My chauffeur picked us up at the SF Airport, drove us to my expansive estate outside of San Francisco. My butler, Simon, and the house staff met us with my favorite drink, gin and tonic, took our luggage and escorted us to the master bed room. We undressed and went straight to bed, as we were totally exhausted from the day's activities and the flight.

When I awoke on Sunday morning, I discovered that John had already gotten up, showered and was no where to be found. I got up, showered and dressed. I had learned that John was an early bird. I went down to the smaller dinning room and found John having breakfast consisting of eggs, ham, hash browns, cinnamon rolls, a dish of fruit and coffee. The table was decorated with fresh roses from my garden. I gave John a big kiss and sat down beside him as the kitchen staff brought me my usual menu of oatmeal, a grapefruit, a bowl of fruit orange juice and coffee. John and I took our daily PrEP blue pill for protection.

I turned to John and looked into those sexy black eyes and with a stiffening cock said: "Babe, welcome to my home. I've never been more pleased to have anyone as my house guest. I'm wild about you. No one has ever made me so horny and lusting after them. Not only are you fucking gorgeous with that buzzed curly coal black hair, sexy sparkling black eyes, tanned olive skin, beautiful face and that brown bubble ass cheeks and hot ass, but you are also kind, thoughtful, caring and intelligent. I think the most handsome guys in the world are young African American studs in their 20's. I get stone hard just thinking about their beauty and those big dark cocks. Man, I'm so lucky to have this time with you and making love with the most handsome guy on the planet. My staff is at your command. I have an incredible chef. Just let him know what you want when I'm at my office.

John beamed and with lust in his eyes, he reached under the table, grabbed my crotch and began to feel me up as he said: "Eric Baby, your cock is as hard as a diamond drill. It has been more than 24 hours since we made love. I'm wild right now with a desire for your body."

I felt drops of pre-cum wetting my briefs as John rubbed my cock through my pants. I replied: "Babe, I know how horny we both are right now but I want to show you around my estate and have my chauffeur give us a tour of the City." 

"OK Eric Darling, I guess I can control my big dong for now. I've never been so impressed with a home before, an incredible staff and such great hospitality. WOW, I had no idea your were so wealthy and had such an awesome estate. You know how horny you make me and now look at this incredible scene---what a place to make love.  Let me thank you and you tell me what you want me to do, Babe. Can I service you tonight?"

"Oh my god, yea, John can I just be your bitch for several days and will you just take charge of  my entire body and do things to me. Make love to me in my big sunken bath tub, in the sauna, in the Jacuzzi and of course fuck me in OUR big bed. Fuck yea, lets have hot sex in all those places."

"Eric, Baby, do you mean you want me to ram my tongue to the back of your throat, blow that awesome cock of yours, rim that hairless blond ass and fuck the hell out of that pink pussy with my big dark cock?"

"Oh hell yea, John that is what I want. I need for you to take charge of me, you be the aggressor for the next few nights. I'll then do the same for you later in the week in my gym, the swimming pool, the garden and fuck the hell out of that brown ass when we take my yacht out on the ocean. I want to make love over ever inch of that gorgeous brown body of yours. I want to drive you wild with animal lust and make you ejaculate for a record number of times in one night. I hope you have stored up gallons of that sticky thick cum for me."

After we finished breakfast, I took John by the hand and started a tour of my estate. I showed him the large living room with huge windows from the ceiling to the floor that overlooked a bay; the large dinning room that seats 40 for dinner; the huge kitchen; the ten guest bedrooms with separate baths; the walk-in master bathroom with the sunken jetted bath tub; the Jacuzzi; the sauna; the large exercise gym; the large marble covered floor of the patio; the swimming pool; and we did a walk through my one acre garden lined with a great variety of flowers.

During the tour as we held hands, several times John reached over and felt me up as my cock was constantly hard and he also would stop and plant wet kisses on my pink lips. I had a difficult time not ending the tour and just let him take me to our bed and fuck the hell out of my pussy. Man, he has to be the most gorgeous creature I've ever seen. I noticed his pants had a huge bulge. I smelt the aroma of his rising hormones and just a sexy man odor that I loved. He kept rubbing his hot body up against me making it difficult to walk; but I was determined to finish the tour despite his coming on to me with such sexy moves.

"Hey John, you fucking horny stud, don't you know you are about to drive me crazy with that hot body rubbing up against my side. I've never smelt a more sexy body. What are you wearing that smells so erotic? You're testing my will power. You don't want a tour of the City right now, do you? You want to fuck me, you have me so horny, you are so cute. Man, I'm weakening."

"Hell yea, fuck Eric, while you were shopping in the men's adult shop in Seattle looking for sex toys for us, I bought a bottle of sexy cologne that is called 'The Gay Seducing Man Cologne'. Is it working on you?"

"Hell fuck yea John, I want you to devour me. You are already hot as hell without adding to the temptation with that seductive cologne and shit your body rubbing up against me. You know how to make me give in, don't you? I'm shivering, quivering, beginning to sweat and have goose bumps running all over my body. My cock is twitching, my ass is puckering and my nuts are hot as hell desiring you. I don't believe I can wait any longer to take a tour of San Francisco before you make love to me. My ass is spreading so much that it could swallow your whole sexy fist deep inside me. Yea, you could actually take charge by fisting my ass. Have you ever tried fisting? I have not but I'm so horny for you that I'd even let you try to fist me. What am I going to do when you have to go back East to your home?'

 John gave me a look that I'd not seen from him before when he stopped, turned toward me, took his dark sexy smooth hands and cupped my face with them, tears began to run down his cheeks, he rubbed his nose against my nose and planted his most arousing lips up against my lips with the most sensuous kisses I'd ever experienced. I then cupped my hands on his face as tears welled up in my eyes as we kissed. Soon he used his hot long tongue to part my willing lips and drove his tongue deep into my mouth. We began to wildly French kiss producing loud slurpling sounds with spit running out our mouths and down on our chins. Our bodies melted together and our crotches locked as our swollen dicks began to throb against each other confined in our briefs and pants. Those big cocks were trying to escape. Soon our briefs were wet with growing drips of pre-cum.

At that moment, we both knew that the tour of San Francisco was on hold. No way could we wait any longer to have fucking sex. Our love for each other and our horny lust consumed us. The moment had come for John to take charge, kiss me, rim my ass, suck my cock and fuck me in a special way with far more passion than our earlier sex. This was going to be not only HOT SEX but a real nirvana filled with emotion, a spiritual experience, mental connections and yea hot raw physical contact of the highest order. This was the real thing.

We went to my master bedroom and I called my chauffeur to cancel the tour. We sat down on the two-seat lover's sofa and had a long romantic talk. We got ready for John to make love to me over the next few days. I would take his big brown sexy cock up my ass in all those special locations. Later in the week I would fuck hot John in the other loacation and on my yacht. The best sex ever lay ahead for John and me.

NEXT: Several chapters will follow with John and I having wild steamy sensuous sex in the bath tub, the sauna, the Jacuzzi, the big bed, the swimming pool, the garden, the gym and the yacht. Please stay tuned. 


Naughty Eric


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