I called Jay, a 25-year-old stud and one of my staff who also serves as my physical trainer in my gym and asked him to prepare a bubble bath for John and me. Jay is married to sexy 26-year-old Drake, my gardener.

John took me by the hand and lead me to the master large bathroom just off the master bedroom. The bubble bath was ready for us, several scented candles were lit, the lights had been turned low and Jay had piped into the bathroom very soft romantic music. The mood was set for the most erotic sex.

John grabbed me and put me in a strong embrace and placed his sexy hands on the back of my neck. I placed my hands on his hot round butt cheeks, as I felt John's thick red hot lips and tongue began to lick and sucked on my earlobes driving me wild with lust. He had learned that my ears were one of my favorite erogenous zones. I became wild with desire and so aroused as he slowly drove his wet tongue inside my ears as he said: "Baby, do you like my tongue inside your ear? Fuck, I'm so turned on and I'm going to make you irresistible to ever one of my desires to devour you. You're now my bitch and you will beg me to suck that big cock of yours and fuck the hell out of that smooth white pussy. You will never want me to stop."

"Oh Fuck John Baby, I'm so horny for you. I've never wanted anyone this bad. Kiss me, suck my cock, eat my ass, fist my pussy and seed my ass with that huge brown fucking cock of yours. I want you so bad."

My pleas caused John to become like a wild animal. He sucked and licked my ears as our cocks confined in our pants had become like steel rods rubbing against each other. After several minutes, John took his thick wet red lips and pressed them hard against my wet lips. Soon he used his long tongue to part my willing lips and he slid that thick tongue to the back of my throat.

As I moaned, John thrust his tongue in and out of my mouth. I began to run my tongue deep in his mouth. We began to experience our tongues battling for position as our salvia ran out and down our chins. The loud slurping sounds made us hornier. We humped driving our crotches into each other with great force. Soon our raging libidos dictated that we get butt naked. I took off John's clothes except for his sexy blue briefs that fit smug and perfectly around his bubble ass. He in turn stripped me of my clothes except for my hot red briefs that too were a smug fit for my huge cock and round butt. By then, both our briefs had large growing cum rings as we were humping wildly feeling our big dicks rubbing together. The wet feel was so intoxicating. I ran my hand inside John's wet briefs, located his rock hard cock, took hold of that huge sausage and stroked it violently. I felt John's hand slide inside my briefs and he began to stroke my cock and played with my growing hot balls. The heat was so arousing that we shed our briefs and stood naked in front of each other.

As John walked up the stairs and began to drop down into the sunken tub with the jets swirling the warm bubble water, my cock throbbed as I looked at the most gorgeous round thick brown ass cheeks and entrance into his asshole with big pink tissue, pure lust overcame me. John sat down on one end of the tub and rested his head on the soft headrest and spread his legs and feet in front of his body.I got in the bathtub at the other end, spread out and put my head on the headrest. Our feet began to touch. I became so aroused from the feel of his feet and wow as I saw his large cock head standing at attention above the water. He noticed my hard cock above the water line also.

I did not have to wait long when I felt John's foot move inside my legs and find my crotch and holy shit, I felt his foot began to massage my aching cock and balls. I moaned and begged him not to stop. Then he got really wild as he pushed his big toe into my outer ass sphincter. I pushed my ass forward as he fingered my ass with that sexy toe. He actually fucked my outer ass with that toe. I became dizzy from the feel of his toe. He fucked my ass for several minutes with that foot. Yea, I was his bitch and ready for whatever lay ahead.

Next he took both his wet feet, placed my hard cock between his feet and used those sexy feet to stroke my cock. It was so awesome to get my cock stroked by those feet. Holy fuck, he was masturbating me with his feet. What a cute and mischief guy John had turned out to be. I was in love.

Then with pure lust in those cute black eyes, he moved over to me, spread my legs far apart exposing my ass, ran his hands under the water, located my ass and began to drive first one, then two, then three, then four and finally five fingers inside my pussy. Holy fuck, he spread my big ass wide open and oh my god, I felt his entire fist slide inside my ass. He used that hand and fist to fuck my pussy hard. Holy shit, I was experiencing my first fisting and it was so awesome because my lover was doing it to my ass. I whimpered with great pain but did not want my lover to stop. Shit, I felt his fingers began to massage my ass walls with that entire wrist inside me. I yelled and bucked like a bull with total pleasure. John  had to be the best fucker on the planet and yea he was all mine. Man, did he ever know how to make me horny and give me ultimate ecstasy. 

I begged: "OH FUCK YEA, fuck my ass with that fist, Yea harder, harder, harder Baby."

