our bodies humped rough together. After along time, we finally broke our embrace and lips, got naked and Eric retrieved a hot pair of soft black silk see-through men's thong-bikinis and put them on me as I lay on my back on the bed. I'd learned that this was one of Eric's biggest fetishes to have me in a pair of see through what looked almost like a pair of a woman's panties. The bikini gave Eric a great view of my trobbing hard cock that drove him wild. Eric was ready to spend the night feasting on my body and I could hardly wait to once again be his bitch.

Eric got down beside me and began to feel me up. Oh fuck, he was so good at that. He used his soft fingers, lips and tongue to begin exploring ever inch of his bitch. I closed my eyes and felt his magic touch as he played with my body. He touched, kissed and licked my ears, my nose, my neck, my closed eyes, my biceps, my underarms, my chest, sucked my hard nipples that was such a turn on for me, pulled hard on my nipples as he licked my chest,  sucked on my stomach and abs, devoured my wet hard thighs, down my legs, licked my feet and sucked all ten of my toes.

Next he began to perform the most erotic sex acts. I felt his breath and lips on my pubic hair as he sniffed at my smelly crotch that obviously had him wild for my cock and ass. He used his hands to pull the pre-cum stained bikini to the side exposing my cock and balls for his pleasure. He used his tongue to lap at my balls and fondled them before he took them in his mouth. My prick became eager for attention as it stood straight up and out with the big Y-shaped blue vein on top of my pulsating cock head. Eric took charge of my irresistible cock as I felt his lips circle my cock head and he began to suck a growing supply of my pre-cum out of that wide piss slit. I could tell from his moans that he was enjoying feasting on my protein. It was not long until he used his  tongue to slide it up and down my fat cock shaft with special attention to the underside of my cock that drove me up the wall with pleasure.

Then it happened as he swallowed my big cock to the back of his throat. Eric knew how much I loved how he used his magic throat muscles to massage my big dick. The pleasure I felt was beyond description as he sucked my cock while I thrust my crotch upward to meet his mouth that was devouring my favorite organ. I yelled and begged: "Oh fuck yea, oh fuck yea, baby suck my cock, make me come."

Eric went wild sucking my cock with great speed until I felt a strong spasm in my balls and fuck yea I blasted at least seven large eruptions deep in that sexy throat. As he swallowed my mother load, he gagged, a part of that thick sticky cum ran out of his mouth, down his chin and onto our sweaty bodies. The semen soiled those hot bikinis with big cum rings.

When my balls were drained and I had no more cum to give Eric, he pulled off my still semi-hard cock. I felt his hot breath and lips on my lips as I kept my eyes closed. He gave me passionate kisses once again as he fed me part of my own semen.

As I continued to keep my eyes closed to intensify the feeling of Eric's magic lips and tongue, he turned me over on to my stomach and he began to service my ass. He took time to say: "Baby, you have such a nice fresh piece of meat, I love the smell and taste of that pink pussy."

I felt him pull the bikini string over to one side as he buried his face in my wet ass and he began a sloppy wild fast licking of my asshole. Holy fuck, he must have been very hungry as he ate (rimmed) my ass with total abandonment. Lord have mercy, it was so hot that my cock began to stiffen once again. He lubed my ass and his cock for a raw fuck. Then I felt the tip of his huge cock press against my asshole. His desire for my pussy caused him to drive that massive tool inside my ass as I heard the pop of his cock go inside my ass. Shit, he then threw his hot sexy body down on top of my back as he began a rough wild fucking of my ass. I felt him speed up as he would pull that cock almost all the way out and then use his whole body to thrust that horse cock all the way back deep in my ass channel. Fuck, what an awesome fucker he was. He used his remarkable cock to explore every inch of my wet pussy that caused my ass to feel like it was on fire. I never wanted him to take that cock out of my pussy.

He fucked me with one hard thrust after hard thrust for at least ten minutes. Man, it felt so great. I loved Eric's cock in me. Finally, Eric let out a wild beast cry and fuck he dumped a huge load of his seed deep in my ass.

When my lover was spent, he pulled out that still hard cock and turned me back over on my back. He brought that shinny cum covered cock head up to my lips as I opened my eyes. I grabbed the base of his awesome cock and shoved it deep in my mouth. I cleaned that fucking cock until it was completely clean. Yea more awesome cum.

Eric felt my once again hard cock. After I had finished cleaning his cock with my tongue, Eric got down, pulled those cum covered bikinis off of me and shoved them in my mouth as he took my aching cock back in his mouth. He began another wild blowjob on my dick. Yea, Eric had to be the world's best cock sucker. In about two minutes, I said: "Baby, I'm about to come. Do you want me to feed you another cum meal?"

He pulled his mouth off my throbbing cock and he used one hand to began stroking my tool with his face just above my cock head. I felt my cum gather and I shot another big load this time on his face. When I was finally just leaking small spurts of my seed, Eric put my cock back in his mouth and he sucked me dry. I got down and licked my cum off his face and we shared that warm cum.

Eric told me that the bikinis were my prize and I could take them to New York and smell them each night.

After resting for about two hours and having some more wine, Eric begged me to fuck him one last time before I left the next morning. I drilled that beautiful pussy and filled it with my baby batter. We showered and Eric drove me to the airport.

Next Sexual Rendezvous will be in New York


Naughty Eric


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