NOTE: Billy C , a devoted reader of Eric's stories at this site and an internet friend, suggested this series. The series will include lots of romance and conversation but will be highlighted by sexual acts resulting in cataclysmic orgasms.

As the stories unfold, there will be a lot of fiction as well as a certain amount of truth. The reader will have to guess what is true and what is false.


After weeks of getting to know one another via internet, we had become irresistible in our lust and needs to meet and satisfy our physical horny desires. John called me and confirmed the date and time of arrival on a  Delta flight into Seattle, Washington from back east. I let him know my flight schedule from San Francisco.

It was a warm spring day in Seattle. I let him know that I would be dressed in a blue shirt, a tie with red and blue stripes along with gray pants. John knew I stood 5-feet and 11-inches, a weight of 180  pounds and white/blonde hair with deep blue eyes.

My flight arrived two hours prior to John's schuled arrival time. I spent those two hours in total tension and stress. Would John find me attractive? Would he like my personality? Would we be able to communicate?  Would we have similar interests and hobbies? And most importantly, would I be able to satisfy his high testosterone and libido driven lust for man sex?

John's flight arrived on time and the gate number was announced. As I stood at the gate entrance in the lobby, many passengers exited his flight ahead of him making my wait even more stressful. Then I spotted him coming down the corridor. Oh my god, he was so beautiful. He was dressed in a tight white pullover polo shirt with his hard nipples showing through as well as his hard chest; he was wearing a pair of very tight black slacks that showed off his trimmed  body with a nice package between his legs; his arms were hard and man those biceps were hard and big; he had muscles so well distributed on his frame; he stood six-feet; gorgeous short curly coal black hair and sexy black eyes; his trim body featured a dark-reddish tan skin; and as he saw me, his sexy smile showed off his beautiful ivory white teeth against the background of his dark face.

My legs began to feel like rubber and I could barely stand without falling. John approached me and said: "Hey Eric, at long last we meet. It is terrific meeting you in person."

I responded: "John, I've never been happier to meet a person. Man, you are gorgeous."

John grabbed me, put his arms and hands around my back and I placed my hands on the back of his neck. He pulled me in so tight that our bodies seemed to melt together. Holy shit, our cocks began to grow as they rubbed against each other. Lust took charge as we forgot about those people around us. Then the most sensuous moment happened when John took my face in his hands and brought his thick juicy protruding lips up and pressed them hard against my waiting lips. We kissed for at least a minute when holy fuck, John drove his wet tongue pass my lips and gave me a wild French kiss. His hot tongue in the back of my throat and his sweet breath caused my stiff cock to leak pre-cum in my briefs.

I felt our stone hard cocks throbbing in our pants. I was sure that John was leaking pre-cum in his briefs. He grabbed my hand and put it in his hand as we walked to the luggage station to get his bags. When John bent over to collect his luggage off the conveyor belt, I got a good look at his awesome perfectly shaped round bubble ass cheeks highlighted by his almost bursting tight pants. I'd never seen a hotter ass. I had to adjust my pants as my stiff cock pushed down my right thigh . I could only imagine how hot and juicy that ass would be with my rock hard cock buried deep in that man pussy. 

Then I shared my surprise with Jon when I said: "John, I've rented a limo and chauffer for the evening. It is out front waiting for us."

John kissed me on the cheek and said: "Let's go buddy. Man, you know how to treat a guy, don't you?"

The chauffer put John's luggage in the trunk with my bags. He opened the door to let us get in the roomy back seat where I had a cold bottle of champagne on ice. Jim, the chauffer, popped the bottle, poured two glasses of bubbling wine before he got into the driver's seat and began the trip to downtown Seattle.

We lifted our glasses in a toast for our future and drank it. John reached forward and pulled the curtains closed on the window in front of us to give us privacy.  I could tell he was wild with lust for me and did not want to wait until we were at the hotel.

I too did not want to wait. This gave me courage to act and began to dominate my new lover. I reached over, put his face in my hands and thrust my hot tongue pass his hot lips giving him the sloppiest deep-throat kisses. Our tongue began to battle for position as gobs of spit ran out our mouths, down our chins and onto our shirts. John's warm breath and the smell of his cologne caused shivers to run up my back as my stiff cock pushed down my right thigh trying to find an escape route.

While we kissed like two teenagers, I managed to run my hand down his shirt feeling his chest, stomach and onto his hard crotch. I unzipped his pants; located his throbbing 7-inch hard cock; pulled it out; felt his shinny big cock head leaking pre-cum; and began to stroke that boner as he bucked his hips up to meet my hands.

I lusted after John playing with my stiff cock and said: "John you cute bitch, pull my dick out and stroke it."

He unzipped my pants, located my hard dick, pulled it out and went wild stroking my favorite body part. 