We both became exhausted from such a wild sex act. John  slowly pulled his fist out of my ass and pulled me up into a standing position with the jets on the side of the tub whirling warm water around our feet. As we both stood, John gave me a series of incredible hot kisses before he got down on his knees in the tub. He grabbed hold of my steel hard cock, held it at the base as his hand rubbed against my wet pubic hair and clamped his hot lips down tight on my cockhead and began to suck my growing cock. He sucked so hard that I began to release more pre-cum into his mouth. I grabbed the back of his neat neck and pushed hard driving my cock deep into his throat. Soon I was fucking his mouth as if my cock was deep in his pussy. He grabbed hold of my balls and squeezed them so hard as I continued to fuck his mouth.I felt the warm air from his nose spewing warm air on my pubic hair that made me even more horny and in love.

Soon he took charge of his bitch. He took my cock out of his mouth and he began the most pleasurable use of his tongue on my cock. I felt him slide his tongue up and down on the underside of my veined pulsating blood filled cock. Then he finally went back down on my cock, as I felt the tip of my cock hit the back of his soft throat.

Although I had tried to hold back from coming as I was in pure pleasure getting such a great blowjob, I felt a surge building in my nuts and I knew it was too late to stop. I warned John: "OH BABY, I'm going to come. If you don't want to swallow my semen, you better pull off my dick."

This made John even hornier and eager to take my cum as he clamped his lips down tight on my cock. That made me explode as I felt a rush of my semen enter into my cock shaft and I let loose a torrent of hot, sticky, salty, ropey and rich cum that flooded John's throat. He sucked hard until he had drained ever drop of my semen and he then swallowed ever drop of my seed.

When he came off my drained cock, he stood up, grabbed the back of my neck and drove his cum covered tongue deep in my mouth, as he kissed me wildly.  We shared my cum. I felt his hard cock thrust into my crotch as we kissed and embraced.

I could tell from his sexy facial expression and rock hard cock that he was desperate to get his rocks off and I so wanted to help him climax.

He turned my face and chest toward the edge of the bathtub. He then pushed my face, chest and crotch up against the side of the tub with my hands extended out on the marble surrounding the tub. I pushed my ass back toward his cock eager to help him fuck me. I spreasd my legs wide exposing my ass to his incredible cock. He placed his hands on my shoulders for balance and I felt the tip of his big brown cock touch my outer ass. Man, how I loved his big brown cock that had drilled my ass several times since he had been with me on his visit. I knew what joy lay ahead as he began to enter my pussy with that cock.

He began to fuck the hell out of my pussy. I heard him grunt, breath rapidly and he made wild sexual sounds as he fucked his favorite man pussy. He had never fucked me harder than at that moment.

I loved it as I begged: "Fuck yea, fuck my pussy. Harder, harder, harder, Baby. Breed me Baby. Give me your juice. Make me part of you, Darling. Don't stop. Fuck your bitch. Yea, brand your bitch with that sticky hot cum of yours. Yea that is it. Yea, that feels so great. I love your big brown cock. WOW have mercy, that feels so good. Come in me Baby."

John so loved dirty talk that always set him off. He could d not hold back any longer. He began to fuck me with the most amazing speed and very rough.That is the way I liked it, very rough. He almost fell down in the slick tub from the hard thrusts. I held on to the side rail as my body swung back and forth as my baby fucked me so hard.

Finally, John had gone over the blue line as he said: "Baby, I'm going  to breed you. You're mine. You belong to me. Yea, fuck here I come. Take my semen, Baby. I just wish I could use my semen to make you pregnant and cause you to have my baby, oh fuck. I'm going to give you part of me. Here I come. Yea, I'm coming."

I felt his cock shaft stiffen inside me. I felt his cock head and piss slit open and wow he shot a volcanic load of his thick sticky white cum go deep in my pussy. Whe he was spent, he pulled out his still semi-hard cock, turned me around and shoved that cum covered dick in my mouth. I finished sucking him dry. Man, I love the taste of his cum. Nothing makes me more aroused and satisfied than to have John's cock in my mouth with me cleaning off that cum with my tongue and lips. 

John and I sat down in the water and soon my big pussy unloaded John's cum in the water. His cum floated to the top of the water. John was able to gather up most of the floating cum and he ate it. John loves cum .

We got out of the tub, went to the big walkin shower just off my master bedroom and we cleaned each other's body, got dressed and we went to lunch. I

After lunch, I called my chauffer so I could take John on a tour of the city and have dinner later. I bet more sex would happen after dinner.

Future Chapters: John will fuck me using the Jacuzzi, sauna and our big bed before I take my turn fucking that hot pussy of John's in many neat loactions around the estate. Stay tuned!!


Naughty Eric


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