On Friday evening before I was to depart for San Francisco on Sunday for my home and business back in San Francisco over a candle lighted dinner at a plus restaurant, I said to John: "Baby, I've been here in New York longer than I'd planned staying almost three weeks. Sex with you every day and sometimes up to three or four times a day has turned me into a primordial lustful uncivilized animal that has caused me to extend my stay; but baby I must go back to my business on the West Coast. I've never had  more difficulty leaving any place before and that is because of you baby. I've been mesmerized and hormone driven by your beautiful face; smooth tanned body; the sexist lips on the planet; gorgeous arms, biceps, chest, biceps, nipples, stomach, balls, thighs, legs and feet; the most sexy tasty cock ever; and my cock has never been more satisfied than when deep in your pink and soft pussy. You are a master at using your ass muscles to service my hard cock when deep in that awesome ass. I'm depressed at the thought that you are not going to be there every night for me to feast on that awesome cock and wet pussy. Oh what are we going to do baby? But lets look at the bright side for Saturday night. I've planned a special going away party with 30 of your gay friends (15 couples) at the Hotel Plaza Athene New York City just off Times Square. We will have a special dinner with them, an evening of entertainment with one of the best bands in New York and a great group of comedians to perform. You and I will spend the night in the presidential suite where I will devour your incredible hot sexy body as I feast on your cock and sweet pussy. You will be my bitch that night. Oh baby it will be special."

John gave me a sad look, as tears welled up in his eyes. He took my hand and said: "Baby, I knew your time was about up. After three weeks of mind blowing sensuous sex day after day, our hormones, testosterone production and libido action has  been at record peeks. I think we both have become sex machines driven by our love and the most sensuous sex ever experienced by two gay guys. I don't know what I will do about sex after you leave. Masturbation will in no way satisfy me after having you suck my cock and fuck my ass. Baby, what are we going to do?"

"John baby, I don't know the answer to that question right now but lets just enjoy the special night on Saturday. I've planned the most earth shaking, volcanic and cataclysmic orgasms ever baby."

After the dinner on Friday night we went back to John's studio apartment, started shedding our clothes as we entered inside the door, rushed to his bedroom, climbed up on the bed and spent 5 hours sucking cock and fucking each other's ass. The steamy sex was so gratifying that we came four times each during that 5 hours. We fucked on the bed, on the floor, up against the wall, on the kitchen table, on the sofa and I sat on the kitchen counter while John fucked my ass. All that hot sex was a prelude for the coming Saturday night.

We spent Saturday strolling Central Park, went to a movie where John stroked my cock without getting caught, had a nice lunch at an Italian restaurant, picked up a basketball three on three near John's apartment and had an ice cream before returning to the apartment to get ready for the dinner.

On Saturday evening we arrived at the hotel around 5:30 pm and went directly to the special reserved dinning room where John's 30 friends had gathered. They were at the bar enjoying the free drinks I'd reserved for them. When we entered the room, the guys burst into cheers for us. They greeted us one by one with a big hug.

The maitre d' at 6:30 pm announced that dinner was to be served. John and I sat at the center of the table with his 30 friends up and down the table. The dinner consisted of fine imported wines, fresh oysters on abed of lettuce and marinated mushrooms for appetizers (those oysters  got all the guys horny as hell), Greek sald with special herbs, fresh baked salmon, T-bone steak, lamb chops, pheasant under glass, special glazed red potatoes, fresh steamed vegetables and a variety of Greek breads. The dessert selections of the evening were placed on a large table consisting of cherry, apple, lemon, peach and strawberry pies; chocolate moose cake, red velvet cake, and walnut cake as well as banana and pineapple pudding. The waiters provided five kinds of Latin coffee with dessert.

Following the extraordinary dinner, the guests joined John and me in the ballroom where I'd hired a famous band to perform a variety of music for our dance. In addition, the evening featured three well-known political comedians that performed.

Following the comedians and a couple hours for dancing to the band, the band announced  a special number for John and I to dance while the guests watched on the sideline. It was like the first dance by the groom and bride at their wedding reception.

As I held John tight against my body with his hands around my neck and my hands on his butt, we slowly danced to the special song "We Are Family". As I smelt John's warm breath on my neck and felt his warm hands around my neck, I became totally horny and lusted after my lover. My cock became totally stiff and soon I felt John's cock growing in his pants as our crotches were entangled. We pressed our bodies into each other feeling our hard cocks.

The feel of our lust and need for each other caused me to began kissing my sweet John. Soon we engaged in wild French kisses as our cocks began to leak precum in our shorts. It became clear to the guests that John and me were about to have sex on the dance floor if the band played much longer. The sexy gay guys began to encourage us as they cheered and some of the guys started yelling: "Eric babe, take John's cock out of those tight slacks and suck it now. Pull his pants down, throw him on the floor and let us watch you fuck the hell out of his tight pussy." 

I don't think I'd ever been this horny before as I felt his big cock and hearing those sexy hot gay guys beg me to fuck John. At that point, the band ended the song and we were then ready to get to our suite and fuck the night away.

I'd reserved 15 hotel rooms for John's friends (15 gay couples) plus our suite. We all said goodnight and went to our rooms. Fuck yea, within a few minutes after getting to their rooms all the hot couples full of oysters and drinks would be naked, sucking cock and fucking their buddies' ass. Lots of semen was spilled that night in that hotel.