After we stroked those leaking red-hot dicks for some five minutes while we continued to kiss, I knew what I wanted to do. I had us stop the lustful action and I said: "John, we are two horny dudes that have found one another. Lets get into a 69 and give each other a wild blowjob. I want to taste your pre-cum and feel my cock deep in your sexy throat. Man, you have a body like a Greek god. During Roman times, they would have built a Greek statue in your honor.I must have your hot cock in my mouth now."

My words caused John to tremble with excitement as he said: "Oh Baby, I want to suck your cock and let you come in my mouth. I so want to eat your big warm load of semen."

As the limo slowed as we entered the city limites, John and I managed to get into a 69 in the roomy back seat. As I took his rock hard leaking cock deep in my throat I felt the veins on his cock shaft pulsating against my tongue. The taste of his cum was delicious. I also felt his mouth and tongue began to devour my hard aching cock. Holy shit, he drove me wild as he used his tongue to massage my cock shaft. The blowjobs were so intense that in about five minutes we were close to a volcanic orgasm. I pulled off his cock and had him release my cock from his mouth.

John protested and said: "Eric, why did you do that? I need to get my nuts off. Please lets suck cock some more and shoot our loads."

I responded: "No Baby, not yet. I want to tease you, make you so horny, drive you wild with lust, get your libido raging with desire and I'll let you know when you can come."

"Oh Eric Baby, I've never been hornier. Please let me shoot my load and you come. Please give me your cum. You're torturing me."

I responded: "No Baby, not until tonight at the hotel."

It was at that point I realized I had pushed John too far when I saw his eyes sharpen and his mouth drew. I could see fire in his eyes and lust consumed him. He grabbed and pushed my thighs down hard on the seat as we were still in a 69. He took hold of the base of my cock and with a manly force drove my cock to the back of his throat and began to give me the blowjob of my life. I felt shivers consume my body. I'd never felt more pleasure with a man that caused me to grab his twitching cock and I drove it deep into my throat. We went wild sucking on those two cocks and moaning like  wild men. Soon lordly lordly have mercy, I felt John's cock blast load after load of his man seed to the back of my throat. The taste and smell of his cum set me off as I erupted with a huge pool of cum to the back of his throat. We swallowed each other's nectar with pure pleasure. Then we kissed as cum dripped off our chins. We put our cocks away and zipped up our pants. Man, we were off to an incredible man sex and we were not even yet to the hotel.

It was 6 PM when we arrived at the hotel. Jim unloaded our luggage. I gave him a $50 tip as I was in a very good mood. I instructed him to pick us up at 7:30 PM for dinner and a tour of the city. A really hot bellboy took us up to the presidential suite on the 15th floor where I had reservations for one week.

John and I unpacked and took off our clothes so we could shower and be ready to go to dinner at 7:30 PM. As I sat butt naked on the edge of the big round bed taking off my socks, John stood naked just inches from me as naked as he had been at his birth. This was when I got my first look at his entire gorgeous frame. Oh my god, he had to be the most beautiful man on the planet. How had I gotten so lucky?

His iron hard 7-inch prick with a huge mushroom head stood straight up a few inches from my nose. I inhaled his manly smells. I gawked, almost in a trance, at his body from the top of his head to his naked toes. He had very coal black curly hair and piercing black eyes; he had thick protruding red sensuous lips; his smooth dark-reddish tanned skin made him a handsome dark man; he was slim with muscles evenly distributed up and down his sexy body;  his hard chest had sexy protruding male breasts highlighted by his hard dark nipples; small whorls of black hair surrounded his nipples with the hair tapering off in a treasurer trail down to his crotch; his hot dark cock with a huge cock head jetted out from the black nest of pubic hair as I noticed a few rings of dried cum from our kinky playing around in the limo during our blowjobs; he had pumped hard thighs that craved my lips; flat chiseled abs; and beautiful smooth feet and toes perfect for my mouth.

I then asked him to turn around so I could view his ass. Holy fuck, he had a dark-reddish bubble hairless ass. John's big ass cheeks were so filled out that they hid the entrance to his asshole and the outer sphincter. He had the perfect ass as a tunnel for my aching cock. I knew that ass would milk my cock dry many times over the next month during his visit with me.

I'd never been more crazy for a man. Oh how I wanted to fuck that ass right then. But I showed remarkable control when I said: "Oh Baby, I want you to be my bitch but right now we've got to shower, get dressed and get ready for Jim to pick us up by 7:30 PM. There will be lots of time for us later tonight to fuck and we have a month during your visit to suck cock, rim ass, kiss and fuck the hell out of that gorgeous ass."

We showered , dresseed and went down to the lobby where Jim picked us up at 7:20 PM. I had purchased a very expensive gift for John that I would give him later that night.



Naughty Eric


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