My chef Sean had prepared an evening meal that was fit for a royal family in honor of John's visit. I could always depend on my incredible chef to make me proud of his skills. He had often prepared  the most impressive dinners of elaborate menus for my guests that often included up to 40 guests in the main dinning room. He obviously knew how smitten I was with John and how much I wanted to impress my lover ever since we had met in Seattle.

On Wednesday night, I invited two married gay couples to dinner that were top executives in my international financial firm. The guys were in their late 30's and were hot as hell.

We began dinner with cocktails, specially prepared hors d' Oeuvres of oysters on a bed of lettuce covered in Sean's award winning sauce, an Italian recipe of tomato based soup, green salad again with Sean's personal dressing, the main course of baked fresh salmon covered in sauce along with potatoes and vegetables. Finally, the dinner ended with a chocolate moose cake topped with strawberries. He also served a very expensive imported fine wine from Italy.

The two couples, John and I retired to the setting room where we were served an Italian coffee. We chatted for about two hours. During that time, John continued to rub my back and rub his sexy legs against my side making  it very difficult for me to concentrate on the business I had to deal with regarding my executives. John is really a sexy horny tease all theough the days and nights. He is always after my ass with his big brown cock.

John rarely took his eyes off of me during these two hours causing me to have a stiff cock with a little seepage of pre-cum as I realized what waited for me after the two couples would leave. Man John is so sexy and hot.

After the guys said goodnight and departed, John and I rushed up to our bedroom, got out of our clothes in record time with cum stains showing on the front of our white briefs, our cocks were rock  hard and standing at attention as if they were steel rods. We were breathing rapidly.

WOW fuck, John  grabbed my hard cock and balls and pulled me toward the patio that led to the archway leading to the sauna that was in the adjoining building. Fuck, he acted like a wild primitive beast ready to devour his prey when he said: "Baby, fuck I've been dying ever since dinner to fuck my man. You know how you belong to me and you have to give me that pink hot pussy anytime I want it. Man, I want it right now. This was the most awesome dinner I've ever had. You are treating me like I am some kind of prince as does your staff. Man, Baby, don't you know how I've totally fallen in love with you. You are so kind and wow what a stud you are Baby. I'm constantly lusting after you. I'd be happy if we sucked cock, rimmed ass and fucked ass 16 hours a day. I can hardly wait to have sex with you in my first sauna and Jacuzzi. And YEA, what is great about it is that it is with my lover: the one man I want to do it with over an over in those two settings. Man, how I love you. You drive me crazy baby."

John's words set my libido into full mode for action. I replied: "Oh Fuck Baby, you just make me so horny that I might just shoot my load on the way to the sauna. You have me so crazy for your incredible cock. I want you to give me a wild blowjob, feast on my cock and my salty pre-cum, eat my juicy puckering ass and fuck the hell out of my pussy. I want you to breed my pussy with your thick textured white cum. Explode a gusher of your man semen inside me. I belong to you Baby. You know I'm yours for the rest of my life, don't you."

As we entered the sauna, we were now at the height of sensuous lascivious titillating testosterone driven lust that could only be satisfied by a marathon fucking with me as John's bitch for the evening. My staff had prepared the sauna with hot coals, warm blankets, towels, buckets of water to be used on the coals to increase the steam in the room and the use of big feather type fan to spread the steam.

Holy shit, holy fuck, as we opened the door, we saw Jay and his husband Drake butt naked. Drake was on his knees on the floor with Jay seated on a bench with Jay's huge 9-inch cock deep in Drake's mouth. This caused John and me to become even more aroused. We would have company to watch us and we watch them fuck.

The room was filled with hot steam causing us to immediately began to sweat. Jay and Drake were already covered in sweat as it dripped off their faces and entire bodies. Drake was sucking that big cock as they both were spewing gobs of perspiration all over that cock making loud slurping sounds that drove us wild.

I immediately laid down on a bench on my back, spread my sweaty legs exposing my crotch, blood filled cock and ass toward John's huge steel hard cock. He got down on his knees on a towel and began to slide his hot tongue up and down my red hot cock shaft as sweat began to pour off my tool and into his face. Next John put his sweaty thick lips and mouth around the head of my cock and began to suck. He sucked my cock so hard that his mouth felt like a vacuum cleaner hose had been attached to my cock and was drawing my pre-cum into the hose. I felt my cock hit the back of john 's sexy throat as he wildly sucked on my favorite toy. I felt my big hot balls slap against his chin causing my moans to turn into wails. I heard guttural sounds from John as his mouth was taking care of my much needed cock stuffed deep in his throat.

Then I heard Jay yell: "I'm coming, I'm coming, Baby." He exploded his huge load deep in Drake's mouth. I guessed that the next move would be for jay to satisfy Drake's needs for an ejaculation.