John and I got to our suite and immediately undressed. I insisted we take seperate showers as part of my secret devious plan. I showered first and began to watch a hot raunchy XXX gay adult porno while John showered. When he came back into the sitting room, I was seated in a big soft chair stark naked watching the porno and stroking my cock as two hot guys on the video were in a 69 sucking each other's big cock. John still butt naked and fresh from the shower had a big boner as he approached me lusting for me to fuck him as he watched the prono and me stroking my cock. He had to be horny as hell. As he attempted to touch me, I said: "Fuck no John, no get away from me, I'm satisfying myslef and I need no help. Look at my fucking stiff cock. You want to touch it, don't you? You bitch, how bad do you want to suck my cock, have me service your big boner and I bet you want me to fuck that awesome wet pussy of yours, don't you bitch? Tell me how bad you want me to fuck you on my last night in New York. Maybe I'll just stroke my cock, cum and go to bed. How does that sound you bitch. I can't hear you? Tell me again what you want."

I knew my plan was working as I saw pure lust in his eyes and great frustration when he begged: "Oh Eric baby, you've never treated me this way before. What is happening? Why can't I touch you baby? Oh baby, you're driving me crazy. Oh your cock is so big, red and purplish. Oh baby let me suck that big cock, please. Please fuck my ass. You're leaving tomorrow so why can't I have you now?"

"Really John Baby, how bad do you want me? Tell me, beg me to let you come over here. Bitch get on your knees and crawl over here to your master. Say please, please, please let me touch you. Tell me you want to be my bitch."

"Oh Eric baby, I want you more than ever, don't tease me, oh my god, I have to have you tonight. Look at my cock---it is twitching and throbbing crazy with lust to have you suck it. Oh what do I have to do to let me touch you, please suck my cock and fuck my pussy one more time before you leave?"

By that time my baby John had crawled over to my feet as I continued to stroke my hard cock with his stiff cock dragging on the carpet. I gave him a big smile, took my feet and shoved them into his crotch, gave him a big smile and said: "Baby, this has been a fun game to make you desire me and lust after me like never before. Look at you, you are desperate to have sex with me. Of course, I want you to suck my cock, have me suck your cock and yea I'll fuck the hell out of that awesome pussy. It belongs only to me, doesn't it?"

As John's face turned to a glow, he reached up, grabbed the base of my aching blood filled cock, opened his sexy mouth wide and drove his mouth all the way down on my hard cock. He went wild coming on and off my big tool as I sat in the chair shoving my butt forward to drive my cock deep in his throat. He spewed gobs of salvia on my cock and much of the spit ran out his mouth and down on my crotch. He used one hand to squeeze my balls hard. It would have taken a dozen men to pry his mouth off my cock after what he had gone through to get to suck my cock. I'd lost the game when I felt my cum gather and shoot a massive load of baby batter deep in his throat. John swallowed ever drop of my jizz as if his mouth was a vacuum cleaner. Yea, my plan had worked. I'd never seen John this horny and eager to suck cock. John at that moment was a perfect bitch devouring his partner's cum and delirious for me to dominant him which I did.

I stood up, I pulled John up off the floor, took him to the bed, laid him down on the bed on his back with his legs and feet hanging off the side of the bed, I got down on my knees, spread his legs far apart and took that big pulsating cock of his deep in my throat. As I sucked the life out of that throbbing cock, John yelled: "Oh fuck yea Eric, Oh Eric suck my cock, Eric baby make me cum, Eric, Eric, Eric, oh Eric my whole body is spasming, I've never been this turned on, baby you own me after you would not let me touch you. I'm yours Eric. I've never wanted sex this bad Eric. Oh shit, here I come Eric baby."

I thought John  would never stop ejaculating. He flooded my mouth with gobs of his warm semen that ran out of my mouth and I swallowed what seemed like a gallon of his thick sticky cum. When he finally was spent and pulled his softening cock out of my mouth, I actually became hard again and horny as hell. Wow, my recover had never been that fast before. I guess my playful plan had affected me as much as it had John.

I stood up hornier than a cat in heat, turned John onto his stomach with his legs and feet still hanging off the side of the bed and I spread his legs once again exposing his hot sexy pussy to my cock. I took hold of his shoulders, planted my cock at the entrance to his smooth soft ass and drove my eager dick deep inside his ass. I sped up drilling that wet pussy. Soon I felt John use his awesome ass muscles to grab my hard cock, freeze my cock in place and he began to use those muscles to grip hard on my dick until I erupted with a torrent of my baby batter deep in his ass. Finally, he released my cock from that hard grip, I pulled out my worn cock, used my fingers to collect that warm draining cum from his ass, turned him over on his back and ordered my bitch to suck my fingers and the palms of my hands clean of the cum. He ate that cum as if it were a bowl of ice cream. We kissed and shared the nectar.

We spent the rest of the night sucking cock, rimming ass and fucking each other's ass. It was a night of body sweat, lots of cum and flesh on flesh. We decided to keep secret from you readers some of the wild and raunchy details of what happened for the remaining night. Secrets are fun and some things were only for John and me. 

The next morning John drove me to the airport for my flight back to San Francisco. I kissed John for what seemed like five minutes as I got ready to board the plane and asked him:


What will John propose?

Stay tuned for John's answer later.


Naughty Eric


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