While MY BABY Eric was at his San Francisco office on Tuesday, I spent the day with his estate staff learning more about my new lover Eric. The more I learned about Eric the more deeply I fell in love with him.Thus I decided to come up with a very exotic and hot scene to make my buddy wild with lust for my cock and my body.

I shared my plan with Sean, the chef. He went to the market and purchased a basket of fresh large strawberries, a can of whip cream and a special imported chocolate. He prepared the fresh strawberries by removing the leafs and washing them, warmed the chocolate and cooled the whip cream.

After dinner, Eric and I took a stroll through the aroma rich garden. We finished the walk by resting on one of the many well-decorated benches in the garden. Eric was still in his business suit that made him so handsome. I became horny as hell as I looked at him in that expensive suit plus desiring to implement my plan of sex on the kitchen table.

Overcome with lust, I reached over and began to fondle Eric's crotch. As his cock began to stiffen, I unzipped his pants, located that awesome cock and went down on it kissing and licking that cock head. Eric grabbed the back of my head and pushed my mouth down on his rock hard cock as that dong slid deep into my throat.

Eric moaned and said: "Fuck Babe, we cannot be together more than 2 hours before we have to fuck. Don't you know what you do to me? I can never get enough of your hot lips, huge cock and that bubble dark sexy ass. Man, yea, suck my cock. That feels so great."

My devious plan was about to be implemented as I came off that throbbing cock, ran my tongue deep in Eric's wet sexy mouth and went wild kissing the hottest lips and mouth in the state of California. Then I said: "Baby, lets get out of these fucking clothes. I want to fuck the hell out of that hot pussy now. I have a plan to drive you wild, Baby."

Eric gave me a very mischief and sexy smile and said: "Is that so? You've got it Baby. What do you have planned and what are you going to do to your hot bitch?"

"Well Eric Baby, you'll just have to wait and see. I have a real surprise for my lover, man you drive me wild with lust."

We went to our bedroom and got butt naked. Then I took sexy Eric by the hand with our cocks rock hard and bouncing up and down on our abs as I led Eric down the stairs and into the deserted kitchen. Sean had made sure that the kitchen was clean and that all the staff had left for the night. He knew my sexy plans.

"Eric Baby, get up on that kitchen table on your back."

"John Darling, my Baby, wow this sounds so exciting. Yea, the idea of fucking on the table has me so turned on. I'm your bitch for the evening. Take charge Baby and give it to me. What do you have in mind?"

I had Eric close his eyes and spread his sexy hot legs exposing that pink ass and huge cock for me. I took the can of whip cream and began to pour it over his body and especially drench his big tool and then I went up his stomach, chest and arms. Eric disobeyed my orders to keep his eyes closed as he felt the cool cream on his body. He then watched as I poured the warm chocolate over his body as it mixed with the whip cream. I saw the delight in his eyes and the reaction of his cock that began to jerk up and down.

Next I took one large fresh strawberry at a time, dipped it in the chocolate on his body and fed it to him. Eric began to thrust his hips wildly up and down as I fed him those strawberries. Then Eric fed me some of the chocolate covered berries. I began to go down on his cream chocolate covered cock and began to suck it as if it was a milk shake. As I sucked his cock, I used one hand to go up and down his cream covered body and rub the food into his body. I collected the cream and chocolate and fed it to Eric's sexy mouth. He sucked the cream off my fingers as our bodies became red hot from the lust and action. I also noticed that Eric's rosebud had begun to pulsate and pucker with all that mess of food on it.

After sucking that cock blue, I decided to come off that stone hard cock and I began to lick his ass collecting more of that cream. Eric began to let out the most primitive screams as I used my fingers to drive that cream and chocolate deep in his pussy. He became so out of control that he took his feet and legs and threw them up on my shoulders and neck as I continued to finger fuck and suck his ass. Then I felt him use his strong ankles to tighten them around my neck and head. I felt him began to put my head in what felt like a two-jaw vise and he started to tighten his grip. We both had become obsessed with this most erotic driven testosterone, hormone and libido urges from such a sexy position. Our bodies became over heated that resulted in shivers, goose bumps and beastly desires for each other's body.

