On Sunday morning we were up early, had a western breakfast at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane, took a hotel van to the airport and flew via a regional commuter plane to Bozeman. 

During the flight we were seated in the last row next to the lavatories. Horny John turned to me and whispered in my ear: "Wow, Eric I love this idea of a week in beautiful Yellowstone where I've never been before. I'm thinking about you fucking the hell out of me while "Old faithful" is erupting just outside our window. I'm horny just dreaming about that idea. Also I've always wanted to join the "Mile High Club". Man, is it possible on this flight?"

"Baby, you're always horny so calm down and no this small plane is not the right place to join the club. But Baby, we'll do that on our flight to San Francisco."

John put a blanket on our laps, put his hand under the blanket, unzipped my pants, pulled out my stiffening cock, began to stroke my hard dick and holy shit the feel of his sexy hand and the possibility of getting caught caused me to blast my semen in the palm of his hand. As I let out a loud moan, the male flight attendant was near by and gave me a huge smile and thumbs up. I bet he was gay.

John pulled his cum covered palm out of the blanket as I zipped up my pants staining them as he swallowed my seed. He looked at me with a satisfied grin with a few drops of my cum on his lips and said: "Well Babe, was that joining the "Mile High Club" for us?"

He ran his cum wet fingers across my lips.

"Well John Babe, that was only an application to join the club."

After arriving at the Bozeman Airport, we rented a car and drove to the lodge in Yellowstone arriving at 11 AM. We checked in, unpacked and went to the dinning room for lunch. My insatiable lust for John hit me as we sat at the table. He was wearing a Seattle Mariners baseball cap backwards on his head that made him so sexy. I have this uncontrollable fetish of fucking a hot guy as he wears a baseball cap backwards. I always get a hard on when I see any cute guy wearing a baseball cap.

As we chopped down on those delicious Montana foods, my cock began to stiffen as my eyes were fixed on John's cap. I slipped out of my shoes, ran my foot up his sexy warm leg, planted my toes on his crotch and found his hard cock inside his pants and rubbed it hard with my foot. I felt his cock grow more as he gave me a big grin as he said: Fuck baby, Eric, there you go again, you horny sex addict, lusting after my ass. Can I finish my lunch first? Then we can go to our room and you can fuck my ass as long as you wish. You want my fresh meat pussy, don't you? Damn I love being your pussyboy."

"Hurry up and finish before I loose control and fuck you right here on the dinning room table. Man, I need to suck that big dick, lap at your rosebud and fuck the hell out of the best piece of meat I've ever fucked. I want to use my cock to spread wide open that hard anus of yours."

John gulped down the rest of his food.

"Shit Eric, fuck, here sign the lunch ticket with our room number and hell you've got me hornier than a whore in a bar full of drunken football players with raging hormones competing to see who fucks her first. Lets get to our room."

One of the busboys I took to be about 20 or 21 years of age and looked like a college student off for the summer working at the lodge happened to over hear our conversation as I noticed he began to stare at us. Shit, I actually noticed his cock began to push out his pants making a big tent and that cock was twitching inside his pants. As we left the dinning room, he could not take his eyes off of us. I'd bet a $100 that he was a horny gay dude.  He adjusted his pants to accommodate that growing cock. That scene made me even hornier to get John naked and fucked the hell out of that awesome brown ass.

We each accused the other of being hornier. It seemed to be a draw. We both were constantly horny.

We had hardly closed our door to the room when we began to loose our clothes. Soon we were butt naked except for John's baseball cap that he knew had me wild with lust for him. I grabbed John in a tight embrace as I said: "Baby, I've never craved a man more. Let me be your Daddy tonight and you surrender your hot body to me. Be my bitch."

"Oh Fuck yea Daddy, let me be your bitch."