This hot action caused me to get close to the edge of coming so I asked my baby: "Oh fuck Baby, please stop sucking your favorite cock so I do not come yet. I don't want to come yet." My Babe pulled his mouth off my throbbing cock. John and I then glared at hot Jay and Drake as they began to wildly kiss. Drake dumped his mouth full of  Jay's cum deep in Jay's throat. Soon we saw all that cum running out and down their chins as they continued to kiss. Would Jay fuck hot Drake's ass? The hot scene had John and I horny as hell with our cock stiff as a poker.

Then things got really heated up when Drake pointed his huge blood filled purple headed cock at the hot coals and began to stroke that demon while Jay got behind his lover's ass and began to finger fuck his husband's ass. Within less than two minutes, Drake let out a wild scream as he blasted his huge man load of cum onto the hot coals. His cum began to fry like eggs on a hot stove.

Then the hot guys spent of their semen put towels around their waist and said goodbye. Fuck, they were spent and no fucking that night by them in the sauna.

John and I were now hornier than we had been in a long time. I asked: "John Baby, wasn't that some awesome scene of seeing that cum fry?"

John responded: "Fuck yea Baby, frying cum was something new for me. Wow, what a wild scene. Fuck Eric, my whole body is in a spasm after that trick. Fuck, I want you so bad right now."

"Well fuck John Baby, I'm yours. Take me baby. Fuck me."

John had me lie down on a long wooden bench on my back on a towel, he spread my legs far apart, he threw more water on the hot coals creating a haze of warm steam as he got up on the bench with me. He was then only  a blur as the steam had made him almost invisible. I felt his knees between my legs and thighs, I felt his big hard cock part my ass lips and with one hard thrust by him my pussy devoured his gorgeous brown cock. Oh how I love that cock. He began to plow his massive cock up into my guts. I heard him utter: 'Fuck, fuck, fuck, holy fuck this is such a nice fresh piece of meat. Man I love this ass."

The roaring steam had raised the temperature so high that we both were drenched in sweat. WOW, what a great moment when sexy John lowered his sweaty dripping body down on top of my drenched chest and legs. He went wild fucking my ass while driving  his wet tongue deep in my mouth. I felt beads of sweat dripping off his forehead onto my head and face. His slick body slid over my sweaty soaked body and cock. I could barely make out his face while I felt his big cock plunge deeper and deeper into my pussy. The feel of our wet bodies, the feel of our soaked pubic hair, the feel of his big dick shaft thicken inside me and his red-hot tongue stuffed in my throat caused a surge to build up in both our nut sacs. At the same instant, I felt my cock erupt between our bodies as John unloaded a massive pool of semen in my ass. The two volcanic explosions of cum were awesome. After John pulled his sweaty cum covered cock out of my now wet ass, he continued to lie on top of me for a long time as we felt our bodies entangled and the smell of cum and sweat was so arousing. It was pure pleasure.

It was then time to take our sweaty cum covered bodies next door to the Jacuzzi. Still naked and covered in cum and our sweaty bodies, we waded into the warm whirlpool bath. We sat down arm in arm as the warm water swirled around us. After some 20 minutes of relaxing in the warm water with our still horny bodies rubbing against each other, John gave me that now familiar look of lust coming from his incredible sexy black eyes that melted me. That look told me that we were not finished. He reached up on the edge of the pool and grabbed a huge 13-inch black dildo that I'd purchased for him in Seattle on our return from Montana. He got behind me and drove that monster all the way inside my sore ass. Fuck, my cock began to grow again as did his stiff boner that began to hit one of my ass cheeks as he continued to fuck my ass with that huge black dildo.

I began to stroke my now stone hard cock as I felt John using his strong hand to fuck the hell out of my pussy with that huge dildo. As John drove that dildo deep in my ass, I felt him slide his stiff cock across my ass cheeks. His big cock was humping my ass cheeks while that dildo was ripping my ass apart. In less than ten minutes, oh my god, I felt my Baby John shoot a big load of ejaculate on my ass cheek and up my back. That did it as I gave my cock one more stroke as I busted a nut spewing a hot load of my own ejaculate on top of the water. I'd never shot two such huge loads of cum in such a short period of time. John had caused that to happen. The sexy dude knew how to drain me.

As we were spent, John pulled out that hard big dildo and threw it up on the side of the pool. We kissed violently as our tongues battled each other. I felt his warm wet naked body thrust into my body. Man, were we ever in love. I thought as we got out of the Jacuzzi and headed for our bedroom, would we make wild love in that big bed?

More chapters to cum with John and Eric!!!!!


Naughty Eric


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