I knew we could not last much longer so I took action. I went back down on Eric's huge cock, slid it deep into my mouth and began to devour that food covered cock with the roughest blowjob I'd ever given. Eric took his legs and feet off my head and threw them high in the air and began to buck like the meanest bull ever. Holy fuck, Eric looked so hot in that position and his moans drove me wild. Eric was the world's hottest guy and he was all mine. How did I get this lucky.

Eric yelled: "Fuck yea, fuck yea, fuck yea, oh my god, suck my hard cock. I can't stop, here I come, take my cum, swallow my seed. Holy fuck, here it comes. Fuck yea, Baby."

As Eric exploded deep in my mouth, it had to be the most unbelievable blowjob and ejaculation ever as I tasted a mixture of whip cream, chocolate and a large dose of Eric's thick textured semen all mixed together. WOW, this could be a new menu item for chef Sean as an exotic dessert.

When Eric was spent, I pulled off that still semi-hard cock, kept most of his semen in my mouth, spread his legs far apart, got up on the table, lowered my body on top of Eric's messy body causing my body and cock to become covred in all that cream and chocolate, drove my tongue deep in Eric's throat and shared that mixture of cream, chocolate and pool of semen with my lover. Eric so loved the taste that he used his tongue to drive it deep in my mouth. We enjoyed a wild series of French kisses with sloppy sounds ringing in the room.

After Eric took a huge breath, he managed to say: "WOW WOW WOW, fuck Baby, that was the most pleasurable feeling ever. Are you going to fuck me and drive that stone hard dick up my pussy with all that messy warm food? Please fuck me John."

I got between his sexy legs, knelt down and lowered my rock hard cream covered cock to the entrance of his cream covered puckering pussy. As I thrust my cock into that wet pussy, wow the feel of that hot wet pussy created the most amazing feeling on my cock. Eric yelled. I knew that my food lubed cock and his wet pussy had him feeling that same erotic wet juicy feeling that I felt.

The awesome feel of my cock meshed with all those juices caused my cock shaft to thicken even more inside that ass. I began to drive my cock in and out with great force and speed. I'd never had such a desire to fuck this rough before. As I blasted that sexy ass, we both moaned, grunted, screamed and made all those familiar animal sounds one uses when having hot wild sex.

The erotic feel in my cock and the rapid stirring in my loins made it clear that I could not last long. I began to fuck that male pussy wild as my semen gathered in my nuts. I did not last any longer than 4 minutes when my cock stiffened even more, my piss slit opened and I shot a volcanic eruption as I filled Eric's gorgeous ass with probably my largest pool of warm cum ever.

With a feeling of pure pleasure and almost a feeling of dizziness, I creid out: "Oh my god, Holy Fuck, Yea take my seed Baby. Oh shit, my semen keeps shooting out my piss slit. Man, it is still pouring out of my cock. Fuck Baby, this is so awesome."

Finally I finished ejaculating, I pulled my still hard cock out of that pink pussy as I felt Eric grab hold of me, he pulled me up until our lips met and he took my still hard leaking cock deep in his thraot. He cleaned my dick. We kissed and I laid down on top of my lover for a long time as our hot cream and chocolate covered bodies put off much heat and sweat. Still horny, I began to hump my lover. Then  suddenly the table crashed and broke throwing us on the floor. The staff would have to purchase a new table the next day.

Covered in all that messy food and cum, we went to the master bathroom, took a shower as we cleaned each other. The wild unusual wild food fuck had us still horny. Maybe we would fuck again later that night in our big bed.

Stay tuned for more wild sex scenes with Eric and me from other erotic positions and locations. We hope you enjoyed this scene.


Naughty Eric


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