I pushed John down on his back on the bed with his legs and feet dangling off the side of the bed. I spread his legs far apart, I go down on my knees on the carpet with his crotch inches from my face and I began to spit gobs of salvia all over his bobbing hard cock, balls and ass. When he was dripping wet from all the spit, I grabbed the base of his twitching cock and started using my tongue to run it up and down his vein covered cock shaft while I used one hand to fondle his big balls while John moaned and gasped from the feel of my tongue massaging his cock shaft. After several minutes of licking his cock and massaging his duck egg sized balls, I could not resist any longer.

I began to swallow his huge cock until I had his entire boner in my mouth and throat. I began to wildly suck on that rod with rapid speed coming almost all the way off and then taking his swollen tool all the way back in my throat. We both could hear the slurpling sounds of my mouth on his cock. John was bucking his hips and ass cheeks upward until he was almost standing up on the bed. The taste of the warm pre-cum was intoxicating and the smell of his crotch had my cock hard as a diamond drill.

John began to cry out: "OH FUUUCCCKKK, MMMMMMMM, AAAAAHHHHHH, Oh Daddy, suck my cock, yea fuck yea, that is it, the best mouth ever on my dick. Don't stop."

I was so wild with lust from John's begging, the awesome feel of that leaking cock in my mouth and the taste of his pre-cum, I could not have stopped sucking that cock even if the hotel had been on fire. John had become a raving sex manic twitching, bucking and wildly throwing his arms as I gave him that hot blowjob. All at once, he used his hard muscled hips to thrust his cock so hard to the back of my throat that I almost lost my balance and I did gag. It was at that very moment that he exploded with a monstrous series of cum gushers deep in my throat. The load was so big that I gagged but managed to swallow most of his sweet and salty semen. The rest of his cum ran out my mouth, down my chin and on to my chest.

When his eruption ended, I threw John on the bed on his stomach with again his legs and feet dangling off the edge of the bed. His hard dark bubble ass cheeks and asshole were in a perfect position to receive my tongue and cock. As he lay on his stomach, I once again got down on the carpet on my knees, lubed his ass and my cock, took my hands and spread his ass wide open and began to kiss, lick and suck on his puckering ass and especially his sphincter. I gave him a hard sloppy rimming of that gorgeous asshole. He grunted and bucked from pure pleasure.

Soon he begged: "Baby, Daddy, please fuck me. Give me your awesome cock deep in my pussy."

With those words and seeing his baseball cap still on his head, my fetish was on go as my insatiable hunger for his ass took control. I stood up, placed my twitching cock at the entrance to his pink dark ass, ran my leaking cock up and down his wet sexy ass crack several times until John was craving my cock like never before and then I felt his ass open up wide as I plunged my rock hard dick pass his outer ass rings and drove my giant sausage deep into his ass channel.

My lust caused me to show no mercy as I drilled that pussy with one hard thrust after hard thrust. The feel of his ass muscles squeezing my rock hard cock and the soft ass tissue rubbing against my boner had me wild to shoot my load.

All hell broke loose including his puckering ass and my throbbing cock when John said: "Daddy, Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy, yea, I love your cock in my pussy. Give it to me hard. Come inside me. I'm your bitch, fuck yea, fuck yea. fuck yea, breed you bitch now."

I felt incredible spasms in my cock as a surge built up in my nuts and holy fuck, I shot a mother load of my man seed deep in the most perfect ass. When spent, I pulled out, took my lips and tongue and sucked that ass , filled my mouth full of my salty cum, turned John on his back, used my fingers to pry open his lips and mouth and spit gobs of that ropey cum in his throat. We wildly kissed and shared the protein.

We showered and left for an afternoon hike in the surrounding big sky trials to unwind after the flight and the steamy sex. Wow, this was starting out to be a great week in the Park with lots of sex ahead.

After hiking for about 30 minutes on the trail, guess what? We ran into that hot busboy and one of his hot buddies from the same college on leave for the summer as they worked at the lodge. 


Naughty Eric


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